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Ford transmissions are clutch players in the drive for fuel ...


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Ford transmissions are clutch players in the drive for fuel ...

  1. 1. Blue Oval Connect Xxxxxxxx continued from page X News for Ford Alumni May 2008 Inside this issue 8 2. Power Steering Advancements 4. Cischke on CAFE Ford transmissions are 5. April U.S. Sales Results 6. Safety Innovations clutch players in the drive 7. Soy Foam Seat Developments for fuel economy leadership 10. Retiree Spotlight By ClIFF PETERS 11. Calendar FCN NEwS The often overlooked transmission is new 2009 Ford F-150.” FCN News Communication Team: proving to be a secret weapon for Ford And there is more to come. Later this Publisher: Karen Hampton Motor Company in the quest for im- year, Ford will begin producing a new Associate Publisher: Sara Tatchio proved fuel economy. fuel-saving, front-wheel drive 6-speed Managing Editor: Jenn Corney “Transmission technology is playing a transmission for use first in the 2009 Ford Copy Editor: Floyd Opperman key role in bringing down fuel consump- Escape and Mercury Mariner, which goes tion,” said Craig Renneker, chief engineer on sale this summer. Graphic Designer: Julie Yeiter for new automatic transmissions for Ford Hybrids, fuel cells and advanced inter- Writers: Afaf Farah, John Fossen, Powertrain Operations. “That’s why Ford nal combustion engines will remain at the Rebecca Kavanagh, Jennifer LaForce, is rolling out an industry-leading array of forefront when more than 35,000 auto- Cliff Peters, Wes Sherwood, Kristopher fuel-efficient, six-speed automatic trans- motive engineers gather in Detroit for the Spencer missions on more than half of the North 2008 SAE World Congress. But the role of Contact us at: American product lineup, including the advanced transmissions also will be high- To sign up for Blue Oval Connect, go to Continued on page 2
  2. 2. Blue Oval Connect New Transmission continued from page 1 lighted in panel discussions to fade into the background.” and technical papers at the an- However, Renneker and nual conference. his gearbox experts have much New transmission technol- to talk about, particularly the ogies are a key part of Ford’s highly sophisticated 6-speed strategy to deliver sustainable, automatic transmissions in quality vehicles that cust- North America and a new omers want and value. The dual-clutch transmission called new transmissions deliver 4 Powershift, which is already to 6 percent improvement delivering diesel fuel economy in fuel efficiency on average improvements of 10 percent compared with typical 4- and to the Focus in Europe. Power- 5-speed gearboxes. shift also is planned for future “Ford is on the cutting vehicles in North America. edge of advanced transmis- “These new technologies sion technology,” Renneker are all about fuel economy,” Ford is rolling out an industry-leading array of fuel-efficient, six- said. “We’ve introduced an ar- Renneker said. “Particularly, speed automatic transmissions on more than half of the North ray of advanced transmissions here with the 6-speed autos, American product lineup, including the new 2009 Ford Escape from multispeed automatics we’re delivering a wide ratio and Ford F-150. to CVTs, but we’re not used span that provides a high top to making headlines. Our ob- gear for fuel-efficient cruising Ford EcoBoost engines that role of transmissions of the fu- jective is for the transmission while delivering good launch are on the way.” ture on consumer buying deci- to be invisible to the customer feel for lower displacement The significant advance- sions at the 2008 SAE World with its performance and engines. This technology will ments in automatic transmis- Congress. Yuhasz’s presenta- smoothness, so I guess we tend mate perfectly with the new sion technology mean that tion highlights the differences more drivers in North Amer- in customer preferences be- “These new technologies are all about fuel ica will reap the fuel economy tween the United States and economy. With the six-speed autos, we’re benefits traditionally enjoyed Europe. Yuhasz will also share by vehicle owners with manu- his insight into the role of dif- delivering a wide ratio span that provides a al transmissions. ferent government regulations high top gear for fuel-efficient cruising.” Philip Yuhasz, director of and testing regimes for driving – Craig Renneker, chief engineer for new automatic transmission and driveline manufacturers to develop dif- transmissions, Powertrain operations engineering at Ford, will be ferent technologies for region- speaking on a panel on the al needs. Electric power steering improves product lineup By JENNIFER lAFoRCE FCN NEwS Ford Motor Company has The 2008 Ford Escape, made a commitment to fit 80 Mercury Mariner, and their re- to 90 percent of its Ford, Lin- spective hybrid models are al- coln and Mercury products ready benefiting from EPS. For with electric power steering 2009, Ford Fusion, Mercury 2008 Ford Escape (EPS) systems by 2012, im- Milan and Lincoln MKZ will proving the overall fuel econ- join these products, with other Ford Expedition and Lincoln The EPS system in the Es- omy, performance and reliabil- new and refreshed vehicles, Navigator, to follow over the cape and Mariner is highly ity of the company’s lineup. including the Ford Mustang, next three years. sophisticated with features 2 Blue Oval Connect May 2008 Continued on page 3
  3. 3. Blue Oval Connect Electric Power Steering continued from page 2 such as active returnability and position as one of the leaders “Fuel economy is now such active damping that help cor- in this technology,” says Brad “Fuel economy a large issue in our country and rect for road irregularities and Hochrein, technical specialist, is now such a is one of the main drivers of improve overall handling and Electrical Steering. more efficient vehicle systems steering feel. EPS also improves For more than 50 years, large issue in our like EPS,” says Hochrein, who fuel economy, because unlike hydraulic-powered steering country and is adds that there is more to ad- the common hydraulic-pow- systems have dominated the one of the main mire about EPS than just its ered systems that continuously auto industry, even though potential to save consumers draw power from the engine, they have several major disad- drivers of more money at the gas pump and in EPS draws power from an in- vantages: efficient vehicle the repair shop. dependent electric motor only These systems are powered EPS also has the potential as needed. According to some by a hydraulic pump, a ma- systems like EPS.” to add comfort, personaliza- estimates, this on-demand jor source of parasitic engine – Brad Hochrein, tion and increased safety to capability can equal up to a power loss and decreased fuel technical specialist, the driving experience. 1-mile per gallon improvement economy – the pump is always Electrical Steering EPS, for example, can be in fuel efficiency. For Escape, operational even when steer- integrated to communicate EPS and a number of other ing assist is not required. to operate and draw electric with a vehicle’s brake system to new features and technologies These systems are a com- power only as needed, improv- help operate advanced stability contribute to an 8 percent in- plicated mix of maintenance- ing efficiency and extending control systems and accident crease in fuel economy versus intensive components that are component life; are reasonably avoidance systems such as lane the previous model. prone to leaks, breaks, replace- compact and offer some weight departure warning. The trend toward electric- ment and repairs – including savings, equating to packaging The system also opens up powered steering continues to pumps, hoses, hydraulic fluid, flexibility and easier vehicle as- doors for other creature com- grow within the global auto drive belts and pulleys. In fact, sembly; are quiet since there is forts and capabilities such as industry. In Western Europe, leaks are one of the leading no need for an engine-mount- auto park, which can maneu- ed pump; and eliminates the ver a vehicle into a reverse or need for hydraulic fluid in the parallel parking spot for you. first place. In addition, EPS These systems tie multiple systems represent a CO2 emis- sensors on the rear and front sions savings of approximately bumpers to a central computer 3.5 percent since they operate processor, which in turn calcu- on demand. lates steering angle data, and According to Hochrein, the then interfaces with the power Escape and Mariner are already steering system to guide the showing signs that EPS can car into a parking spot. positively impact a customer’s EPS systems can also be cost of ownership equation. calibrated, potentially offering 2008 Mercury Mariner Both vehicles have seen a sig- customers the opportunity to nificant improvement in terms personalize their drive with se- for example, 6.1 million pas- causes of present steering-re- of warranty repairs related to lectable steering efforts. Driv- senger cars and light trucks lated warranty claims. steering. “We estimated EPS ers who prefer a sportier ride, will be equipped with various These multi-part systems would represent a two to three for example, would choose a EPS systems in 2007. That’s require large amounts of pre- time reduction in warranty higher steering torque than up from 3.3 million vehicles in mium under-the-hood space. problems, but Escape and someone who prefers a more 2003, according to just-auto. These systems are a source Mariner are performing above luxury-car feel. com. Ford estimates that uti- of block-mounted engine those estimates, at half the cost “As consumers find out lization of electric-powered noise due to potential vibra- and three times better than the more about EPS and how it steering in North America will tion from the hydraulic pump. previous model for reported allows us to incorporate more increase approximately 36 per- These systems pose recy- steering-related issues.” comfort and safety features cent by 2011. cling and environmental is- EPS continues to gain mo- that make their vehicles more “We have a very aggres- sues – where does all the old mentum in North America valuable, they will not only sive plan that by the time we hydraulic fluid go? as the technology matures, want it, but will be willing finish with our migration in In contrast, EPS systems component costs stabilize, and to pay a premium for it,” says 2012, we will have a strong do not require engine power public acceptance grows. Hochrein. 3 Blue Oval Connect May 2008
  4. 4. CAFE Standards Click to return to table of contents Ford executive comments on CAFE standards FCN News recently sat continuing with our plans to down with Sue Cischke, Ford introduce technologies like Motor Company’s senior vice EcoBoost, which is direct-in- president, Sustainability, Envi- jection turbocharging technol- ronment and Safety Engineer- ogy as an affordable, volume ing, and asked her to comment impact technology. Within on the new CAFE standards five years we will be produc- Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich. (L) and Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich. (R) announced recently in Wash- ing a half million vehicles listen to Susan Cischke, Ford Senior Vice President, Sustainability, ington. equipped with EcoBoost Environment and Safety Engineering, speak on the E85 Ford Escape on an annual basis in North will Ford be able to achieve Hybrid on Capitol Hill in Washington. America alone. EcoBoost, the aggressive CAFE standards with its current product plan? coupled with other technolo- gies like 6-speed transmissions, business that we do not con- California and many other We are working to evaluate can deliver up to a 20 percent states want to regulate fuel trol, including the price of gas. the details and impact on our increase in fuel economy and economy, why are you opposed We are clearly benefiting in product cycle plans. We re- 15 percent reduction in CO2. to their state law? some segments with increased main committed to meet the We are a global business demand for vehicles like the requirements set by Congress will the new CAFE regulations Ford Focus. And we are con- and the entire industry – Toy- in the energy bill. hit Ford with $6.9 billion in cost fident that new products like ota, Honda, GM, Chrysler, We are studying the de- as reported? the Ford Flex and Lincoln Ford – support one national tails and will provide input to The Secretary of Transpor- standard, rather than a pos- MKS will provide the fuel NHTSA as requested in the tation acknowledged that the sibility of 51 sets of regula- economy that customers are 60-day comment period. proposed regulations are more tions. The federal government seeking from vehicles that of- In the short term, we are aggressive than what Congress has now enacted an aggressive fer greater passenger and cargo passed last year – especially in carrying capacity that some of national standard and we are the 2011 to 2015 time frame. our customers need. We are working hard to meet it. While we are trying to evalu- certainly monitoring the sales ate all of the challenges, we mix. Editor’s note: For more on think the government’s esti- Ford’s efforts to increase Regarding a gas tax, that is a mate of the cost for the in- fuel economy click here. question for Congress, not us. dustry of $47 billion could be a bit low. We are currently spending more than $6 billion a year on research and devel- opment, much of it devoted to improving fuel economy. We are studying the details to determine what the impact would be of this accelerated timing. How are gas prices impacting Ford? would you support a gas tax? Right now, there are mul- Susan Cischke tiple factors impacting our Cischke displays the engine of a E85 Ford Escape Hybrid. 4 Blue Oval Connect May 2008
  5. 5. Sales & Market Share Click to return to table of contents Vehicle Sales Strong Focus sales lead car, 2008 April Year-to-Date U.S. Top-Selling Cars and Trucks crossover performance Rank/Nameplate Rank/Nameplate 1. Ford F-Series Units Sold Units Sold 192,951 By JoHN FoSSEN 2. Chevrolet Silverado 160,010 FCN NEwS 3. Toyota Camry 147,018 4. Honda Accord 122,877 U.S. retail sales of Ford’s new Focus in- Ford SYNC™ continues to be popular 5. Honda Civic 109,242 creased a whopping 88 percent in April and with consumers, achieving a 76 percent take 6. Toyota Corolla/Matrix 99,482 reached its highest-ever total sales for the rate on Edge models in April and 62 percent 7. Nissan Altima 99,037 month since 2000. on Mercury Milan. The SYNC mix on Fo- 8. Chevrolet Impala 98,478 “Focus is the right car at the right time,” cus is nearing 50 percent. 9. Dodge RAM 93,068 said Jim Farley, Ford group vice president, In all, about 134,000 SYNC-equipped 10. Ford Focus 72,920 Marketing and Communications. vehicles have been sold since the beginning 11. Honda CR-V 69,061 “This is the little car that delivers in a big of the year. “That’s more than double what 12. Chevrolet Cobalt 66,660 way for customers, with outstanding fuel we thought it would be,” said Farley. 13. Toyota Prius 64,664 economy, cool features including SYNC, The company’s total U.S. sales, includ- 14. Ford Escape 59,299 a fun drive and the right price, right along ing Jaguar, Land Rover and Volvo, were 15. Chevrolet Malibu 59,133 with the rest of our newest cars and cross- down 12 percent in April. Rising gas prices 16. GMC Sierra 57,403 overs,” said Farley. impacted sales of Ford sport-utility vehicles 17. Pontiac G6 57,143 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury passenger (down 36 percent) and trucks (down 19 18. Toyota Tacoma 55,363 cars posted a 21 percent gain in retail sales percent). A 32 percent drop in sales to daily 19. Ford Fusion 55,109 and collectively outsold the company’s total rental companies also contributed to the 20. Toyota Tundra 54,134 pickup truck and traditional SUVs com- overall decline for the month. bined. 21. Ford Econoline 49,196 Ford Fusion (up 31 percent), Mercury 22. Dodge Caravan 47,936 Milan (up 19 percent) and Lincoln MKZ 23. Toyota RAV4 47,002 (up 20 percent) all recorded impressive re- 24. Honda Odyssey 46,541 tail gains for the month. 25. Ford Edge 46,367 Combined crossover retail sales also grew 34. MAzDA3 36,310 11 percent, led by Ford Edge (up 24 percent) 37. Ford Explorer 34,994 and Ford Escape (up 13 percent). 2008 Ford Focus 38. Ford Mustang 34,527 Source: Manufacturers’ Reports U.S. Market Share - 2008 year-to-Date OTHER 0.3 0.9 1.3 0.9 0.9 0.5 0.2 25% MARKET SHARE PERCENTAGE 20 15 10 5 0 16.0% 21.8% 12.3% 16.1% 9.9% 7.1% 16.8% 5 Blue Oval Connect May 2008 Source: Manufacturers’ Reports
  6. 6. Safety Technologies Click to return to table of contents Ford studies driver warnings, develops safety innovations By wES SHERwooD FCN NEwS Researchers at Ford’s ad- and developing active safety vanced driving simulator, Vir- warning systems. Ford already tual Test Track Experiment has studied a number of warn- (VIRTTEX), are devoting ings by leveraging its global ac- much of 2008 to study how tive safety expertise in North active safety technologies in America and Europe. vehicles should alert drivers of For example, Ford recently potentially dangerous driving used VIRTTEX to examine incidents. driver preferences and reac- Ford also conducted cus- tion times with advanced VIRTTEX occupant navigates the virtual roadway. tomer driving clinics to test early-warning systems such as warning systems for its new Forward Collision Warning, elicit a faster reaction time for Ford is developing active backup system, the Cross a radar based system designed distracted drivers. technologies that ultimately Traffic Alert with Blind Spot to help avoid or mitigate the Ford continues to research may evolve into systems that Monitoring warning system, effect of rear-end collisions. numerous types of warnings – warn drivers of potentially un- which alerts drivers backing The study concluded that including audible, visual and safe conditions and, if they do out of a parking space when certain warning systems may tactile or vibrating warnings not act, automatically inter- traffic is approaching from the – and whether they are most vene to help avoid accidents. sides. The system will debut effective alone or in combi- Ford leading active safety early next year and has three nations. The work will help technologies and research in- warnings – a flashing red light determine how soon before clude: on the side mirror, an audible a possible incident warnings • AdvanceTrac with RSC: alert and a written warning on should be used, how intense the instrument panel’s mes- they need to be, and specific Unlike the competition, sage center. patterns of the warnings. this Ford-exclusive system uses “New technologies such Research to date has shown two gyroscopic sensors – one as radar, cameras, lasers and drivers respond more quickly to detect, measure and help GPS will enable us to offer to certain audible alerts that counter yaw (or side-to-side more safety and convenience are more intense, thus more skidding), and an additional features in the future,” said Jeff authoritative. Early research roll-rate sensor to accurately Rupp, manager, Active Safety, also shows some preference measure the vehicle’s roll mo- Research and Advanced En- for a combination of warnings tion. If a significant roll angle gineering at Ford’s Research – audio alerts backed up by vi- is detected, the system applies and Innovation Center. “A sual warning reinforcement. additional countermeasures key is identifying the kinds of Ford also is studying the to enhance vehicle rollover warnings that drivers will find optimal moment to warn a resistance. Ford has moved both effective and easy to un- driver in a potentially danger- to standardize this technol- derstand.” ous situation. Initial studies ogy on most crossovers, SUVs This year, VIRTTEX, show early warnings can be and pickups by the end of which debuted in 2001 as VIRTTEX occupant wears useful for distracted drivers, 2008. It will be added as stan- the first full-motion driving an eyetracker to accurately but can frustrate attentive dard equipment to the 2009 simulator in North America, track eye movement during a drivers by warning of dangers Ford Flex, Escape Hybrid and simulated drive. is being devoted to studying they’ve already anticipated. F-150. 6 Blue Oval Connect May 2008 Continued on page 7
  7. 7. Blue Oval Connect VIRTTEX continued from page 6 • Collision Mitigation with integrated with intelligent driver is not taking sufficient Braking: infrastructures. The team also braking action and the system Ford believes this will be is studying vehicle-to-vehicle detects an imminent threat an important safety advance active technologies that will of accident or collision, then in the next five years. Co- allow cars to “talk” to each it will begin decelerating the developed by scientists at other to better identify poten- vehicle.” Ford’s research centers in the tially unsafe conditions. “While drivers welcome U.S. and Europe, the system Despite much attention the information and warnings uses forward-looking radar to on “driverless” cars, Ford re- provided by these types of sys- gauge an impending frontal searchers believe drivers want tems, they remain very sensi- crash. If a potential collision is to retain control of their driv- tive about not wanting to lose detected, a warning is given via ing experience. Ford’s active control of their vehicle,” said audio and visual alerts. Then, safety technologies are being Rupp. “We want to first warn the system augments the driv- developed to both help warn them, but if a driver does not er’s braking by automatically drivers of possible accidents respond quickly enough and supplying additional brake VIRTTEX driving simulator and, if necessary, to intervene. an accident appears unavoid- pressure to further reduce the “The driver should always able, these technologies can vehicle’s speed. ment and industry leaders be in control,” says Dr. Priya intervene.” studying active safety tech- Prasad, Ford Technical Fel- • Crash Avoidance Metrics nologies. As part of the effort, low for Safety. “If the driver is Editor’s note: Click Partnership: Ford is building a “smart” in- taking some type of evasive ac- here to see video on the Ford also is involved in tersection on its engineering tion, for instance if they want importance of VIRTTEX in Ford’s “Drive safe” the Crash Avoidance Metrics campus to study how best to accelerate, this system is not campaign. Partnership team of govern- safety technologies can be going to override. But if the Green seats conserve resources, reduce emissions By REBECCA KAVANAGH FCN NEwS Ford Motor Company is mulated soy-based foam for not content to take a backseat vehicle seat applications, they position in protecting the en- developed a substitute for vironment. With the world’s petroleum-based products, enormous reliance on fossil leading to a conservation of fuels, Ford has no choice but limited resources and a reduc- to seriously contend with the tion in CO2 emissions. The matter of global warming. 2008 Ford Mustang was the Debbie Mielewski advances research by developing soy-based foam. That’s why the company has first vehicle to offer these en- launched an urgent, multilevel vironmentally friendly seats, hurdles to bring this environ- eral years. “Soy is a very green, approach to finding solutions. followed in 2009 by the Ford mentally responsible technol- renewable resource,” says Dr. Ford’s strategy for sustain- Escape and Mercury Mariner. ogy to production,” says Ger- Debbie Mielewski, techni- ability is built around a variety The soy foam seats were hard Schmidt, vice president, cal leader for Ford’s Materials of technologies that attack this developed in partnership with Research & Advanced Engi- Research and Advanced En- challenge from several angles. Lear Corporation, one of the neering. gineering department. “Using Today’s focus is: world’s largest suppliers of au- In fact, Ford researchers a soy-based foam gives us the tomotive seating systems. have been working on the de- opportunity to conserve natu- Eco-Friendly Seating Solutions “Our technical team had to velopment of soy-based foam ral resources and reduce our When Ford scientists for- overcome several significant formulations for the past sev- environmental footprint.” 7 Blue Oval Connect May 2008
  8. 8. Historically Speaking Click to return to table of contents Tin Lizzie turns 100 By AFAF FARAH FCN NEwS A century after the Model T was simple, affordable and re- put the world on wheels, Ford liable. It changed the way we continues building on its tra- live, work and play, providing dition with industry-leading, mobility and prosperity on an high-volume technologies in- undreamed-of scale,” said Alan cluding SYNC and EcoBoost Mulally, president and CEO, engines, a new fuel-efficient Ford Motor Company. “To- powertrain lineup, a new small day, a century of innovation car for the world as well as later, Ford continues in the America’s most head-turning same tradition of the Model T, crossover and most-capable delivering high-quality, smart, pickup. safe and sustainable vehicles at Henry Ford stands with 1921 Model T. “Henry Ford’s Model T a value.” Ford will recognize this historic milestone during “A century of the next six months through innovation later, a series of regional celebra- Ford continues in tions joined by thousands of the same tradition Model T owners and global enthusiasts. This includes to- of the Model T, day’s Fabulous Fords Forever delivering high- show in Buena Park, Calif., as quality, smart, safe well as the world’s largest gath- ering of Model T’s since they and sustainable left the factory – at “T Party Child hand cranks a 1908 Model T. vehicles at a value.” 2008” in Richmond, Ind., – Alan Mulally, planned for July 21-26. celebration’s title sponsor for Company. “No other vehicle president and CEo, Ford Ford, with support from the weeklong event that is has put its mark on the indus- Motor Company the Ford Motor Company hosted by the Model T Ford try or world like the Model T, Fund, is the “T Party 2008” Club of America. Nearly and true to my great-grandfa- 1,000 Model T’s, including ve- ther’s vision, it was the simple, hicles from England, Norway, durable car that millions could Australia and New Zealand afford and that many still trea- and more than 10,000 Model sure today.” T owners and enthusiasts are The Model T chugged into expected to participate. history Oct. 1, 1908. Henry “Celebrating a hundred Ford called it the “universal years of the Model T is a great car.” It became the symbol of milestone for Ford Motor low-cost, reliable transporta- Company,” said Edsel Ford, tion that could get through great-grandson of Henry Ford when other vehicles and horse- and member of the Board drawn wagons were stuck in 1926 Model T Assembly line at Highland Park Plant. of Directors at Ford Motor muddy roads. The Model T 8 Blue Oval Connect May 2008 Continued on page 9
  9. 9. Blue Oval Connect Model T continued from page 8 won the approval of millions the industry’s first truly glob- major product of Ford’s new of Americans, who affection- al car. By 1921, it accounted global product development ately dubbed it “Tin Lizzie.” for almost 57 percent of the process and represents an im- The first Model T’s sold for world’s automobile produc- portant opportunity for Ford $825 (for a two-door road- tion. to show customers that it in- ster) – an unexpected bargain Today, Ford is launching tends to be a large player in compared to other cars. But an important new small car – the growing small car segment even more remarkable is that the Fiesta – around the world. worldwide. during its 19 years of pro- Designed and developed in “In the same way the Model duction, Ford continued to Europe for customers in Eu- T opened up the world for so steadily lower its price, thanks rope, Asia, South Africa, Aus- many, the new Ford Fiesta will to manufacturing efficiencies tralia and the Americas, Fiesta set a new standard for value in including the moving assem- will come to market around the same spirit as Henry Ford’s bly line introduced in 1913. the world between 2008 and Model T,” said Mulally. “With In addition to its afford- 2010. a growing demand around ability, Model T stands out as The new Fiesta is the first the world for safe and fuel- efficient transportation, Ford is once again delivering a high quality, durable car for us all.” From the beginning, the Model T provided the most robust underpinnings for commercial vehicles and de- livered maximum utility at a value. The Model T car chas- sis was simple, strong and Ford Model T Facts lightweight with a unique three-point suspension that • The first Model T was offered for sale on Oct. 1, 1908. isolated the frame and pow- • The Model T was the first low-priced, mass-produced ertrain from road shock that automobile with standard, interchangeable parts. would cause other less sophis- Model T advertisement • The Model T was equipped with a 20-horsepower, four- ticated chassis designs to flex cylinder engine with a top speed of approximately 45 under heavy loads. about – with a pickup body. miles per hour, weighed 1,200 pounds, and achieved In 1914, Henry Ford be- Ford also offered a heavier 13-21 miles per gallon. gan producing a commercial duty, one-ton rated Model • The moving assembly line for the Model T chassis that was literally a TT pickup – akin to today’s revolutionized manufacturing in 1913. Model T devoid of any body- F-Series Super Duty. work except the cowl, engine “The spirit that was born • More than 15 million Model T’s had been sold by May cover, radiator, front fenders from the Model T is very 26, 1927, when a ceremony marked the formal end of and headlamps. Customers Model T production. much alive today in every- picked up the Model T chas- thing that we do at Ford,” said • Henry Ford called the Model T “the universal car,” a sis and took it to the inde- Fields. “Because of that spirit, low-cost, reliable vehicle that could be maintained pendent bodyworks of their Ford continues to deliver easily and could successfully travel the poor roads of choice – much like today’s high-quality, affordable prod- the era. F-Series and E-Series com- ucts and technologies for the • On Dec. 18, 1999, the Ford Model T was named “Car of mercial chassis cabs. masses.” the Century” by a panel of 133 automotive journalists By 1925, Ford was manu- and experts who began with a list of 700 candidates in facturing its first factory-pro- Editor’s note: Check out 1996 and sequentially narrowed the nominees through duced domestic pickup truck this timeline of Ford’s seven rounds of balloting over three years. – the Ford Model T Run- Model T. Click here. 9 Blue Oval Connect May 2008
  10. 10. Retiree Spotlight Click to return to table of contents Get Connected, Get Involved! Retiree Group: The Frame Plant “Survivors” The Frame Plant “Survivors” is composed of about 100 sala- ried retirees that spent part or all of their Ford career in the Frame Plant (now DDMP). The group meets the third Wednesday of each month at Dearborn Hills Golf Course March thru De- cember. The meeting is an informal social gathering followed by a lunch with 25-40 attending. Special summer and Christmas luncheons usually bring a larger group. The past year brought several more formal special presentations on health care and Frame Plant “Survivors” at their holiday gathering. changes. The monthly 50/50 raffle offsets partial cost of our summer outdoor and Christmas luncheon along with a bereavement gift donation upon the death of a member or spouse. The group plans special outings for sports events, plant visit, sailing, golfing and whatever interests our members. We publish and distribute a monthly newsletter either via e-mail or snail mail, which also includes articles of interest for our members, monthly birth- days, illnesses, etc. The majority of members live in S.E. Michigan, with a number living in northern Michigan and out-of-state. The Frame Plant Survivors also maintain a Web site (click here ), including group history, members pics, and pics of special gatherings and events. There are yearly dues of $10, which cover monthly newletter mailings, special mailings, picture postcards and get well cards. Contact: If you are a part of a retiree group, let us know. Drop us a Bob Grodus note at with the contact information President, Frame Plant Survivors and details about your Ford retiree group. We’ll share that information with other Ford retirees so they can get involved. News Around the oval He’s a winner 2008 Model T Celebration Events: He’s a winner all the way May 10 June 14 around. Not only did Dave Sneath Model T Mother’s Day Petite Jean Swap Meet of Livonia, Mich. win U.S. $136 Buckley, Wash. Morrilton, Ark. million in the MegaMillions jackpot May 12 July 12 on April 1, but one of his first acts as a new millionaire was to donate Model T University Challenge Swanson Ford Car Show $100,000 to the March of Dimes Automobile Hall of Fame Ceresco, Neb. for Babies campaign. Dearborn, Mich. July 17 - 19 Sneath, who had worked at a Ford parts warehouse for 34 May 17-18 Model T World Conference years, won the 12-state lotto on his birthday and promptly retired. He plans to buy a cottage in northern Michigan, a new Model T Celebration & Cruise Henry Ford Museum fishing boat and maybe have laser surgery on his eyes because Texas Transportation Dearborn, Mich. he’s tired of misplacing his glasses. He’s also considering going Museum July 28 back to college since he’s only eight credits short of getting his San Antonio, Texas Doughty 500 Model T bachelor’s degree in business. May 23 Chetek, Wis. At the press conference where he accepted his first $1 million check, Sneath also said he won’t be buying a new, Model T Centennial July 30 expensive foreign car, a remark that was initially misquoted by Lakeside Park Air Venture 2008 a local reporter. “I worked for Ford Motor Company. I won’t Denver, Colo. Oshkosh, Wis. be buying a foreign product,” he said. 10 Blue Oval Connect May 2008
  11. 11. Calendar Click to return to table of contents May 9 - 11: Steedas, all Mustangs, and Hi-Po Ford vehicles. Click to Ford wagon Train Camping Club (Buffalo, N.y.) for more information. The club’s first campout of 2008 will take place at Genesee May 21: Country Campground, 40 Flint Hill Rd, Caledonia, N.Y. Kansas City Ford Salaried Retiree Club luncheon (Kansas City, Mo.) 14423. Contact Mary Bond at 716-675-1342 or The Kansas City Ford Salaried Retiree Club is having a for information. luncheon at The Golden Ox Restaurant (next door to Kemper May 10: Arena) in Kansas City, Mo., starting at noon. This will be our Ford Amateur Astronomy Club Beginner’s Night third meeting. For more info, please contact Maynard Moore (Brighton, Mich.) at Do you have a new telescope that you would May 31: like to learn to use? Do you want to see Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure (Detroit) samples of what the night sky has to offer? If Please join the fight against breast so, you should consider coming out to Island Lake cancer by taking part in the 2008 Susan Recreation Area on Beginner’s Night. Weather permitting, G. Komen Detroit Race for the Cure, Beginner’s Night will take place at Island Lake State Recreation Saturday, May 31 at Comerica Park. Area, May 10 (also on June 7, July 12, Aug. 9 and Oct. 4), from Whether you are participating in the race or coming out 7 p.m. to midnight. These nights are dedicated to providing to show your support, the Ford team will gather before the equipment and observing assistance to new astronomers. The event at Hockeytown on Woodward. Last year, Ford fielded exact location of the observing site is the “Spring Mill Pond” the largest corporate team for the Detroit event. To be part parking lot and picnic area, at the Island Lake State Recreation of the May 31 Ford team, please register online by May 13 at Area, on Kensington Road, south of I-96 between South Lyon and Brighton. For more information, contact Ken Anderson at June 1 - 2: or call 313-805-4600. Motor City Show and Go (Dearborn & waterford, Mich.) May 16 - 17: The 33rd Annual Shelby American Automobile Club Relay for life – American Cancer Society Event (SAAC) Car Show and Swap Meet will take place at Ford (Greenville, S.C.) WHQ in Dearborn (June 1) and the Driver’s School and Relay for Life, the American Cancer Society’s Track Event will take place at the Waterford Hills Road signature event, is a fun-filled overnight Race Course (June 2). For more information, click to experience designed to bring together those or call the SAAC-Michigan who have been touched by cancer. At the event, people from City Region Hotline at 734-956-1636. within the community gather to celebrate survivors, remember July 13 - 15 those lost to cancer, and to fight back against this disease. Click First Annual ‘Gathering of Ford Retirees’ (Canadian lakes, Mich.) here to sign up, or contact Brenda Moss, Join the Canadian Lakes Ford Club for all or part of a three- May 16 - 18: day, two-night event of golfing, swimming, tennis, horseback Ford wagon Train R.V. Club May rally of 2008 (ortonville, Mich.) riding, Soaring Eagle Casino play or just relaxing in the Ford Wagon Train R.V. Club May rally of 2008 will take place residential and recreational community of Canadian Lakes, May 16, 17, 18, 2008 at Clearwater Campground, 1140 S. Mich. This is the first of what we hope will become an annual M-15/Ortonville Road, Ortonville, Mich. 48462. Contact opportunity for Ford retirees to mix and mingle in a wonderful Jerry Kargel at if you would like to summer activity setting just three hours from Detroit and attend. Please do this at least two weeks before the rally so we 1-1/2 hours from Traverse City. This event coincides with the can reserve you a campsite. closing of the Traverse City Cherry Festival. May 16 - 18: Activity and accommodation details are available via brochure Indiana SAAC Shelby Spring Fling (Nashville, Ind.) by contacting St. Ives Resort at 231-972-4837 ext.239 or by visiting their Web site at and clicking The 31st annual Indiana SAAC on the Ford Blue Oval. Your phone call to Ken Reuther Shelby Spring Fling event will include a 231-972-8819 is also welcome. Don’t delay as space is limited. welcome bash, car show, picnic, banquet and awards ceremony as well as a road rally. Open to: If you have an event you would like considered for the Blue Oval Cobras, Shelbys, Tigers, Bosses, Mach 1’s, Saleens, Roushes, Connect calendar, please send it to 11 Blue Oval Connect May 2008