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Tradesto Commission Payout Plan 31.7.13


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This file explain about the commission payout structure and we can communicate via skype. Skype ID : andersonwongkl.

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Tradesto Commission Payout Plan 31.7.13

  2. 2. CONTENT Compensation Plan Overview Overview Calculation Rule Dynamic Compression Condition for Social Builder Bronze and Above 8 Levels of Social Tree Commission Example of Income - Based on 3 trades per Month Mentor Copy Bonuses Mentor Matching Bonuses Founder Bonus Overview 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  3. 3. 1 COMPENSATION PLAN OVERVIEW Figure A: Shows the Flows of Compensation Plan in Tradesto. System will calculate Daily / Weekly Commission Payout after Rolling Period TraDesto Member Trades in TraDesto Platform CV Charges on All Trading Activity
  4. 4. Lot 5001+ 250-5000 500:1 500:1 2.00+ECN 20+ECN 2.00 20 1.6 16 0.8 8 1.00 10.00 1xmini 1xstandard 10xmini Load USD Leverage Forex Trade Cost+ECN CV CFD Trades Cost CFD CV Value Gain or Loss per pip Trades Variations Mini Standard OVERVIEW The TraDesto Compensation Plan is divided into a few types of bonuses. Each of them has its own calculation method, requirement, and payout time. The calculation can be broken down into 2 forms of revenue. Please see below. • Based on revenue earned from all trades conducted on the TraDesto Trading Platform • Based on any products/services etc. sold via the TraDesto Market Place cart system To showcase the calculation of commission earned, we will use a common base. Products sold in the marketplace will not be as highly commissionable as payouts on trading revenues. From here on, we will refer this BASE as CV. CV*=Cash Value The standard CV use for the calculation of any trading commission is set at 20CV per Standard Lot traded. This applies to all trades placed on FX Currency Pairs, commodities and metals. A different CV will be calculated and made available for the following in due course: Trading of CFD’s (Contracts for Difference) and Indices. Below are the Standard chart of the CV and Payout System for TraDesto: 2
  5. 5. CALCULATION RULE ($2 = 10% CV) FOREX & (10% CV) CFD Mentor Copy Bonus ($0.4 = 2% CV) = (20% of ($2 = 10% CV)) Mentor Matching Bonus ($0.25 – 1.25% CV) Pro-Rated FGF Bonuses ($0.5 – 2.5% CV) Pro-Rated VCI Payout ($0.5 - 2.5% CV) Reflected in Points Allocation TreXto Social Trading Currency ($7 – 35% CV) Social Trading Bonus ($1.40 – 7% CV) Matching Trading Social Bonus All Commissions Paid to Master Account: All calculated commissions are to be paid to the Master Account attached to a username. Commissions are paid 4 weeks after calculation on a rolling week basis. 3 Total Payout: $12.05 • Monthly Discretionary pool ($0.45 – 2.25% CV) Total Payout based on Trading CV: $12.50 (62.5% of $20:20CV) Type Daily Daily Weekly Weekly 4 Weeks 4 Weeks Calculated Pay-out Rolling Mentor Copy Bonus Mentor Matching Bonus Type Weekly Weekly Weekly Weekly 4 Weeks 4 Weeks Calculated Pay-out Rolling Social Trading Bonus Matching Social Trading Bonus Daily Calculation will be based on every 24hour period after the opening of the first market based on EST server time. • All Daily Calculations will be posted to the membership area within 6 hours after close of the daily period. • Calculation is counted based on the CLOSING of trades. Trades are not calculated for commission basis till such time that they are closed. E.g. If you have close a trade just after the 24hour calculation period it will only be calculated and shown in the next calculation posted next day (30hours or so later). SUMMARY RESULTS on MT4 Server Time (GMT+3 - Daylight GMT+2) • Weekly Calculation will be based on every Week period after the opening of the first market at (Sydney – Australia) till the last market close at (U.S – New York).
  6. 6. SOCIAL TRADING BONUSES OVERVIEW These bonuses are paid based on the calculation of trading volumes in a member’s social network tree. Earning bonuses are based on Username. Qualification requirements are needed to be able to receive social trading bonuses. 4 Not Entitle To Collect Bonus for this Week Not Entitle To Collect Bonus for this Week A B Upgrade Member Ranks Load Minimum Ammount New TraDesto Member Sponsors Directs & Pre-Qualified For 4 Week NO 4 Weeks Rolling NO YES YES C Figure A: Shows Overview Flow of Social Trading Bonus. Payout System Review Member Ranks If New Requirement Meet? System Check For Qualification Weekly System will calculate Bonuses
  7. 7. 8 LEVELS OF SOCIAL TREE COMMISION A member will be qualified for the allocation of status level based on: A trader has to load a minimum of $250 to their account in order to qualify for the social trading bonus. Every trader must also maintain the minimum amount in their social trading profiles as well as the requirement per level. For more details of the information please refer to the PAYOUT Table below: TABLE for PAYOUTS: based on 1 standard lot trade. $20 per trade. 5% = 1, 2.5% 0.50c A To qualify, an affiliate is required to have a minimum of one Direct referral with a minimum of $250 funded and maintained weekly in their trading account. The Direct also has to fulfil a minimum of 0.2 lots traded per week. B An overview by the system will be conducted weekly. This overview will automate an upgrade wherever necessary. E.g. Members are paid according to the upgrade of the week. In other words, a person who participates as a member can remain an Affiliate for one week and be upgraded to Social Builder the following week. C Affiliate Associate Social Builder Bronze Social Builder Silver Social Builder Gold Social Builder 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 2.5% 2.5% 2.5% Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 • Must achieve a minimum trading to earn per level • Trading income shared is based on 1 Standard Lot Traded being paid out at $1 = 5% • Volumes are compressed up line when individuals are not qualified to earn. • Funded Accounts required for all qualified Directs • 4 Active Directs • Min 2 personal SB out of 4 AD • 6 Active Directs • Min 4 SB or 2 SB Bronze out of 6 AD • 10 Active Directs • 8 SB Bronze or 4 SB Silver out of 10 AD 5 Direct : Refer's to the people you invite on the 1st level. Active Direct (AD) : Mininum an affiliate that has fullfilled requirements as above. Social Builder (SB) : Refer's to a RANK in Affliate program. Main Balance : Refer's to your total balance of all "Live Trading Profile" . (Note: Not inclusive of "Free Margin") Min Trade : Refer's to the Minimum Trades, a trader (you) has to maintain weekly. LEGEND: Min 1 Direct Min Balance, $250 Min Trade, 0.2 Std lots per week Min 2 Directs Min Balance, $500 Min Trade, 0.5 Std Lots per week Min 3 Directs Min Balance, $1000 Min Trade, 1 Std Lots per week Min 4 A.D Min Balance, $2000+ Min Trade, 2 Std lots per week Min 6 A.D Min Balance, $3000+ Min Trade, 3 Std Lots per week Min 10 A.D Min Balance,$3000+ Min Trade, 4 Std Lots per week
  8. 8. DYNAMIC COMPRESSION CONDITION FOR SOCIAL BUILDER BRONZE AND ABOVE MATCHING SOCIAL TRADING BONUSES: • Dynamic Compression is to be applied to all levels. TraDesto is to fully PAYOUT the 7 levels. • System will look to pass up any trading commissions not paid out to up-lines that are suitably qualified to receive the compressed bonuses. • A member must be a qualified Social Builder Bronze and above to get bonuses through Dynamic Compression. • 20% Matching Income is paid on all Social Trading Bonuses earned by personally sponsored Directs. • These bonuses are paid based on the calculation of Social Trading Bonuses which in turn are paid to your down lines. Earning bonuses is based on Username. • Qualification requirements are needed to be able to receive social trading bonuses with the minimum requirement to receive Matching Social Trading Bonuses is Affiliate. • Calculation of bonuses is based on Weekly and is calculated directly after Social Trading Bonuses have been calculated and allocated. This bonus is paid then 4 weeks later after weekly calculation. 6
  9. 9. 7 MENTOR COPY OVERVIEW Mentor Copy Bonuses: These bonuses are paid out based on the Mentor PROFILE LEVEL being copied. They are paid to the Username.To qualify to earn these bonuses, an individual must have a profile that is qualified for Mentor Status. • Bonuses are to be calculated daily, summarized weekly and paid 4 weeks later (rolling) • Mentors will forfeit their accumulated weekly bonuses when they draw down their account margin by 30% in any rolling 4 weeks period. Profile is to then be shown as suspended. • If a Mentor has more than 60% losing trades in any of 4 weeks rolling period but is also profitable then his commissions will be reduced by 50% for the month. • No income earning limit • Payout is based on following: $2 USD (10% of CV) per standard lot copied. Mentor Matching Bonuses: These bonuses are paid to the sponsors of any Mentor Traders that are earning copy-trading bonuses. It is calculated based on 20% of the Mentor Copy Bonus paid. • Bonuses are to be calculated daily, summarized weekly and paid 4 weeks later (rolling). • If Mentors forfeit their accumulated weekly bonuses, Mentor Matching Bonuses are also forfeited. • To qualify for Mentor Matching Bonuses a member must maintain the minimum requirement for Affiliate. ONLY FOR DIRECT SPONSORS - BASE on USERNAME
  10. 10. FOUNDER BONUS OVERVIEW TraDesto Founder Get Founder Bonus (FGF): In order to be a member of VCI Fund, one has to invest and this enables them to be identified in the TraDesto System. • A 'Founder' status will be placed next to your TraDesto username. • Both accounts (VCI Fund and TraDesto) need to be in the same name. A weekly check will be implemented every Friday. • $0.25c (1.25% of CV) is paid per standard lot traded based on full subscription of the TraDesto Cell. • 5 bonus points is an equivalent of 5000 shares purchased followed by 1 point for every 1000 shares purchased. • 100% matching bonus points will be awarded to the referral who introduces others to be a founder. FGF Bonuses are to be paid and calculated quarterly for 2 years starting from 1st July 2013 with first payment to be paid by October 10th, 2013. Calculation will be posted within 10 days after close of the quarter. Calculation of payout will be based on points as follows: Minimum requirement to earn: Must be a qualified Affliate in Tradesto. NOTE: Quarterly Bonus pool will be divided by the amount of points allocated and then paid out to each member in their TraDesto Membership area. A statement will be needed for this. 8
  11. 11. TraDesto Limited (4133822) 20-22 Munroe Street, Napier, 4110 New Zealand Website: Phone: +6468880051 Email: Facebook: YouTube: