Henry Ford Estate Residence HVAC Renovation


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Henry Ford Estate Residence HVAC Renovation

  1. 1. Architecture, Engineering & Construction and UM-D Facilities Management U-M Procurement and Logistics Services Dearborn Fair Lane Conference Center Henry Ford Estate Residence HVAC Renovation AEC Project No. P00001663 (PEXT CODE P1001001-07-001) REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL FOR CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT SERVICES RFP# P5073-07 Submittal Deadline: 2:00 PM Wednesday, January 24, 2007 C:DOCUME~1mmanorLOCALS~1TempHFE Radiator Renovations - CM RFP -1-1.doc Page 1 of 12
  2. 2. A. Project Descriptions: The project shall be referred to as the HVAC Renovation for the Henry Ford Estate Residence at the University of Michigan - Dearborn. The successful firm will work closely with the Owner and the Architect to develop the lowest-impact, lowest cost means and methods for installation of a new under window heating system for the residence. The Construction Manager shall coordinate construction documents for bidding, establishing budgets, providing value engineering alternatives, develop construction schedules and assure quality control in the pre- construction phase and shall provide full construction management services throughout the construction phase. The intent of the work includes the removal existing under window steam radiators and installation of a new under window heating system for the historic Henry and Clara Ford Residence at the Henry Ford Estate. Work includes new boilers, distribution piping, fan coil heating and cooling units, temperature controls, etc. The design and construction activities must be substantially complete by October 2007. The Owner intents to continue normal business operations of the residence during the construction work. The work shall be done in manner that has the least impact on the historic fabric of the residence and allows for the on-going use of the residence for significant and special events along with the day-to-day operations of the residence tours and restaurant services. The construction manager will be critical in establishing and maintaining the project budget and schedule and in proactively addressing potential conflict in the field. Your involvement early in the design process should help the team evaluate alternative approaches to inserting new building systems into the historic fabric and help the team understand the implications of the selected solution. The successful Construction Manager shall be sensitive to the historic nature of the entire facility and grounds and shall be responsible for protecting the same. The anticipated construction budget, including Construction Management fees, for this project is approximately $1,250,000 dollars. Funding for this work will be coming from several sources including the University, Public & Private Grants/Donations, and “Save America’s Treasures” (SAT) historic preservation fund grant. It is the Owner’s intent to award a contract for construction management services in early February, 2007. Construction is anticipated to start in late spring 2007. The project site is located on the University of Michigan - Dearborn Campus, 4901 Evergreen Road, Dearborn, MI 48128, at the Henry Ford Estate. B. SCOPE OF WORK Provide preconstruction and construction phase Construction Management (CM) Services for the following: Assist the architect in Pre-Design mapping of the residence to determine proposed routing of new utilities. Perform constructability reviews of the architect’s design drawings and independent cost estimates. Participate in cost reconciling if the respective estimates are not in agreement. Determine what items, if any, require pre-purchase to meet substantial completion date. Provide services for administration and management, as required to coordinate work of C:DOCUME~1mmanorLOCALS~1TempHFE Radiator Renovations - CM RFP -1-1.doc Page 2 of 12
  3. 3. all contractors and include coordination with Owner procurement agent, to complete the project in accordance with the Owners objectives for cost, schedule, quality, and safety. Provide sufficient personnel at all levels required for said completion. Conduct all meetings required to discuss, evaluate, provide solutions, etc., for such matters as are required for the progress of the project in accordance with the Owners objectives. Record meetings and distribute meeting minutes within one to five days of such meetings. Provide weekly schedule updates and advisories to the Owner. Provide all services required to monitor, process, and track shop drawings, submittals, samples, provide notification to contractors, Owner, and Architect on the progress of each and monitor for compliance with/and integration into the schedule. Provide notification to parties responsible for items that will effect the satisfactory outcome of the schedule and institute corrective measures as required to achieve satisfactory outcome. Endeavor to achieve satisfactory performance of all contractors. Take required course of action when sub-standard performance is present. Update the status of construction cost for the project at regular intervals, but in no case shall such revisions exceed 30 days. Maintain all cost accounting records required for the project. On-site, either electronically or other media, available rapidly to the Owner. Review and recommend to the Owner and Architect desirable changes to the Work, review requests or changes by contractors, and negotiate the best cost of such changes. Provide all processes required for reviewing and processing applications for payment by all contractors and suppliers. Provide approved payment application to the Owner for payment to contractor or supplier. Provide and/or coordinate the Safety Program for the project. Schedule and obtain code inspections for the project by the University Code Inspectors. Determine that the work performed by all contractors or suppliers conforms to the contract documentation. Consult with the Architect when questions concerning intent or meaning of the documentation arise and assist in the resolution of the question always bearing on the Owners best interest, budget, and schedule. Monitor contractors daily manpower and compare against manpower requirements to achieve schedule. Take required corrective measures to ensure proper manpower loading when manpower staffing will cause slip in schedule. Maintain at the project site current project documentation, samples, submittals, etc. Coordinate and arrange for storage, delivery, and protection of Owner and Contractor purchased, donated, etc., equipment, materials, and supplies which are part of the project including warehousing, shipping, and retrieval until such time as they can become part of the project. Obtain or assist in obtaining all required inspections or surveys required by all regulatory agencies having jurisdiction for the project. Prepare information or record C:DOCUME~1mmanorLOCALS~1TempHFE Radiator Renovations - CM RFP -1-1.doc Page 3 of 12
  4. 4. packages required for all such inspections or surveys. After completion of the project, or portion of the project requiring occupancy by the Owner, delivery all keys, manuals, maintenance stock, as-built record drawing on Cad format, project photograph/videos, etc. to the Owner. Provide for and process all final payments from the contractors, obtain all waivers, sworn statements, etc., required complying with the State and University regulations and protect the Owners interest. Removal of existing under window steam radiators, blow out, cut and capping of existing utilities steam and condensate distribution system, pneumatic control air, etc. Demolition of existing steam boiler(s), Installation of replacement heating hot water production system including utility hook-up and breaching and stack connection. Installation of steam, condensate, natural gas, electrical metering for new hot water production system. Installation of replacement under window fan-coil units. Installation of Adiabatic humidification system on fan-coil units. Installation Direct Digital control system for hot water production and fan-coil units. Installation of distribution piping; heating hot water, chilled water (future chiller NIC), condensate., electrical circuits, temperature control system, humidification system, fire suppression main(s). Architectural: disassembly, removal, cutting, patching, painting required for demolition of existing and installation of new heating system. Key Assumptions: Fair Lane Residence is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and therefore the means and methods used to install the new fan-coil units and heating production system shall be sensitive to the character of the existing building, and should impact the fabric of the building as little as possible. The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation and the State of Michigan’s Historic Preservation Office standards shall also be complied with. The historic character of the residence shall be retained and preserved. The construction shall be done in such a manner to minimize removal of historic materials or require alterations of features and spaces that characterize are to be avoided. New construction, where required, shall match the old in design, color, texture, and other visual qualities and, where possible, materials. This includes columns, cornices, baseboards, fireplaces and mantels, paneling, and flooring; and wallpaper, plaster, paint, and finishes; and any other decorative materials that accent interior features. Radically changing a floor plan or interior spaces is not allowed Dividing rooms, lowering ceilings, and damaging or obscuring character-defining C:DOCUME~1mmanorLOCALS~1TempHFE Radiator Renovations - CM RFP -1-1.doc Page 4 of 12
  5. 5. features such as fireplaces, niches, stairways or alcoves, so as to accommodate mechanical, electrical, etc., shall not be allowed. Installing new mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems shall be done such that it causes the least alteration possible to the building’s floor plan, the exterior elevations, and the least damage to the historic building material. The project construction will be executed in a phased manner to the extent necessary to allow for the Owner’s on-going use of the residence for day-to-day operations along with significant and special events use. Substantial completion must be achieved by October 2007 Work closely with the A/E and Owner to determine the most cost effective, historically sensitive means and methods for integrating the required work into the historic structure. Construction pre-planning and construction activities for the work must be closely coordinated to allow for uninterrupted operation of the residence and grounds. Cost accounting must be maintained for the project Work on the existing steam boiler plant serving both the residence and the Power House must be done in such a manner as to allow the on-going operation of the steam plant to serve the Power House’s needs. Additional Considerations & Information: In addition to addressing the construction requirements outlined above, the CM must also take into account a number of factors related to the unique nature of the project and site: 1. Existing Estate Operations: the site contains an active facility – public tours, business meetings, weddings, and Pool Restaurant operations. The CM must minimize impacts to the operations of this facility and maintain ongoing access for visitors, staff and material deliveries. 2. Environmental / Wetland Protection: the site is designated as a Nation Historic Site. The CM must develop site logistics and project execution plans to minimize impacts to the grounds and natural environment of the residence. 3. Utility Interruption, Relocation & Sequencing: interruption of utilities will be required while relocation of existing utilities is not known and / or anticipated. The sequence of these activities must be coordinated to maintain services to the residence and power house to allow for the on-going occupancy of the residence and power house while allowing for the completion of required work to meet the substantial completion date of 10/31/06. C:DOCUME~1mmanorLOCALS~1TempHFE Radiator Renovations - CM RFP -1-1.doc Page 5 of 12
  6. 6. C. RFP DOCUMENTS The following documents are being issued with this RFP to assist your preparation of the proposal. Contact U-M Procurement and Logistics via e-mail at rtrimmer@umich.edu and the documents (PDF) will be forwarded to you in a responding e-mail. H.A.B. Floor Plans Kessler Project Drawings Available via website - http://www.aec.bf.umich.edu/for.archs/Standard.html - are the following Terms and Conditions for Construction Management Services to be utilized for this project: Schedule of Project Details for Agreement for Construction Management Services (PDF) February 2006 Agreement For Construction Management Services (PDF) May 2005 General Conditions Applicable To Projects Where The Owner Has Retained The Services Of A Construction Manager (PDF) November 2003 D. KEY EVENTS SCHEDULE Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting week of 01/08/07 (contact rtrimmer@umich.edu for time and place) Proposal Submittal Deadline 01/24/07 Interview (If Required) 01/29/07 – 01/30/07 Desired Announcement of Selected Firm week of 02/05/07 E. UNIVERSITY CONTACT Any questions or concerns regarding this RFP shall be directed in writing (e-mail) to: Mr. Ronald Trimmer Procurement Supervisor e-mail: rtrimmer@umich.edu (734) 764-9447 F. TYPE OF CONTRACT The successful Construction Manager candidate will be required to enter into an Agreement for Construction Management Services available from the website earlier described. The Construction Manager is expected to read, understand and work under the terms and conditions of this Agreement, without exception or variation. If the Construction Manager does not intend to sign the Agreement, as written, please do not proceed with a response to this RFP. Return the documents and inform us in writing that you do not intend to respond. C:DOCUME~1mmanorLOCALS~1TempHFE Radiator Renovations - CM RFP -1-1.doc Page 6 of 12
  7. 7. G. CONTRACT AWARD PROCESS The University reserves the right to enter into an Agreement for all or any portion of the requirements proposed by this request or if deemed in the best interest of the University to reject any and all proposals, re-solicit for proposals, or temporarily or permanently abandon the procurement. If the University enters into an Agreement, it will be with the firm whose proposal is the most advantageous to the University and offers the best value, considering the evaluation factors set forth in the RFP. H. CRITERIA FOR SELECTION 1. An approved U-M Contractor’s Qualification Application on file at the U-M AEC offices in Ann Arbor. 2. The Construction Manager’s project execution plan, creativity, schedule and technical competence as a construction manager, including safety, cost and quality controls. 3. The Construction Manager’s proposed fees in comparison with the value the Construction Manager demonstrates it will add to the Project. 4. The Construction Manager’s capability to perform the construction management services for the project and its willingness to do so under terms set forth in the University’s Agreement for Construction Management services. 5. The Construction Manager’s presentation during the Owner’s interview, addressing additional evaluation information and clarification. The Construction Manager's Project Team is requested to attend this interview. 6. The Construction Manager's demonstrated ability to work closely and compatibly with University staff. 7. The Construction Manager's strategy for managing the site – site access, construction site layout, use and types of cranes, staging area, temporary parking, trailers, etc. 8. The availability of the Construction Manager to begin working immediately to provide a construction cost estimate from schematic design documents. 9. Material changes in any answer or information provided in the Construction Manager’s previous response to the Qualification Statement. Submission of proposals indicates the Construction Manager’s acceptance of the evaluation technique and the Construction Manager’s recognition that some subjective judgments must be made by the University during the selection process. I. PROPOSAL GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS The University will not provide compensation to the Construction Manager for any expenses incurred by the Construction Manager for proposal preparation or for any demonstrations that may be made, unless otherwise expressly stated or required by law. Construction Management firms submit proposals at their own risk and expense. Each proposal should be prepared simply and economically, providing a straightforward, concise C:DOCUME~1mmanorLOCALS~1TempHFE Radiator Renovations - CM RFP -1-1.doc Page 7 of 12
  8. 8. description of your firm’s ability to meet the requirements of this RFP. Emphasis should be on completeness, clarity of content, responsiveness to the requirements and an understanding of the University’s needs. The bidder's signature on a bid response indicates, among other things, the bidder's agreement to be bound by this restriction and the bidder's understanding and agreement that the University may deny a bid, or overturn acceptance of a bid, on this or any other University project based on a bidder's failure to comply with this provision. J. PROPOSAL SUBMISSION Six (6) identical copies of the proposal including any supplemental printed material referenced with the RFP, are to be submitted to the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, to: Ronald Trimmer, Procurement Supervisor The University of Michigan Procurement and Logistics Services 326 East Hoover St. Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1002 Phone: (734) 764-9447 Fax: (734) 647-3200 Email: rtrimmer@umich.edu The Proposals, without fee proposals, must be enclosed in a sealed envelope (box or container); the package must show clearly the Project name and the RFP No., and the name and return address of the Construction Manager must be clearly visible. In addition, 4 (four) copies of the Fee portion of the proposal as covered in Section L, must be submitted in one separate sealed envelope, marked "CM Fee Proposal: Henry Ford Estate Residence HVAC Renovation” K. QUESTIONS FOR CONTENT OF PROPOSAL Provide written response including examples where appropriate. Each question requires a response. Construction Management Services 1. List all personnel to be employed on site and those to be employed in your home office for this project (provide organization chart). Provide a manloading chart for both on-site and home office personnel. Provide names of actual project team; both preconstruction and construction phase teams. 2. List and describe the pre-construction and construction phase services to be provided by your firm for this project. 3. Describe how you propose to interface with the design team and influence the design process. 4. Describe your firm’s start-up, commissioning and closeout procedures for this project. 5. What project has your company completed in a historic building that you would like us to consider as one that best shows the work that you would do on this project? C:DOCUME~1mmanorLOCALS~1TempHFE Radiator Renovations - CM RFP -1-1.doc Page 8 of 12
  9. 9. 6. Given the University’s desire to have local and disadvantaged contractor participation, what will you do to ensure that this desire is maximized? Project Execution Plan, Schedule, Creativity and Technical Competence 7. Describe your project execution plan. Provide schedule for a project that is cost effective, efficient, and with the desired and expected quality of work as follows: a. Substantial Completion by October 31, 2007. Please state if your company can achieve or improve this schedule. If you can improve them, indicate where you believe savings can be achieved. b. Indicate the number and types of construction bid packages you would propose. 8. What suggestions can your firm offer to achieve cost savings on the project utilizing innovative procurement strategies, value engineering and construction / execution ideas? How can these be incorporated into the project plan at this point in time, and during the course of project planning and implementation? 9. Provide an example of your monthly executive report that would be submitted to the Owner for this type of project. 10. What are the site concerns relative to continued use / accessibility to the residence and surrounding buildings and parking areas during construction? 11. What are the site concerns relative to protecting adjacent wetlands and valuable environmental features? 12. How will noise, vibration, dust impacts to the building be handled in order to protect the building and the historic fabric and furnishing while allowing for continued business operations of the Estate and still be cost effective during construction activities, especially during, structural work, and installation of electrical and mechanical systems? 13. How do you propose to handle contractor parking and deliveries during the duration of this project? 14. How will you handle construction staging and laydown requirements? 15. Describe your strategy towards protecting the existing building. What issues do you forsee? Cost 16. Prepare the budget, in the format you would use on this project, including all costs for construction general conditions, reimbursables, contingencies, etc. but exclude the A/E and CM fees. 17. Describe the contingencies you would propose to be contained within the GMP. 18. Describe your project financial plan and the projected monthly construction cash flow (drawn-down), excluding A/E and CM fees, during the design and construction phases 19. Describe your firm’s change order management systems Quality 20. Describe in detail your firm's quality control program. Identify the quality control team for C:DOCUME~1mmanorLOCALS~1TempHFE Radiator Renovations - CM RFP -1-1.doc Page 9 of 12
  10. 10. this project and their duties. 21. Provide a list of testing services you would recommend the Owner should procure for this project. 22. List and describe the CM’s responsibility for handling the following items – RFI’s, claims, quotations, punchlist workoff & verification and submittals. Safety 23. Please state your company’s EMR for the past five years. General 24. Summarize why the Selection Committee should select your firm for this project. L. FEE PROPOSALS – (Submit separately, see Section J) The A/E Fixed Limit of Construction Cost (FLCC) is $1,000,000, which includes all Sub-trade Packages, General Conditions, CM Pre-construction Services, CM Construction Services and the CM’s Fee. Use the “Schedule of Project Details” (SPD) as a guideline for creating your fee proposals. 1. Provide a “Staffing Plan” for a) Pre-construction Services and b) Construction Services and associated cost for personnel to provide these services. Indicate duration of rates and how adjustments, if any, will be calculated during the course of the project. (Section 5.b of (SPD). 2. For the personnel listed in Item 1, above, provide the ”Job Charge Rate” in accordance with the CM Agreement, Article (Section 5.b of SPD) 3. Provide a complete detailed List of General Conditions that will require reimbursement with an estimated cost for each item. General Conditions are those costs necessary to support construction and are defined as cost elements which are not permanent features of the project as listed in the CM Agreement, Articles 8.2.5 & 8.2.6. (Section 5.c of SPD) 4. Provide a Percentage Fee for the Construction Manager’s overhead and profit for a) the Pre- Construction Services and b) the Construction Phase Services. (Section 5.a of SPD) 5. Do you have any voluntary proposals? If so, please include them as “Voluntary Proposal”. (Section 10 of SPD) C:DOCUME~1mmanorLOCALS~1TempHFE Radiator Renovations - CM RFP -1-1.doc Page 10 of 12
  11. 11. 6. Provide a summary of all costs as outlined below (Section 3 of SPD): DESCRIPTION AMOUNT NOTES Construction Base $ General Conditions $ Construction Subtotal $ CM Pre-Construction Services $ CM Construction Phase Personnel $ CM Fee $ % of Construction Subtotal A/E Fixed Limit of Const Cost $ 1,000,000 CM Contingency $ % of Construction Subtotal CM Fixed Limit Of Const Cost $ 7. The fee proposal must be signed by an authorized representative of the CM Firm and notarized. C:DOCUME~1mmanorLOCALS~1TempHFE Radiator Renovations - CM RFP -1-1.doc Page 11 of 12
  12. 12. M. SIGNATURE Dated at ___________________________ this _______day of __________________, 20___ Name of Organization: _______________________________________ By: _________________________________ Title:________________________________ M ________________________________________ being duly sworn deposes and says that the information provided herein is true and sufficiently complete so as not to be misleading. STATE OF MICHIGAN } } ss COUNTY OF } Subscribed and sworn to before me this _______day of ______________, 20___ _________________________________ Notary Public _________________ County, Michigan My Commission Expires: __________ End of RFP. C:DOCUME~1mmanorLOCALS~1TempHFE Radiator Renovations - CM RFP -1-1.doc Page 12 of 12