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  • Part Seven

    1. 1. NOTE : To appreciate this presentation [and ensure that it is not a mess ], you need Microsoft fonts: “Showcard Gothic,” “Ravie,” “Chiller” and “Verdana”
    2. 2. NOTE: To appreciate this presentation, you need Microsoft fonts: “Showcard Gothic,” “Ravie,” “Chiller” and “Verdana” Master* Excellence part seven (of 7) excellence. summaries. Lists. 19 October 2007
    3. 3. THE MASTER PRESENTATION: There are about 3,500 slides in this 7-part “Master Presentation.” The first six “chapters” are indeed meant add up to a logical, linear argument. Part I is context. Part II is devoted entirely to innovation—the sine qua non, as perhaps never before, of survival. In earlier incarnations of the “master,” “innovation” “stuff” was scattered throughout the presentation—now it is front and center and a stand-alone. Part III is a variation on the innovation theme—but it is organized to examine the imperative (for most everyone in the developed world) of an ultra high value-added strategy. A “value-added ladder” (the “ladder” configuration lifted with gratitude from Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore’s Experience Economy ) lays out a specific logic for necessarily leaving commodity-like goods and services in the dust. Part IV argues that in this age of “micro-marketing” there are two macro -markets of astounding size that are dramatically under-attended by all but a few; namely women and boomers-geezers. Part V underpins the overall argument with the necessary bedrock—Talent, with brief consideration of Education & Healthcare. Part VI examines Leadership for turbulent times from several angles. Despite the “logical argument,” I think you’d be better off if you thought of “all this” as I do—an ENCYCLOPEDIA OF IDEAS . Various “riffs” are attached throughout which, though not perfect fits, serve my purpose as “meat” from which I cobble together a finance presentation in Bahrain … or a health-services lecture in Virginia. For example, the day I wrote this I spoke to an association made up of independent middle-size companies. I led off with a new section on the place for and power of middle-sized firms in general, featuring the German Mittelstand—which is the basis for that country’s surprise ranking as the world’s #1 exporter. These agile players, residing in the ultimate high-wage nation, tend to “own” a niche courtesy astoundingly high-value-added products. This “Mittelstand opener” does not fit in the Master in a tidy fashion, but I want it to be available for future use and it works pretty well in the overall innovation argument—hence its landing in Part II. The placement is not bad, but the point is that this “idea” is now available to me— and you —in my “encyclopedia.” And there you have it! 19 October 2007
    4. 4. NOTE: To appreciate this presentation, you need Microsoft fonts: “Showcard Gothic,” “Ravie,” “Chiller” and “Verdana” Master Excellence. Always. part one (of 7) “all you need to know” (dwelling on the obvious) not your father’s world introduction to excellence.
    5. 5. NOTE: To appreciate this presentation, you need Microsoft fonts: “Showcard Gothic,” “Ravie,” “Chiller” and “Verdana” Master* Excellence part two (of 7) innovate. Or. Die.
    6. 6. NOTE: To appreciate this presentation, you need Microsoft fonts: “Showcard Gothic,” “Ravie,” “Chiller” and “Verdana” Master/ Excellence. Always./ part THREE (of 7) up , up, up, up … the value added ladder (solutions-experiences-dreams-lovemarks)
    7. 7. NOTE: To appreciate this presentation, you need Microsoft fonts: “Showcard Gothic,” “Ravie,” “Chiller” and “Verdana” Master/ Excellence. Always./ part FOUR (of 7) “new” Markets (Stupendous Opportunity)
    8. 8. NOTE: To appreciate this presentation, you need Microsoft fonts: “Showcard Gothic,” “Ravie,” “Chiller” and “Verdana” Master Excellence. Always. part FIVE (of 7) people! (Brand you. Talent. Health. Education.)
    9. 9. NOTE: To appreciate this presentation, you need Microsoft fonts: “Showcard Gothic,” “Ravie,” “Chiller” and “Verdana” Master Excellence. Always. part six (of 7) leadership!
    10. 10. Tom Peters’ X25* EXCELLENCE. ALWAYS. MASTER/Part SEVEN * In Search of Excellence 1982-2007
    11. 11. NOTE: The gray slides (like this one) throughout are explanatory notes not found in my regular presentations.
    12. 12. part seven
    13. 13. Slides at …
    14. 14. Welcome to Tom Peters “PowerPoint World”! Beyond the set of slides here, you will find at the last eight years of presentations, a basketful of “Special Presentations,” and, above all, Tom’s constantly updated Master Presentation —from which most of the slides in this presentation are drawn. There are about 3,500 slides in the 7-part “Master Presentation.” The first five “chapters” constitute the main argument: Part I is context. Part II is devoted entirely to innovation—the sine qua non, as perhaps never before, of survival. In earlier incarnations of the “master,” “innovation” “stuff” was scattered throughout the presentation—now it is front and center and a stand-alone. Part III is a variation on the innovation theme—but it is organized to examine the imperative (for most everyone in the developed-emerging world) of an ultra high value-added strategy. A “value-added ladder” (the “ladder” configuration lifted with gratitude from Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore’s Experience Economy ) lays out a specific logic for necessarily leaving commodity-like goods and services in the dust. Part IV argues that in this age of “micro-marketing” there are two macro -markets of astounding size that are dramatically under-attended by all but a few; namely women and boomers-geezers. Part V underpins the overall argument with the necessary bedrock—Talent, with brief consideration of Education & Healthcare. Part VI examines Leadership for turbulent times from several angles. Part VII is a collection of a dozen Lists—such as Tom’s “Irreducible 209,” 209 “things I’ve learned along the way.” Enjoy! Download! “Steal”—that’s the whole point!
    15. 15. EXCELLENCE. ALWAYS. Lists. Irreducible209+ 0513.2007
    16. 16. These lists are summaries of this, that, and the other, FYI …
    17. 17. The Irreducible209+ Them-Us One Word+ Top 41 Quotes The Cup Challenge Think-DO The Sales122 New “C-levels” “Personal” 60TIBs Tom- A -to, Tom- ah -to
    18. 18. The Irreducible209
    19. 19. A frustrated participant at a seminar for investment bankers in Mauritius listened impatiently to my explanation of differences of opinion among me, Mike Porter, Gary Hamel, Jim Collins, etc. Finally, he’d had enough. “What, if anything,” he asked, “do you believe ‘for sure’?” I mumbled something, but his query started rumbling around in my mind. Three days later, wandering on a Sunday in London, the idea of “the irreducibles” occurred to me—and I started jotting down notes on stuff I do indeed believe “for sure.” Before I knew it, a few days later, the list had grown to 209 items. Hence “The Irreducible209” that follows. Tom Peters
    20. 20. 1. Hare 1, Tortoise 0. (Hare-y times.) 2. Tempo. (O.O.D.A.) 3. MBWA. 4. Appreciation. (“Motivator” #1.) (Can’t be faked. Good.) 5. Decency. 6. Hurry. 7. Time out. 8. One matters. 9. Big change. Short time. (Alt not work.) 10. Excellence. Always. 11. Passion. Energy. Hustle. Enthusiasm. Exuberance. (Move mountains. No alt.) 12. You must care. 13. Emotion. 14. Hard is soft. (Soft is hard.)
    21. 21. 15. Men. Women. Different. Contend. Connect. 16. Women. Buy. All. (RU listening?) 17. Quality. (“Mind-blowing.” Beyond 6-Sigma.) 18. Re-invent. Re-pot. (Required.) 19. Jaywalk. 20. Big change. Small # of people. (Always.) 21. Experiment. Now. 22. Failure. Normal. 23. Most failures, most success. (Fail. Forward. Fast.) 24. “Reward excellent failures. Punish mediocre successes.” 25. Women leaders. (Altered times.) 26. Extremism. (Good business. Bad politics.) 27. Innovation source. Only. Extreme irritation. 28. Smile.
    22. 22. 29. You must care. 30. Mentor. (Highest ROI.) 31. Best “roster” wins. 32. Wow. (Okay in biz.) 33. We all have customers. (Biz. Personal.) 34. All contacts = Experiences. 35. Cirque du Soleil. (Peerless.) 36. Leaders create space for growth. 37. Quests. (Only.) 38. High aspirations, “high” results. (Self-fulfilling prophecy.) 39. Attitude 1, Skills 0. (Mostly.) (Attitude 1, Skill 0.3?) 40. Sometimes: Skill 1, Attitude 0.1. 41. Must “love,” not “like.” 42. Wegmans.” (No excuses. “Mere” groceries.) 43. Less than your best. Cheating.
    23. 23. 44. Brand You. (No alt.) 45. Self-sufficiency. (Biggest LT turn-on.) 46. In the moment. 47. The moment wins. 48. Tomorrow = Never. 49. Action 1, Plan 0.1. 50. “Execution” can be a “system.” 51. Realism. 52. Own up. Move on. 53. Accountability. 54. Work hard > Work smart. (Mostly.) 55. Feedback. Necessary. Fast. (R.F.A. in “ RFA times.”) 56. Customers. Listen. Lead. (Paradox.) 57. “On stage.” Always. (GW, FDR, RG = Supreme actors.)
    24. 24. 58. Master statistical analysis. 59. Excellence = Set the table. 60. Legacy. (Will it have mattered?) 61. “Great.” (Why not?) 62. Radicals rule. (Think … Olympics.) 63. !!! = Good. 64. Red 1, Brown 0. (Red times.) 65. Talk. Listen. (“Big 2.” Master.) 66. Politics. (Normal-inevitable state of affairs. Master.) 67. Student. Forever. 68. “Why?” (Question #1.) 69. Don’t belittle. 70. Respect. 71. All we have: this moment. (“Moments matter most”?) 72. Now. (Procrastination. Death.)
    25. 25. 73. Exercise. 74. Paint. (Leader. Portraits of Excellence.) 75. Best story wins. 76. “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” 77. Two “big ones.” Max. (Priorities.) 78. No “I” in Team. (“I” in Win.) 79. “I” in Win. (No “I” in Team.) 80. Different 1, Better 0. (Better = 0.1) 81. Imitation = Mistake. (Learn, from who?) 82. Choose/battle the “right” competitor. 83. Schools. Creativity. Entrepreneurship. (Not.) 84. MBAs. Creativity. Entrepreneurship. Leadership. (Not.) 85. Design. Under-rated. Wildly. (Still.) (Everything.)
    26. 26. 86. You = Calendar. (Calendar. Never. Lies.) 87. Laugh. 88. Handshake. (Quantity. Quality.) 89. Don’t fold your hands in front of your chest. Ever. (Never.) 90. Grace. (“Works” in biz.) 91. Weird. Wins. (Weird times.) 92. Crazy times. Crazy orgs. 93. Internet. All. 94. Women. Boomers-Geezers. Market. All. 95. Passion. (Repeat. So what?) 96. Energy. (Repeat. So what?) 97. Hustle. (Repeat. So what?) 98. Enthusiasm. (Repeat. So what?) 99. Exuberance. (Repeat. So what?) 100. Smile. (Repeat. So what?) 101. Care. (Repeat. So what?)
    27. 27. 102. Simplicity. Redundancy. Resilience. Bloody- mindedness. Visible optimism. (Success.) 103. Act. (Repeat. So what?) 104. Appreciate. (Repeat. So what?) 105. Fun. (Biz. Why not?) 106. Joy. (Biz. Why not?) 107. Sales = Life. 108. Marketing = Life. 109. Long-term. “Top line.” c.r.o. 110. Great company = Creates the most individual success stories. (RE/MAX) 111. Talent first, performance byproduct. 112. Sustained Wow* 1, “Shareholder value,” 0.2 (*Product, People.) 113. Commitment. by invitation only. 114. Creativity. by invitation only. 115. HR = #1. (Ought to.)
    28. 28. 116. Face-to-face. (5K miles, 5 minutes.) 117. Negotiation. Make all winners. (Save face.) 118. Grace makes enemies friends. 119. Network. 120. Invest in relationships. (Think ROIR . Return On Investment in Relationships.) 118. Relationship investment. Forethought. Calendar item. Intensity. 119. Innovation. Easy. (Hang out with weird.) 120. Weird = Win. (Weird times.) 121. “The bottleneck is at the top of the bottle.” 122. Good Board = Weird Board. (At least, surprising.) 123. No contention, no progress.
    29. 29. R.O.I.R. * *Return On Investment In Relationships
    30. 30. 124. “Crucial conversations.” “Crucial confrontations.” (Study. Learn. Do.) 125. Honest feedback. 126. Gaspworthy. Yes. 127. “Insanely great.” 128. “Astonish me.” 129. “Make it immortal.” 130. “Will you remember it in 20 years?” 131. No small opportunities. (Reframe.) 132. One playmate, one playpen = Enough. 133. End run. Sensible. 134. Allies are there for the finding. 135. Find successes. Build on successes. (Pos > Neg. Encourage > Fix.) 136. Somebody’s doing it today. Find ’em. 137. Someone is living 2016 in 2006. (Find ’em. Study ’em.)
    31. 31. 138. Don’t “benchmark.” “futuremark.” 139. “PMA.” It works. (Positive. Mental. Attitude.) 140. There are no experts. (You are the expert.) 141. Life is short. 142. “Sustained success.” Fat chance. Make today matter. (“Sustained.” Ha.) 143. Collaborate. (Networked world.) 144. Go solo. (Individual. Unit of Intellectual Capital.) 145. There are no “perfect” plans. (Do. Wins.) 146. Plans motivate. (Right or wrong. Sense of purpose.) 147. Never rest. 148. Get some sleep. 149. Winning = Embracing paradox. 150. Ambiguity = Opportunity.
    32. 32. 151. Resilience. 152. Relentless-ness. 153. None. Above. Comeuppance. No. “ultimate.” “business model.” (GM. Sears. U.S. Steel. DEC.) 154. Be yourself. Period. 155. Never work with jerks. Including customers. (Life. Too short.) 156. Under-promise, over-deliver. 157. Talent. (Powerful word.) 158. “Customer = Anyone whose actions affect your results.” 159. Competition stinks. (Seek the soft spots where you can dominate.) 160. K.I.S.S./Keep It Simple, Stupid. 161. Beauty . (Good biz word.) 162. “See the beauty in a hamburger bun.” (Go. Ray.)
    33. 33. 163. Own up. Quick. ( Denial. Cancer.) 164. Celebrate. Often. 165. 78 people = 78 approaches. (Each. Unique.) 166. Weed. Ceaselessly. (Prune. Stupid. Rules. Non-stop.) 167. Get out of the way. (You = The problem.) 168. Smile. Sunny. Optimism. (If it kills you.) 169. Flowers. (Cheery workplace.) 170. Enjoy. (Or get the hell.) 171. Be intolerant of “sour.” (1 = Major pollution) 172. No “quick trigger” on promotion. (Too important.) 173. Evaluation = Lots of study-time. 174. Evaluation = “Life or death” to evaluee. 175. “360” evaluation. No fad. 176. Exit when you’re done. (Done. Sooner than you think.)
    34. 34. 177. Today. Now. My Project. Am. Is. I. Period. 178. “Beautiful” systems. (Good biz phrase. Not oxymoron.) 179. Build on strengths > Fix weaknesses. 180. “To don’t” = “To do.” (“To don’t” > “ To do” ?) 181. Leaders “Do” People. (Period.) 182. Leaders enjoy leading. 183. Serious leadership training = Serious. 184. Priorities. Obvious. (Or else.) 185. 5 “Priorities” = 0 Priorities. (3 “Priorities” = 0 Priorities?) 186. People. First. Last. Always. 187. It. Is. Always. The. People.
    35. 35. 188. Handshake. (Quantity. Quality.) 189. Don’t fold your hands in front of your chest. Ever. (Never.) 190. Simplicity. Redundancy. Resilience. Bloody-mindedness. Visible optimism. (Success.) (Repeat.) 191. Employee Entrance = Guest Entrance. 192. Put the customer … SECOND . (Thanks, Hal.) 193. Flowers. (Or did I say that before? No matter if I did.) 194. Big Mergers don’t work. Small acquisitions can/do work—if you don’t screw with their energy.
    36. 36. 195. Instinctively “head for the front line.” (In all contexts.) 196. Success = DDMMPR/"D-squared, M-squared, PR” = D ram D iff + M oney-Financial Acumen + Good “ M arketing” Instincts + Stellar P eople + R esilience (The “fab five”: What. Every. Small. Biz. Needs.) (Big too.) 197. Core Mechanism (“Game-changing Solutions”): PSF (Professional Service Firm “model”) + Wow! Projects (“Different” vs “Better”) + Brand You (“Distinct” or “Extinct”) 198. 2011/2016 has already happened. Find it.
    37. 37. 199. Kids “know” kids. Oldies “know” oldies. Women “know” women. (Staff accordingly.) 200. Everybody is my customer. 201. Cosset “vendors.” 202. I want to run a Housekeeping department. (And you?) 203. The military doesn’t follow the “military model.” (Initiative = Excellence.) 204. No such thing as “going to absurd lengths” to serve the Customer. (HSM & Lefties.) 205. Forget the “customer.” All = “Clients.” 206. It takes decades to get over “sleights.” (So don’t sleight.) 207. Don’t “dumb down.” Ever.
    39. 39. Work In Progress XXX. One size fits. One. Only. (Evaluations. Period.) XXX. Teaching. Individualized. Only. (6 billion people = 6 billion learning trajectories.) (Montessori.) XXX. First impression. Matters. Shapes all that comes. Hard to overcome. (Understatement.) XXX. Jerks. Don’t work with. (Life = Too short.) XXX. Manage [the hell out of] first impressions. XXX. Last impression. Matters. Dominates memory. Hard to overcome. (Understatement.) XXX. Manage [the hell out of] last impressions. XXX. Plain English. XXX. K.I.S.S. (450/8.) XXX. $798. $55,000,000,000. 3,000,000,000. 7AM-7PM. 6:15AM. XXX. Donnelly Weatherstrip rules. XXX. Managers do things right. Leaders do the right thing. NOT.
    40. 40. EX CELLE ALW AYS .
    41. 41. Them-Us
    42. 42. “ Them” “Us” Strategy EXECUTION Planning Action Marketing Selling/Sales Markets Customers Customers Clients Micro-segmentation Big Stuff (Women, Boomers) Cost minimization Revenue maximization Synergy/“Efficiencies” Decentralization “Strategic” supplier Pioneering supplier Process Project Effectiveness Excellence Men Women Leadership Management + Leadership Standardization Exceptionalism (53 = 53) Big clients COOL clients Prestigious Board INTERESTING Board
    43. 43. “ Them” “Us” Big Mid-size Growth by merger Organic growth Buy market share Create NEW markets Efficient, streamlined Value-creating “PSF” “department” Certainty-predictability Ambiguity-opportunity Fearful of losing Aggressive pursuit of winning Plan Prototype Careful evaluation Another prototype Revised plan Another prototype People/Employees Talent Effective HR department Rockin’ Talent Development Center of Excellence Benchmark against the Benchmark against the “best”-“industry leader” “coolest”
    44. 44. “ Them” “Us” Benchmark “Future”mark Orderly career progression “Up or Out” (PDQ) Head Heart IQ EQ “Professional” Passionate Stoic, humble leaders Noisy, emotional “characters” in charge Hire for Resume Hire for intangibles Measured-thoughtful Relentless, pig-headed approach determination Teamwork comes first Teamwork and disruptive individuals equal billing Listen to customers Lead customers Customer “involvement” Intimate-Seamless customer inter-twining
    45. 45. “ Them” “Us” MBM (Management MBWA by memo) MBA MFA Shareholder Value Great people-product rule comes first Work smart Work hard Built to last Built to Rock the World Reward successes Reward (EXCELLENT) failures Quality first! Design 1T Quality first! Innovation 1T High-quality Jaw-dropping Experience transaction CVs demo consistent CVs feature Magic Moments performance Good grades Cool stuff Operational excellence World-rocking INNOVATION
    46. 46. “ Them” “Us” Brand Lovemark Best analysis wins Best STORY wins “Beyond politics” Politics-is-life, the rest is details Outsource Bestsource “Motivate” Send on QUESTS “Motivate” Invite Measured language HOT language Product-Service Gamechanging SOLUTION, Thrilling EXPERIENCE, DREAM come true, LOVEMARK Pastel Technicolor Better Different “Mission success” “Mission EXCELLENCE” Very good EXCELLENCE. ALWAYS.
    47. 47. “ Excellence can be obtained if you: ... care more than others think is wise; ... risk more than others think is safe; ... dream more than others think is practical; ... expect more than others think is possible.” Source: Anon. (Posted @ by K.Sriram, November 27, 2006 1:17 AM)
    48. 48. EX CELLE ALW AYS . THE. END.
    49. 49. ONE WORD+
    50. 50. ONE WORD+ Drill more wells R.F.A. Accountability Realism Decentralization Execution Action bias Most mistakes wins 6:15am Energy Enthusiasm Do>Plan Act>Think Behavior>Attitude Passion
    51. 51. ONE WORD+ 5 min/5,000 miles Women Decency Grace Innovate or Die Re-imagine Fight irrelevance Just Do It Care (You Must) Flowers (Say It With) I’m sorry Thank You Insanely Great Silence 2-cent candy
    52. 52. ONE WORD+ Emotion Intuition Sell O.O.D.A. Integrity Weird Appreciate Celebrate Respect Listen Wander Calendar rules Calendar doesn’t lie “ To don’t Max priorities = 3
    53. 53. ONE WORD+ Gasp-worthy Insanely great Different>better Impact>longevity Dramatic Difference Only ones do what we do Smile $798 7-7-7 Design rules Beautiful Systems 450/8 VP S.O.U.B. Women buy all Women lead better
    54. 54. ONE WORD+ MBWA Why? PSF Wow! ! (red) Buy a Mirror Know thyself Invite Quest Adventure Talent Brand You Lovemark Experience Dreamketing
    55. 55. ONE WORD+ Boomers-geezers own all 2.6/21 25 25 3,000,000,000 (900,000,000) 26 minutes 43 hours Perception Is All There Is Enthusiasm: The Ultimate Virus
    56. 56. EX CELLE ALW AYS .
    57. 57. Tom’s Top41 Quotes Tom Peters/01.24.06
    58. 58. “ Do one thing every day that scares you.” —Eleanor Roosevelt “ Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”—Helen Keller “ Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” —Mary Oliver “ Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.”—James Dean “ The two most powerful things in existence: a kind word and a thoughtful gesture.”—Ken Langone, founder, Home Depot “ The deepest human need is the need to be appreciated.”—William James “ Don’t belittle!” —OD Consultant, on the essence of a well-functioning human community “ If you don’t listen, you don’t sell anything.” — Carolyn Marland/MD/Guardian Group
    59. 59. “ It was much later that I realized Dad’s secret. He gained respect by giving it. He talked and listened to the fourth-grade kids in Spring Valley who shined shoes the same way he talked and listened to a bishop or a college president. He was seriously interested in who you were and what you had to say.” —Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, Respect “ What creates trust, in the end, is the leader’s manifest respect for the followers.” — Jim O’Toole, Leading Change “ If you can’t state your position in eight words or less, you don’t have a position.” —Seth Godin “ Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” —Margaret Mead “ Make your life itself a creative work of art.” — Mike Ray, The Highest Goal “ Have you invested as much this year in your career as in your car?” — Molly Sargent, OD consultant and trainer
    60. 60. A man approached JP Morgan, held up an envelope, and said, “Sir, in my hand I hold a guaranteed formula for success, which I will gladly sell you for $25,000.” “Sir,” JP Morgan replied, “I do not know what is in the envelope, however if you show me, and I like it, I give you my word as a gentleman that I will pay you what you ask.” The man agreed to the terms, and handed over the envelope. JP Morgan opened it, and extracted a single sheet of paper. He gave it one look, a mere glance, then handed the piece of paper back to the gent. And paid him the agreed-upon $25,000.
    61. 61. 1. Every morning, write a list of the things that need to be done that day. 2. Do them. Source: Hugh MacLeod/
    62. 62. “ The most successful people are those who are good at plan B.” —James Yorke, mathematician, on chaos theory in The New Scientist “ Tom, what have you done this year?”—Jessica Sutherland, Director, Institute for International Research/Middle East (TP: “Yikes!”) “ To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist , that is all.” — Oscar Wilde “ People want to be part of something larger than themselves. They want to be part of something they’re really proud of, that they’ll fight for, sacrifice for, that they trust.”—Howard Schultz, Starbucks “ It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” —Charles Darwin “ We may not be interested in chaos but chaos is interested in us.” — Robert Cooper, The Breaking of Nations: Order and Chaos in the Twenty-first Century
    63. 63. “ If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less.”—General Eric Shinseki, retired Chief of Staff, U. S. Army “ You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”—Gandhi “ We eat change for breakfast!” — Harry Quadracci, founder, QuadGraphics “ If things seem under control, you’re just not going fast enough.” — Mario Andretti “ You can’t behave in a calm, rational manner. You’ve got to be out there on the lunatic fringe.” —Jack Welch, retired CEO, GE “ We have a ‘strategic’ plan. It’s called doing things.”—Herb Kelleher, founder, Southwest Airlines “ I guess it comes down to a simple choice, really. Get busy living, or get busy dying.” — The Shawshank Redemption (Tim Robbins)
    64. 64. “ A man without a smiling face must not open a shop.” — Chinese Proverb
    65. 65. “ There are people who prefer to say ‘Yes,’ and there are people who prefer to say ‘No.’ Those who say ‘Yes’ are rewarded by the adventures they have, and those who say ‘No’ are rewarded by the safety they attain .” — Improv Wisdom: Don’t Prepare, Just Show Up , Patricia Ryan Madson ( “ … yes I said yes I will Yes.” —James Joyce, Ulysses )
    66. 66. “ Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.”—Steve Jobs, Apple “ Groups become great only when everyone in them, leaders and members alike, is free to do his or her absolute best.”—Warren Bennis and Patricia Ward Biederman, Organizing Genius “ The best thing a leader can do for a Great Group is to allow its members to discover their greatness.”—Warren Bennis and Patricia Ward Biederman, Organizing Genius “ You are the storyteller of your own life, and you can create your own legend or not.”—Isabel Allende “ Nobody can prevent you from choosing to be exceptional.” — Mark Sanborn, The Fred Factor “ A leader is a dealer in hope.”—Napoleon “ Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm.” —Samuel Taylor Coleridge
    67. 67. The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it. Michelangelo
    68. 68. “ If you’re enthusiastic about the things you’re working on, people will come ask you to do interesting things.” — James Woolsey, former CIA director “ Before you can inspire with emotion, you must be swamped with it yourself. Before you can move their tears, your own must flow. To convince them, you must yourself believe.” —Winston Churchill “ If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."—John Quincy Adams
    69. 69. “ A year from now you may wish You had started today.” —Karen Lamb
    70. 70. EX CELLE ALW AYS . THE. END.
    71. 71. For Starbucks … The Cup Challenge* Tom Peters/1107.2006 *Potential Quotes for Cups
    72. 72. !
    73. 73. Enthusiasm! The Ultimate Virus!
    74. 74. Re-imagine! Re-do! Re-vise! Re-vo-lu-tion!
    75. 75. “ Passion!” “ Energy!” “ Enthusiasm!” “ Passion! Energy! Enthusiasm!” "Enthusiasm! Enthusiasm! Enthusiasm!" "Enthusiasm Moves Mountains!" "Nothing Matches Enthusiasm as a 'Motivator'!" “ Technicolor Times Demand Technicolor Actions” “ Technicolor Times Demand Technicolor People” “ Wow. Now.” “ Re-imagine!” “ Re-imagine! Re-do! Re-vise! Re-vo-lu-tion!”
    76. 76. Excellence. Always.
    77. 77. “ No Less Than Excellence. Ever.”
    78. 78. No Excellence. no excuse.
    79. 79. "Respect!" “ Leaders ‘Do’ People. Period.” “ Credibility. Asset No. 1.” “ Tell the Truth.” “ Truth Wins.” “ Challenge. Challenge. Challenge.” “ Two Big Goals. Tops.” “ Focus. Your Calendar Never Lies” “ Good Story. Good Leader.” “ Best Story Wins.” “ Live the Story.” “ Change the World. Accept Nothing Less.” "Dream!" “ Dream. The Only Worthwhile Reality.” “ Beware Those Who Agree With You” “ Seek Dissidents. Nurture Dissidents. Cherish Dissidents”
    80. 80. Do.
    81. 81. Do.
    82. 82. Do.
    83. 83. Do. Do.
    84. 84. Do. Do. Do.
    85. 85. Do. Do. Do.
    86. 86. Do .
    87. 87. try it. Try it. Try it. Try it. Try it. Try it. Try it. Try it. Try it . Try it. Try it. Try it. Try it. Try it. Try it. Try it. try it . Try it. Try it. try it. Try it. Try it . Try it. Try it. Try it.
    88. 88. iMplementation … The “last 98%”
    89. 89. Do it. Now.
    90. 90. start. Now.
    91. 91. Most. Relentless. wins.
    92. 92. “ Excellence!” “ Demand Excellence!” “ Demand Excellence. The Greatest Gift.” “ Excellence, Life’s Gold Standard” “ Stop Talking! Start Doing!” “ Execute. Execute. Execute.” “‘ Good Execution’ Beats ‘Good Strategy’” “ Agility Trumps Size” "Women make the best bosses!" “ Women Rule. Believe It.” "You must care!" “ Listen.” “ Ask. ‘Why?’”
    93. 93. distinct. Or … Extinct.
    94. 94. 2007. Self-reliance. No option.
    95. 95. 2007. Excellence. No option.
    96. 96. Excellence. Not optional.
    97. 97. it’s a … “ brand you” world.
    98. 98. “‘ Me Too’ = ‘ Me Dead’”
    99. 99. “‘ Different’ beats ‘Better.’” “‘ Distinct’ or ‘Extinct.’” “ Innovate or Die” “‘ Me Too’ = ‘Me Dead’” “ Talent Time!” “ Best Talent Wins.” “ Best Roster Wins. “ Moderation Fails in Immoderate Times”
    100. 100. “ Moderation Fails in Immoderate Times”
    101. 101. “ freaks win in freaky times.”
    102. 102. Seek Dissidents. Nurture Dissidents. Cherish Dissidents.
    103. 103. “ best talent wins.”
    104. 104. women = best leaders. Women = biggest market. Women = control wealth. Women = rule.
    105. 105. Roir/return on investment in relationships
    106. 106. Respect = magic.
    107. 107. “ thank you” = magic.
    108. 108. “ thank you” = magic potion #1.
    109. 109. EX CELLE ALW AYS .
    110. 110. Think! vs. do!
    111. 111. “ We design intelligent strategies—but they fall miles short of their for one reason. Poor organizational effectiveness which in turn leads to a gaping ‘implementation deficit.’ Tom, I want you to get a handle on the best thinking and best practices from around the world.” —Ron Daniel (1977*) *TP/1977/ first (?) Stanford Ph.D. thesis studying implementation per se.
    112. 112. Excellence1982: The Bedrock “Eight Basics” 1. A Bias for Action 2. Close to the Customer 3. Autonomy and Entrepreneurship 4. Productivity Through People 5. Hands On, Value-Driven 6. Stick to the Knitting 7. Simple Form, Lean Staff 8. Simultaneous Loose-Tight Properties”
    113. 113. 1979-2006 Still missing after all these years …
    114. 114. TP/BW on BigCo Sin #1: “too much talk, too little do”
    115. 115. Think! vs. do!
    116. 116. “ Never forget implementation , boys. In our work, it’s what I call the ‘ last 98 percent ’ of the client puzzle.” —Al McDonald, former Managing Director, McKinsey & Co, to a project team that included TP
    117. 117. The (Strange) Case of Peter Drucker & Michael Porter vs. The “Non-linearists” HERBERT SIMON. (Administrative Behavior.) JAMES MARCH. KARL WEICK. (The Social Psychology of Organizing.) EUGENE WEBB. Henry MINTZBERG. (The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning.) JAMES UTTERBACK. THOMAS KUHN. (The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.) CHARLES LINDBLOM. Daniel goleman. INNOVATION BIOGRAPHERS.* (*Transcontinental Railroad, Electrification, Radio, Television, Containerization, DNA, Computers, Military History, Etc.) MOST POLITICAL SCIENTISTS. SILICON VALLEY. Etc.
    118. 118. “ Linearist”: think! “Non-linearist”: do!
    119. 119. “ Linearist”: Plan it! “Non-linearist”: Try it!
    120. 120. “ Linearist”: hypothesize! “Non-linearist”: experiment!
    121. 121. “ Linearist”: failure = unnecessary “Non-linearist”: failure = life
    122. 122. “ Linearist”: a>b* “Non-linearist”: b>a** *Attitude shapes behavior **Behavior shapes attitude
    123. 123. “ Linearist”: deliberate!* “Non-linearist”: relentless!** * “Do it right the first time” (Hero: Phil Crosby) **Never retreat (Hero: U.S. Grant)
    124. 124. “ Linearist”: logical! “Non-linearist”: passionate!
    125. 125. “ Linearist”: give me genius! “Non-linearist”: give me luck!
    126. 126. “ Linearist”: spotless academic record! “Non-linearist”: a.d.d.
    127. 127. “ Linearist”: measured pace! “Non-linearist”: Tempo! Tempo! Tempo!
    128. 128. “ Linearist”: think! Plan! (r. a. f.*) “Non-linearist”: Try it! Screw it up! Fix it! Try it again! (r. f. a.**) *Ready. Aim. Fire. **ready. Fire. Aim. (Or, circa 2006: fire. Fire. Fire. )
    129. 129. Cheap Shot “Linearist”: minimize cost. “Non-linearist”: maximize revenue.
    130. 130. “ Linearist”: marketing rules. “Non-linearist”: sales rules.
    131. 131. “ Linearist” Background: planning, marketing & finance. “Non-linearist” background: sales & operations.
    132. 132. “ Linearist” likes: ideas. “Non-linearist” likes: people.
    133. 133. “ Linearist” likes: parts. “Non-linearist” likes: wholes.
    134. 134. “ Linearist” office: walls. “Non-linearist” office: none.
    135. 135. “ Linearist” style: meetings. “Non-linearist” style: m.b.w.a.* *Managing by wandering around
    136. 136. “ Linearist” reads: michael porter. Peter drucker.* “Non-linearist” reads: waterman & peters. Tom clancy.** *Michael & peter **Bob & tom & tom
    137. 137. “ Linearist” reads: michael porter. Peter drucker. “Non-linearist” reads: doesn’t
    138. 138. “ Linearist” drives: lincoln town car. Ford explorer (weekends). “Non-linearist” drives: bmw. Harley-davidson (weekends).
    139. 139. “ Linearist” preferred baseball score: 1-0. “Non-linearist” preferred baseball score: 11-9.
    140. 140. “ Linearist” preferred football score: 7-0. “Non-linearist” preferred football score: 41-38.
    141. 141. “ Linearist” criminal record: none. “Non-linearist” criminal record: disorderly conduct. Chronic jaywalking.
    142. 142. do! Addendum!
    143. 143. “ The secret of getting ahead is getting started .” — Agatha Christie
    144. 144. “ Action is the foundational key of all success.” —Picasso
    145. 145. Translating Picasso “ Doing something is the key to getting something done.” —TP (Co-author, In Search of Excellence , first “Basic”: “A BIAS FOR ACTION” )
    146. 146. “ Intelligent people can always come up with intelligent reasons to do nothing.” —Scott Simon
    147. 147. EX CELLE ALW AYS .
    148. 148. GE (more or less) : The Sales122: 122 Ridiculously Obvious Thoughts About Selling Stuff Tom Peters/0402.2006
    149. 149. This list was first prepared for GE Energy sales & marketing people in January. It started with a half-dozen items, and grew like Topsy. Possibly, given its origins, it’s a little tilted toward complex, engineering-based sales. In any event, it makes a perfect companion to “The Irreducibles209.” This, too, is effectively a list of “irreducibles.” Tom Peters
    150. 150. 1. “Strategy” overrated, simply “doin’ stuff” underrated. See Kelleher and Bossidy: “We have a ‘strategic plan,’ it’s called doing things.”—Herb Kelleher. “Execution is a systematic process of rigorously discussing hows and whats, tenaciously following through, and ensuring accountability.” —Larry Bossidy & Ram Charan / Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done . Action has its own logic—ask Genghis Khan, Rommel, COL John Boyd, U.S. Grant, Patton, W.T. Sherman. 2. What are you personally great at? (Key word: “great.”) Play to strengths! “Distinct or Extinct.” You should aim to be “outrageously good”/B.I.W. at a niche area (or more). 3. Are you a “personality,” a de facto “brand” in the industry? The Dr Phil of ... 4. Opportunism (with a little forethought) mostly wins. (“Successful people are the ones who are good at Plan B.”) 5. Little starts can lead to big wins. Most true winners—think search & Google—start as something small. Many big deals—Disney & Pixar—could have been done as little-er deals if you’d had the guts to jump before the value became obvious.
    151. 151. “ Everyone lives by selling something.” — Robert Louis Stevenson
    152. 152. 6. Non-obvious targets have great potential. Among many other things, everybody goes after the obvious ones. Also, the “non-obvious” are often good Partners for technology experiments. 7. The best relationships are often (usually?) not “top to top”! (Often the best: hungry division GMs eager to make a mark.) 8. IT’S RELATIONSHIPS, STUPID—DEEP AND FROM MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS. 9. In any public-sector business, you must become an avid student of “the politics,” the incentives and constraints, mostly non-economic, facing all of the players. Politicians are usually incredibly logical—if you (deeply!) understand the matrix in which they exist. 10. Relationships from within our firm are as important—often more important—as those from outside—again broad is as important as deep. Allies—avid supporters!—within and from non-obvious places may be more important than relationships at the Client organization. Goal: an “insanely unfair ‘market share’” of insiders’ time devoted to your projects!
    153. 153. C(I) > C(X)
    154. 154. 11. Interesting outsiders are essential to innovative proposal and sales teams. An “exciting” sales-proposal team is as important as a prestigious one. 12. Is the proposal-sales team weird enough—weirdos come up with the most interesting, game-changer ideas. Period. 13. Lunch with at least one weirdo per month. (Goal: always on the prowl for interesting new stuff.) 14. Gratuitous comment: Lunches with good friends are typically a waste of (professional) time. 15. Don’t short-change (time, money, depth) the proposal process. Miss one tiny nuance, one potential incentive that “makes my day” for a key Client player—and watch the whole gig be torpedoed. 16. “Sticking with it” sometimes pays, sometimes not—it takes a lot of tries to forge the best path in. Sometimes you never do, after a literal lifetime. (Ah, life.) 17. WOMEN ARE SIMPLY BETTER AT RELATIONSHIPS—don’t get hung up—particularly in tech firms—on what industries-countries “ women can’t do.” (Or some such bullshit.)
    155. 155. 18. Work incessantly on your “story”—most economic value springs from a good story (think Perrier)! In sensitive public or quasi-public negotiations, a compelling story is of immense value—politics is about the tension among competing stories. (If you don’t believe me, ask Karl Rove or James Carville.) (“Storytelling is the core of culture.” — Branded Nation: The Marketing of Megachurch, College Inc., and Museumworld , James Twitchell) 19. Call this 18A, or 18 repeat: Become a first-rate Storyteller! (“A key – perhaps the key – to leadership is the effective communication of a story.”—Howard Gardner, Leading Minds: An Anatomy of Leadership ) 20. Risk Assessment & Risk Management is more about stories than advanced math—i.e., brilliant scenario construction. 21. Good listeners are good sales people. Period. 22. Lousy listeners are lousy sales people. Period. 23. GREAT LISTENERS ARE GREAT SALES PEOPLE. (Listening “skills” are hard to learn and subject to immense effort in pursuit of Mastery. A virtuoso “listener” is as rare as a virtuoso cello player.) (“If you don’t listen, you don’t sell anything.”—Carolyn Marland/MD/Guardian Group)
    156. 156. 24. Things that are funny to me (American) are often-mostly not funny to those in other cultures. (Humor is as fine-edged as it gets, and rarely travels.) 25. You don’t know Jack Squat about other peoples’ cultures—especially if you are a typically myopic American. (Like me.) 26. Are you a great interviewer? It’s a make or break skill. (Think Barbara Walters’ skill at extracting unwanted truths from pros in persona-protection ... in front of 10s of millions of people. 27. Are you a great (not merely “good”) presenter? Mastering presentation skills is a life’s work—with stupendous payoff. 28. Work like hell on the Big 2: LISTENING/INTERVIEWING, PRESENTING. These are “the essence of [sales] life”—and usually picked-up in an amateurish fashion. Mistake! (Become a “professional student” of these two areas, achieve Mastery.) 29. Are you good at flowers? Think: FLOWER POWER ! (see Harvey Mackay’s “Mackay 66”—what you should know about a Client; e.g., birthdays & anniversaries.) (My “flowers budget” is out of control. Hooray for me.) 30. You can’t do it all—be clear at what you are good at, bad at, indifferent at. Hubris sucks.
    157. 157. F L O W E R P O W E R
    158. 158. 31. The point is not to “prove yourself.” (That’s ego-talk.) Let the best person present to the Client—perhaps a “lower level” geek. (“Control freaks” get their just desserts in the long haul—or sooner.) 32. The numbers will more or less take care of themselves over the long haul— if the relationship/s is/are solid gold. 33. The Gold Standard in selling: INDISPENSABLE to the Client. No other goal is worthy. 34. Never stop growing-broadening-deepening the relationship. The key to “indispensability” is to get the Client more and more … and more … and then more … imbedded in “our” web. Hence the so-called “selling process” is only the first step! 35. USE THE WORD “WE” … CONSTANTLY & RELIGIOUSLY! (E.g.: “We”—the Client & me—“are going to change the world with this service.”) 36. Don’t waste your time on jerks—it’ll rarely work out in the mid- to long-term. 37. Genius is walking away from lousy “scores” (deals)—and accepting the attendant heat. Big Business is the premier home to Big Egos overpaying by a factor of 2 to 22 with billion$$$$ at stake. (Think Jerry Levin and AOL Time Warner.)
    159. 159. “ If you don’t listen, you don’t sell anything.” —Carolyn Marland/ Managing Director/ Guardian Group
    160. 160. 38. You haven’t a clue as to how this situation will actually play out—be prepared to move fast in a different direction. 39. Keep your word. 40. KEEP YOUR WORD. 41. Underpromise (i.e., don’t over-promise; i.e., cut yourself a little slack) even if it costs you business—winning is a long-term affair. Over-promising is Sign #1 of a lack of integrity. You will pay the piper. 42. There is such a thing as a “good loss”—if you’ve tested something new and developed good relationships. A half-dozen honorable, ingenious losses over a two-year period can pave the way for a Big Victory in a New Space in year 3. 43. It’s a competitive world out there. New, innovative products are harder to sell than old stand-bys. Nonetheless, you will be a long-term star to the extent that you are willing to push the harder-to-sell-at-the-moment Innovative Products that cement long-term Client success (Indispensability!) —even if it means a #s hit this quarter. PART OF YOUR JOB: TAKE CLIENTS ON AN ADVENTURE THAT PUTS THEM AHEAD OF THE GAME CALLED (GAMECHANGING—hopefully) COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE!
    161. 161. “ You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.” —Dale Carnegie
    162. 162. 44. Think “legacy”—what the hell is all this really about for you and the world? (“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” —Mary Oliver) 45. THERE ARE NO “MODERATES” IN THE HISTORY BOOKS! 46. Keep it simple! (Damn it!) No matter how “sophisticated” the product. If you can’t explain it in a phrase, a page, or to your 14-year-old ... you haven’t got it right yet. 47. Know more than the next guy. Homework pays. (of course it’s obvious—but in my work it is too often honored in the breach.) 48. Regardless of project size, winning or losing invariably hinges on a raft of “little stuff.” Little stuff is and always has been everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!—or, “one man’s little stuff is another man’s 7.6 Richter deal-breaker.” 49. In public settings in particular, face saving is all. When something changes, allow the other guy to come out looking like a winner, especially if he has lost. (Even if you must accept the egg on your face—he will always remember you!) 50. Don’t hold grudges. (It is the ultimate in small mindedness—and incredibly wasteful and ineffective. There’s always tomorrow.)
    163. 163. 51. IT’S ALWAYS “THE POLITICS”— wee private-sector deal or giant public sector deal. (Every player, small or large, is angling for something. Master the calculus of advantage.) 52. To beat the “turnover problem” in key Client posts amidst long negotiations, invest outrageous amounts of time building a wide & deep set of relationships with mid-level (& lower!!) “plodding” “careerists.” The invisible careerists are the bedrock upon which repeated success is built! (My “Capitol Hill Axiom”: It’s the 24-year-old LA who in the end briefs the Senator right before she goes to the Floor to vote.) 53. Speaking of “she”: Gender differences are Enormous—dealing with a woman and dealing with a man are different kettles of fish—you must become an A+ student of gender differences. (E.g.: Men are typically more interested in the short-term “score.” Women are more interested in the long-term consequences.) 54. “LITTLE PEOPLE” OFTEN HAVE BIG FRIENDS. 55. This is not war, damn it. All parties can win (or not lose, anyway). And losing bidders can walk away from a deal with increased respect for you and your team.
    164. 164. 56. Never, ever dump on a competitor—the Tom Watson IBM glory-days mantra. 57. Never forget the “Law of Cousins!” In developing nations in particular, power brokers at all levels are at least cousins! Consideration for a second cousin can pay off big time. 58. Speaking of “favors,” jail sucks. 59. Work hard beats work smart. (Mostly.) 60. REPEAT: HE/SHE WHO HAS THE MOST-BEST RELATIONSHIPS WINS. RELATIONSHIPS ARE THE ESSENCE OF THE WORK OF THE SALESPERSON. THE HARD ... AND LONG ... WORK OF THE SALESPERSON. 61. Mano v mano “hardball” is seldom the answer—end runs based and patient multi-level relationship building via deeper-wider networks win. 62. If the deal is wired from below, truly wired, than the so-called “big negotiations” are essentially irrelevant. 63. If every quarter is a “little better” than the prior quarter—then you are not taking any serious risks. 64. Phones beat email.
    165. 165. “ Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm. ” — Samuel Taylor Coleridge
    166. 166. 65. A THREE-MINUTE CALL TODAY CAN AVOID A GAME-LOSER OF A FIASCO NEXT MONTH. There was always a time when a little thing could have been addressed that headed off a subsequent big thing. As to avoiding that call, didn’t someone say, “Pride goeth before the fall”? 66. Be hyper-organized about relationship management—you are in the anthropology business. Study the great pols! Brilliant NRM (network relationship management) is not accidental! It is not catch-as-catch can. (Football analogies are cute—but deep political understanding pays the private-school tuition.) 67. Obsess on ROIR (Return On Investment In Relationships). 68. “THANK YOU” NOTES: World’s highest-return investment!! 69. The way to anyone’s heart: Doing a nice thing for their kid. (But, gawd, does this take a gentle touch.) 70. Scoring off other people is stupid. Winners are always in the business of creating the maximum # of winners—among adversaries at least as much as among “partners.” 71. Your colleagues’ successes are your successes. Period. (Trust me, my greatest personal success—financially as well as artistically—has been creating a bigger pond in which everyone wins, even if my “market share” is down.)
    167. 167. 72. Lend a helping hand, especially when you don’t have the time. E.g. share relationships—the more you give away the more you get in return (just like they say in church). 73. Listen up: “It was much later that I realized Dad’s secret. He gained respect by giving it. He talked and listened to the fourth-grade kids in Spring Valley who shined shoes the same way he talked and listened to a bishop or a college president. He was seriously interested in who you were and what you had to say.” —Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, Respect. (I.e., Respect is Cool.) 74. Mentoring is a thrill— and the practical payoff is enormous. The best mentors have the whole world working its buns off for them! 75. Hire for enthusiasm. Promote for enthusiasm. Cherish enthusiasm. REMOVE NON-ENTHUSIASTS—THEY ARE CANCERS. (“Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm.”—Samuel Taylor Coleridge. “A man without a smiling face must not open a shop.”—Chinese Proverb.) 76. IT’S ALWAYS YOUR PROBLEM—you sold it to them.
    168. 168. 77. It’s never over: While there may be an excellent service activity in your company, the “relationship” belongs to You! Hence the “aftersales” “moments of truth” are at least as—if not more than*--important to the Continuing Relationship as the sale “transaction” itself. (*I vote for “more than.”) You’ll get your biggest “points” with the Client for being an effective after-the-fact go-between with your company. 78. Don’t get too hung up on “systems integration”—first & foremost, the individual bits have got to work. 79. For God’s sake don’t over promise on “systems integration”—it’s nigh on impossible to deliver. 80. On the other hand … winners clamber Up the Value-added Ladder, and offer ever so much more than “mere” product. ALL SUCCESSFUL SALES PEOPLE ARE IN THE “SOLUTIONS BUSINESS”—no matter how jargony that may sound.
    169. 169. 81. “Systems” / “Solutions” selling means grappling directly with “culture change” in Client organizations. (“The business of selling is not just about matching viable solutions to the customers that require them. It’s equally about managing the change process the customer will need to go through to implement the solution and achieve the value promised by the solution”—Jeff Thull, The Prime Solution: Close the Value Gap, Increase Margins, and Win the Complex Sale ) 82. Shit happens. That’s what they pay you for. 83. This is not a “GE” or “Ben & Jerry’s” sale—it is a Joe Jones/Jane Jones sale. YOU ARE THE “BRAND” THE CLIENT BUYS—especially over the long haul. 84. Duh: You make money, the company makes money—on repeat business. 85. Master—yes, you—the “PR” Game. “Word of Mouth” is not accidental! You want Word of Mouth? Make it happen! 86. GOAL #1: MAKE YOUR CLIENT A HERO—YOU ARE NOT THERE TO GET CREDIT. (“Taking credit” is for egomaniacs. And losers.) 87. “Decent margins,” over the mid- to long-term, are a product of better relationships, not better “negotiating skill.” (Mostly.)
    170. 170. “ You can’t behave in a calm, rational manner. You’ve got to be out there on the lunatic fringe.” — Jack Welch
    171. 171. 88. In the immortal words of ex-GE Vice Chairman Larry Bossidy, more or less, “Realism rocks.” (“Bullshit artist” and “great salesperson,” contrary to conventional wisdom, are Diametric Opposites. “Truthteller” and Great Salesperson is more like it.) 89. Be the first to tell the Client bad news (e.g., slipped delivery); his intelligence sources will tell him fast—you want to be there first with your story and to enhance your rep as Truthteller! 90. Work like hell to get a reputation as a valued industry expert, to become an industry resource. 91. Work the Trade Association angle for all its worth—it may take a decade to pay off—e.g., when you become an officer or are on an important panel or testify Before Congress. 92. PAY YOUR DUES IN THE CLIENT ORG AND IN YOUR OWN ORG! 93. It’s all bloody tactics. 94. You must ... LOVE .... the product! (Period.) 95. YOU MUST LOVE THE PRODUCT! 96. Don’t over-schedule. “Running late” is inexcusable at any level of seniority; it is the ultimate mark of self-importance mixed with contempt.
    172. 172. 97. Women are better salespeople. (See Addendum.) 98. Women alone understand Women. 99. Actually, Women by and large understand Men better than Men understand Men. 100.Women purchasers buy Stories and recommendations. 101. Women take longer to become Loyal purchasers, but then stay Loyal. 102. Men buy Stats. 103. Men decide fast, but are fickle. 104. Men & Women are … VERY, VERY … Different. 105. Women buy most things. Consumer. Increasingly, professional goods and services. 106. Women’s Market is Opportunity #1. 107. Boomers. Many, many. Lots & lots & lots of … $$$. 108. Boomers-Geezers are very different purchasers than those in other categories.
    173. 173. Women Rock … as Salespersons (From Item #97.) And the answers are? “ TAKE THIS QUICK QUIZ: Who manages more things at once? Who puts more effort into their appearance? Who usually takes care of the details? Who finds it easier to meet new people? Who asks more questions in a conversation? Who is a better listener? Who has more interest in communication skills? Who is more inclined to get involved? Who encourages harmony and agreement? Who has better intuition? Who works with a longer ‘to do’ list? Who enjoys a recap to the day’s events? Who is better at keeping in touch with others?” Source: Selling Is a Woman’s Game: 15 Powerful Reasons Why Women Can Outsell Men , Nicki Joy & Susan Kane-Benson
    174. 174. 109. It takes time to get to know people. (DUH.) 110. The very idea of “efficiency” in relationship development is ... STUPID. 111. MBWA (still) rules. 112. “Preparing the soil” is the “first 98 percent.” (Or more.) 113. WORK THE PHONES! 114. Rule 5K-5M: 5K miles for a 5-Minute meeting often makes sense. (Yes, often.) (Even with constrained travel budgets.) (Thanks, super-agent Mark McCormack.) 115. Become a student! Study great salespeople! (Including Presidents.) (“Natural” is a little bit true—but then Naturals are always the ones who study hardest—e.g., Jerry Rice.) 116. Become a student! Yes, you can study Relationship Building. So, study … 117. Beware complexifiers and complicators. (Truly “smart people” ... Simplify things.)
    175. 175. 118. The smartest guy in the room rarely wins—alas, he usually is aware he’s the smartest guy. (And needn’t waste his time on that “soft relationship crap.”) 119. Be kind. It works. 120. Be especially kind when there are screw-ups. (There’s plenty of time later to Play the Great Accountability Game.) 121. Presidents never tire of being treated like Presidents. 122. Luck matters. Good luck!
    176. 176. EX CELLE ALW AYS . THE. END.
    177. 177. EXCELLENCE. NEW VALUE EQUATION. NEW “C-levels”.
    178. 178. C R O * *Chief Revenue Officer
    179. 179. C X O * *Chief e X perience Officer
    180. 180. C F O* *Chief Festivals Officer
    181. 181. C D O * *Chief Design Officer
    182. 182. C DM * *Chief Dream Merchant
    183. 183. C ST O * *Chief Storytelling Officer
    184. 184. C PI * *Chief Portal Impresario
    185. 185. C C O* *Chief Conversations Officer
    186. 186. C W w M* *Chief WikiWorld Maniac
    187. 187. C L O * *Chief Lovemark Officer
    188. 188. C S O* *Chief Seduction Officer
    189. 189. C ta O * *Chief talent acquisition Officer
    190. 190. C FA O * *Chief freaks acquisition Officer
    191. 191. C FAP O * *Chief freaks acquisition & Protection Officer
    192. 192. C Q O * *Chief quest-meister
    193. 193. C T O * *Chief Thrills Officer
    194. 194. C W O * *Chief WOW Officer
    195. 195. C ! O * *Chief ! Officer
    196. 196. EX CELLE ALW AYS . THE. END.
    199. 199. A Few Biases You Should Know About * I am not a macro-economist. * I am wholly biased by 30 years (1970-2000) in Silicon Valley . * I would rather work for e Bay than BankAmerica. * I believe that the Giant Merger Game is the single greatest waste of energy in the world of business. * Economies of scale are wildly over-rated. * I find the entire notion of “career” to be disturbing and a little silly. * I find the notion of “built to last” hilarious. * Between 1965 and 1980 I turned 179.9 degrees from “Mr Big Government” to “Mr ‘Cool’ Entrepreneur.” (Thank you, Frank Perdue.) * Joseph Schumpeter (“ gales of creative destruction ”) and F.A. Hayek are my economist “gods”; JK Galbraith is my b ê te noir. * “Innovation” is a wonderfully messy & chaotic process—not amenable to “strategic plans.” *I believe in Luck. ( Fooled by Randomness —best book I’ve ever read.)
    200. 200. A Few Biases You Should Know About * I find most strategic plans (and strategic planners) to be amusing. * I am not … Mike Porter. * I am not … Peter Drucker . * I am not … Jim Collins . * I believe that the resilience of Giant Companies is wildly-absurdly over-rated. * I believe that America’s productivity edge comes from car dealers more than Giant Cos. * No “business model” is “the last word.” * I am a Great Believer in “the basics”: product, people, customers, execution . (Hence there is nothing very interesting, save one thing, in In Search of Excellence .) * I believe that EXCELLENCE is a legitimate aspiration for each of us; and that any lesser aspiration is unconscionable.
    201. 201. Execution . (Discipline.) Accountability. Action, a Bias for. (S.A.V./R.F.A.) Relentless. Experimentation. (“Innovate or Die.” “He who makes …”) Adaptability. (Plan B; “We eat …”) “In the moment.” (Bertolucci.) Senility. Exuberance. Fun. Technicolor. Wow! (Extreme Language.) Quest-Adventure. By Invitation. Talent. Roster. ($21M.) Weird. (Hangin’ Out + Bottlenecks.) D-squared/ “ Dramatic Difference.” Up-Up-Up the “VA Ladder.” Trifecta: Wow Projects-Brand You-PSF. (No Option.) Design. Women. 4-40 /D.E.A.615. (60TIBs; IRR209.) EXCELLENCE.
    203. 203. Paul Allaire: “We are in a brawl with no rules.” TP: “There’s only one possible answer—S.A.V.” * * Screw Around Vigorously
    204. 204. Excellence1982: The Bedrock “Eight Basics” 1. A Bias for Action 2. Close to the Customer 3. Autonomy and Entrepreneurship 4. Productivity Through People 5. Hands On, Value-Driven 6. Stick to the Knitting 7. Simple Form, Lean Staff 8. Simultaneous Loose-Tight Properties”
    205. 205. TP’ s “23Passions” by date: 1942-2006
    206. 206. B>A* (R.F.A.) (*Behavior drives Attitude) … ’71-’07 Implementation = #1 … ’73-’77 (’07) “Soft is Hard” (“Management Style”) … ’77-’79 (’07) (Org) Structure>Strategy … ’77-’83 (’07) Strategy-Structure+/ “McKinsey 7-S” Model ... ’77-’81 Action>Planning … ’74-’07 Mess = Reality ... ’77-’07 Skunkworks/Skunks (“Offline” Innovation/Innovators) … ’84-’91 MBWA … ’80-’85 (’07) Excellence I … ’79-’84 Mid-size biz is cool … ’84-’89 (’07) Customer service … ’84-’88 Innovation … ’87-’92 Free trade/Hayek … ’90-’92 New Org Models … ’92-’96 PSF … ’92-’06 WOW! (WOW Projects) … ’93-’06 Brand You … ’94-’00 Design … ’94-’06 Women (Markets-Leaders) … ’96-’06 Boomers (“insane” $$$$$) … ’05-’07 EXCELLENCE II … ’06-’07 Healthcare (Quality-Wellness-PatientCentric) … ’06-’07 Exuberance-Passion (Soft is Hard) … ’42-’06
    207. 207. Worth. The. hassle.
    208. 208. Why I Work/Stuff I Care About * “Hard is soft. Soft is hard.” Social stuff, Emotional stuff = Good stuff = The Right Stuff! * Mess = Normal = Reality. Rationality = Delusional. Non-linearity = Life 101. (Embrace it! Design accordingly!) * Failure = Normal/Necessary/Good! “Reward excellent failure. Punish mediocre success.” “Fail faster. Succeed sooner.” “Fail. Forward. Fast.” Fail. Sam Walton Secret #1: Fail. Fast. * Do > Think. Act > Talk. Action bias! RELENTLESS EXPERIMENTATION! R.F.A./Ready. Fire. Aim. S.A.V./Screw Around Vigorously. * Decentralization = Holy writ = More independent tries. * Success for Mortals: Indirection. SkunkWorks. End Runs. Parallel Universe. 4F/Find a Fellow Freak Faraway. Demos. Heroes. Stories. * The “Missing 98%”: Implementation-Execution. * Strategic planning, limits thereto. Severe. * Pitiful performance of Huge Companies. Needed: C.D.O./ Chief Destruction Officer. * Severe limits to scale advantage. Mega-mergers = Stupid. * “Built to last.” Why??? Instead: Built to change the world. * People First! People Power! Best “Roster” Wins. HR (should) rule! Leaders “ DO ” People! Respect-Appreciation Rules! * Freaks for Freaky Times!
    209. 209. Why I Work/Stuff I Care About * WOMEN’S WORLD!/WOMENOMICS! #1 MARKET! WEALTH/ALL! LEADERS/BETTER! (Also: Boomers/Geezers/Many/Money.) * Aesthetics! Beauty! Grace! (Design primacy.) * MBWA! (Managing By Wandering Around.) * Basics Rule: Don’t over-complicate. (Product, People, Action …) * Educate for Risk-taking, Creativity, Independence. * B-schools suck. Teach all … except what’s important. D-School = Cool. * Healthcare’s Big Three: Quality. Prevention. Wellness. * R>C. (Adding Revenue > Cutting cost.) Help Wanted: C.R.O./ Chief Revenue Officer. * S>M (Selling > Marketing.) SELL! SELL! SELL! SELL! * Free markets work! Free trade works! Rise of India-China = Good thing. Respond with Excellent Performance: Add “insane” amounts of value! Become a “Lovemark”!! * Brand You. Self-reliance!! Mastery !! Liberation!! * Survival = PSF/Professional Service Firm “mindset.” Goal #1: Enable clients to become successful beyond their dreams! * Fun! (“Cool” is Cool.) * Service-obsessed!/Experience-obsessed! (Object: “Raving fans.”) * PASSION-EXUBERANCE-ENTHUSIASM. * “Hot” Language! WOW! Insanely great! * EXCELLENCE. ALWAYS.
    210. 210. TOM PETERS. THE “DAMN ITS.”
    211. 211. To The Mat: The “ 5 Damn Its ” Women. PSF. Brand you. R.f.a. EXCELLENCE. ALWAYS.
    212. 212. M.I.A. Action! * Implementation! ** The Work Itself! *** *R.F.A. **Execution ***WOW Projects!
    213. 213. “ Never forget im p lementation boys. In our work it’s what I call the ‘ missin g 98 percent ’ of the client puzzle.” —Al McDonald
    214. 214. “ The first 90% of a project takes 90% of the time. The last 10% takes the other 90% of the time.” —Richard Templar, The Rules of Management
    215. 215. TOM PETERS. THE DEAL.
    216. 216. Revolution-Transformation. (No long runs on Broadway-Senility.) “Soft”>“Hard.” (Culture or Bust.) Execution-Action. (Do>Think.) Clean Sheet of Paper. (Web2.0, Transparency, New Org Form—Itinerant Potential Machines.) PSF-Brand You-Wow Projects. Up-Up-Up the VA Ladder. (Gamechanging Solutions-Eyepopping Experiences-Dream Merchants-Lovemarks.) Weird. (Innovation “Easy.”) Energy-Enthusiasm-Relentlessness. Excellence. Always.
    217. 217. EX CELLE ALW AYS .
    218. 218. Tom’s 60TIB s * *TIB = This I Believe
    219. 219. Sixty for Sixty: Tom’s 60TIB s The architect Bill Caudill was a contrarian. He pioneered the idea of working intimately with clients to create spaces that met their needs; this flew in the face of conventional wisdom, which held that the architect was pure artist, barely deigning to make client contact. Caudill’s approach was wildly successful—so much so that today it’s become conventional wisdom. Over the years Bill jotted notes on this and that, and began to organize them for his children. The title of his musings: This I Believe. After Caudill’s death, his colleagues collected the notes and published them. That is, The TIB s of Bill Caudill . A sixtieth birthday is a monumental occasion, and I chose, among other things, to give myself a present to mark the/my date in November 2002. I sat on a hill overlooking my farm in Vermont, and scribbled down 60 thoughts, one for each year, that seemed to capture my professional and, to some extent, my personal journey. Those thoughts—Tom’s 60TIBs—herewith.
    220. 220. 1. TECHNICOLOR RULES! (Passion Moves Mountains!) 2. Audacity Matters! 3. Revolution Now! 4. Question Authority! (& Hire Disrespectful People.) 5. Disorganization Wins! (LOVE THE MESS!)
    221. 221. 6. Think 3M: Markets Matter Most. ONLY EXTREME COMPETITION STAVES OFF STALENESS. (You can take the boy out of Silicon Valley, but you can’t take Silicon Valley out of the boy!) 7. Three Hearty Cheers for Weirdos. (Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, Scott McNealy, Craig Venter et al.) 8. Message 2003: Technology Change (Info-sciences, Biosciences) Is in Its Infancy! (WE AIN’T SEEN NOTHIN’ YET!) 9. Everything Is Up For Grabs! Volatility Is Thy Name! (Forever & Ever. Amen.) RE-INVENT … OR DIE! 10. Big Sucks. (Mostly.) (VERY Mostly.)
    222. 222. 11. “Permanence” Is a Snare & a Delusion. (Forget “Built to Last.” It’s Yesterday’s Idea.) 12. Kaizen” (Continuous Improvement) Is … Dangerous. 13. DESTRUCTION RULES! 14. Forget It! (“Learning” = Easy. “Forgetting” = Nigh on Impossible.) 15. Innovation Is Easy: Hang Out with Freaks. (Employees, Board Members, Customers, Suppliers, Alliance Partners, Consultants.)
    223. 223. 16. Boring Begets Boring. (Cool Begets Cool.) 17. Think “Portfolio.” (We’re All V.C.s.) 18. Perception Is All There Is. (“Insiders” … ALWAYS … overestimate the Radicalism of What They’re Up To.) 19. Action … ALWAYS … Takes Precedence. Think: R.F!A./Ready. Fire! Aim. (REWARD SUCCESS. REWARD FAILURE. PUNISH … INACTION.) 20. He Who Makes & Tests the Quickest & Coolest Prototypes Reigns!
    224. 224. 21. Haste Makes Waste. (SO GO WASTE!) 22. Screw-ups are … the … Mark of Excellence. (“Do It Right the First Time” Is a Very Stupid Idea.) 23. Play Hard! Play Now! (Cherish Play!) 24. TALENT TIME! (He/She Who Has the Best “Roster” Rules!) 25. Re-do Education. Totally. (FOSTER CREATIVITY … NOT UNIFORMITY.) (THE NOISIEST CLASSROOM WINS.)
    225. 225. 26. Diversity’s Hour Is Now! 27. SHE … Is the Best Leader! 28. MARKETING MANTRA: Embrace the “BIG THREE” Demographics. (1) SHE … is the Customer. (For everything.) (2) Rapidly Aging Boomers Have … ALL THE MONEY. (3) Green … Matters. (TRILLIONS OF $$$$$ Are at Stake.) (NOBODY … Gets It.) (Mere “Programs” Will Not Suffice.) 29. Re-boot Healthcare. (UNDERSTATEMENT.) 30. WHAT ARE WE SELLING? “Experiences” & “Solutions” > “Quality” & “Satisfaction.” (The Traditional Value-added Equation Is Being Set on Its Ear.)
    226. 226. 31. DESIGN = New Seat of the Soul. 32. Branding Is for … EVERYONE. He Who Has the … BEST STORY … Takes Home the Marbles. 33. DRAMATIC DIFFERENCE = Only Difference. 34. WORDS/Language Matters … a Lot. (E.g.: Three Hearty Cheers for “Wow”!) 35. WHAT MATTERS IS STUFF THAT MATTERS. (Query #1: “Are You Proud of It?”)
    227. 227. 36. eALL. (IS/IT: Half-way = No Way .) 37. DREAM … Big! DREAM … Enormous. DREAM … Gargantuan. (These Are XXXL Times.) 38. THINK MIKE! (Michelangelo: “The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.”) 39. There Is Only … ONE BIG ISSUE. Cross- functional Communication. 40. Stop Doing Dumb Shit. (SYSTEMATIZE THE PROCESS OF “UN-DUMBING.”)
    228. 228. 41. Beautiful Systems Are … BEAUTIFUL. 42. The … WHITE-COLLAR REVOLUTION … Will Devour Everything in Its Path. 43. Take Charge of Your Destiny! BrandYou Moment! DISTINCT … OR EXTINCT! 44. “Powerlessness” Is a State of Mind! Think: King. Gandhi. De Gaulle. 45. Pursue Adventure … in Every Task.
    229. 229. 46. EXCELLENCE … Is a State of Mind. (Excellence Takes a Minute.) (No Bull.) 47. SHOW UP! (If You Care, You’re There.) 48. YOUR CALENDAR KNOWS ALL. (You = Calendar.) (Mind Your “TO DON’T” List.) 49. LIFE IS SALES. (The Rest Is Details.) 50. Boss Mantra #1: “I DON’T KNOW.” (“I Don’t Know” = Permission to Explore.)
    230. 230. 51. Management Role 1: GET OUT OF THE WAY. (Clear the Way.) (“Manager” = Hurdle Removal Professional.) 52. Epitaph from Hell: “He Woulda Done Some Truly Cool Stuff … But His Boss Wouldn’t Let Him.” 53. Change Takes However Long You Think It Takes. (Eschew … “Incrementalism.”) 54. Respect! (Rule 1: Don’t Belittle!) 55. “Thank You” Trumps All!
    231. 231. 56. Integrity Matters! Integrity = Credibility. (Dennis K. Is a Jerk.) 57. SOFT IS HARD. HARD IS SOFT. (Numbers Are Soft. People Are Not.) 58. Try Sunny! (Sunny Begets Sunny. Gloomy Begets Gloomy.) 59. DISPENSE ENTHUSIASM! 60. FUN …Is Not a 4-Letter Word. So, too … JOY. (And … GRACE.)
    232. 232. EX CELLE ALW AYS .
    233. 233. Tom Peters’ to-m A -to to-m ah -to
    234. 234. New Delhi. Thirteen September 2004. I awoke, jetlagged and sweaty, at 3A.M. I’d had a nightmare. Stark realism. I was, as usual, accused of overstatement and a few (or more) too many exclamation marks (!!!!!). Only this time I’d acceded to “They.” The “They” who believe in “The Plan” and “Built to Last” and “Continuous Improvement” and “Quiet, Humble Leaders.” No! No! I had failed, in my dream, to live up to my Fervent Beliefs! This must not pass! In a sweat, fearful that the time would not come ‘round again, I turned on the light, picked up a pad of paper, and began to scribble frantically. Herewith the result.
    235. 235. Tom’s Re-imagine Manifesto! They say … my (Tom) language is extreme. I say … the times are extreme. They say I’m extreme. I say I’m a realist. They say I demand too much. I say they accept mediocrity & continuous improvement too readily. They say “We can’t handle this much change.” I say “Your job and career are in jeopardy; what other options do you have?” They say Brand You is not for everyone. I say the alternative is unemployment. They say “What’s wrong with a ‘good product’?” I say Wal*Mart or China or both are about to eat your lunch. Why can’t you provide instead a Fabulous Experience?
    236. 236. Tom’s Re-imagine Manifesto! They say “Take a deep breath. Be calm.” I say “Tell it to Wal*Mart. Tell it to China. Tell it to India. Tell it to Dell. Tell it to Microsoft.” They say the Web is a “useful tool.” I say the Web changes everything. Now. They say “We need an Initiative.” I say “We need a Dream. And Dreamers.” They say Great Design is “nice.” I say Great Design is “necessary.” They say I “overplay” the “women’s thing.” I say the share of Women in Senior Leadership Positions is a Waste and a Disgrace and a Strategic Marketing Error.
    237. 237. Tom’s Re-imagine Manifesto! They say the Women’s Market Opportunity I harp on is “doubtless important.” I say 9 out of 10, make that 99 out of 100, companies aren’t within striking distance of accurately estimating the potential of the Women’s Market … let alone exploiting it. They say the boomer-geezer market is also “doubtless important.” I say the boomer-geezer market amounts to a Redefining Moment. They say we need a “project” to exploit the women-boomer-geezer market. I say we need Total Strategic Realignment to exploit the Women-Boomer-Geezer Opportunity. They say “Wow” is “typical Tom.” I say “WOW” is a Minimum Survival Requirement. They say “effective governance” is important. I say bold-brash Boards that are representative of the market served—more than a token woman or two and an empty seat for the “forthcoming Hispanic”—are an Imperative. Now.
    238. 238. They say “Better.” I say “Different!”
    239. 239. Tom’s Re-imagine Manifesto! They say “Plan it.” I say “DO IT.” They say “We need more steady, loyal employees.” I say “WE NEED MORE FREAKS WHO ROUTINELY TELL THOSE ‘IN CHARGE’ TO TAKE A FLYING LEAP … BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.” They say “We need Good People.” I say “We need Quirky Talent.” They say “We like people who, with steely determination, say, “ I can make it better.’” I say “I love people who, with a certain maniacal gleam in their eye, perhaps even a giggle, say, ‘I can turn the world upside down. Watch me!’” They say “We must speed things up.” I say “We must Radically change the Corporate Metabolism until Insane Urgency becomes a Sacrament.”
    240. 240. Tom’s Re-imagine Manifesto! They say, “Sure, we need ‘Change.’” I say we need “REVOLUTION NOW.” They say (acknowledge), “Okay, we need revolution.” I say, “REVOLUTION.” They say “fast follower.” I say “battered and bruised leader.” They say “Conglomerate & Imitate!” I say “Create & Innovate!” They say “Market share.” I say “Market CREATION.” They say “Improve & Maintain.” I say “DESTROY & RE-IMAGINE.”
    241. 241. Tom’s Re-imagine Manifesto! They say “We like words such as ‘calm’ … ‘certainty’ … ‘is.’” I say “I like words/phrases such as ‘turbulent’ ‘ opportunity’ … ‘might be’.” They vote for Republicans and Democrats. I vote for Independents and Libertarians. They say “Normal.” I say “Weird.” They say “Happy balance.” I say “Creative Tension.” They say they favor a “team” that works & lives in “harmony.” I say “give me a raucous brawl among the most creative people imaginable.” They say “Peace, brother.” I say “Bruise my feelings. Flatten my ego. SAVE MY JOB.”
    242. 242. Tom’s Re-imagine Manifesto! They say “Vanilla.” I say “Cherry Garcia.” They say “Basic Black.” I say “TECHNICOLOR RULES!” They say “Branding is for the likes of Nike.” I say “Branding is for Everyone & Anyone with the Passion & Tenacity to foist their Wonderful & Weird Point of View on the world … and the New World’s (read: Web’s) power allows-encourages such “silly” (until recently) visions-of-ubiquity to become reality, perhaps overnight.” They say we need “happy customers.” I say “Give me pushy, needy, nasty, provocative customers who will drag me down Innovation Boulevard.” They say they want to partner with “best of breed.” I say “Give me Coolest of Breed.”
    243. 243. Tom’s Re-imagine Manifesto! They say we need “supply chain harmony.” I say we need “supply chain Innovation.” They say “We seek Harvard MBAs.” I say I seek Certificate-free “PhDs” from the School of Hard Knocks. They say they want recruits with a “spotless records.” I say “the Spots are what matter most.” They say “Integrity is important.” I say “Tell the Unvarnished Truth, All the Time … or take a Long Hike.” They read Jim Collins and grok on “quiet, humble leaders.” I say “Give me the Bold, the Brash, the Brassy, the Egocentric Dreamers who, like Steve Jobs, ‘ Dent the Universe.’”
    244. 244. They say “Improve.” I say “Re-imagine!”
    245. 245. Tom’s Re-imagine Manifesto! They say they need a “vision” born of McKinsey. I say we need a “Grandiose Dream” born of a Passionate & Intemperate Belief that the world can be a different, better place. They say healthcare, our biggest industry, is “a mess.” I say our hospitals, which kill over 100,000 patients a year, are part of a system that is “a disgrace.” They say “obesity is a problem” … “lose some weight.” I say Re-imagine the entire healthcare system … NOW … to focus on Prevention & Wellness. They say “no child left behind.” I say “education” is leaving ALL our children behind, as it is totally mis-aligned to deal with tomorrow’s (this afternoon’s) uncertain, ambiguous, creativity- driven economy.
    246. 246. Tom’s Re-imagine Manifesto! They say, “Of course we believe in marketing.” I say “Is the CMO [Chief Marketing Officer] on the Board of Directors?” They say “Of course we believe in marketing.” I say “Has your customer data base won numerous major industry awards?” They say “Of course we believe in marketing.” I say “Is your Web site Sooooo Cool, Sooooo Fresh, Sooooo Friendly to Use that it gives you goose pimples just to e-visit, even though you’ve seen it 1000 times?” They say “Of course we believe in marketing.” I say “How many in-depth customer visits did the CEO make last month?” They say “Yes, the ‘Women’s thing’ is important.” I say “Do women hold at least 1/3rd of your Board seats?” They say “We’re coming around on the design bit.” I say “Is, as at Braun, your Chief Design Officer on the Board of Directors?”
    247. 247. Tom’ Re-imagine Manifesto! They say “Of course we think the ‘experiences thing’ is important.” I say “Is there an ‘EVP Experiences’?” They say “Of course innovation is important.” I say “Is your percentage of revenue devoted to R&D at least 1.5 (2.0? 2.5?) times the industry average?” They say “Of course we believe in IS/IT.” I say “Is the CIO on the Board of Directors?” (Only 5% of Fortune500 CIOs are on the Board. One example: Wal*Mart.) They say “Of course we believe in IS/IT.” I say “How many members of your Board are under 35 years old?” They say “We believe in having a ‘flat organization.’” I say “Is your headquarters in a Tower?”
    248. 248. Tom’s Re-imagine Manifesto ! They say we need to “bring effectiveness to the supply chain.” I say we need an IS/IT/Best Sourcing revolution based on nothing less than an Entirely Original Vision of what organizations are and how they interact. They say “Globalization is a bumpy road.” I say India and China and Asia in general are within two decades of running the show: Get ready or get trounced. They say “defense” and “consolidation” are musts for a global game. I say encourage Offense, nurture a Generation (or 10) of Entrepreneurs, cherish Creativity & Risk-taking from primary school onwards … and don’t expect to be saved by a bunch of bulky, retro behemoth commanded by a phalanx of Old White Guys who think 30 minutes a day on the corporate treadmill and 27 holes on the links are a fit defense against Revolution.
    249. 249. Tom’s Re-imagine Manifesto! They say “Get an MBA.” I say “Get an MFA.” They say “If it can’t be precisely measured then it isn’t real.” (And I suppose if it can be measured it is real? Think Enron? Adelphia? WorldCom?) I say “If it can be precisely measured it isn’t real.” (Think Age of Intangibles & Relationships.) (Think: “He knew the price of everything and the value of nothing.”) They say “Rationality is the Bedrock of Modern Society.” I say “Irrationality [irrational exuberance?] is the Mother of all True Entrepreneurial Pilgrimages.” They say “Order is the necessary precursor to measured, sustainable success.” I say “Dis-order is the precursor to Opportunistic Sorties, Market Creation, Quantum Leaps, and Entrepreneurial Adventure.
    250. 250. Tom’s Re-imagine Manifesto! They say “To get anywhere, you have to know exactly where the hell you’re headed.” I say “If you know precisely where you’re headed and exactly how you’re gonna get there, then you clearly suffer from Advanced Shrivelus Imaginationus.” (This disease is fatal.) They say “Employees need Well-defined Structure.” I say “Talent should be encouraged to embark on Quests to the Unknown.” They say “I’m here to maximize shareholder value.” I say “I’m here to inflame each & every member of my Awesome Staff to embark with Vigor & Determination & Passion & Enthusiasm on a Quest of Monumental Consequence.” (And if I come even close to succeeding, it will, in fact, dramatically up the odds of Thriving Amidst Today’s Chaos—and creating untold shareholder value in the process.)
    251. 251. Tom’s Re-imagine Manifesto! They say “men.” I say “WOMEN.” They say Diversity is a “good thing.” I say Diversity is a Fresh Breath of Creative Air … Absolutely Necessary for Economic Salvation in perilous times. They say “Wait your turn, honor those who have marched these corridors before you.” I say Get Off Your Butt & Go for the Gold … TODAY … or sign the transfer papers willing your job in perpetuity to a Chinese or Indian who Gives a Shit and Gets Up (VERY) Early and works Saturdays & Sundays. They say “offshoring” is a “blight.” I say the Earth proved not to be the center of the Solar System … and the USA is not the epicenter-in-perpetuity of the Earth … and that we had best learn … NOW … to prosper and take pleasure in a dynamic, exciting, creative, multi-polar economic environment. (Damn it.)
    252. 252. Tom’s Re-imagine Manifesto! They say “It’s a fright.” I say “It’s a Helluva Ride.” They say it’s “daunting.” I say it’s “a bronco-bustin’ day at the rodeo.” They say “Life is a marathon; husband your strength.” I say “Life is a sprint. Begin planning your World-beating Me Inc. start-up … TODAY.” They say lifetime employment was a boon. I say lifetime employment was Indentured Servitude, modern-day Slavery. They say “safety net.” I say “ I am my safety net; give me some version of the ‘ Ownership Society.’” They say “zero defects.” I say “A day without a screw-up or two is a day pissed away.”
    253. 253. Tom’s Re-imagine Manifesto! They say “Think about it.” I say “Try it.” They say “Plan it.” I say “Test it.” They say “continuous improvement.” I say “Bold Leaps.” They say “Keep on Improvin’.” I say “Keep on Leapin’.” They say “Built to last.” I say “Built to Soar. We’re all dead in the long run … live your Insane Fantasy. Devil take the hindmost.” They (Jim Collins) say “Walgreens is Cool.” I say “I love Larry Ellison.” (Oracle rules … at least for the next ten minutes.)
    254. 254. Tom’s Re-imagine Manifesto! They say “Play the odds.” I say “Reward excellent failures. Punish mediocre successes.” (Thanks, Phil Daniels.) They say “Eighty-hour weeks will kill you.” I say “Work 35-hour weeks, and the Chinese will kill you.” They say “Install cost controls with teeth.” I say “Ha. Ha. Ha. Blow Up the existing enterprise and start with a Clean Sheet of Paper.” They say “Install cost controls with teeth.” I say “Grow the Top Line.” They say “Radical change takes a decade.” I say “Radical change takes a Minute.” (See AA.) They say “Times are changing.” I say “Everything has already changed. Tomorrow is the First Day of Your Revolution … or you’re Toast.”
    255. 255. Tom’s Re-imagine Manifesto! They say “We can’t all be Anita Roddick or Maxine Clark or Stan Shih or Les Wexner or Jerry Yang.” I say “Why not?” They say “We can’t all be Revolutionaries.” I say “Why not?” They say “We can’t all be a Brand.” I say “Why not?” They say “Beware the Hype.” I say “Been to China lately? Visited Infosys in Bangalore lately?” They say this is just a Rant. I say this is just Reality. They say “The man is not nice.” I say “The times are not forgiving.”
    256. 256. !
    257. 257. EX CELLE ALW AYS .
    258. 258. EX CELLE ALW AYS . End. PART TWO .
    259. 259. Generic Lists …
    260. 260. Tom Peters’ X25* EXCELLENCE. ALWAYS. MASTER/0618.2007/Part ONE * In Search of Excellence 1982-2007
    261. 261. “ Excellence can be obtained if you: ... care more than others think is wise; ... risk more than others think is safe; ... dream more than others think is practical; ... expect more than others think is possible.” Source: Anon. (Posted @ by K.Sriram, November 27, 2006 1:17 AM)
    262. 262. “ Strive for Excellence. Ignore success.” —Bill Young, race car driver (courtesy Andrew Sullivan)
    263. 263. profits, people or people, profits?
    264. 264. tom peters’ “excellence. Always.” 1. Excellence ! Always! 2. context. 3 , 000 , 000 , 000 new capitalists! 3. Innovate or die! 4. Revenue Matters Most! 5. Up + Up + Up + up the “Value-added Ladder”! (commodity to “ gamechanging solution” to “breathtaking experience” to “lovemark”) 6. Make . Much. Money. Damn it ! (women-Boomers-geezers) 7. Action!/Try It!/ Execution ! 8. Best “ roster ” wins! 9. Emotional Leadership!/ Leading for excellence ! 10. Excellence! Always !
    265. 265. Our Story Line Not your father’s world Big = Pitiful. Excellence. Always./“only-ones -who-do-what-we-do.” (what else?) Innovate. Or. Die . Up. Up. Up. Up. Up, Up, Up the “Value Added Chain.” (Raw materials. Goods. Services. Implemented-gamechanging Solutions. Scintillating experiences. Dreams come true. Lovemark.) Stupendous-underserved “New” Markets (Women, Boomers & geezers) Talent = Brand. /You = Brand You. / educate-for-creativity Leading with passion & relentlessness (“21 st Century Leadership. Ha.)
    266. 266. The Story Not your father’s world Big = Pitiful. Excellence. Always. (what else?) Innovate. Or. Die. Up, Up, Up the “Value Added Chain.” “New” Markets (Women, Boomers) Talent = Brand. Leading with passion
    267. 267. *Context/5/42/500/900. * Weeks of Whoops! * Built to Flop: Pitiful Performance! * Innovate . Or. die. *Value-added Ladder/ raw materials to “lovemarks.” *BEDROCK: “MODEL PSF. *“New” Markets/ women. Boomers-geezers. * “aside”: “Eternal” Basics. *Talent. BRAND YOU. Education. *VIRAL Leadership.
    268. 268. <ul><li>Re-imagine! Speech: Story Line in 100 Words or Less </li></ul><ul><li>1. Wildly altered context (technology, China-India, global terrorism, etc) </li></ul><ul><li>Only answer: adaptive skills and bold-breathtaking innovation </li></ul><ul><li>(top-line focus rather than cost-cutting focus) </li></ul><ul><li>3. Race way, way up the value-added curve (implemented “game-altering solutions” rather than “services,” “experiences” rather than “transactions,” and much more) </li></ul><ul><li>4. As part of value-added exercise, pursue Ripe & Enormous “new” markets—Women, Boomers & Geezers </li></ul><ul><li>5. Radical (!!!) use of IS-IT </li></ul><ul><li>A “Roster” of Weird & Wondrous & Entrepreneurial “Talent” engaged </li></ul><ul><li>in “Wow Projects” </li></ul><ul><li>“ Metabolic Leadership” (Passionate-Radical Leaders who instill a Discipline of Execution, a Quick Tempo-Adaptive Culture and </li></ul><ul><li>an appetite to “Eat Radical Change for Breakfast”) </li></ul><ul><li>(96 words by my count) </li></ul>
    269. 269. Game plan: The unvarnished Basics
    270. 270. Hire Great People (Resilient, Passionate) Try a Lot of Stuff (S.A.V./R.F.A.) Enjoy It While It Lasts
    271. 271. Tom’s “Change Rules” Cause. (pissed off.) Try it. (S.A.V.) Fail. Forward. Fast. Quests. Demos. Heroes. Stories. Boonies. (Parallel universe.) <12. Just Say No: Normal. Attitude>Ability. Wow. “Insanely great.” Sell! Sell! Sell! Master politics!
    272. 272. Excellence! Always! Soft is hard. Hard is soft. (People, customers “hard,” #s “soft”) 25 (“Blinding flash of the obvious”) Wow! (Passion! Enthusiasm! Hot language! “Insanely great”—Steve Jobs) Wow EVERYWHERE (Jim’s Group, Basement Systems Inc) Innovate. Or die. Top line obsession!!! (C R O/Chief Revenue Officer; Sales>Marketing; “cost cutting = death spiral”—VH) Innovation = Mess (“What makes God laugh?” “People making plans.”) 1/100 (Big over-rated/Mega-mergers destroy value/“Built to last” chimera “ Built to last” v “Built to rock the world” (TP’s love affair with Netscape) “Last word” = There is no last word! 0/800 (We are who we hang out with/Weird for weird times) Lead the customer! Whacky Wild WikiWorld! (Electronic planetary scrum.) Try stuff!!!!!!!!! (R.F.A., S.A.V.) (Ready. Fire. Aim. Screw Around Vigorously.) Fail. Forward. Fast. (“Reward excellent failures. Punish mediocre successes.) Try MORE stuff!!! (“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”) Parallel Universe (Jill Ker Conway, Starbucks’ 1%, Intel V.C. fund, China!) 4/40 (4 “learnings” in 40 years: Decentralization, Execution, Accountability, 6:15AM) Lord Nelson (“Other admirals more afraid of losing …”) Up, Up, Up the VA Ladder (Solutions/PSF, Experience; Dreamketing; Lovemark) Women rule! (Buy all ! Control all wealth! Better leaders!) $15,000,000,000,000/7 of 13 (Boomers. Geezers. Wealth. Half of life still to go) Brand You (Or else!) PSF!!! (All) Talent = Brand (“Leaders do people,” “connoisseur of talent,” Send ’em on bold Quests, HR rules! <CapEx$$, >PeopleX$$$ ) (Think: Wegmans ) 195,000 (Healthcare: Quality-Safety/EMR/DSS, Prevention-Wellness, Public Health #1!) “Teach to test” = Evil! ( The Creative Age is a wide - open g ame .” —Richard Florida) Leadership/12Ps (Purpose. Passion. Potential. Presence. Personal. Pissed off. Playful. Persistence. People. Peculiar. Potent. Positive.) “Do one thing every day that scares you.” (Eleanor Roosevelt) Basics! (Decency. Flowers. Grace. Respect. Servant. Host. Etc.)
    273. 273. This I Believe: Tom’s Super-TIB25 1. TECH NI COL O R Times . 2. Passion! Enthusiasm! Energy! 3. Action/R.F.A./O.O.D.A. Speed. 4. Screw-ups. BIG SCREW-Ups! 5. Mess! Improv! 6. Revolution! Re-imagine! 7. INNOVATE OR DIE! 8. Decentralize! 9. Bulk is BULL! (Mergers don’t work. FOCUS Does!) 10 “Different” > “Better” 11. eALL/Power Tools for Power Strategies! 12. Forgetting/Destruction. 13. Hot Language Matters! 14. WOW!/WOW Projects. 15. VA Bedrock: The “PSF.” (Professional Service Firm.) 16. Daring. 17. Talent Time! Leaders “Do” People! 18. Talent+/Diversity. 19. Talent++/Women Rule! 20. “Brand You” Universe. 21. Design! 22. Gasp-worthy Experiences/Lovemarks. 23. New Market Demographics/Women/Boomers & Geezers/Green/Wellness. 24. Grace. 25. EXCELLENCE !
    274. 274. Sir Richard’s Rules Follow your passions. Keep it simple. Get the best people to help you. Re-create yourself. Play. Source: Fortune /10.03
    275. 275. Cause (worthy of commitment) Space (room for/encouragement for initiative) Decency (respect, humane)
    276. 276. Respect. Decency. Wee Gestures.
    277. 277. Success … Consult everyone on everything “Thank you” note carpet bombing Source: Roger Rosenblatt, Rules for Aging
    278. 278. All you need to know …
    279. 279. “ Excellence can be obtained if you: ... care more than others think is wise; ... risk more than others think is safe; ... dream more than others think is practical; ... expect more than others think is possible.” Source: Anon. (Posted @ by K.Sriram, November 27, 2006 1:17 AM)
    280. 280. Life 101: A 40-year Reflection Go on offense. Give everybody a shot. Decentralize. Try a bunch of stuff. Make it up as you go along. Get some stuff wrong. Laugh a lot. Get some stuff right. Become a “success.” Extract “lessons learned” or “best practices.” Thicken the Book of Rules for Success. Become evermore serious. Enforce the rules to increasingly tight tolerances. Go on defense. Install walls. Protect-at-all-costs today’s franchise. Centralize. Calcify. Install taller walls. Write more rules. Become irrelevant and-or die.
    281. 281. EXCELLENCE. CIRCA 1982.
    282. 282. Excellence1982: The Bedrock “Eight Basics” 1. A Bias for Action 2. Close to the Customer 3. Autonomy and Entrepreneurship 4. Productivity Through Peo p le 5. Hands On , Value-Driven 6. Stick to the Knitting 7. Simple Form, Lean Staff 8. Simultaneous Loose-Tight Properties”
    283. 283. Excellence1982: The Bedrock “Eight Basics” 1. A Bias for Action 2. Close to the Customer 3. Autonom y and Entre p reneurshi p 4. Productivity Through Peo p le 5. Hands On , Value-Driven 6. Stick to the Knitting 7. Sim p le Form, Lean Staff 8. Simultaneous Loose-Tight Properties”
    284. 284. The older I get the less boring the “basics” become!
    285. 285. ExIn*: 1982-2002/ DJIA : $10,000 yields $85,000 EI : $10,000 yields $140,050 * Forbes / Excellence Index /Basket of 32 publicly traded stocks
    286. 286. NOTE.: drop the “the companies in in search of excellence failed”—utter rubbish. They’ve waaaay outperformed the market.
    287. 287. Importance of Success Factors by Various “Gurus”/(Unreliable) Estimates by Tom Peters Strategy Systems People Passion Porter 50 % 20 20 10 Drucker 25% 35 25 15 Bennis 25% 20 30 25 Peters 15% 20 35 30
    288. 288. EXCELLENCE. TOM. 2005.
    289. 289. Excellence2005: The Bedrock Baker’s Dozen 1. A Bias For Action Is Job One! (Construct a Discipline/Culture of EXECUTION!) 2. DECENTRALIZATION! ACCOUNTABILITY! (Tom’s “Top Two”, 1965-2005.) 3. Fail. Forward. Fast. (“Reward Excellent Failures, Punish Mediocre Successes.”) 4. “Metabolic Management” Matters! ( Hustle! Adapt! EAT CHANGE! Win the “ O.O.D.A. Loop” War—Confuse Your Competitors!) 5. INNOVATE or Die. (“Game-changers” or Bust! Lead the Customer! Just Shout “NO” to Imitation!) 6. A Damn Good Product. (Pursue “Dramatic Difference.”) 7. A Damn Cool Product. (Design Rules!) 8. Ride the Value Added Curve to the Sky! (Sell “GamechangerSolutions”; Provide “Scintillating Experiences”; Become a “Dream Merchant”; Strive to Be a “Lovemark.”) 9. Relentlessly Pursue the “Big Two” Markets. (WOMEN Buy Everything BOOMERS & GEEZERS Have All the Money!) 10. Best “Talent”/Roster Wins! ( HR Rules! Everyone a Leader! Women Lead Best! “ Weird” Matters Most! A Workplace to Brag About! Educate for Creativity!) 11. Wanted/Demanded: Radical Technology Strategies! (“Incrementalism” Is for Wimps!) 12. Hard Is Soft! Soft Is Hard! (People! Passion! Enthusiasm! Wow! INTEGRITY! TRUST! Good Citizenship.) 13. Accept No Less Than EXCELLENCE! (Excellence, Pursuit thereof, Is the #1 Thing That Vaults Us Out of Bed in the Morning)
    290. 290. Successful Businesses’ Dozen Truths: TP’s 30-Year Perspective 1. Insanely Great & Quirky Talent. 2. Disrespect for Tradition. 3. Totally Passionate (to the Point of Irrationality) Belief in What We Are Here to Do. 4. Utter Disbelief at the BS that Marks “Normal Industry Behavior.” 5. A Maniacal Bias for Execution … and Utter Contempt for Those Who Don’t “Get It.” 6. Speed Demons. 7. Up or Out. (Meritocracy Is Thy Name. Sycophancy Is Thy Scourge.) 8. Passionate Hatred of Bureaucracy. 9. Willingness to Lead the Customer … and Take the Heat Associated Therewith. (Mantra: Satan Invented Focus Groups to Derail True Believers.) 10. “Reward Excellent Failures. Punish Mediocre Successes.” 11. Courage to Stand Alone on One’s Record of Accomplishment Against All the Forces of Conventional Wisdom. 12. A Crystal Clear Understanding of the power of a Good Story (Brand Power).
    291. 291. Everything You Need to Know about “Strategy” 1. Do you have awesome Talent … everywhere? (“We are the Yankees of home improvement here in Omaha.”) Do you push that Talent to pursue Audacious Quests? 2. Is your Talent Pool loaded with wonderfully peculiar people who others would call “problems”? And what about your Extended Community of customers, vendors et al? 3. Is your Board of Directors as cool as your product offerings … and does it have 50 percent (or at least one-third) Women Members? 4. Long-term, it’s a “Top-line World”: Is creating a “culture” that cherishes above all things Innovation and Entrepreneurship your primary aim? Remember: Innovation … not Imitation! 5. Are the Ultimate Rewards heaped upon those who exhibit an unswerving “Bias for Action,” to quote the co-authors of In Search of Excellence ? Are your O.O.D.A. loops shorter than the next guy’s? 6. Do you routinely use hot, aspirational words-terms like “Excellence” and B.H.A.G. (Big Hairy Audacious Goal, per Jim Collins) and “Let’s make a dent in the Universe” (the Word according to Steve Jobs)? Is “Reward excellent failures, punish mediocre successes” your de facto or de jure motto? 7. Do you subscribe to Jerry Garcia’s dictum: “We do not merely want to be the best of the best, we want to be the only ones who do what we do”? 8. Do you elaborate on and enhance Jerry G’s dictum by adding, “We subscribe to ‘Best Sourcing’—and only want to associate with the ‘best of the best’.” 9. Do you embrace the new technologies with child-like enthusiasm and a revolutionary’s zeal? 10. Do you “serve” and “satisfy” customers … or “go berserk” attempting to provide every customer with an “awesome experience” that does nothing less than transform the way she or he sees the world? 11. Do you understand … to your very marrow … that the two biggest under-served markets are Women and Boomers-Geezers? And that to “take advantage” of these two Monster “Trends” (FACTS OF LIFE) requires fundamental re-alignment of the enterprise? 12. Are your leaders accessible? Do they wear their passion on their sleeves? Does integrity ooze out of every pore of the enterprise? Is “We care” your implicit motto? 13. Do you understand business mantra #1 of the ’00s: DON’T TRY TO COMPETE WITH WAL*MART ON PRICE OR CHINA ON COST? (And if you get this last idea, then see the 12 above!)
    292. 292. Ten Good Reasons to “Get Up in the Morning” 1. Empower one and all to vigorously seek WOW! in their work/projects. (Or else.) Foster the “Brand You Spirit” and the “Entrepreneurial Urge” at every turn. (Or else.) 2. Blow up “education” as we know it today! Re-tool education to emphasize the arts, creativity, entrepreneurial behavior. (Or else.) 3. Seek out the bold, the strange, the misfits, the dreamers—and welcome their presence in our midst. 4. Drag enthusiasm, passion, Technicolor and bold commitment out of the closet! Make Passion your Passion! (Hint: Passion makes the world go ‘round.) 5. Be a champion for: Women Roar! Women Rule! 6. Underscore the importance of/stupendous opportunities associated with the “cool new markets”: Women, Boomers and Geezers, Hispanics, Greenies, Wellness. 7. Dramatically re-orient healthcare from after-the-fact “fixes” to before-the-fact attention to prevention-Wellness. (And “kindly suggest” that the “acute-care” “industry” give some passing thought to Quality.) 8. Ensure that the historically neglected “intangibles” are the prime basis for individual and enterprise success. 9. Support Globalization as the best—if indeed messy—path to maximum human freedom, security and welfare. 10. Swear by the motto: “Reward excellent failures; punish mediocre successes.”
    293. 293. This I Believe: Tom’s Super-TIB25 1. TECH NI COL O R Times . 2. Passion! Enthusiasm! Energy! 3. Action/R.F.A./O.O.D.A. Speed. 4. Screw-ups. BIG SCREW-Ups! 5. Mess! Improv! 6. Revolution! Re-imagine! 7. INNOVATE OR DIE! 8. Decentralize! 9. Bulk is BULL! (Mergers don’t work. FOCUS Does!) 10 “Different” > “Better” 11. eALL/Power Tools for Power Strategies! 12. Forgetting/Destruction. 13. Hot Language Matters! 14. WOW!/WOW Projects. 15. VA Bedrock: The “PSF.” (Professional Service Firm.) 16. Daring. 17. Talent Time! Leaders “Do” People! 18. Talent+/Diversity. 19. Talent++/Women Rule! 20. “Brand You” Universe. 21. Design! 22. Gasp-worthy Experiences/Lovemarks. 23. New Market Demographics/Women/Boomers & Geezers/Green/Wellness. 24. Grace. 25. EXCELLENCE !
    294. 294. EXCELLENCE. TOM. 2007.
    295. 295. Hire Great People (Resilient, Passionate) Try a Lot of Stuff (S.A.V./R.F.A.) aCCEPT