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Case Study: Utilizing OpenIDM with an External AJAX Interface


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Breakout Session presented by Rob Jackson, Identity Solutions Architect at Nulli at the 2014 IRM Summit in Phoenix, Arizona

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Case Study: Utilizing OpenIDM with an External AJAX Interface

  1. 1. Human Information Identity Management Identity Solution Architects Case Study: Utilizing OpenIDM with an External AJAX Interface 6/4/2014
  2. 2. Introduction Nulli oForgeRock Strategic Partner oOpenSource Contributors oIAM Specialists since 1997 oHQ in Calgary, AB, Canada Servicing North America
  3. 3. Whitepaper Consumer facing trend Available for download blog Authored by Hadi Ahmadi / Sandeep Chaturvedi Based on current Customer o Requirements  IDP for public sector applications  Registration/verification  Self-service user functions o Detailed design was already complete o Interested in lightweight AJAX UI with REST API (Internet-facing)
  4. 4. CREST (Commons REST) Common REST API between products: oOpenIdM oOpenDJ oOpenAM
  5. 5. Implementing CREST Which API? oOverlap of functionality oStrong points Security? oInternet-facing? Middle Tier? oRequired? Gotchas
  6. 6. Which API? Overlap Example Create User • OpenAM »../json/users/?_action=regi ster • OpenIdM »../managed/user/ • OpenDJ »../users/newuser
  7. 7. Which API? CREST API Registration ProvisionLDAP Provision (Multiple Password PasswordReset OTP Auth’n& Customizable Workflow Policy/Validati Configuration SelfService Data Federation OpenAM X X X X X X X X X OpenIdM X X X X X X X X X X X OpenDJ X X X X
  8. 8. Which API? - Summary OpenIdM oWorkflow oMultiple Data Stores oMost Flexible OpenAM oAuthentication/Authorization OpenDJ oMore System->System
  9. 9. Security? Reverse Proxy/Secure Gateway o Reduce ‘Attack’ Surface o Control generalized API patterns POST ../?action=something API Policies (OpenIdM) Authenticated vs Anonymous o Token/UID+PWD o OpenIdM protected by OpenAM XSS/CORS JSON Sanitization (embedded scripts, etc)
  10. 10. Middle Tier? Business Logic oMultiple calls behind Token authentication DMZ presence Anonymous links from emails Host non-identity contents oCountry/city lists, etc oLanding pages/UI host CAPTCHA
  11. 11. Gotchas OpenIdM (Jetty) Protected by OpenAM oCan’t use OOTB Anonymous user Returning detailed user status from OpenAM Authentication REST API (Active/Inactive) oMultiple calls oAuthentication plugin? Functionality in OpenAM not as flexible oOpenIdM custom end points
  12. 12. Architecture
  13. 13. P C Robert Jackson Identity Architect (403) 869-3313 (403) 648-0909 Questions?