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Open Identity Stack Roadmap


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Presented by Ludovic Poitou, OpenDJ Product Manager, ForgeRock, Anders Askasen OpenIDM Product Manager, ForgeRock, and Victor Ake, OpenAM Product Manager and ForgeRock CoFounder, on June 13, 2013 at ForgeRock Open Identity Stack Summit

Learn more about ForgeRock Access Management:

Learn more about ForgeRock Identity Management:

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Open Identity Stack Roadmap

  1. 1. Open Identity SummitOpen Identity SummitVíctor AkéProduct Manager for OpenAMForgeRockOpenAMOpenAM
  2. 2. New Paradigm for the Modern Web Converged Cloud creates new identity challenges for theenterprise Mobile devices proliferate new granular identity dimension As Big Data volumes grow, identity within high value datasubsets vital Social moves the web identity experience from “anonymous” to“personal”Mobile Social Cloud Enterprise Things
  3. 3. OpenID Connect + REST APIsREST EndpointsMobile Social Cloud Enterprise ThingsOpenAM CoreHTTP(s)JSONAuthN AuthZSessionValidationIdentityManagementOAuth2RealmMgmtOpenIDConnectLogging
  4. 4. Modern AM at Internet ScalePerformance enhancementsSession Fail-OverMulti-tenancy
  5. 5. Mobile Application samplesWebAppNativeAppNativeAppWebAppLoginAppREST/OAuth2/OpenIDConnectAuthenticationAuthorizationAttribute DeliveryFederationSSOToken PersistenceSession MgmtOAuth2 ProviderOpenAMCloudEnterprise
  6. 6. Social AuthenticationSocial moves the web identity experience from “anonymous”to “personal”Out of the box OAuth2 Authentication module that allowsintegration with all kind of OAuth2 Providers
  7. 7. Authentication OATH Open Authentication Standard for 2 facto authentication No need to buy proprietary OTP 2-FA solutions Any soft or hard OATH app or device 3rdParty authentication services Adaptive Authentication
  8. 8. Next Steps …Visit Us @ Forgerock.comOpenAM 10.2 Q3/2013
  9. 9. OpenAM Designed for Scalability from thebeginning Highly Available Flexible and extensiblearchitecture Standards based Developer friendly Cloud ready Mobile ready
  10. 10. OpenIDMOpenIDM
  11. 11. High Level Strategy The market is merging user provisioning andcompliance in to “Access Governance” Role Based provisioning and re-certificationof entitlements and roles is leadinginnovation in the space. IDM solutions need to bridge and spanacross on premise and off-premiseapplications. Being LEAN, SCALABLE and FLEXIBLE willbe key to success.
  12. 12. Aggregated View Provides a fully configurable composite view of a usersfootprint on provisioned resources Attribute values can be fetched on-demand or stored meta-directory style – A true hybrid approach! Fully read/writable – changes are pushed to the right systemresource Integrates perfectly with 3rd party SoD engines Fully exposed via REST
  13. 13. Role Based Provisioning Bi-level role model with IT Roles and Business Roles Roles used to assign entitlements and attributes on integratedresources in a manageble fashion. Entitlement Assignment Policies Support for NIST capabilites Temporal conditions Implicit/Explicit assignments Ability to Nest or include other roles Segregation of Duty based on roles
  14. 14. SaaS application connectors SalesForce Module WebEx Connector Stand alone PowerShell connector Allows you to easily integrate with Office 365, SharePoint etc.
  15. 15. What you need to know OpenIDM 2.2 release dateis Q4 2013
  16. 16. OpenDJOpenDJ
  17. 17. High Level Strategy Providing the Identity repository for the hybridcloud-enterprise. Made easy for the Administrators and thedevelopers Customers want a reliable, highly availabledirectory service that scales vertically andhorizontally anywhere.
  18. 18. Ubiquitous DirectoriesAmazon EC2Company IDPHeadquarterLondon San FranciscoService cloud
  19. 19. REST to LDAP Provides a new way toaccess the directory data One familiar to mostdevelopers : HTTP / REST / JSON SCIM like (and sooncompliant) Available embedded inOpenDJ or web application
  20. 20. Scaling for the Cloud Horizontal and elasticscalability Complete support for multi-tenants
  21. 21. What you need to know OpenDJ 2.6.0 will be available by end ofJune 2013 OpenDJ 3.0 will come early 2014, withProxy services REST to LDAP is a game changer. Try it now and give us feedback.
  22. 22. Q&AQ&A