Improve your effectiveness as a real estate marketer


Published on explains the differences between Real Estate Salespeople and Real Estate Marketers, and why you need to be an active Marketer to succeed.

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Improve your effectiveness as a real estate marketer

  1. 1. Improve yourEffectiveness as aReal EstateMarketerThere is a great deal more to selling real estate Contentsthan stumbling across a lead, pumping advertising Introduction....…...............……1 Become Known About Town.....2in the local press and closing a deal. If you need Build an Effective Webs ite........2to sustain your business, then you need to market Maintain your Public Profile......2yourself and what you do continuously. This willtake effort, time and some money too.
  2. 2. 2 Become Known About Town You need to be seen out and about in the market place every single day, embedding your brand in people’s minds so that they can never forget you. Trade shows, billboards anything is good as long as you are politely (but effectively) in everybody’s face. Gear your marketing drive to the class of customers you need to attract. In real estate terms, this means buyers with money, and property owners with homes that will be easy to sell.Build an Effective WebsiteYou need a decent website with a compelling dot com address, and an impressive feel to back this up.Make sure that your contact details are accurate, and that your listings are up to date. Provide usefulrelated information to maintain interest, and start a blog to attract traffic too. These things areimportant, because these days almost everybody searches for property on the internet, and they knowa lot more about the subject.Maintain your Public ProfileGet into the media any way you can. Write an interesting column inthe local printed press. Make comments on active blogs, populatethe social media and swamp article directories – anything that islegal and attracts potential customers is good. Why not do aninterview on local television and radio stations too?
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