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  1. 1. So you want to buy a Ford Mustang Author Rhonda Brooks Identified Grade/Course Grade 8 – 12 Mathematical Concepts Scatter plots of Focus PASS Objectives 2.1c, 2.2c.I, 2.2d, 3.1a, 3.1b, 3.2* Lesson Summary This lesson would best be used after students have mastered writing equations of lines from graphs. Students will be given classified ads for Ford Mustangs and be asked to create a table and scatter plot, describe the correlation, and use the line of best fit to make predictions. They will also be asked to write the equation for the line of best fit. Placement within Unit Conclusion or assessment Materials Needed Paper and pencil Problem Situation Jacob is using the newspaper to shop for his first car. He wants to (for students) buy a Ford Mustang. Below are the classified ads from the newspaper. Questions for Students 1. Make a table to represent this data.
  2. 2. 2. Make a scatter plot for the given data using dollars (in thousands) and number of years (since 1998) for your axes.
  3. 3. Sample Solutions 1. model price 1998 6,000 1999 7,250 2000 6,988 2001 8,500 2001 9,488 2. 2002 10,100 2004 dollars 13,988 (in thousands) 2004 14,499 2005 18,888
  4. 4. Years (since 1998) 3. Yes. This data shows a positive correlation. As the year model for the car goes up, the price goes up. 4. A 2003 would cost about $13,000, and a 2006 would cost about $18,000. I determined where the given year model would cross the line of best fit. 5. He could buy a 2002 Mustang or older. 6. The rate of change is $1,700 every year. The price of Ford Mustangs increases about $1,700 each year. 7. The line of best fit would be approximately y=1700x + 4000. The line of best fit represents the cost of an average car for any given year model. *** the rate of change and y-intercept will vary slightly depending on accuracy of scatter plot and line of best fit Scaffolding How will you organize the data in the table? (Supporting) Questions What will you need to decide before you construct the scatter plot? Extension Questions What are the factors that might cause new data to deviate significantly from the line of best fit? Can you think of a way that you could use scatter plots in your life? If Jacob has a summer job that pays $7.00 per hour how many hours would he need to work to be able to afford the 40th Anniversary Edition Mustang? The formula to figure interest if I=PRT. Using this formula how
  5. 5. much interest would Jacob have to pay if he needed to borrow $11,000 and had to pay an interest rate of 8%? Other Information None Provided