Elements of Sales Success


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If you own or manage a small business in the B2B market and struggle with generating consistent, profitable sales, the Formic "Elements of Sales Success" seminar will help you. With 15 years of experience helping small businesses increase their sales and profits, Andy Blackstone has distilled the lessons he’s learned into a set of small but fundamental changes that have profound effects on sales success. The seminar is organized into sections about changes in focus, changes in process, and changes in tactics, with examples from Andy’s wide range of clients. Andy leads you through a logical sequence of these small changes that will provide big results. Andy's book, "Small Changes That Help Small Companies Make BIG Increases in Sales" expands the ideas that you will hear in the seminar.

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Elements of Sales Success

  1. 1. Elements of Sales Success How Small Changes Can Help Small Companies Make Big Increases in Sales Andy Blackstone, a business and sales consultant, will be presenting at the May 11 th Formic Media Seminar. Andy will provide insight into the sales process and how small businesses can make significant changes through small changes in focus and process. Local Search Strategy & Optimization Below are a few takeaways. Changes in Focus: • From product-focused to customer-focused • From broad focus to narrow focus • From cost-based to value-based Changes in Sales Approach: Build a Sales Process • Define your “ideal prospect” • Develop a “steps to success” checklist • Customize in a CRM system Changes in Sales Managing: Measure and Manage Your Process • Set sales goals • Train managers and salespeople • Monitor and mentor About Andy Blackstone Andy Blackstone has more than 35 years experience as a salesperson, sales manager, and small business owner. He has spent a significant part of his career in high technology and technology-based enterprise-level sales and sales management, including positions as vice president of sales for three different high-tech startups. As a result, he knows what it takes to be successful in sales. He has been an independent consultant for the past 15 years as president of Blackstone Associates. Andy has a BA in Political Science from Stanford University. Date: Wednesday, May 11th Time: 5:30 (networking), 5:45 (presentation) Location: Formic Media, Inc. (300 NE Failing St., Portland, OR 97212) Contact: John McPhee, Account Director (johnm@formicmedia.com) Register here: http://www.formicmedia.com/seminars.htmlThank You to for Providing the Food & Drinks for this Seminar Join Us for Our Next Seminar on June 8th 2011. Subject: Advanced PPC Tactics Please e-mail John McPhee at johnm@formicmedia.com with questions