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Creative Brief


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Creative Brief

  1. 1. Creative Brief Advertiser: Kelly Bolden CLIENT: Ford Motor Company PRODUCT/DIVISION: 2002 Ford Mustang JOB DESCRIPTION: Print campaign for the 2002 Ford Mustang LONG-TERM DIRECTION Long-term Position Ford Mustang is the most affordable and sporty automobile in its class for those who want an attractive car at a low price. Communication Strategy Demonstrate to the performance-minded driver the enjoyment of having a sleek and sporty car that is not as expensive as many other sports cars on the market. Brand Personality Sophisticated, attractive, sporty, affordable, confident SPECIFICS FOR THIS AD/ CAMPAIGN Target Audience Demographics: Men and Women of middle-income, ages 18-30, who are seeking an automobile with the “sports car” image Buying and Using Habits: They are looking for a good-looking car that will get noticed. They are also looking for something less expensive than most other sports cars and SUV’s, but still has a history of reliability. Values, Attitudes, and Lifestyles: Fun-loving, adventurous, yet reasonable. They like the appearance of having a sports car without having to pay the expensive price to get one Selling Proposition Ford Mustang is the most sleek and stylish car in its class. Support Rationale: *Ford Mustang has a long history of being a leader of its class *Among its competitors, the Mustang is least expensive in price *Mustang’s sports car style is sleek and stylish *Available in both hard-top and convertible