Retargeting Advertising: from theory to (best) practice


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Retargeting is an online advertising solution that gives you the opportunity to get back in touch with users who have visited your page in the past and have expressed interest in your brand.

How does Retargeting work? In short, it keeps track of the user’s browsing, and based on this information, it approaches them again during their browsing, with targeted messages that might interest them. Thus, it makes for an ideal premium tool for any advertiser wishing to:

-Achieve considerably higher CTR
-Get better results in specific activities (such as increasing the conversion rate)
-Effectively approach consumers who have already expressed interest in their services or products.
-Enhance their business image
-Reduce bounce rate

This presentation shows you how to capitalize on Retargeting Advertising through a series of recent best practices from the highly competitive world of e-shops.

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Retargeting Advertising: from theory to (best) practice

  1. 1. Retargeting Advertising: From theory to (best) practice Magda Maragkoudaki, ForestView 9th Internet & e-business Innovation Forum @ Athens December 3rd 2013
  2. 2. Retarget Users Convert Them To Customers
  3. 3. Did You Know That…?
  4. 4.
  5. 5. The Objective “Boost Sales, Lower CPC & Cost Per Action, Improve ROI”
  6. 6. The Solution Facebook Retargeting
  7. 7. How It Works
  8. 8. How We Did It Segmenting Customers Into Categories Testing Multiple Retargeting Ads Optimizing Campaigns Daily
  9. 9. Segmenting Customers Into Categories Based on: Gender Product Categories Visited Behaviour i.e. Cart Abandonment
  10. 10. Testing Multiple Retargeting Ads
  11. 11. Optimization Is Key Add New Images & Texts Regularly Test High converting Product Categories Campaign Reporting & Evaluation Of Results CPA Optimization so it makes sense to LaRedoute’s business
  12. 12. The Results Facebook vs. Other Retargeting 76% Lower CPC 89% CPA Decline 2,7% Conversion Rate 1/3 of Post-Click Sales from Cart Abandoners 10x Incremental View-Through Conversions
  13. 13.
  14. 14. The Objective “Drive Incremental Sales, Serve Custom Messages To Engaged Users”
  15. 15. The Solution Dynamic Retargeting
  16. 16. How It Works
  17. 17. How It Works
  18. 18. The Results Dynamic Retargeting vs. Other CPA-based Display 16x Monthly Sales 8x Conversion Rate +19% Average Basket Value Increase 94% Of ForestView Affiliate Monthly Sales
  19. 19. Once You Track, You Never Go Back!
  20. 20. Best Practices Select The Right Audiences Focus On The User, Not The Placement Relevancy, Frequency & Sequency Creative & Custom Messaging Tests
  21. 21. The Future Is Already Here Search & Video Mobile Retargeting Retargeting on Social Networking Platforms Integration of CRM & Advertising Data
  22. 22. Thank You! See the forest for the tree!