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The State of Lead Capture in 2016


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Formstack surveyed over 200 digital marketing professionals to discover the challenges and trends marketers will encounter in the new year. Together with John Lee of Clix Marketing, we'll share our findings and walk through a few lead generation best practices to implement in 2016.

In this webinar, you will learn:
1 - Why more than 45% of marketers can't tie spend to specific touchpoints
2 - What mediums and methods marketers rely on for lead capture
3 - The top lead generation problems to solve in 2016
4 - Recommendations for moving the needle on your marketing strategies

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The State of Lead Capture in 2016

  1. 1. The State of Lead Capture in 2016 A WEBINAR BY AND
  2. 2. 2 Flexible online form building platform. Quickly capture responses with branded web forms.
  3. 3. 3 @formstack #CollectLeads Join the conversation on Twitter! This webinar is being recorded and will be emailed to registrants.
  4. 4. John Lee Managing Partner @John_A_Lee Lindsay Johnson Demand Generation Team Lead @lindsanityJ #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj Clix Marketing Formstack
  5. 5. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj The purpose of this report
  6. 6. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj Gain new insights on the state of lead capture in 2016 • Surveyed 200 Small and midsize US businesses • Created the report with actionable insights and marketing strategies
  7. 7. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj Top 3 lead capture problems to solve in 2016
  8. 8. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj Turning more website visitors into sales was a top three priority for 42% of marketers... ...Yet new sales ranked fifth as a key metric they track regularly.
  9. 9. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj Key performance indicators aren’t aligning with goals • Ex: Sales conversation as KPI but still relying strictly on “vanity” metrics • Website traffic, new visits - indicate interest but not actual purchases 30% of respondents
  10. 10. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj Misaligned and cluttered reporting on lead capture Marketers are using multiple apps for tracking leads • Social media • Ad platforms • Email marketing software •CRM 38% identify this as top reason for inaccurate reporting
  11. 11. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj A lack of information is making it difficult to prove lead quality • Ex: Marketers want to track leads down the entire funnel, but their current tools fall short • Identifying channels that yield best quality leads becomes difficult 20% of respondents say they don't have access to good lead source data
  12. 12. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj Where are marketers struggling?
  13. 13. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj We asked marketers to tell us what’s preventing them from proving ROI on their marketing campaigns
  14. 14. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj 78% percent of marketers surveyed said they rely on Google AdWords and social media advertising to get their messages out... ...But when it comes time to prove their return on investment (ROI) on those paid campaigns, 34% said they don't know where to start. Another 30% said they struggle to align various marketing channels in reports.
  15. 15. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj Key takeaways
  16. 16. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj Identify and address gaps in reporting • The abundance of reporting systems available today appears to be overwhelming for many marketers to know where to start • As a result, misaligned channels and cluttered reporting are making it difficult to see actual returns on investment
  17. 17. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj How to solve the ROI problem
  18. 18. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj Analyze your sales process and understand it well • Don’t just focus on leads, focus on what happens after the lead is generated • Be sure to understand what happens in your CRM - track leads all the way down the funnel Engage Close Attract Capture Nurture
  19. 19. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj Create an attribution model • Look at multiple touch points in your marketing funnel • Leads take multiple steps to becoming a customer • Each step should be analyzed to figure out what works
  20. 20. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj Three 3 models for multi-touch attribution • Linear: All touches treated the same • Time Decay: Only most recent touches are given credit • Position Based: Interactions given different amounts of credit depending on when they occurred
  21. 21. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj Be patient • Accumulating enough data to understand your users will take time • You won’t get your attribution modeling correct on the first try
  22. 22. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj Know and maintain the data • Consider value of last-click attribution • Consider value of view-through conversions • Define the rules of your attribution based on your KPIs
  23. 23. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj Don’t sacrifice quality for quantity
  24. 24. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj Bad leads are not going to do you any favors •Avoid by using tools and tactics to ensure that only the most qualified leads are moving down the sales funnel • Ex: Use conditional logic on your forms
  25. 25. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj Focus on areas that are giving you the best leads Marketers listed website traffic, email marketing and PPC for giving them the highest volume of leads
  26. 26. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj Focus on areas that are giving you the best leads However, the biggest driver of quality leads were website traffic, referrals, and email marketing
  27. 27. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj Formstack Forms for lead capture • Conditional logic • Lead attribution • CRM Integration (open API)
  28. 28. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj Look out for the full “State of Lead Capture” report in your inbox • Deeper insights into most profitable lead gen channels • How social media advertising performance differs across sectors • The top goals for marketers in 2016
  29. 29. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj John Lee, Managing Partner, Clix Marketing
  30. 30. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj Managing Partner - Clix Marketing Digital Advertising Geek Emphasis on “Geek” Writer: Search Engine Watch, ClickZ, Clix Marketing Blog, The SEM Post, Acquiso Blog, PPC Hero Speaker: SMX, SMX Social, SES/ ClickZ Live, HeroConf, State of Search, Acquiso User Summit, Bing Ads Connect
  31. 31. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj Digital advertising is my job. B2B advertising is my passion.
  32. 32. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj What hasn’t changed?
  33. 33. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj The 3 T’s of B2B 1. Tracking 2. Tools 3. Testing What hasn’t changed in the world of B2B advertising?
  34. 34. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj Tracking Source tracking • UTM tags • Auto tags (gclid) • Custom tags Carry data from lead-to-close • Are all tools & platforms communicating at each step in the sales funnel? • Can you clearly report what marketing and advertising activities resulted in a sale? Data clarity & segmentation • Does your tagging make sense? • Is your tagging segmentation actionable?
  35. 35. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj Tools • Ad platforms • Social platforms • Landing pages • CRM • Email marketing • Analytics • Call tracking
  36. 36. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj Testing • Ads • Landing pages • Content • Forms • Email What’s working? What’s not? Rinse and repeat
  37. 37. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj What’s new?
  38. 38. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj What’s new? Lead generating ad formats Lead ads • Facebook ads Lead generation card • Twitter ads Gmail sponsored promotions • Google Adwords
  39. 39. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj Facebook lead ads Users submit their information without ever leaving the Facebook newsfeed
  40. 40. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj Twitter lead generation card Twitter users submit their name, email address and Twitter handle without ever leaving their feed
  41. 41. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj Gmail Sponsored Promotions There are multiple formats, but a custom HTML ad format is available that opens up a world of lead generation opportunities
  42. 42. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj Call tracking has matured…mostly Call extensions and call-only ads • Google AdWords & Bing ads both continue to develop new features and expand how call extensions appear in search engine results Call tracking providers and integrations • Call tracking providers now directly sync with many analytics, advertising, CRM and marketing automation platforms. Process isn’t perfect • There are still gaps in integrating with social platforms and marrying call data with advertising dollars and/or traffic data
  43. 43. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj B2B targeting is like… frickin’ laser beams Custom & lookalike audiences • Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Google AdWords (customer match), programmatic display etc. • Create parody with Lead nurture Campaigns • Find new targets that match your existing customers Facebook ads upped their game • They out - LinkedIn - LinkedIn with super-focused targeting for industries, companies, job types, job titles and more. Plus they have more volume Social targets for audience; retargeting for the conversion • Look no further than the strategies coming out of aimClear with “psychographic targeting”
  44. 44. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj Pre qualifying before the click Video • Video as a channel, video in ad units, video is powerful and effective Big bold images • Social profiles, social ads, Gmail sponsored promotions and many display ad units are a big, visual opportunity to pre-qualify potential leads Ads that engage • Facebook carousel ads, Google Display Network Lightbox ads and other ad types provide a format for telling a story and engaging with an individual before they click through to your landing pages
  45. 45. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj What should we focus on in 2016?
  46. 46. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj Rethink common “truths” • Social doesn’t generate quality leads • Mobile doesn’t convert for B2B • Video isn’t important • Paying for brand search traffic is a waste of money • Our marketing personas are set in stone • Attribution in the sales funnel is impossible
  47. 47. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj Attribution is more than a dirty word
  48. 48. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj B2B Attribution in 2016 It’s hard, but it is getting easier Tech companies are making advances in many facets of attribution • Formstack Attribution • AdStage (their 1-platform announcement) • Bizible Consider the entire B2B buying cycle • If you aren’t already, the time is now to plug into attribution tools to instill trust that your marketing and advertising efforts are generating sales and positive ROI
  49. 49. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj
  50. 50. #collectleads @John_A_Lee @lindsanityj Questions?