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Capturing Customers - Before They Know They Need You


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Slides from a presentation at Go Inbound Marketing 2014, presented by Element Three.

Presenters: Lance Padgett; Eva McKnight

Search engine optimization is a great strategy to target customers who are searching for products or services in your industry. But what about the customers who aren't even searching for you at all? How do you target potential customers who don't even realize they need your product yet? Through keyword research and the creation of customized landing pages, you can create a product funnel for consumers who might have the needs your product answers, but aren't aware of your company yet.

After finding that hundreds of qualified leads were searching for alternatives to popular competitors, Formstack, an online form building platform, developed a series of "product alternative" websites featuring many of these search keywords. These pages compare Formstack's pricing and features with its competitors, proving through the research that Formstack is a stronger alternative.

Formstack's first alternative page launched in summer of 2012. It now averages an 11% trial-to-conversion rate from the qualified leads that find the page through search, almost double the average conversion rate from visitors that land on the main Formstack site.

Through a proven-by-the-numbers case study, Eva McKnight and Lance Padgett will walk the audience through the best way to identify this market of consumers who are researching solutions that can be provided by their businesses. In addition, he will help the audience discover unique ways to target these customers without losing their company voice and tone.

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Capturing Customers - Before They Know They Need You

  1. 1. @formstack Lance Padgett, Eva McKnight Formstack 6/19/14 CAPTURING CUSTOMERS (BEFORE THEY KNOW THEY NEED YOU)
  2. 2. @formstack
  3. 3. @formstack AN EPIPHANY How we searched our way to a new marketing initiative.
  4. 4. @formstack Identifying a trend in product alternative searches.
  5. 5. @formstack THE FIRST TEST PAGE Formstack’s “Wufoo Alternative” Landing Page
  6. 6. @formstack
  7. 7. @formstack
  8. 8. @formstack Convincing data and a call-to- action.
  9. 9. @formstack TRAFFIC + CONVERSION •25,000+ unique visitors to date •11.3% visitor-to-trial rate •18.7% trial-to-conversion rate •2.1% overall traffic-to-paid customer rate
  10. 10. @formstack IDENTIFYING QUALIFIED PROSPECTS 3 strategies to engage the curious lead.
  11. 11. @formstack Competitor alternatives Your Company vs. Indirect products/services Research Product/Service Alternatives
  12. 12. @formstack Identify Long-Tail Keywords 70% of web traffic comes from long-tail search.
  13. 13. @formstack Answer Industry Questions Case Study: Marcus Sheridan @TheSalesLion
  15. 15. @formstack START WITH ONE MARKET
  16. 16. @formstack IDENTIFY MARKET PAIN POINTS
  17. 17. @formstack BE SUBJECTIVE-LY OBJECTIVE
  18. 18. @formstack RESTARTING YOUR LEAD CYCLE Maximizing the potential of your content.
  19. 19. @formstack WEBINARS
  20. 20. @formstack SOCIAL CONVERSATION
  21. 21. @formstack INFOGRAPHICS
  23. 23. @formstack RECAP 1. Identify qualified prospects through search. 2. Tailor your content for one target market. 3. Repurpose content to engage new or current leads. 4. Use marketing automation and analytics to nurture sales leads.