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  1. 1. 1 _________ Old Car Council of Colorado | | P.O. Box 1888 | | Denver, Colorado 80201-1888 FIRST CLASS MAIL | | RETURN POSTAGE GUARANTEED |________ | .e-m distribution lists for Council’s Sep-2008 Newsletter ✳ ✳ ✳ Supporting Colorado Motor Vehicle Enthusiasts since 1965 ✳ ✳ ✳ The Council is an organization comprised of many of Colorado’s motor vehicle clubs, our Associate [business] Members and our Individual Members too. The Council exists and acts to be a watchdog over and guardian of the Rights of Colorado’s Motor Vehicle Enthusiasts, no matter what type, brand or vintage Motor Vehicles their interests embrace. The Council works to guard the Rights of you - the Colorado Motor Vehicle Enthusiast to own, operate and enjoy the use of your Motor Vehicles, against any adverse legislation, regulations, or ordinances whether pending or proposed. Join one of our Member Clubs. Or join us. Help us support you. Look us up at .
  2. 2. OLD CAR COUNCIL of Colorado, Inc. P.O. Box 1888 Denver, Colorado 80201-1888 ✳ ✳ ✳ Supporting Colorado Motor Vehicle Enthusiasts since 1965 ✳ ✳ ✳ 2008 BoD / Officers. President: Keith Hall 303.940.7958 Mile Hi Cobra Club 1st Vice-President: Dick Thompson 303.699.4819 Mile Hi Cobra Club 2nd Vice-President: Gary Canady 303.886.7923 Pontiac-Oakland Club Secretary: Bill Colburn 303.650.4663 Pontiac-Oakland Club Treasurer: Bill Hunter 303.986.1458 CCCA, Colo Rgn 2008 Committee Chairs, Appointed Positions & Related Contacts. Governmental Relations: Keith Hall 303.940.7958 Mile Hi Cobra Club SEMA Rep.: Joe Baker [ filling-in ] 303.637.0765 AACA Swap Meet Chair: Gary Canady 303.886.7923 Pontiac-Oakland Club Car Show Coord: tbd 303.> > Colfax Ave. Cruise Chair: Dick Thompson 303.699.4819 Mile Hi Cobra Club Membership Comm: Harold Naber 719.495.4372 Pikes Peak Model A Ford Club Web Master: Keith Hall 303.940.7958 Historian: Shirley Zaner 303.426.8843 Studebaker Drivers Club OCCC Lobbyist: Mr. Leo J. Boyle 303.321.6611 Forney Museum: Mrs. Amy Newman 303.297.1113 Museum Director Forney Museum: Mrs. Beverly Little 303.297.1113 Museum Asst. Dir. . ✳ ✳ ✳ Sep 17, 2008 ✳ ✳ ✳ Remember boys & girls...’s almost time - for Crusin’! The Council’s “Colfax Avenue Cruise” - 2008 version. Concept is simple and as demo’d last year it works well. The Council arranges for use of multiple ‘sites’ along Colfax. Each site has entertainment, food available, clubs volunteer to each work a site, there will be space for clubs or just individuals to come in and display their rides. The Council only organizes and hosts what takes place on each site. The Council is not organizing, hosting or encouraging any event that takes place on any public street, highway or right-of-way. Council cannot, will not be liable for any acts or actions of any individual or group off sites. Our insurance covers us for what happens on the sites - ONLY. As people drive to, from or between sites - whatever happens is the responsibility of those individuals. D.A.R.E. will be conducting a Poker Run, and as they are also part of the program for the purpose of promoting their organization, as a beneficiary, while ‘contributing to public good,’ there will be a Poker Run stop at each site. This year the Poker Run is their responsibility to run. Clubs are encouraged, welcome to come in and do displays, be able to introduce yourselves to the public, maybe pick up new members? Doesn’t cost you to do it - but has to be coordinated, so call DickT first. This event is Council held to create opportunity for all clubs, Associates. And of course - to enjoy! Who’s New...
  3. 3. - “Bob Steffen... the new Rep for the Vintage Chevrolet Club, taking over for Kay Yates who moved out of state a while back. Bob’s phone number is 720.989. 8808. - Chris Wolfe... ..reappears after not being seen at Council meetings for a while, noe as Alternate Rep for Denver Roadsters, you can ‘Mother Bell him’ at 303.934.6931. What’s New... - “Old Autos / Special Events” - Rich Somers, a friendly and familiar face at the Council over the years, provides services to arrange things between people wanting vehicles for events and those willing to ‘make available’ their time and their toys. Can be to shuttle folks, give a special ride or..? Want to make your ride available, call Rich to chat, get an idea of how it works, etc. via 303.688.0430. - You Say You Want a Unique Vehicle... ..well, one is available, auction coming up. Built by GMC in Pontiac, Michigan. This is one of 21,147 total units built. More rare than your basic GTO, TransAm, Fiero, etc. They were designed and built to be heavy duty and dependable, have unique styling, and it’s both versatile and functional. You say you like to go through the gears, really haul..? Well, this will really haul. Five speed tranny, two speed transfer case, All-Wheel Drive. Oh, and for those sunny Summer days, drop the top, cruise in the sun. Or for that matter go cruise in your favorite lake! Just engage the propeller and rudder, have at it. Custom engineered by the U.S. Navy 1942ish by taking a GMC “6x” troop carrier/ two-and-a-half ton hauler doing ‘custom bodywork’ and obvious required mods to have them float, etc. They contributed to your freedom, served at Normandy, the ETO etc., and all over the Pacific with the Marines. Semper Fi - as they still roll on today... Yep, it is a genuine DUKW-353 commonly called a “Duck.” Pix in catalog looks in good condition. Up for auction by “Red Baron Auctions” of Atlanta, Georgia on 28-Sep. This is their “We’re retiring - final auction” after 35 years. o: 404.252.3770 f: 404.257.0268 Also have a ‘57 T’bird w 3 tops, a 98 Bentley Azure Cvt., ‘67 Stingray w dual tops, and several more. And IF Mr. Forney wants a unique ‘transportation’ display - also at auction is the original model of Captain Nemo’s submarine, “the Nautilus,” used in the 1954 movie “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.” It is 80" L x 15" W x 20" H. Remember? James Mason, Paul Lucas, Peter Lorre, Kirk Douglas? Wonder who got the giant Squid prop? Probably some seafood restaurant, eh..? Oh, wanna’ redo your game-room? They also often have vintage Brunswick pool tables, real original nine footers - not those dumb 8' things! Move quick here... Red Baron also has an original Brunswick, Mahogany Bar - front and back pair. Gorgeous! Perfect if you have 21'0 clear wall and 10'0+ ceiling. Gotta get your own saloon girls though! But on the other hand guys, remember, sometimes the shopping is lots more fun than maintenance of..? Club Views & News... - Rocky Mountain Thunderbird Club... ..will start off the month at Louisville’s Labor Day Parade, do Niwot Nostalgia Days Parade, and the Front Range Airport Classic Aircraft & Auto Show, visit Early Ford V-8's All Ford Day at Clement Park, NL had lotsa pix from July’s National in Colo. Springs. - MG Car Club... ..start with pix of beautiful Medium Blue & Blk 1936 MG SA 4 dr, the featured car
  4. 4. at the Glenwood Rallye on last NL’s cover. Next event is their annual Colorado English Motoring Conclave at Oak Park in Arvada - a great event, will do the Council’s “Colfax Avenue Cruise” and end the month at the British Motoring Club of No. Colo’s “Oil Spot Rallye on the 27th. NL had good article on Ozone by Dick Fritz who also does Council duty as their club rep when not busy as a noted author... - Arkansas Valley Car Club... ..had a very busy August, successful showings, now planning to relax some, cruise, tour other folks events, including the Gateway Auto Museum’s, doing an overnighter in Montrose en route. Be traveling some very scenic routes, likely see some ‘color’ up high..? Remember to do a brake check before heading for those high country tours... - Falcon Club, Mile-Hi Chapter... ..started Sep with “Trapper Days Parade” in Ft. Lupton. Will be Cruisin’ on Colfax Ave. with tons of others on the 20th. Had fun rafting the Upper Colorado. NL notes somebody forgot to bribe the “Weather God” for their annual picnic - wasn’t a top down day! On the other hand, while at their National in Missouri - it was in the 70-80s with low humidity!? - Ye Olde Auto Club... ..are washin and waxin ‘em for couple of picnics and tours and to be ready to be out for the Colfax Avenue Cruise. Doing a tour from Strasburg down thru the Black Forest to then tour a private collection having some couple hun vehicles, follow up with a cookout/ BBQ. Yummm... - Studebaker Club, Pikes Peak Chapter... ..are setting a new standard for us - checking out potential site for hosting the 2013 SDC National.!.? I’m impressed! Visited the Tbird Nats at the Crowne Plaza Hotel there. Will be coming North to do Colfax Avenue Cruise. - AACA, Poudre Valley... ..must coordinate with Falcon guys re weather? Had their annual BBQ - in members garage, since it was raining all over their picnic. The good news was they had decided to have this years event catered! Must’ve been good, all in photos look happy nobody talking, just eating... - VMCCA, Royal Gorge Chapter... ..are winding down from another busy summer of events and motoring fun. Having their last picnic in the park for the year. Wish you better weather than the Falcon and AACA guys... Especially since you are in such nice country to be out in down there. Have fun... - Studebaker Club, Conestoga Chapter... ..are also slowing a bit - but check the tires dad, got some miles to put on! Going to do a Looney Lunch before, then fire ‘em up to do Council’s “Colfax Avenue Cruise.” Following weekend be off to them thar’ hills to do a Fall Color Tour, nice route planned. - Cadillac-LaSalle Club... ..will be escorting, carrying folks in a new parade on the 20th. It is hoped that this parade will become a national event next year, is part of honoring members of our Armed Forces, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, Prisoners Of War, Missing In Actions and Fallen Heroes. Later, will regroup to head for Colfax and some cruisin’ time. Have already decided on a couple of spots to stake out some turf. Gonna combine meeting and a burger-bash at a VFW Post, even have a roped off area to secure their rides - First Class deal guys..! NL recaps recent times and successes at National in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Be relaxing on upcoming “Aspen Viewing Tour.” [.trees not the town...] - Front Range Mustang Club... ..won some gold at the Horsefeathers Car Show at Heritage Square. Should all be easy to recognize as they cruise Colfax - have a new supply of club T-Shirts & Jackets. Will take in All Ford Day, an annual Chili Feed / meeting, have an autocross to do. But are yet undecided on route for Fall Colors Tour. Bet the Jeep club could likely give you an interesting route!?
  5. 5. - Rocky Mtn Performance Mopar... leading in the Club Clash events, drag racing, and hoping to hold on til the end! Good Luck. Always busy, club will be working at then cruisin’ on Colfax. Are combining a club BBQ with one of their Club Clash events at Bandimere. Going to make special mention here, because it is deserved and because more should be doing the same. Club NL has good little piece on “Alternative Energy.” Some may joke about it, some grumble tongue-in-cheek, but car [& truck] types tend to be common-sense people. Are the type people who solve more problems than they create. AND, they don’t go off whining to have the government start a few dozen bureaucracies to do everything for them! They just go do whatever needs being done. Get in step... - Model A Ford Club, High Country Chap... ..went touring - to evaluate tours? Yep, good planning at work, comparing possibilities for 2009 National event. Way to go guys. Been parading around again! Yep, off to Louisville, Arvada, Federal Heights and Sheridan. Having a picnic at the Przywitowski’s - but you gotta spell Przywitowski real fast three times with no errors to get a ticket to eat! Going to have a Motor Oil Seminar and Photo Shoot. Sounds pretty slick to me... - Southern Colorado A’s... ..are putting together a combined [club] 21st birthday party, meeting, and more..? Congrats and enjoy..! Recently joined with Mod T Club to gather up and display several cars to help Faricy Ford of Canon City celebrate it’s 100th Anniversary. WOW! Know of any other dealerships in Colo that are that old, 100 years, still open and doing well? Coming up are Florence Pioneer Day Parade, a show at local Seniors Home, a pot luck dinner and meeting, a Tour to Chama, NM with the Model T Club and few other events. - Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club... ..did a show at Trans-West GMC, who even put up a sign, “Hornet’s Nest,” to mark their area. For the uninitiated, “Hornet” is one model name Hudson used. And if you didn’t know that, you might not know that before the Oldsmobile OHV V-8 took over, owned NASCAR in 195?. Hudson pretty much owned NASCAR for a pretty good stretch. - American Truck Historical Society... get around. Doing truck show in Salina Utah, show in San Juan Mountains, Amarillo, Texas [..say hello to “the Big Texan”...]. Also toured Lou Weyman’s Museum in Craig, followed by touring Chris Chriswell’s collection, next were off to tour Bud Tillotson’s collection. - Well, that’s it! If your NL isn’t here [except for one sent e-m I can’t get into yet..?] better check to see if you’re using the Council’s current [since Oct 2007] mailing address and/or that we haven’t fallen off the edge of your world..? Just Misc Bits of... - It is an Honor indeed that you are here... if you aren’t aware of it? There is a gathering in town with some folks who are more to be honored than all the Pols who recently visited us [said with no disrespect to them]. But you see, this current group is a gathering of those very few, of those who acted in ways of risking ‘paying the ultimate price’ - to take action for the benefit of others, whether directly or indirectly. They were not acting for their own personal benefit or gains. Please welcome recipients of America’s highest award - the “Congressional Medal of Honor.” America’s real heros. As they are gathered here in Denver. Other Matters... - Lost in Politics... ..there is rhetoric flying all over the place about who is at fault or gets credit for just about everything? Hot issues for Federal elections are economy, jobs, energy and defense. But
  6. 6. - aren’t the current, two biggest factors in ‘the economy equation’ jobs and energy [= OIL..]? So how do these affect, why are these of interest to us, the Colorado Motor Vehicle Enthusiast? No job, no $’s to afford to keep your toy ride maybe? No oil, no affordable gasolene to use your ride maybe? So, jobs and energy [oil] would, should be of interest to us here. So what about them..? Jobs have gone out of the US and imported products are coming in largely because of the passage of NAFTA [North American Free Trade Agreement] and GATT [General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs]. These are both “Treaties,” were passed by Congress with Bi-Partisan Support, signed by Prez in office at the time. Those treaties OK’d exporting manufacturing/ jobs, then bi-partisan support created tax incentives encouraging and rewarding moving them out of the USA!? GATT done in Clinton years, both are pre “W” years - so there is a whole lotta’ BS in stretching the jobs loss blame..? Energy aka Oil shortage? Well, we have, have had oil in offshore deposits that have been blocked from drilling - by who? Oh, and ANWR? Even if you don’t play tennis, who hasn’t seen a tennis court, can’t picture one? The Oil Production Area proposed at ANWR - is the size of a postage stamp placed on a tennis court. Seen any tourist statistics for ANWR? How many people vacation there each year..? Secret Oil..? ..SURPRISE! We have lots of domestic, American Oil! Long known of oil! Ever heard of the “Bakken Formation?” Well, the BF, aka the Williston Basin, just happens to be a very large source of oil in the Western 2/3 of No. Dakota, Western So. Dakota and Eastern Montana. It is the largest oil discovery since Prudhoe Bay Alaska. And it has the potential to eliminate all American dependence on foreign oil for many years - event at today’s consumption rates! During which time we can develop alternate energy tech without having a noose around our necks! Moreso, without giving billions, trillions to people who want to eliminate us all. Literally! Availability of newer technologies makes it possible to extract more oil from our deposits than was previously possible. The BF is not a new find, just one nobody went back to see what it could produce with current technology!? Now, it has been estimated by the Energy Information Administration [EIA] that BF can yield 3 - 4.3 billion barrels, further saying that can supply us for some 40± years. And, this oil is what oil-men call “light, sweet oil” it should only cost our US Oil Co’s $16-20/ bbl? Plus NO sheiks, Dictators, Tyrants, etc. to give money to so they can arm to attack us? Build refineries up there - NO hurricanes! And, it refines less expensively, has less pollution byproducts? So, who has known about this and since when? Congress, the Dept. of the Interior, USGS, and EIA have known since..? Well, USGS published a report on this 03-Apr-2008! Hm-m-m, is this one of those things ‘some’ want hidden until after elections? Who? Why? If so, vote them out... - Guess WHAT...’s NOT all folks! We, the U.S.A., have even more oil yet. Here! Been known about for two± years! How about this bit of news in a “Stansberry Report” of Apr-2006[?], “..the U.S.A. has the Largest Untapped Oil Reserve in the World! Estimated to be over some 2,000,000,000,000 bbls” - that is two Trillion Barrels of Oil! Where? Colorado/ Wyoming/ Utah. 1,000± feet under our own Rocky Mountains. USGS knows this, so Congress knows too! The estimates for these oil reserves come out to some...
  7. 7. - 8 times more oil than Saudi Arabia has. - 18 times more oil than Iraq’s reserves. - 21 times as much oil as Kuwait has. - 22 times as much oil as Iran has. - 500 times as much oil as Yemen has. - Russia and Siberia, etc. - who knows, they’re still exploring, still finding all theirs... So why are we now two+ years past these discoveries and not busy drilling? Who is holding up things to free us from needing foreign oil? A very fair question don’t you think? Let’s see, was it August 2006 that Pres. Bush mandated drilling to get development of these reserves started? So, is it the United States Congress blocking things from happening? They don’t evidence helping it? So what can you, we do? Isn’t it up to each of you, all of us, to dig in, find out how our US and State legislators have - and are going to legislate, vote? If they don’t plan to support you, and your best interests why do you want them in office - regardless of party..? IF - you think this is not true, and ‘your [whichever] party’ wouldn’t put party politics ahead of the best interests of “We the People?” Go look at this, see for yourself. Here is more info than you might want to find? Look, learn the facts, then - go vote for those who will do right by you! Dump others... - Is There a Danger in Our Going After Our Own Oil... some in Middle East countries, Venezuela, et ux want us to only pay US companies $20 a barrel vs paying them $110+? There are literally trillions of dollars of motivation to them to be against our drilling here. What will happen? Can’t find my crystal ball? But DO NOT let our national interests or defenses be lowered or weakened now! - Who Loves Congress... ..since? Media often tells us Pres. Bush only has a 36±% approval rating right? OK, so why does that same media NOT tell us the U.S. Congress only has a 9% approval rating? What newspaper[s] can you look in to find voting records? Or what they are working on? Have done? Who goes to Congress may be more important than who is Prez? Please, get informed, vote..! - Drilling for Oil/ Oil Wells Will Destroy the Earth? BS... ..‘they’ get photos of early oil fields that are about as unsightly as anything we can imagine. [..get/ watch 1949 movie “Tulsa”...] Nasty sights they want you to hold onto, even though it is a lot cleaner business now. Go look at any ‘properly run’ well pump / storage tank for yourself. There are plenty around Colorado to look at. When anyone tells you Oil Companies corrupt things, leave nasty messes behind? Years ago, maybe some operators would? Now you find pretty responsible, professional business people who want things to look as good or better than what they started on. If there is a problem someplace, likely prove to be some sub-contractor went flaky, even so it will get made right - by it’s Oil Company. I have developed land where I contracted an oil company to [re]move their well. I won’t describe the process here, but do inform you that though they subcontract the actual work, the oil company supervises things, an inspector from the Colorado Oil & Gas Commission is there during the process, then does a final inspection/ approval. When all was done, gone, the only clue ‘anything’ was ever there was from no grass growing in places, which [by agreement] was seeded-in later by me - after doing all the earthwork. So when Anti-American hacks or greenie-weenies are on their ‘..oil is imminent destruction of the earth?’ Be glad to testify...
  8. 8. - Global Cooling... ..thanks for sending new info, more news on glaciers growing, links, but slap my little keyboard hand, printed it and set it aside - now can’t find it to pass along to you? No-one has sent anything new to pass along on global warming recently? Send any whatever, I’ll pass it along... Some Known Bills / Actions of Interest in / to Colo. are... The Legislature has ended it’s current session. But - DO NOT think nothing is going on! This begins the season when all the bills that were defeated, did not get passed, were pulled, or - just ‘didn’t make it to the floor get recycled back to their originators / sponsors. Plus all the new legislation that will appear next session is being drafted, seeking support, sponsors, etc. So now is the time to be talking with the sponsor/ authors of bills reported on to date. Updates and Items from SEMA... This is info received by Joe Baker, who may paraphrase to send to the Council. Where for space sake it might [with regrets] then be compressed a tad more. Joe does a real service to us in doing this. More complete info can be obtained from Steve McDonald at SEMA, on specific issues. - Nothing with government, so nothing in from SEMA. But ‘stay tuned.’ Items from SAN Newsletter... Info from SEMA Action Network’s monthly NL, passed on to keep you and your Club Members informed of things in other states - that you can bet will come here too - if they create revenue or give more control. - Ditto! NL Humor for the Month... - From Southern Colo A’s NL : “Did you know that we are 21 years old this year? We are of legal drinking age so let’s party ! ! !” - Well, the following is interesting, illuminating, but can’t call inflation funny... Compare “today” - to where things were in 1907... . Only 14% of homes had a bathtub. . Most women washed their hair only once a month and used Borax or egg yolks for shampoo. . Only 8% of homes had a telephone. . A three minute phone call from Denver to New York City cost $11.00. . Sugar cost 4¢ a pound, coffee was 14¢ a pound, the best ground beef was 4¢ a pound, and eggs were 14¢ a dozen. . The average wage was 22¢ per hour. . The average worker made between $200 and $400 per year. A mechanical engineer made $5,000, a dentist made $2,500, a veterinarian $1,500, and a competent accountant made $2,000. . 95% of births took place at home. . Average Life Expectancy was 47 years. . 90% of Medical Doctors did not have a college degree. . The five leading causes of death were; pneumonia / influenza, tuberculosis, diarrhea, heart disease and strokes, in that order. . The tallest structure in the world was the Eiffel Tower. . With 1.4 million people, California was the 21st most populous state. . Alabama, Mississippi, Iowa, and Tennessee were all more heavily populated than California.
  9. 9. . The speed limit in most cities was 10 mph. . There were only 8,000 autos in the U.S. and only 144 miles of paved roads. Unintended Humor... - From ‘some’ club’s NL re an upcoming show... pancake breakfast and lunch if you show a car. Parade is ..., so X AM arrival would be good. [.get this..] I don’t have an exact location, but X is a small town so it should be easy to find. ! ? - guess that means L.A. would be hard to find..? Words From The Wise... “You can be sure, that when something happens in politics, ‘Someone’ planned it that way.” Franklin Delano Roosevelt. 1882 - 1945 32nd President of the U.S.A.. 1933 - 1945 [..yes, thank you, I know the above quote is a repeat. But since most people’s memory fades under the flood of campaign ads and plastic rhetoric - thought it worth reminding everyone ‘to not be gullible.’ Especially, be aware what, when and by whom the causes of things took/ are taking place - not just their effects! ] wbc >>
  10. 10. MINUTES OF THE GENERAL MEETING of Wed. Sep. 03, 2008. Meeting held at the “Academy Police Sub-Station” in Colorado Springs. The Meeting was called to order by 2008 President Keith Hall at 7:36 PM. President Hall filled us in on the latest list of vehicles taken in by RAQC, and could be purchased to be restored or..? New ones are, 1988 Ford Taurus, 1988 Chevy Scottsdale [FS pickup], 1997 Plymouth model unknown, a 1985 Subaru station wagon, a 1985 Bronco II, 1995 Mazda 626, a 1997 Dodge Stratus. Keith notes he’ll post these somewhere on the Members Only section of the Council website so anyone interested can log-on to look and see what is available. [..perhaps the requirements on purchasing and re-registering any of these will be added in the future...] Guests & Guest Speakers. - Rich Somers, a friendly and familiar face at the Council over the years, gave us an update on a service he provides to arrange things between people wanting vehicles for events and those with vehicles willing to make them available. The Council does get calls from time-to-time from people asking for a car or cars for a wedding, or whatever to be some part of their function. The Council of course does not, will not get involved in any such events. Nor can the Council be sending out messages to everyone every time such a call comes in. So this service being performed by Rich fills a definite need. And these are all done by contract, handled by Rich. Using specific language that will keep your vehicle from being excluded from insurance coverage. So his experience is brought to bear to protect all parties via his contracts. If you want to do ‘rent-a-rides’ call Rich to chat, get informed and get details, to get involved, etc. at 303.688.0430. [..remember, if you have your vehicles under a Collector’s / Special Interest Insurance Policy, you should be sure to check to be sure that it will be covered if used ‘in any function or event..? DO NOT assume anything when it comes to insurance coverage... wbc] Keith noted that the number of calls is increasing, so this is obviously a needed service. Minutes of the Previous Meeting. President Hall asked if there any corrections to or omissions from the minutes. There being none raised, it was moved, seconded and voted affirmatively to accept them as submitted. Secretary’s Report. 2008 Secretary, Bill Colburn. - 28 clubs were represented tonight. - to date, 43 clubs have renewed; plus there are 2 new clubs; there were 57 clubs in the page 10 of 20
  11. 11. Council in 2007. - to date, we have 2 new Associates, there were 0 in the Council in 2007. - to date, 1 Individual has renewed; there were 3 in the Council in 2007. - The Aug. NL was sent to 215 by e-m and to 60 by hardcopy. Please note that this does not mean an increased % of Members receiving e-ms, it means adding to distribution long missed ‘related’ folks. Treasurer’s Report. 2008 Treasurer, Bill Hunter. Bill reports the following summary, as of 31-Aug-2008: ASSETS: . - Balances of Accounts: Current.Bal $ in. $ out. Prev.Bal Operating Account $ 1,506.60 0.00 220.00$ 1,726.60 Governmental Relations Acct 1,707.00 0.00 0.00 1,707.00 Swap Meet 18,442.54 9,340.00 4,844.14 13,946.68 Swap Meet Pre-Reg’n deposits 350.00 350.00 245.00 245.00 Car Show 0.00 . . 0.00 Colfax Avenue Cruise + 3,268.58 + >. - >. + 3,398.58 Total - Accounts. . . . . . . . . $ 25,274.72 $ 9,690.00 $ 5,439.14 $ 21,023.86 - Deposit Accounts / Liquidity: Checking Acct $ 25,274.72 . .$ 21,023.86 CD Acct + 0.00 + 0.00 - 0.0 + 0.00 Total - Deposit Accounts. . . . . $ 25,274.72 $ 9,690.00 $ 5,439.14 $ 21,023.86 LIABILITIES: - Amounts Owed / Liabilities: Current.Bal $ in. $ out. Prev.Bal Lobbyist [$3,750: Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec] $ 0.00 0.00 0.00 $ 0.00 Other 0.00 350.00 0.00 350.00 Total - Liabilities. . . . . . . . . $ 350.00 350.00 0.00$ 350.00 Net Worth. . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 25,924.72 + $ 9,340.00 - $ 5,439.14 $ 21,023.86 . page 11 of 20
  12. 12. - Acceptance: President Hall asked if there were any questions or corrections. There being none raised, it was moved, seconded and voted affirmatively to accept the Treasurer’s Report as submitted. Governmental Relations Committee / Lobbyist’s Report. 2008 Chair; Keith Hall. This committee exists to pro-actively seek to identify and acquire copies of statutes, regulations, ordinances, rules, etc. both proposed and in-place that will, or do affect any aspect of your ownership, taxes, insuring, maintaining, repairing, or uses of your vehicles; to study them, report on all such, make recommendations to the Council as to nature and/or actions to take; to act to build good relations with any appropriate Colorado Legislators, governmental agencies, quasi- governmental agencies and/or NGOs to defend, promote and support the best interests of the Council. Keith reports: - “There was a meeting with RAQC last week to review, come to agreement as to what a bill might look like for the Collector Car Series Plates. And what we came up with was a cutoff of 1975 for the Collector Series Plates. With anything 1975 or earlier automatically eligible for Collector Plates. With NO other conditions put on them, and they agreed to that. So, no other provision, no mileage limitations, no other conditions. [ do daily driver beater / cheater “Gross Emitters” get disqualified? Are ID’d by sniffer vans, then are called in, have to account for themselves. wbc] There was discussion about having some sort of a petition process for newer vehicles but they would have nothing to do with that. They came up with a thousand different reasons why that wouldn’t work, and we were just not getting anywhere... So we did a tradeoff. We agreed to the 1975 cutoff date and they gave us complete elimination of emissions testing for that date or earlier, or.. exemption. So all 1975 and earlier vehicles will be testing exempt,- you won’t need an emissions test certificate. Keith noted, it is ‘his understanding that they don’t even want a one-time initial test [to qualify]. They will just exempt 1975 and earlier.’ K: Now the question still arises as to exactly how they’re going to do the exemption? They could do that by a note from the Director of the Dept. of Revenue - that’s been in the law for quite some time. But I’m thinking that if we push this through as a note within the new bill, all Collector Series Plates will be exempt, if you are 1975 or earlier. If applying, you will immediately be granted an exemption from emissions. But the way the Dept of Health and Environment was talking, they would like to do away with all emissions testing [requirements..?] on ‘75 and earlier? They do that now on 1960 and earlier, and they may move that up to 1975? Was noted by Dept. of Health that nearly all 1975 and earlier will likely not fall into gross emitter category unless something is really wrong with the vehicle. Keith finished, basically saying the Dept of Health is looking long-term with this. Know it will take a while to weed out offenders, etc. Existing post 1975 Collector Series Plated vehicles will be grandfathered in, and this will likely not be implemented until Jul-2009. So if anyone wants to have a Collector Series Plate on a post-1975 vehicle you have a while to go get qualified and get plates - but note the plates belong to the owner, not the car so if the vehicle is sold the new owner will not be able to get Collector Plates. Also, if you let a plate page 12 of 20
  13. 13. expire, it might not be renewed? Keith reminded that in reality, no vehicle is exempt from the gross emitter category, i.e. if one goes past a sniffer van three times with in ‘a short period of time’ [..which is? Is codified where?] then that owner will be called in. Have to go to an Enviro-Test tech station where vehicle will be looked at to see what can be done to remedy? Sniffer vans are used in the Denver Metro Area, are set up on entrance ramps to the freeways, and cannot by law be used on weekends...” There were then several misc. questions and comments from the floor. It should be noted the final form of what will be taken ‘to the floor’ has yet to be drafted and so we will have to wait to see what that turns out to be. Leo will be watching for this to appear, will bring it to us. Some issues, problems with interpretation of YOM use were brought up, related, need resolution. TBD. Lobbyist Leo Boyle reports: - Back in Metro after the meeting. Found a msg on my voicemail from Leo B. - who was at the time, calling me from the Forney Museum parking lot? Basically saying he was ‘feeling all alone and lonely there. Said he might have to read the NL closer in the future?’ HA... See you in October Leo. SEMA Report. 2008 Contact and Reporter; Joe Baker, filling in as contact. SEMA, the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association is a trade group whose members are the people who manufacture all the aftermarket products used to maintain, repair, upgrade, improve or modify your Motor Vehicles. This group has done more to inform and guard against harmful acts than any other. Joe reports: - [Joe has forwarded information for you throughout the month - not being part of the General Meeting, it is provided to you in the Newsletter. wbc] WebMaster Report. 2008 webmaster, Keith Hall. Keith reports: - There was no report this month. Car Show Committee. 2008 Chair; open. The Car Show Committee is responsible for studying, proposing, then organizing and conducting an Annual Car Show event to bring to prominent display, some quality, representative vehicles from all of our member clubs for the purpose of exhibiting and evidencing to the general public that our Collectible, Special Interest and Historic Motor Vehicles are of positive areas of interests. Objective, to educate and gain public support. Committee presently inactive. page 13 of 20
  14. 14. Swap Meet Committee. 2008 Chair; Gary Canady. The Swap Meet Committee is responsible for studying, proposing, then organizing and conducting an Annual Swap Meet at which the Council has vendors come in to present for sale their variety of NOS, NORS, repro or vintage original parts to all our Motor Vehicle Enthusiasts and the general public. Objective is to support the needs of our Colorado Motor Vehicle Enthusiasts and to help create operating funds for the Council - as it has since 1968. Gary reports: - The books are not yet closed, so final numbers are not yet available. Appears to be some $2,3 - 2,400 ‘in the black.’ Gary hopes to have that done soon. - Is planned to hold a Swap Meet Committee Meeting in October to close out things for 2008, begin planning for 2009. Will be announced at Oct General Meeting of the Council. Decide what the future of the event is to be. - Expresses thanks to all who made the event possible. Colfax Avenue Cruise. 2008 Chair; Dick Thompson. This proposes and organizes an annual event to be held on Colfax Avenue in Metro Denver. Objective is to hold a largish event for Colorado Motor Vehicle Enthusiasts to bring out, drive and have an ‘adult show & tell.’ Meant to be an enjoyable event for all, and as another opportunity to visit with and exhibit ourselves to the general public as responsible and respectable, to gain public and legislative support. Dick reports: - This year the Cruise will be held on Saturday Sep. 20th, 2008. - A final committee meeting will be held soon, time and place TBD. - if your club should be in the program and did not get a copy of the program by e-m, stop by and get a copy here because this is the official copy. We need your approval co stop by and see. - I have Cruise flyers up here for anybody having an event before the 20th, please take and distribute some at your event. - Also as done at the Havana Cruise, if anyone would like to volunteer to help out, work a couple of hours for the Council at Invesco Field, come see me after the meeting. Old Business. - Not “old business,” but an ages old topic brought up was the thought, possibility of having Council broken into “Regional Chapters” vs just the current single, main member body. No motions for further evaluation or consideration were made. [..gets into several considerations - first being communications, mutual-support, i.e. how to get an already non- homogenous collection of ‘souls’ to become more closely bound and supportive..? wbc] - No old business open for discussion. New Business. - No new business raised/ discussed tonight. page 14 of 20
  15. 15. Announcements, Reminders & Miscellanea. - All announcements made tonight are currently listed in ‘the Calendar,’ ergo not repeated here. - Was noted that the rules for doing title searches have changed. Is now more difficult to get done, get through CSP inspections, etc. [ this another case of DoR bringing focus to how to get revenue from citizens vs provide services to citizens..? TBD? What is your experience, what do you recommend the Council looks into, does re this..? ] Possible Agenda Items for Next Months Mtg. - Pres. Hall reminds that nominations, elections for 2009 Directors/ Officers are getting close - need to be addressed..! What do you think the Council should be doing and who do you think best represents what you want done? This is not just about you getting ‘whomever’ into office and then heading off to the nearest sports bar! It’s about what do you believe and want, how to put whoever best represents that in office - AND MOST IMPORTANTLY - what will you then do OUTSIDE OF MEETINGS to support them? [.if this is a soapbox I make no apologies to have commandeered, climbed onto and cried out to you from it! So, get off your butts, get active, participate, contribute..! wbc] Who are possible candidates for office / reelection that have supported - or not been adversarial to our Special Interest Area. Are willing to stand up for and represent your interests? Look, learn, think, decide, ACT... Next General Meeting. - Wednesday October 01st at 7:30 PM, at the Forney Museum. [..see you there Leo..?] Meeting was adjourned at 8:2x PM by President Hall. Respectfully Submitted, wbc William B. Colburn, 2008 Secretary page 15 of 20
  16. 16. . OLD CAR COUNCIL of Colorado, Inc. . Supporting Colorado Motor Vehicle ✳ ✳ ✳ Enthusiasts since 1965 ✳ ✳ ✳ Calendar of Events - 2008. The Council maintains and provides this list to publicize events your club is holding and other events that may be of general interest to everyone. Information below is what has been provided by Club Reps or others. ALWAYS call and check it out! For this list to be useful, provide us a written note - with complete basic info, as per below. . HELD ON: EVENT: HELD BY, for MTR VEH’S, LOC’N and CONTACT: Sep Sa 20 the 2nd Annual- “Colfax Avenue Cruise” by OCCC; All MVs, $0/ veh; 4-8 PM, go Cruisin’ into the Council’s “Festival Sites” along Colfax Avenue. Info? Call Dick Thompson at 303.699.4819 or c: 303.929.5533 Sa 20 Transpo-Expo Car Show at Heritage Days, by Adams County Historical Society; All MVs, $5/ veh; 08-15:00, at Ad Cty Museum, 9601 Henderson Road, go West on 124th Ave from US 85. Info at 303.659.7103 Sa-Su 20-21 AACA Swap Meet - Annualby AACA, Poudre Valley Rgn. since 1968. All cars, trucks, cycles, etc.; $5 adm; 8AM; Larimer Cty Fgnds, Loveland. fr I-25 exit 259 go E, then No. on Fairgrounds Ave. Call Sam at 970.402.9503 Sa-Su 20-21 Colo English Motoring Conclave & Ride the Rockies. - Annual. => by Colorado Conclave; Brit & all MVs, gather at/ lv from Oak Park 10425 W 64th Pl. Arvada. Lots of great events, ck ‘em out. Call Stephen Hart 303.985.2763 or . Mo-Th 22-25 Annual Clean Air Conference ? - by National Center for Vehicle Emissions Control & Safety..? => Who, what, where, when - why..? Call 970.491.7240 or see what they say at . Fr-Su 26-28 Grand Junction Dntn Car Show by Fuoco Motor Co; all MVs, in dntn GJ. Lotsa’ details & info, so call George Rossman at 970.216.8657 or . Fr-Su 26-28 New Mexico Council of Car Clubs Annual Swap Meet by NMCarCouncil, since 1978; $>/ adm; at Morris Field, Las Lunas, NM [20 mi So of Abq]. Call Jim or Joyce Clements at 505.884.7912 or check on-line at page 16 of 20
  17. 17. . Sa 27 All Thunderbird Car Show by Pikes Peak Early Birds; all T’birds of course! $0; Show fr 10-15:00, at Garden of the Gods Visitor Center. Call Jim Day at 719.685.4391 [.Fun, Fun. Fun til’... so tell us, did Daddy really ever take the T’bird away..?] Sa 27 Oktoberfest Car Show at Brush by Brush C of C; all MVs, $25/ veh - but hey! No charge for all the Oom-Pah- Pah’s that you can handle..; 10-17:00, on Main St. in Brush. Call CofC, 970.842.2666 or . [ really wanna’ ask anyone with that ph # where to go..?] Sa 27 CECA Open Track Event. by Colorado Exotic Car Association, Vintage Race Car classes, racing at High Plains Raceway, Byers Colo. For info Bill Miller 303.421.3009 Sa-Su 27-28 Vintage Races Enduro. by Rky Mtn Vintage Racing, Enduro Type Vintage Racing, at Pueblo Motorsports Park, Pueblo, Colo. Info: Diane Hively at 303.319.3062 Su 28 Rev it Up - at Cussler Museum ! at Museum, Benefit for Special Transit; $>; 1x-1x:00, tour, hors d’oeuvres & liquid refreshments, silent auction; at14959 W 69th Ave; W on Ralston, No. on Indiana, W on 69th. Call ST at 303.447.2848 or . Su 28 Monument Colo - Car Show & Benefit for St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital. => by Chili’s - Monument; ALL MVs, $>/ veh; 09-14:00, at Chili’s Restaurant, on W of I-25 in Monument. Pancake Bkfst 09-11:00. Call Julie King, Mgr at 719.488.3647 . Oct Fr-Su 0>-0> New Mexico AACA Antique Auto Tour - the 35th Annual by Roadrunner Antique Car Club; MVs 25 or more years old, $75±/ veh; 08-14:00, at Hobbs, NM.. Call Darvin Mack at 505.393.1003 Sa 04 Cool Colors of Autumn Show & So. Broadway Cruise. by Highlands Ranch Hot Rodders; All MVs, $>/ veh; 08-14:00, at Home Depot at Lucent & Highlands Ranch Pkwy. Call & let George do it - at 303.870.3999 or look into . Su 0> Annual All GM Picnic. by Pontiac-Oakland Club; Any GM MVs, $0/ veh; 09-14:00, at Castlewood Canyon State Park, Franktown. Directions and Info, call Gary Canady at 303.886.7923 Th-Su 02-05 Westminster Mall Car Show by Conestoga Chapter, Stude Drivers; all Studebakers, 09-21:00, at Westminster Mall, betw Sheridan & Harlan / 88th and 92nd Aves. For details, call Christof Kheim at 303.859.9966 04-05 Lakewood Cider Days. by City & CoC; ALL MVs, $?/ veh; page 17 of 20
  18. 18. 10-17:00, at Lakewood Heritage Center/ Belmar Park, 4-5?? So. Wadsworth Blvd. Agenda? Call city at 303.987.7850 Su 05 Fiesta of Wheels - and - Balloon Fiesta - in Albuquerque => by Abq Balloon Festival Comm & Rainbow Roadrunners Car Club; ALL MVs, $>/ veh; meet at Edith St. Under te Alameda St. Overpass no later than 07:30 to caravan into grounds! Call Mike Madlener at 505.323.6022 for all the details, etc. Sa 11 Gear-Head Lecture Series. by Forney Museum. $0; 13:00 at Forney Museum, > speaks on > Call for info at 303.297.1113 Sa-Su 18-19 RMVR Vintage Races. by RMVR. Vintage Race Cars and Racing, at High Plains Raceway, Byers, Colo. Info: Diane Hively at 303.319.3062 Sat 1> Searchlight Rallye & Benefit by MG Club; all MVs, $>/ veh; a rallye in the foothills to locate a distant searchlight. Leave Christ on the Mountain Church at 13922 W. Utah Ave, Lkwd at 19:30. Info - call Dick Fritz at 303.774.9710 Su 1> Low-Spd Autocross at CSP Trk by Colo Sprgs Corvette Club; ?> MVs, $30-60/ veh; reg at 07:30, at CSP Track at Camp Geo West, Golden, Fr I-70 W on Colfax, Rt on Quail Call Shawn or Ashley Mess at 719.268.6926 Su 1> Boulder County Rev It Up! Fund Raising Event to benefit Special Transit [a non-profit aid group...] by Bldr Cty Special Transit; tour Tebo collection & retro happy hour 4-7 PM ff by silent auction fund raiser; at Stephen Tebo;s Private MV Collection in Bldr. Call 303.477.2848 or . Su 12 Durango Fall Poker Run. by Durango Car Club; All MVs, $>/ veh; meet at JP Tire Store in Durango. Call Steve Wylie at 970.247.8761 Th 16 Eaton A&W Car Show. by A&W Family Restaurant; All MVs, $>/ veh; A&W at 680 Oak St, in Eaton. Call at 970.454,2959 for details. Sa 2> NSRA - All Club Meeting. by area clubs; at Saber’s Clubhouse, 6110 Huron, Denver. Call Pat Shaw at 303.776.8659 or Fred Williams 307.632.1045 Th 31 Halloween. by.. don’t ask! Most stop asking after learning it’s the highest holy day on the Satanic Church’s calender? So - enjoy..? Whatever you do or don’t do - remember to be careful and watchful if out driving in the evening. Little ones are looking for candy - not oncoming traffic..! Nov Sa 01 Open House & Show at Kafka’s by Ken Kafka, American Truck Hist Soc; drive what ya’ got! Come ck out the trucks tractors, cars, etc gathering page 18 of 20
  19. 19. at the Kafka’s. Call Ken for directions and details at 970.834.2416 Tu 04 Election Day 2008 - Lord help us... Learn, be informed and then - be sure to vote; This may be the most important election in the history of our States and our Union to date? Look, Listen, Learn - and vote. ..but HEY, this isn’t the Chicago Dem Machine yet ? So vote, but just once...] Tu-Fr 04-07 SEMA Show / Convention. by SEMA. Everybody comes here..! LOTSA stuf,’ $>; 10-2X:00, > Ck it out at . Sa 08 GAME DAY - in Newton ? by BC; NO, not the cartoon strip! Boston College - hosts Notre Dame! We’re now past election hype & rhetoric - so relax. Tune in. “Rudy” won’t suit up, but he might be there..? [.OK, so I am from Mass...] - NOTE: Veterans Day is actually on Tuesday 11-Nov - thus some events being held Saturday, the weekend before... Sa > Veterans Day Parade - Longmont. by American Legion Post 32; ALL MVs, $0/ veh; Meet at 09:45, at Post 32, 315 So. Bowen, Longmont; from I-25 take Colo 119 West, go No on Bowen. Call John Baker at the Post - 303.776,2034 Sa > Veterans Day Parade - Denver. Women Marines Assn & Cad-LaSalle Club; Any make ‘39 thru early 50s MVs, $0/ veh; Meet at 09:00 at SW Cor Alameda & Broadway in Denver. More info; call John Evans at 303.425.9515 Tu 11 It is Veteran’s Day! And that means it is a day to take, to make time to think of, reflect, and to appreciate and give sincere thanks to the millions of men and women who have served in our Armed Forces beginning with the Continental Army that suffered, sacrificed to give us our Independence from tyrannical rule and life under King George and his Tory pawns alike. Appreciate your freedom, thank those who preserve it for you today. Maybe make a donation to the USO, support our troops now abroad..? page 19 of 20
  20. 20. Th 27 Thanksgiving Day ! A day to be with family & friends - to give thanks. In 1621 the Pilgrims at Plymouth Colony first gathered together with the Wampanoag Indians to feast, celebrate and to give thanks to God for the blessings of their new life in this, their new land. Let us also gather our families and friends to share friendship, pleasant times - and especially, to give our thanks... page 20 of 20