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Shining a Light on Shadow Devices


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Along with the burgeoning Internet of Things comes a new reality: billions of invisible devices connected to private networks. These “shadow devices” enlarge your attack surface and, if left in the dark, expose your organization to malware propagation and theft of critical resources. Learn more:

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Shining a Light on Shadow Devices

  1. 1. SHADOW DEVICES: Something is Lurking in Your Network
  2. 2. Mobile Devices can connect directly to the cellular data network for a path around your security controls. SHADOW DEVICES: Smart Phones & Tablets
  3. 3. Allowing BYOB (bring your own device) can be cheaper but balancing protection of corporate data against antagonizing employees has been challenging. SHADOW DEVICES: Employee Devices
  4. 4. SHADOW DEVICES: Printers & Scanners Office Devices can become targets, providing attackers with beachheads on your networks.
  5. 5. SHADOW DEVICES: Connected Security Devices Attackers grant themselves access via a security device using the default password with physical security devices.
  6. 6. It could be a sensor collecting information from factory robots or a warehouse system, but many of these devices are networked too — so they can be attacked. SHADOW DEVICES: Control Systems & Equipment
  7. 7. SHADOW DEVICES: Healthcare Devices Ramifications of attacks on medical devices are far more severe.
  8. 8. SHADOW DEVICES: Thermostats, Security & Automation Connected home items have a network connection and access to the Intertubes, so it can be attacked.
  9. 9. SHADOW DEVICES: Remote Controlled Automobiles Moving automobiles, which can use a smart phone connection or its own internet, can be attacked and controlled remotely.
  10. 10. Protect Your Environment Start protecting yourself by focusing on visibility to discover the entirety of your attack surface, and then determine the best means of providing controls to protect your environment. SHADOW DEVICES: