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Final Junior RAnger Book SAF (1)

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Final Junior RAnger Book SAF (1)

  1. 1. To become a Junior Ranger at the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area you do one of these: ☐ Complete this activity booklet ☐ Go on a ranger lead tour of the lock Under the age of seven? If you are under the age of seven you only have to do the activities with me, Freddy the athead cat sh, next to them. Explore the Park! e Mississippi National River and Recreation Area is 72 miles long and has many great places to hike, explore and learn. is is just a tiny part of the park. Ask a ranger for recommendations on how you can experience this unique park. You are here e 72 mile long park Write your rst name, age and the date you visited! Name Age Date Once you have completed either a tour or this booklet go talk to a ranger to get your badge and swear in. Look out the window - you are right in the middle of a bustling city, but did you know you can see wildlife right from this very spot? Can you match the animal the rangers have seen with its name? Bald Eagle Common Snapping Turtle Beaver Great Blue Heron Canada Goose
  2. 2. Over 100 years ago this area made more our than anywhere in the country. You can still see many of the buildings from that time today! Can you match the building with its name? Washburn Mill Pillsbury Mill North Star Woolen Mill Standard Mill Stone Arch Bridge Can you believe the same waterfall you see out the window used to be 15 miles downstream in Saint Paul? Geology of the falls Use the displays to identify the types of rock that make up the falls. Draw a picture below of what you think the falls would have looked like over 12,000 years ago.
  3. 3. ere are 29 locks on the Mississippi River. Locks are what help boats get past obstacles in the river. Help the Towboat get through the lock! Using your pencil ll up the lock with water so the towboat can enter the lock. What is the obstacle that the St Anthony Falls Lock helps boats get past? ____________________________________________________ How do locks help you? ese are some of the goods shipped through locks on the Mississippi River. Circle the ones you and your family use. Fuel Coal (electricity) Grain Building Material Steel Fertilizer In 1869, William Eastman tried to build a tunnel under the river for his mills. is tunnel almost destroyed Saint Anthony Falls when it collapsed. Why does it matter? Why was the collapse of the tunnel such a problem? Why did the waterfall matter to the city so much? _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ Save the falls! Help the Corps of Engineers x the waterfall by guiding them through the maze below.