October 2004
Alumni Association Quarterly Report
Welcome to the very first Alumni Association Quarterly repor...
Rather than requesting the information from the WGS, and waiting a couple of days, you will be
able to do a search from yo...
Alumni Association Awards Program
Nothing evokes motivation quite like positive reinforcement. This is why the national fr...
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Alumni Association Quarterly Report


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Alumni Association Quarterly Report

  1. 1. October 2004 Alumni Association Quarterly Report Introduction Welcome to the very first Alumni Association Quarterly report. This informal publication will be sent via email to each alumni association board member at the beginning of each quarter. The goal of the AAQR is to provide useful information to the Alumni Association Boards, therefore providing an additional means of reaching out to all of our alumni. In this first issue, I will be covering some, but not all of the projects that the Grand Council has been working on that will have an impact on our alumni and alumni associations. Any comments, questions or ideas are highly welcomed. The National Alpha Rho Chi Website Has Updated its Alumni Content If you haven’t had a chance to visit the national website lately, you’ll notice a number of improvements. First, there’s the APX post, a forum to instantly discuss any topic that comes to mind. In addition, there is the APX Job board, which is geared toward all types of employment and experience levels. It’s not just for architecture interns. In addition, the information under the “Alumni” tab has been extensively remodeled. The idea was to keep everything a typical alumnus would need under this tab, while at the same time, providing resources for those of us who have been dedicated enough to maintain active involvement with an alumni association. For the everyday user, we have a timely list of upcoming events on the opening page, links to their chapter’s Alumni Association’s website or publication, a link to the most recent alumni dues invoice, and a link to the address update form. For the more engaged alumni, an Association Handbook has been developed. It can be accessed though the drop down menu that is activated when you click on “alumni” at the top of the page. In there, you will find a link to the AA-1 form, the Alumni Association Annual Checklist, an idea bank, and links to the Constitutions and By-Laws of our various Associations. The Alumni Association Annual Checklist, which was developed recently, is an attempt to outline what the National Fraternity on an annual basis expects of each Alumni Association. The Idea bank resulted from the Alumni Association survey you participated in earlier this summer. Please take a look at both of these additions; I hope they will be helpful to you and your association. National Database Expansion I am pleased to announce that after years of requesting information from the worthy Grand Scribe, the National Database is finally going to be accessible online. The computer programming to make this so, is currently underway, and the project should be complete by the first of the year. What does this mean? Having the database online will greatly change the way the Grand Council has operated over the years. Each individual brother will have a login and password in order to access to his own information, allowing him to directly update his personal information. The scope of this project also establishes the means for each alumnus to pay his national dues directly online, as well as be able to see which years he has paid. But wait... There’s more… Is your chapter planning a founder’s day event and want to mail an invitation all the brothers from your chapter?
  2. 2. Rather than requesting the information from the WGS, and waiting a couple of days, you will be able to do a search from your personal computer Are you planning an event and want to invite all the brothers who live in your area? You will be able punch in any zip code and find all brothers within a certain mile radius of that location. This new system will be extremely secure, and personal information will only be accessible by the Grand Council and designated members of each chapter and alumni association. In addition, the Grand Council will be able to monitor the information being downloaded. A New Alumni Ceremony – Proposal to Amend the Ritual Early in September an issue of The Rise was published and sent to each Alumni Association President. In this issue, it was proposed that a new ceremony be added to our fraternity’s ritual. The proposed ceremony was written to mark the transition between being an active member and alumni member. This proposal includes an official amendment to The Ritual, and will be voted upon at the upcoming national convention. Please verify that you received your Association’s copy of The Rise, and please share it with each of your members. If you haven’t received your copy, please contact me immediately, and I will forward one on to you. The ceremony itself was performed at the Leadership Conference at the end of September, and we will be doing another run-through at convention, prior to new business. I encourage each Association to read, and perhaps perform the ceremony themselves prior to coming to any decisions on its validity. If there are any questions, please feel free to ask either myself, or the three authors of the ceremony: Alumni Nicole Morris Dress (Vitruvius), Rick Jenkins (Metagenes) & Lenora Nelson (Pytheos). 58th National Convention to be held in Buffalo, NY Mark your calendars… the 58th National Convention of Alpha Rho Chi will be held March 17-20 in the City of Good Neighbors, Buffalo, New York Please look out for your convention registration information, which will be mailed out in the beginning of January. Visit the national website for more information
  3. 3. Alumni Association Awards Program Nothing evokes motivation quite like positive reinforcement. This is why the national fraternity is making an effort to enhance our fraternal awards program. Currently there are no awards directed at alumni associations as an entity, but that is soon to change. We will be handing out the very first Alumni Association Award. This particular award commends the Alumni Association that can boast that on average, they have the highest number of Alumni Dues Payees, as well as the highest per-chapter percentage of Alumni Dues Payees. The winner will be calculated on an annual basis, and only Alumni Associations that are in good standing at the end of the year will be eligible. Curious about where your chapter stands currently? Send me an email, and I’ll let you know. Alumni Dues Payees I’d like to make it a point to end each of these reports with a list to let each alumni association board member exactly know who is making their annual dues contribution to the national fraternity. This information is also available on the website, and it too will continue to be updated quarterly. This information is valuable, not only because the Grand Council greatly appreciates all alumni who pay dues, it may also be informative to you, the Alumni Association Board member to recognize some of your most dedicated brothers. You see the ones with the asterisks? These are the people who will always be there for you, whether you need to do a little fundraising, or whether there’s a pressing question you need answered. See if any of these people paid chapter alumni dues. It’s an interesting exercise. Trust me. (Information to be found on the next page) Farewell I hope you enjoyed the first Alumni Association Quarterly Report. I covered some, but not all of the projects currently underway. If there are any questions or comments, or if you have anything you think should be included in the next report, please let me know. I can always be easily reached by email: wgaa@alpharhochi.org I hope everyone has a great holiday season, and I hope to see you at convention! Laura Schmidt Worthy Grand Associate Architect Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity
  4. 4. Andronicus Susan Presser Iktinos Rabirius Dwight Broadneaux Shelly Reid-Tripp* Mara Braspenninx Cliff Heaberlin Robin Leslie Edwards Amy Riley R. James Bryden Joe Henderson Armando Gonzalez Marcus Roberts Richard Chadwick Kurt Hanna Laura Schmidt Dana Habel * Rhoecus Renay Marquez Robert Selby Peter Haddix Andrew Gilles John Melcher Ian Stegherr Edward Hammarskjold Katie Goldman James Mock Scott Strnad Leslie Kenyon Patrick McCurdy Edward Pearson Steven Swanson John Kuieck Carl Raymond Michael Thieme Tyra Sorensen Satyros Kenneth Schwartz Thomas Torke Peter Vander Heide Carl Buchanan John Sterni (board) Thomas Waggoner Paul Zider Christopher Mills Leslie Sung Gregory Zielinski Shani Redmond Charles Eugene Talmadge Imhotep Joshua Thompson Mark Wlez Apollodorus Michael Hagge Michael Burke* Tommy Solomon Seshait Anthemios Alessandro DeMartini Duane Walker Seth Cheever Richard Albyn* Rob Esther Nerissa Jemmotte Daniel Balla Amber Ford* Kallikrates Warees Smith Laureen Blissard Rob Ford* Lowell Baughan John Bowman Lynda Hyman Vitruvius Bill Bradford Stephen Schram Metagenes Javier Arencibia Thomas Budzik Philip Buckberg Pier Bandini Mickey Chusid Cleisthenes Wayne Burford Erich Burkhard Richard Diedrich* Richard West Robert Citrano Judd Henry Carstens Alexander Garbe Kim Clark Jeffrey D. Chambers* Johanna James-Heinz Daedalus David Deverter Melissa Conchilla Peter Heinz* David Wellington Brown Mary Deverter Leighton Deer Henry Hill Kimberly Brown Laura Gagliano J.P. Devereaux* Dennis Humphries Robert Cooley Richard Jenkins* Gary Ehrlich Adam Johnson Steven Crook Thomas Jenkins Madelyn Erb Brandon Kane Thiep Cung Lisa Jones Vincent Ferrese James Kellogg* Theresa Dias Susan Karageorges Richard Fruth III Albertas Kerelis* Erin Ettenger Sharlee LaBrecque Philip Gaydos Kendall Kirkpatrick Robert Ettenger Michele LeTourneur Amy Grahek Frank Kitchel* Howard Jeng Elizabeth Lerch Andrew Griffin* William Kitchel Lance Karutz Janet Reiss Aaron Grosse Elizabeth Laske John Lawrence Linda Roberts Barry Huber * Chris Lasky* Lorenzo Lopez Gary Zickafoose William Jones Roy Latka* Scott Swanson Mark Kates Audra Lyons Mark Tucker* Mnesicles John Marko* David Lyons Laurie Tyler John Damberg Melissa Marteny J. Scott MacKay Ryan Upp Thomas Mortenson Joseph Matyaz* Katie Majchrowski Shawna Upp Brooke Silvernail David Meisegeier Greg Marker Cliff Young Lauren Wold Nicole Morris Dress* Karen Marker Robert Plowfield Leonard Marvin Daphnis Pytheos Patrick Ridgley William McQueen* Thomas Usher Scott Beckman Valerie Spooner Douglas Milburn Kristen Fritsch Daniel Steenstra* Charles Morley* Demetrios Nicolas Kattentidt Evan Sucharski William Pasche Timothy Buckley Nathan Scott Krug Anne Marie Sweet-Abshire Caroline Pelley* George Dolby Nicole Ludacka Edward Wrobleski Greg Pelley* David Hughes* Lenora Nelson Michael Petti Michael Roush Scott Tafoya Xenocles Charles Pickard Henry Shuster* Patricia Wahlgren Brad Allen Victoria Prescott Suzanne Berens Ghassen Hissen Kyle Horton* Vicki Horton* Larry Loftis