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  1. 1. PRI CONFERENCE 2008 RESOURCE MARKETPLACE EXHIBITORS January 30, 2008 CALVERT FOUNDATION 7315 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 100W Bethesda, MD 20814 Phone: 301.951.4895; Fax: 301.280.1399 www.calvertfoundation.org Shari Berenbach, shari.berenbach@calvertfoundation.org Lisa Hall, lisa.hall@calvertfoundation.org For over 10 years, Calvert Social Investment Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, has pursued its mission: to maximize the flow of capital to disadvantaged communities. By creating innovative financial products and services Calvert Foundation acts as a leading intermediary and removes barriers for investors. In so doing, it fosters a more effective social capital market – in which more resources flow better and faster to communities in need. Calvert Foundation was established in 1995, the result of a collaboration between Calvert Group, the socially responsible mutual fund company, and the Ford, MacArthur and Mott foundations. As an effective market intermediary for investors seeking blended social and investment returns, Calvert Foundation has structured a range of products and services designed to serve the various needs of institutions, nonprofits and social investors. Calvert Foundation’s Community Investment Note, a security that meets federal and state registration requirements, offers individuals, foundations and other institutions the option to invest in a specialized ‘fund of funds’ dedicated to affordable housing, community development, microfinance, fair-trade, independent media, social enterprise and other social impact areas. This “PRI in a Box” is an easy and flexible alternative for both new and experienced PRI makers and can be customized to meet foundation needs. Calvert Foundation’s Community Investment Partners program provides services to PRI Makers. Calvert Foundation fosters transparency and eases financial transactions in the nonprofit marketplace by providing information and analysis, advisory and brokerage services, and by supporting others to issue and sell financial products that conform to the requirements of the highly regulated financial markets. Our methodology is derived from our successful $125 million community investment portfolio. As a result, we bring a professional approach to this young industry that combines innovation, a balance between financial and social return, administrative experience and investment acumen. Client References: Luther Ragin Sandra Mikush Vice President, Investments Assistant Director F.B. Heron Foundation The Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation Phone: 212.404.1830 Phone: 336.748.9222 LRagin@heronfdn.org smikush@mrbf.org Page 1
  2. 2. PRI CONFERENCE 2008 RESOURCE MARKETPLACE EXHIBITORS January 30, 2008 COMMUNITY CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, INC. 2500 Weston Road, Suite 101 Weston, FL 3331 Phone: 954.217.7999; Fax: 954.385.9299 www.ccmfixedincome.com Alyssa Greenspan, agreenspan@ccmfixedincome.com Community Capital Management, Inc. actively manages mission-related investment portfolios while seeking to provide investors with competitive returns. The investment management team creates portfolios of low-risk, mission-based investments on behalf of clients that include foundations, faith-based organizations, public pensions, and financial institutions. Since 1999, it has directed more than $2 billion toward economic and community development including, but not limited to, affordable housing and homeownership, job creation and training programs, neighborhood revitalization, and environmental restoration. For more information, please visit www.ccmfixedincome.com or call 877.272.1977. Client References: Luther Ragin Olita Alexander Vice President, Investments Operations Director F.B. Heron Foundation The Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation Phone: 212.404.1830 Phone: 336.748.9222 lragin@heronfdn.org oalex@mrbf.org NATIONAL FEDERATION OF COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CREDIT UNIONS 116 John Street, 33rd Floor New York, NY 10038 Phone: 212.809.1850; Fax: 212.809.3274 www.cdcu.coop Alice Greenwald, agreenwald@cdcu.coop Ken Tiongson, ktiongson@cdcu.coop The National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions (Federation) represents 225 community development credit unions (CDCUs) serving urban and rural low-income communities across the United States. Founded in 1974, the Federation is headquartered in Lower Manhattan with offices in Madison, WI; Colorado Springs, CO; and Lexington, KY. The Federation offers a wide range of advocacy, educational, training, capital, marketing, and outreach programs to support and assist CDCUs. Page 2
  3. 3. PRI CONFERENCE 2008 RESOURCE MARKETPLACE EXHIBITORS January 30, 2008 Since 1982, The Federation's Capitalization Program for CDCUs has helped credit unions strengthen their finances and expand their impact on low-income communities. CDCUs - like all credit unions - raise deposits which they relend to their members. But in low- income communities, raising deposits from people with little disposable income is a major challenge. Congress recognized this in 1970, when it gave low-income credit unions the exclusive right to raise deposits from "non-members" -- organizations and individuals outside the primary field-of-membership of these credit unions. To help CDCUs gather these funds, the Federation launched the Capitalization Program. In 2007, the Capitalization Program celebrated its 25th anniversary. Marking this important milestone, the Federation launched a capital campaign to raise an additional $25 million to invest in CDCUs across the country. As part of this campaign, the program focus has been redirected to bring maximum impact to our members, and rebranded itself as Community Development Investments. Over the past 25 years, many foundations, banks, religious organizations, and other institutions have invested in local CDCUs through this program. The Ford Foundation, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, F. B. Heron Foundation, Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation, Mennonite Mutual Aid, Presbyterian Church (USA) Foundation, Jewish Funds for Justice, Bank of America, HSBC, JPMorgan Chase, and the federal CDFI Fund are just a few of our investors. Today, the Federation manages nearly $35 million, with an 87% deployment of our investments in 120 different CDCUs. We have become a virtual "one-stop-shop" for credit unions seeking funds to expand their activities: we provide not only deposits, but loans (secondary capital), grants and a secondary mortgage market through our CDCU Mortgage Center, LLC. Our Community Development Investment Program offers investors advantages unmatched in the community development finance field. • Flexibility. We can tailor portfolios to meet your geographic, demographic, or other interests. • Security. Over 25 years, the Federation has never lost or deferred a penny of our investors’ principal or interest. • Diversification. Our broad network makes it possible to distribute investments among CDCUs serving diverse low-income communities across the United States. • Impact. Your investments help communities help themselves. Investor funds are typically matched or leveraged many times over by deposits raised locally by CDCUs from their members themselves. You can help build sustainable financial institutions, built to serve their communities for decades. Client References: Christine Looney Amanda Joseph Program Investment Officer Jewish Funds for Justice Ford Foundation Phone: 215.483.4004, x210 Phone: 212.573.5185 ajoseph@jewishjustice.org C.looney@fordfound.org Page 3
  4. 4. PRI CONFERENCE 2008 RESOURCE MARKETPLACE EXHIBITORS January 30, 2008 NEIGHBORWORKS™ AMERICA 1325 G. Street, NW, Suite 800 Washington, DC 20005 Phone: 202.220.2300; Fax: 202.376.2600 www.nw.org Jeff Baloutine, jbaloutine@nw.org Deborah Visser, dvisser@nw.org NeighborWorks® America is a national nonprofit organization created by Congress in 1978 to provide financial support, technical assistance, and training for community-based revitalization efforts in order to create opportunities for people to live in affordable homes, improve their lives and strengthen their communities. The NeighborWorks Network of some 240 community-based organizations in 50 states covers nearly 4,500 urban, suburban and rural communities. Success Measures™ at NeighborWorks® America is an innovative participatory outcome evaluation approach that engages community stakeholders in the evaluation process and gives them the tools they need to document outcomes, measure impact and inform change. Since NeighborWorks America assumed responsibility for Success Measures and its implementation in the community development field in 2004, over 145 organizations in 35 states and Washington, DC, sponsored by ten funding partners, have enrolled in Success Measures training and are using Success Measures to measure and document community development outcomes in a manner that enhances community-building and participation. Through its Organizational Assessment Division, NeighborWorks® America regularly assesses capacity and performance of all of its network organizations, both on- and off-site. This nationally recognized assessment tool enables organizations and their investors to determine where to target resources and technical assistance to meet their mission and serve their community effectively. After conducting reviews of network organizations for 25 years, NeighborWorks now will offer its organizational assessment services beyond its network, tailored to varied needs within the broader community development field. Client References: Bob Gillespie Mary Jo Mullen Deputy Director Vice President, Programs Oregon Housing & Community Services F.B. Heron Foundation Phone: 503.986.2005 Phone: 212.404.1808 bob.gillespie@hcs.state.or.us mjmullan@heronfdn.org O'CONNOR DAVIES MUNNS & DOBBINS, LLP Page 4
  5. 5. PRI CONFERENCE 2008 RESOURCE MARKETPLACE EXHIBITORS January 30, 2008 60 East 42nd Street New York, NY 10165 Phone: 212.286.2600; Fax: 212.286.4080 www.odmd.com Christopher Petermann, cpetermann@odmd.com Diana Rugolo, drugolo@odmd.com O’Connor Davies Munns & Dobbins, LLP (ODMD) is a full service Certified Public Accounting and consulting firm that has a long history of serving clients both domestically and internationally and providing specialized professional services of the highest quality. With roots tracing to 1891, five offices located in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, and approximately 225 professionals including 40 partners, the Firm provides a complete range of accounting, auditing, tax and management advisory services. ODMD specializes in serving not-for-profit organizations including over 100 private foundations small and large, family, independent and corporate, grant making, operating and community, governmental entities, employee benefit plans, closely-held and entrepreneurial businesses, financial service companies, professional service firms, U.S. subsidiaries of multi-national corporations and high net worth individuals and family groups. The Firm serves a wide range of industries including manufacturing and distribution, information technology, healthcare, real estate and construction. To help meet the audit and tax requirements of our private foundation clients, we provide an in-depth understanding of the complex rules surrounding minimum distributions and qualifying expenditures. Our industry specialists work closely with our clients to minimize excise taxes, and provide investment accounting and monitoring controls over outside investment managers. ODMD’s partners who specialize in private foundations have participated in numerous specific projects and speaking engagements including: • Members of the “990 PF rewrite Advisory Committee for Private Foundations” • Tax and legal contributors to “The New Foundation Guidebook” • Co-authored the Uniform System of Financial Reporting for Private Foundations • Alternative Investments tax and consulting advisors • Regular contributors of articles to Private Foundation publications • Initial participation and technical review of the L3C Concept currently being initiated by the Council on Foundations and the North Carolina Legislature – a type of program related investment with a for profit element to investors. • National speakers at Private Foundation conferences ODMD is included in Accounting Today’s list of “The Top 100 Firms” currently ranking as the 65th largest accounting firm in the United States. The Firm is also within the 20 largest firms in the New York Metropolitan area, and the largest firm in Westchester County according to Crain’s New York Business and the Westchester County Business Journal. We have built strong relationships with our clients by being proactive, thorough and efficient. ODMD partners take a hands-on role in the day-to-day management of Page 5
  6. 6. PRI CONFERENCE 2008 RESOURCE MARKETPLACE EXHIBITORS January 30, 2008 engagements, ensuring a high degree of client service and cost effectiveness. The Firm’s seasoned professional staff members apply a team approach to all engagements to provide our clients with the highest quality and most timely services available. The continuity of our staffing and their attention to our clients’ engagements makes the Firm stand out among its competitors. ODMD – with its tradition, its experience and an eye towards the future – is ready to help its clients confront today’s ever-changing economic conditions and address the growing complexities of the regulatory environment. Client References: Lawrence Moreland Patricia Kozu CFO Vice President, Finance and Administration William T. Grant Foundation F.B. Heron Foundation Phone: 212.752.0071 Phone: 212.404.1810 lmoreland@wtgrantfdn.org pkozu@heronfdn.org Page 6
  7. 7. PRI CONFERENCE 2008 RESOURCE MARKETPLACE EXHIBITORS January 30, 2008 SHOREBANK 7054 S. Jeffery Boulevard Chicago, IL 60649 Phone: 773.420.4301 Fax: 773.420.4780 Deborah Kobak, deborah_kobak@sbk.com Donielle Walters, donielle_walters@sbk.com ShoreBank is the country’s first and leading community development and environmental bank. Since 1973 ShoreBank has been committed to building vibrant communities by providing financial services and information to create economic equity and a healthy environment. Headquartered in Chicago, ShoreBank’s reach extends to branches in Cleveland and Detroit, a sister bank in the Pacific Northwest, and closely coordinated work with several nonprofit affiliates as well as an international consulting practice. ShoreBank offers a variety of FDIC-insured cash deposit products and services that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of foundations and nonprofits. • Program Related Investments. ShoreBank offers a range of innovative PRI options that can be tailored to your foundation’s mission. As simple and safe as opening a CD, ShoreBank’s PRI products are a way to expand your foundation’s grant making and increase your impact. • Deposit Products. ShoreBank uses deposits from socially motivated investors such as foundations to fund loans that strengthen communities, create jobs, and preserve the environment. ShoreBank’s deposit accounts feature both competitive and below market interest rates, unlimited check writing, and low fees. • CDARS. Obtain full FDIC insurance for deposits up to $50 million through CDARS (Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service). CDARS eliminates the burden and administrative expense of monitoring multiple banking relationships. Make one simple deposit with ShoreBank, and enjoy the services of a financial institution you trust to maximize the financial return and the social impact of your deposit dollars. Client References: Luther Ragin Tom Trinley Vice President, Investments Director of Finance FB Heron Foundation Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Phone: 212.404.1830 Foundation Lragin@heronfdn.org Phone: 312.977.2700 ttrinley@gddf.org Page 7
  8. 8. PRI CONFERENCE 2008 RESOURCE MARKETPLACE EXHIBITORS January 30, 2008 URBAN ADVISORS 1313 North Tryon Street Charlotte, NC 28206 Phone: 704.644.0047 Fax: 704.973.9205 David Sharp, Dsharp@urbanadv.com Urban Advisors is a minority owned and operated investment management consulting firm that specializes in alternative asset, mission and niche oriented investment strategies. We have extensive experience in private equity, venture capital, real estate and community/economic development investing. Our clients include Foundations, Asset Management Firms, Fund of Fund Organizations, SBA and Corporate Institutional Investors. We provide a highly interactive and value- added approach to our clients. Urban Advisors conducts extensive investment due diligence and portfolio management. In addition, we provide advice on Asset Allocation, Manager Selection and Portfolio Construction through advisory relationships and discretionary strategies. Urban Advisors was founded in 2005 by David Sharp, who was a former Senior Alternative Investment Manager for Wachovia’s Alternative Investment Program. Mr. Sharp was responsible for establishing and building a $100MM+ Alternative Investment Program focused in the Emerging Domestic Market/Community Development space. He was responsible for developing investment policy, setting goals and objectives, establishing an investment infrastructure, conducting extensive due diligence, structuring transactions and implementing an active portfolio management program. Among the most important differentiators of Urban Advisors as an investment consulting firm are our many years of experience screening, underwriting and asset managing social and alternative asset investments as well as creative deal sourcing and structuring. We have built a reputation as a forward-thinking investor and investment consultant in the areas of private equity, real estate and economic development. Client References: Luther Ragin Sandra Mikush Vice President, Investments Assistant Director FB Heron Foundation The Mary Reynolds Babcock Phone: 212.404.1830 Foundation Lragin@heronfdn.org Phone: 336.748.9222 smikush@mrbf.org Page 8