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Network Access Control (NAC)


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The importance of contextual endpoint and network orchestration

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Network Access Control (NAC)

  2. 2. IoT Devices Added Since 1992 Estimated Endpoint Spending in 2016 0 5 10 15 20 25 1992 2003 2009 2014 2015 2016 2020 IoTDevices (inbillions) 3.8 6.4 20.8 .5 1 1M Year Ý30% 4.9 consumer $546B business $868B Gartner, Inc. forecasts that more than 2 billion new IoT devices will be deployed every year, with nearly 21 billion in use by the end of 2020. Businesses will account for nearly two-thirds (63%) of the spend on these devices.
  3. 3. How will the enterprise manage these devices and stay safe? Increased visibility, profiling of devices and role-based monitoring with flexible enforcement capabilities are required to secure the new wave of devices.
  4. 4. How will the enterprise manage these devices and stay safe? Increased visibility, profiling of devices and role-based monitoring with flexible enforcement capabilities are required to secure the new wave of devices. NAC is the only approach that can deliver the internal visibility and control necessary to protect the enterprise in the age of IoT.
  5. 5. NAC is an essential platform to a multilayered defense. Block, quarantine, and redirect end users and endpoints when an Indication of Compromise (IOC) is present—all with granular context awareness based on multiple endpoint insight.
  6. 6. Why? Changes in the architecture of business networks make NAC more important than ever. • Networks include multiple locations and the integration of cloud environments and data centers. • Networks need to facilitate mobile, purpose-built and other transient devices (especially as IoT deployments escalate).
  7. 7. If visibility and security are sacrificed, you could become the next breach headline. • For instance, an enterprise could be easily breached with pilfered credentials corresponding to a connected device, system or third-party service. • In such a breach, lack of context awareness and insight into the interconnectivity of new and non-traditional systems and services can mean easy money for hackers. 1Attacker phishes third-party credentials 2 Attacker uses stolen credentials to access contractor portal of connected device 3 Attacker finds & infects internal Windows file server 4 Attacker finds & infects POS systems with malware 5 Malware scrapes RAM for clear text CC stripe data6 Malware sends CC data to internal server; sends custom ping to notify7 Stolen data is exfiltrated to FTP servers
  8. 8. Network Access Control is one intelligent way to address the challenges of evolving enterprise networks. NAC is the only solution to provide: Endpoint visibility including configuration assessment Bi-directional integration for improved efficiency and automation Added context and more granular controls for better access management Network orchestration through integration
  9. 9. To simplify this idea, the best way to prevent malicious actors from entering sensitive parts of the network is to deny access in the first place while maintaining a clear view of the network.
  10. 10. Through integration capabilities, the network orchestration cyber defense plat- form changes network security from a passive posture into defensive action based on accrued contextual knowledge.
  11. 11. Now, the market is ripe for NACs to claim their stake in the security landscape. 0 .5 1.0 1.5 2.0 0 5 10 15 20 25 Revenue (USDS$Billions) Year 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Revenue ($ B) Units Units (inBillions) Total NAC Unit Shipment and Revenue Forecast
  12. 12. What Can We Expect? • The revenue upsurge in NAC is here to stay. NAC is an integral platform for unifying network access controls across wired, wireless and VPN networks. • Security products and applications are being developed to fit NAC visibility and orchestration capabilities.
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