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  1. 1. ________________________________________________________________________ Weekly “Georgia Rotary Student Program Minute” Message _____________________________________________________________ WEEK 1 –July 5, 2010 OVER THE NEXT YEAR, I WILL COME TO YOU WITH A SHORT WEEKLY MESSAGE ABOUT THE GEORGIA ROTARY STUDENT PROGRAM (G.R.S.P.) AND THE NEED FOR OUR CONTINUED SUPPORT AND PARTICIPATION. I LOOK FORWARD TO TELLING YOU OF THE G.R.S.P. STORY AND ABOUT THE LIVES THAT IT HAS TOUCHED OVER THE YEARS. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF G.R.S.P. AND ITS MISSION. ________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 2 – July 12, 2010 WHAT IS G.R.S.P.? THE GEORGIA ROTARY STUDENT PROGRAM IS A ONE YEAR AMBASSADORIAL SCHOLARSHIP WITH THE FOLLOWING MISSION: Promote peace through understanding Encourage the exchange of cultural and social experiences Advance the ideals of Rotary Create opportunities for friendship Envision a world where peace is a reality. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF G.R.S.P. AND ITS WORK. ________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 3 – JULY 19, 2010 HOW WAS G.R.S.P. BORN? In 1946, as World War II drew to a close, the world began to see for the first time in many years the light of peace, and yet at the same time, it saw desolation, ruin and despair in too many war-torn countries throughout the world. Past District Governor William A. Watt of Thomasville saw the need for a practical application of the Rotary ideal of international service; one which must look to the future of world peace and at the same time one which could give courage to those living in despair of the present. It was only logical that this application of international service be centered on the youth of the world in whose hands would rest the future of world peace. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF G.R.S.P. AND ITS WORK. ________________________________________________________________________ 1
  2. 2. WEEK 4 – JULY 26, 2010 WEEKEND ACTIVITIES PLANNED FOR G.R.S.P. STUDENTS Many weekend cultural, educational and fun activities are planned for G.R.S.P. students during their up-coming year in Georgia: • Conclave (rotates amongst 3 Districts) on August 27-29, 2010 in Savannah, GA • September Weekend sponsored by the Rotary Club of Clayton County • October Weekend sponsored by the Rotary Clubs of Savannah area • November Weekend sponsored by Rotary Clubs of Sandy Springs/Alpharetta • January GRSP Student Leadership Conference sponsored by Rotary Clubs of Atlanta and Dunwoody. • March Weekend sponsored by Rotary Club of Pelham • April Weekend sponsored by Rotary Club of Camden County • Each District hosts own GRSP Students at their late spring District Conference THERE’S ROOM FOR YOU TO JOIN IN ON THE FUN! MAKE PLANS NOW! ________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 5 –AUGUST 2, 2010 Two weeks ago I told you of Past District Governor Will Watt’s idea for working towards world peace through young adults. Past District Governor Will advanced his idea to the Rotarians of former District 165 – which at that time included the entire State of Georgia. The 1945-46 District Governor Irwin Ingram strongly supported the proposal, and $4,000.00 was provided – one dollar per Rotarian. In 1946-47, the first G.R.S.P. Class consisted of three young men and one young woman from European countries who became the first Rotary sponsored students to attend schools in Georgia. Thus was begun a project that became the Georgia Rotary Student Program. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF G.R.S.P. AND ITS WORK. ________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 6– AUGUST 9, 2010 WHAT G.R.S.P. IS: G.R.S.P. is a one-year, non-degree seeking program. Our program’s aim is to promote world understanding and peace through the means of education. As Ambassadorial scholars, students must carry a full load of subjects and maintain good academic standing in school. Students sign a permission form releasing transcripts to G.R.S.P. that become a part of their file. Some students do remain in the United States after their G.R.S.P. year is over, at their own expense, to obtain a degree. G.R.S.P. has no obligation to support them, nor does G.R.S.P. have any control over them or forcing them to go home. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF G.R.S.P. AND ITS WORK. __________________________________________________________________________________ 2
  3. 3. WEEK 7– AUGUST 16, 2010 WHAT G.R.S.P. IS NOT: • EXCHANGE PROGRAM: No American student goes to another country in exchange for an international student coming to Georgia as part of the G.R.S.P. In the broadest sense, however, we do exchange cultures and make lasting friendships. • NEEDS-BASED SCHOLARSHIP: Students must pay their transportation to and from Georgia, purchase medical insurance, provide proof of access to $3,000.00 spending money while in the United States, and pay any taxes imposed on the scholarship money by the U.S. Government. Indigent students cannot finance this amount of money. G.R.S.P. pays tuition, room, board and books for one academic year. • ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP: Students must meet the entrance criteria for the school they are chosen to attend, but students are not selected merely on academic performance. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF THE G.R.S.P. AND ITS WORK. ________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 8 – AUGUST 23, 2010 WHAT IS A G.R.S.P. CONCLAVE? Each year, G.R.S.P. sponsors a conclave where all of the G.R.S.P. students come together and meet one another for the very first time. Each Rotary District hosts the conclave once every three years. This year’s conclave will be Savannah on August 27-29, 2010. The 2010-2011 GRSP Class, along with their Host Families, will gather together for the student’s orientation, fun activities, a Saturday evening banquet featuring a G.R.S.P. student talent show, and great fellowship enjoyed by all who attend. We look forward to seeing you there! WILL YOU BE ATTENDING? IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO PLAN TO ATTEND! ________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 9– AUGUST 30, 2010 CLAYTON COUNTY – WEEKEND FOR STUDENTS IN SEPTEMBER In September, the Rotary Club of Clayton County welcomes the world for a fun filled weekend at the Clayton International Park for a Beach Bash! Students enjoy such activities as Cardboard Boat Building and International Boat Race, Vegetable Car Building and Race, and Sand Sculpture competition. In the evening, there is an opportunity to “BOOGIE UNTIL YOU CAN’T BOOGIE NO MORE!” After the fun filled events each day, the students retire to spend the night with Clayton County Rotarians. This weekend offers a great time of fun and fellowship for all the G.R.S.P. students and Rotarians in the area. WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS? YOU, TOO, CAN JOIN IN ON THE FESTIVITIES! ________________________________________________________________________ 3
  4. 4. WEEK 10 – SEPTEMBER 6, 2010 ENDOWMENT FUND – THE BEGINNING: In the late 1970s there was a concern that due to the rising cost of college tuition, the Georgia Rotary Student Program needed a strong financial base to help the Rotary Clubs off-set the cost of hosting a student. As a result, the G.R.S.P. Endowment Fund was founded in 1979. Contributions to this permanent fund are invested, and only the earnings from those investments are used each year in support of the program. The goal is to grow the fund so that it will provide a substantial portion of the cost of the program. To date, the endowment fund has raised over $8,000,000 and is currently providing almost thirty (30) percent of the program costs. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF THE G.R.S.P. AND ITS WORK. ______________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 11 – SEPTEMBER 13, 2010 THE G.R.S.P.’S ANNUAL BUDGET is approximately 1.1 million dollars, with: • 57% coming directly from club sponsorships, • almost 30% funded by earnings from the endowment fund, • 8% coming from the annual $7.00 per Rotarian District dues, and • the balance coming from miscellaneous sources. The endowment fund is essential to the success of G.R.S.P. The earnings from the endowment fund help keep sponsorships affordable for the sponsoring clubs. The corpus of the endowment is almost $8.5 million; 75% is invested in fixed income securities and 25% in equities. The overall earnings of the portfolio is projected at 6.0% for the current Rotary year The offices, Board of Directors and Trustees, all fellow Rotarians, are ensuring the continued success and viability of G.R.S.P. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED FINANCIAL SUPPORT OF G.R.S.P. ______________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 12 – SEPTEMBER 20, 2010 ENDOWMENT RECOGNITION Contributions to G.R.S.P. are recognized with various award levels. Many of these awards are named in honor of those Rotarians who have had a major impact upon the success of the program. The G.R.S.P. endowment recognition levels are: • Named Scholarship (Donor or Other) $100,000.00 • Ronnie Waller Fellow $ 10,000.00 • Kendall Weisiger Fellow $ 5,000.00 • Hue Thomas Fellow $ 2,500.00 • Will Watt Fellow $ 1,000.00 • Governor’s Associate $ 500.00 • G.R.S.P. Sustaining Member $ 100.00 Beyond contributing to the GRSP Endowment Fund, you may also become a GRSP Benefactor. The GRSP Office can provide you with information and a codicil to assist. G.R.S.P. is a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization. 4
  5. 5. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF THE G.R.S.P. AND ITS MISSION ______________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 13 – SEPTEMBER 27, 2010 Essential and fundamental functions of G.R.S.P. Host families: • Pre-arrival communications with the new students and their families – especially last minute communications • Meeting the student at the airport, hosting prior to entering college, and assisting in setting up the dormitory “home” • Hosting during weekends, holidays and semester breaks when dormitories are closed and assisting in transporting to GRSP events as well as in helping the student depart for home. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF THE G.R.S.P. AND ITS MISSION – ESPECIALLY ALL OF OUR CURRENT AND PAST HOST FAMILIES. ________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 14 –OCTOBER 4, 2010 SAVANNAH – WEEKEND FOR STUDENTS IN OCTOBER The Rotary Clubs of the Savannah area enjoy hosting the G.R.S.P. students in early October. During this weekend, the students have the opportunity to stay in the homes of local Rotarians as they visit Georgia’s oldest city founded in 1733, which also happens to be the location of the G.R.S.P. home office. Students arrive early Friday afternoon and enjoy a number of exciting activities which have included a ghost tour, riverboat dinner cruise, a trolley tour of the beautiful historic district, and a tour of the World War II Museum. Saturday is a day to enjoy the beautiful Atlantic Ocean at Tybee Island. Climbing the lighthouse is a hit as is enjoying the sun and surf. The day concludes with a dinner at the beach home of one of the local Rotarians. WILL YOU JOIN OUR ROTARY STUDENTS THIS MONTH? IT’S FUN! ________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 15 – OCTOBER 11, 2010 The GRSP home office in Savannah has a file on each alumnus since the inception of the program in 1946. We also maintain a cross reference list of countries and club sponsors. The office assists the Alumni Organization and the GRSP Alumni Committee by forwarding any correspondence received from former students and encourages them to sign up with the Alumni web site. This information is invaluable as club members want to contact and keep in touch with former students or students want to contact former club members. It is the desire of GRSP that students return to their home countries after completing their year in Georgia to become active members in their communities and serve mankind through Rotary. We have many exciting stories about former students who have become very influential members of society and quite accomplished in the business world. You will meet some of them in the GRSP Alumni Spotlights soon. 5
  6. 6. THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING G.R.S.P. AND SHOWCASING OUR SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY! ______________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 16 – OCTOBER 18, 2010 GRSP ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT Ik-Whan G. Kwon of South Korea, GRSP Class of 1963-65, graduated from UGA with a PhD in Economics and has spent his entire career devoted to educating, counseling and mentoring young people from almost every country in the world. Mr. Kwon is a lecturer, writer, researcher and counselor who is currently the Professor of Decision Sciences and MIS at St. Louis University. Among other prestigious accomplishments, he is a member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Business Innovation and Research. He received the National Science Foundation Fellow to Taiwan and Korea, Fulbright Senior Scholar to Korea, and has received the National Defense Transportation Association Distinguished Educator’s award. He is confident that he has fulfilled the promises that he made upon graduation with the Georgia Rotary Student Program scholarship which was to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, good will and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education and the alleviation of poverty. THANK YOU FOR MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN OUR WORLD BY SUPPORTING G.R.S.P. ______________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 17 – OCTOBER 27, 2010 GRSP SCHOLARSHIP STATISTICS The first GRSP class consisted of four students. Since the program’s inception in 1946, Georgia Rotarians have brought 3,193 students into our state from 103 different countries and every continent except Antarctica. Approximately 75% of the Georgia Rotary Clubs participate in this program which exists nowhere else in the Rotary world. The most recent class has 67 students consisting of 61% females and 39% males from 28 countries. We welcomed into the class of 2009-2010 our first student from Fiji. These students study in 28 colleges and universities throughout Georgia, and as the GRSP logo states, we have literally been “bringing nations together since 1946!” THANK YOU FOR MAKING THE DREAM OF G.R.S.P. A REALITY! ______________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 18 –NOVEMBER 1, 2010 SANDY SPRINGS/ALPHARETTA – WEEKEND FOR STUDENTS IN NOVEMBER Early in November, the Alpharetta and Sandy Springs Rotary Clubs host the G.R.S.P. students for a fun filled weekend in Atlanta. Friday dinner is a time to renew acquaintances with other GRSP students. Saturday activities vary but have included a tour of CNN Center, Fernbank Museum of Natural History, the Georgia Aquarium or an afternoon at the Mario Andretti Entertainment Center. Saturday night is spent at the YMCA playing basketball, swimming, dancing and visiting. Sleeping is not required, but if they want to, they are encouraged to bring a sleeping bag! The G.R.S.P. students will return to their respective schools on Sunday a bit tired perhaps, but glad to have attended. THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING OUR SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY TO SHINE! 6
  7. 7. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 19 – NOVEMBER 8, 2010 WHAT IS A G.R.S.P. TRUSTEE? A fellow Rotarian and a Past Club President, a G.R.S.P. Trustee coordinates activities between students and sponsoring clubs. The G.R.S.P. Trustees lead clubs in the selection of their students, present G.R.S.P. programs at club meetings, promote the G.R.S.P. Endowment Fund, and attend three (3) G.R.S.P. meetings each year. PLEASE THANK YOUR G.R.S.P. TRUSTEE ____________ FOR HER/HIS EFFORTS THE NEXT TIME YOU SEE HER/HIM. THEY RECEIVE NO COMPENSATION OR REIMBURSEMENT FOR EXPENSES IN CONNECTION WITH THE PERFORMANCE OF THEIR DUTIES – THEIRS IS A LABOR OF LOVE FOR THE G.R.S.P. GOALS AND IDEALS OF ROTARY. _____________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 20 – NOVEMBER 15, 2010 GRSP SOLICITS FOR SCHOLARSHIP APPLICANTS The GRSP Office has a number of Rotarians all over the world who regularly screen and endorse candidates for our program each year. However, it is of prime importance that everyone in the Rotary world knows about GRSP and recommends eligible candidates. In more recent years, due to worldwide tension and the role of American foreign policy, our number of qualified applicants has been slowly declining so it is of utmost importance that we reach everyone possible. With the help of the current District Governors, a special letter is e-mailed to District Governors-Elect around the world promoting our program for the coming year. We call this effort “solicitation” and concentrate on sending this out each year in February. THE NEXT TIME YOU TRAVEL ABROAD, PLEASE VISIT A ROTARY CLUB AND TELL THEM ABOUT THE GEORGIA ROTARY STUDENT PROGRAM! ______________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 21 – NOVEMBER 22, 2010 SELECTION OF THE GRSP SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS GRSP selects qualified applicants from all over the world to come and study in colleges and universities across Georgia. Each year applications are submitted in October and a book of one page summaries of each applicant is sent to the President-Elect of each Rotary Club in November for their viewing. In January, the Trustees meet in Savannah to choose the student their clubs wish to sponsor as well as the school the student will attend. After the selection process is completed, documentation for attending schools is completed; most students begin their arrival in Georgia in August for the beginning of the school year. Any Rotary Club may sponsor a student, but some Rotary Clubs share in the sponsorship and financial responsibility as well as host family responsibilities. 7
  8. 8. THE HOPES OF SO MANY YOUNG PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD BEGIN WITH THE GOOD DEEDS DONE BY THE ROTARIANS IN THIS CLUB. THANK YOU! ______________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 22 – NOVEMBER 29, 2010 APPLICATION PROCESS TO COLLEGE After Rotary Clubs make their selections, the GRSP Home Office ensures the students meet the school’s eligibility requirements. After verification, scholarships are offered to the student via e-mail with the sponsoring club copied. The student is told which school they have been selected to attend and given a few days to respond. Upon student acceptance, the host club(s) is notified and the process begins with the student completing the school’s application, immunization, health, financial and housing forms. These forms are sent to the school with GRSP’s financial guarantee. GRSP waits for the school to issue the I-20 Form (a form from the school informing the U.S. government the GRSP Scholar is eligible for F-1 Student Status). The GRSP Home Office takes care of all the details necessary to have the student admitted into college and maintains constant contact to assure the process is complete. BEHIND THE SCENES, GRSP IS WORKING FOR WORLD UNDERSTANDING AND PEACE IN OUR NAME! ________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 23 – DECEMBER 6, 2010 DID YOU KNOW THAT G.R.S.P. HAS A THEME SONG? For GRSP's 50th anniversary in 1996, the students were asked to write letters to Ronnie Waller, who was retiring as program chairman, answering the question, “Is Peace Possible?” While binding the books, Janis Comer, program administrator, composed a poem. After reading the poem that Janis entitled, "Peace," Kay and Maynard Knestrick, program trustees, forwarded the words to Bernie Wong, a GRSP student at the State University of West Georgia (class of 1994-95). Interestingly, he had written a melody with which the words fit perfectly. The song was first introduced at the 50th Anniversary Conclave in Thomasville, Georgia, and is sung by every class of students. (WORDS APPEAR AT LAST PAGE OF THIS COMPILATION OF G.R.S.P. INFORMATION) SHALL WE TRY TO SING THE SONG? THANKS FOR SUPPORTING G.R.S.P.! ______________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 24 – DECEMBER 13, 2010 WHERE HAVE G.R.S.P.’S INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS COME FROM SINCE 1946? From 1946 through school year 2009-2010, GRSP international students have come to Georgia from: • Africa = 82 • Asia = 332 • Australia/New Zealand = 101 • Americas = 582 • Europe = 2,096 • TOTAL = 3,193 8
  9. 9. THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR HOMES, HEARTS AND ROTARY IDEALS WITH THESE STUDENTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD! ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 25 – DECEMBER 20, 2010 RECIPROCAL SCHOLARSHIPS FOR GEORGIA STUDENTS Each year GRSP is invited to participate in sending qualified college students from Georgia to Oslo, Norway and Germany to study. The two longstanding scholarships are offered in thanks for the many scholarships GRSP has offered to students from these countries: The OSLO SCHOLARSHIP is a Summer School Program (conducted in English) and three students are invited to attend. Applications are received in the GRSP office and divided into districts where a committee chooses one student per district. The GERMAN SCHOLARSHIP is a scholarship offered to graduate students, fluent in German, and is for one academic year. Interested students must fill in the application in both English and German and the applications are sent to Germany where they select the student(s). Information about these opportunities can be found on the GRSP web site at the appropriate time. Students who have participated in these scholarships have given very positive reports about their experiences. DO YOU KNOW A GEORGIA STUDENT TO NOMINATE FOR THESE SCHOLARSHIPS? CHILDREN OF ROTARIANS ARE ELIGIBLE TO APPLY FOR THESE SCHOLARSHIPS. ______________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 26 – DECEMBER 27, 2010 THERE WILL BE NO WEEKLY “GRSP MINUTE” THIS WEEK. PLEASE ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAYS! BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR GRSP STUDENT IN YOUR HOLIDAY PLANS! ______________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 27 –JANUARY 3, 2011 Since 1946, Rotarians in Georgia have promoted world peace through understanding by offering scholarships to international students for one year of study in Georgia colleges and universities. Georgia Rotary Clubs sponsor students recommended by a Rotary Club in their home country. The students become adopted members of a Georgia "host family," but live on-campus at the school they attend. This is a scholarship program, not an exchange! Each year, about 70 students from all over the world make friends in the United States with students from other nations and learn about differing cultures and life styles. Georgia Rotarians believe "Peace is Possible" and through GRSP promote international goodwill through the bonds of friendship and understanding. In January, we will be selecting GRSP students for the Class of 2011-2012. 9
  10. 10. IT IS BECAUSE OF YOUR SUPPORT THAT G.R.S.P. EXISTS. THANK YOU! ________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 28 – JANUARY 10, 2011 G.R.S.P. STUDENT LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE – WEEKEND IN JANUARY The Rotary Clubs of Atlanta and Dunwoody host the G.R.S.P. students each year during the Martin Luther King Holiday Weekend in January. The activities are held at the Carter Center and Oglethorpe University. Students have an opportunity to interact with Rotarians, hear world renowned speakers, and just have fun! Students enjoy fierce conversations as they are practice conflict resolution principals. Additionally, they choose and execute a world community service project for their class. All of these activities are intended to promote and demonstrate the synergy of cooperation among people of different nations. It is a weekend that encourages the students to make a difference in their world by getting involved. They learn the meaning of “SERVICE ABOVE SELF!” THANK YOU FOR SHARING OUR CULTURE AND VALUES! ______________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 29 – JANUARY 17, 2011 JUST WHO RUNS THE GEORGIA ROTARY STUDENT PROGRAM? GRSP is a statewide program represented by Rotarian leaders in the three Georgia Districts (Districts 6900, 6910 and 6920). The backbone of the organization is the Trustee. The Trustee is a Georgia Rotarian who has been nominated by the leadership of GRSP and appointed by the District Governor. From each Georgia Rotary District, the Trustees elect a District Chair and two Directors. Trustees as a whole elect the GRSP Officers consisting of the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. The Executive Committee consists of four elected officers, the District Chair and an appointed Parliamentarian. There are additional Trustees who are appointed by the Chair who bring certain talents and abilities to assist the leadership. These additional trustees are called Advisory Trustees. Past Trustees who have provided outstanding and exemplary leadership are eligible to be named Trustee Emeritus by the Executive Committee. WILL YOU LEAD G.R.S.P. IN THE FUTURE? YOU CAN – GET INVOLVED! ________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 30 – JANUARY 24, 2011 GRSP ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT Peter Harwood, PhD, of New Zealand, was a member of the GRSP Class of 1961-63. In 1970, he established the first Citizen’s Advice Bureau in New Zealand focusing on the needs of the Maori people (his first center has been replicated in 100+ more centers in his country). Peter was appointed Dean of Arts at Auckland University of Technology with responsibility for 10,000+ students. Peter applied the GRSP concept in a program he helped establish to aid students in New Zealand/Australia to continue and expand their education. Many of his other accomplishments include the development of plans for establishment of English 10
  11. 11. Language School in China, a Centre for Chinese students, and a Maori and Cultural Tourism Research Centre. GRSP – CONTINUING TO BRING NATIONS TOGETHER! ______________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 31 – JANUARY 31, 2011 WHAT ARE THE BASIC CRITERIA FOR GRSP SCHOLAR CANDIDATES? • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age by August 1st or must not have reached age 25 by August 1 of the scholastic year (NO EXCEPTIONS). • Applicants who are married, or engaged to be married, will not be awarded a scholarship (NO EXCEPTIONS). • Applicants who have previously studied in the United States for a period exceeding four months cannot be considered for a scholarship (NO EXCEPTIONS). THANK YOU FOR PROVIDING YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO PURSUE THEIR EDUCATION IN GEORGIA! ______________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 32 – FEBRUARY 7, 2011 HOW LONG IS, AND WHERE IS, THE SCHOLARSHIP VALID ? The GRSP Scholarship covers one scholastic year from August to May, and is for study ONLY in colleges and universities located in the State of Georgia. The college or university to be attended in Georgia is selected near the local sponsoring Rotary Club and processed for admission by the GRSP. The school will be suitable for the student to follow his or her proposed course of study. When considering which student to select, sponsoring clubs are encouraged to assess the suitability of the school’s class offerings and the student’s aspirations. Ultimately the college or university the student attends is chosen by the host clubs and applications for admission are processed by the personnel in the GRSP home office. In the event the school determines that the student does not meet its admission standards, the scholarship offer will be withdrawn. IT IS BECAUSE OF YOUR SUPPORT THAT G.R.S.P. EXISTS. THANK YOU! 11
  12. 12. ______________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 33 – FEBRUARY 14, 2011 WHAT ARE STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIES UNDER THE GRSP SCHOLARSHIP? The GRSP Student must: • attend the Fall Conclave and the District Conference • reside in the college dorm and attend classes • coordinate activities and holidays with the GRSP Host Family • present two (2) club programs for each sponsoring Rotary Club GRSP – CONTINUING TO BRING NATIONS TOGETHER SINCE 1946! ______________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 34 – FEBRUARY 21, 2011 GRSP ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Now back in Hungary pursuing a master’s degree in ecology at Eotvos Lorand University, Katalin Patonai (GRSP Class of 2005-06), is still using the knowledge she acquired as a GRSP student at Georgia Southern University. Patonai recently won first place in her division at the International Life Sciences Students’ Conference hosted by the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia for the research she conducted as an undergraduate assistant in Georgia Southern University’s Department of Biology. The project focused on a snail found in coastal Georgia commonly known as the “salt marsh periwinkle.” Ecologically and economically, salt marshes are very important to coastal Georgia, said Patonai, who received a bachelor’s degree in biology from Georgia Southern University in 2006. Patonai received the Paulson Student Research Award for her work and remembers fondly her experience as a GRSP student. BECAUSE OF YOUR SUPPORT, GRSP CAN “MAKE DREAMS REAL” FOR OUR GRSP SCHOLARS! THANK YOU! ______________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 35 – FEBRUARY 28, 2011 PELHAM – STUDENT WEEKEND IN MARCH Since 1965, the Rotary Club of Pelham has hosted the G.R.S.P. students for a special “International Weekend.” This is a fun and educational weekend with tours of interesting and unusual businesses in the area, including the local schools, farming operations, cotton gins, a thread manufacturing plant, a mobile home manufacturing plant, a clothing plant which makes uniforms for McDonalds, a chicken farm, an alligator farm, and a one- hundred million gallon per year ethanol plant. There is still time for a student golf tournament and a full day of tanning and talking by the pool, swimming, tennis, 12
  13. 13. volleyball, soccer (football), fishing, boating, golf, dancing and water skiing. The Saturday night banquet features student entertainment. JOIN THE GRSP STUDENTS IN SOUTH GEROGIA. ______________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 36 – March 7, 2011 WHAT IS THE CALENDAR OF EVENTS FOR A GRSP STUDENT? • November = Club President Elect selects their club’s GRSP Host Family • December = Club President Elect receives GRSP Scholar candidates selection information • January = Club President Elect and Host Family files Student Commitment form. Student selection draft held at January GRSP Trustee meeting. • February = GRSP Administrators extend and process scholarship offers • April/May = Clubs and Host Families contact the new GRSP scholar • August = GRSP Scholar arrives in Georgia and classes begin ARE YOU READY TO PLAY A ROLE IN THE GEORGIA ROTARY STUDENT PROGRAM? THERE’S A ROLE FOR YOU – VOLUNTEER TO BE INVOLVED! ________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 37 – MARCH 14, 2011 ARE YOU A GRSP SUSTAINING MEMBER? A GRSP Sustaining Member is a Rotarian who donates at least $100.00 per Rotary Year to the GRSP Endowment Fund. You can donate the $100.00 in a lump sum or divide it into quarterly or monthly payments. Just tell your Club Treasurer how you would like to handle it. Once you have made the commitment to become a GRSP Sustaining Member, you will be provided with a GRSP Sustaining Member sticker to affix to your name badge to proudly display your support for the Georgia Rotary Student Program. FOR JUST 27 CENTS A DAY, HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG? BECOME A GRSP SUSTAINING MEMBER TODAY! ________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 38 – MARCH 21, 2011 DID YOU KNOW GRSP MAINTAINS A WEB-SITE AND A CALENDAR? The GRSP Home Office is responsible for maintaining a calendar of events for two years which gives dates for district and program activities. Details about the endowment program, upcoming events with GRSP, scholarship opportunities for Georgia students and contacts for the GRSP trustees are also available. The GRSP student application along with the eligibility requirements is located on the website for potential students. Along with the By-Laws that govern the program, you will find the minutes for GRSP meetings as well as PowerPoint presentations about the Georgia Rotary Student Program. Go to and there you will see most everything you want to know about this 13
  14. 14. wonderful program. The website information is helpful for Trustees, Host Families, District Governors and Rotarians. GRSP – BRINGING NATIONS TOGETHER! AND KEEPING YOU INFORMED! ________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 39 – MARCH 28, 2011 GRSP ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT “My year was the great beginning of a long career in US-Finnish business relations,” says GRSP Class of 1975-76 Scholar Erpo Heikkila. My business has been designing furniture that was marketed through the best of stores like Domas in Atlanta and in 35 other states. Our business received the Finnish Presidential Reward for Excellency in International Trade in 1986. Later in 1980s, I was involved with designer fashion during which I had the opportunity to organize a VIP show in the Finnish Embassy for the Kennedy Family just before the Arnold Schwarzenegger-Marie Shriver wedding. In the 1990s, the Finnish recession hit hard and I changed my career from trade to consultancy. I have worked on a major business plan for Finnish design and architecture to be marketed in the form of complete Industrially Manufactured Houses. WITH GRSP, A POSITIVE AMERICAN-FINNISH RELATIONSHIP WAS BORN! ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 40 – April 4, 2011 CAMDEN COUNTY – WEEKEND FOR STUDENTS IN APRIL The Rotary Club of Camden County, located on the southeastern tip of the Georgia coast, hosts the G.R.S.P. participants in April each year. A great weekend is planned including a boat ride on Saturday to historic Cumberland Island National Seashore for a wonderful day at the beach. After returning on Saturday night, the fun continues with a riverside party and a low country boil, which includes music, karaoke and skits by the students. Students enjoy this time together and both students and Rotarians look forward to this successful, fun and educational weekend each year. THERE’S ROOM FOR YOU – NEED A MAKE-UP? ______________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 41 – APRIL 11, 2011 GRSP HOME OFFICE The GRSP Home Office is located in Savannah and employs two full-time people. Janis Comer is the Administrator and Barbara Lariscy is the Assistant Administrator, and they are the only paid employees in the entire program. Office hours are 8:00 o’clock a.m. to 5:00 o’clock p.m., five days a week. The GRSP Home Office is the central hub of all correspondence from Trustees, Students, Colleges, Host Families, Club Presidents and 14
  15. 15. international Rotarians. The contact information for the GRSP Home Office is the Georgia Rotary Student Program, P.O. Box 61327, Savannah, Georgia 31420. 1-800-732-4167 is their toll free telephone, and the GRSP web site is GRSP – WORKING FOR YOU, ME AND OUR INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARS! ________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 42 – APRIL 18, 2011 GRSP ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT Before accepting a scholarship, GRSP Class of 1996-97 Scholar Attila Vegh of Budapest Hungary had attended a university in Hungary in which he studied pre-medicine. After his GRSP year, he returned to Hungary and finished his studies to become a medical doctor. Additionally, he obtained a Masters Degree in Economics. He decided, rather than go into the general practice of medicine, he would work for a large pharmaceutical company in Basel, Switzerland. In his spare time, he finished his work towards a PhD in molecular cancer research at the University of Paris. Attila recently accepted a job with McKinsey & Co., a consulting firm, and has now moved to Vienna, Austria. Also, Attila is a concert violinist who has played with the Budapest Chamber Orchestra as well as with groups in other cities where he’s lived. Attila says, “My year in GRSP was a great experience. I learned about the American south, its culture and traditions, as well as the cultures of the GRSP students from 32 other countries. Overall, I remember my time in Georgia as a fun year where the most I learned is on the human side – about people and the similarities among us.” GRSP – BRINGING NATIONS TOGETHER SINCE 1946! THANKS TO YOU! ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 43 – APRIL 25, 2011 WHAT ARE THE DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES OF A GRSP HOST FAMILY? Some of the duties and responsibilities of a GRSP Host Family are: • coordinate a plan for student social weekends/holidays with school schedule; • stress importance of staying with Host families and fellow Rotary Club members over the holidays rather than traveling around U.S.A. or returning home; • emphasize that Rotary activities take priority over all other activities; • encourage other Rotary Club members to take part in events with GRSP student; • telephone students weekly – treat like your own children – stay in touch/involved; • arrange transportation for students since they will have no cars; and • encourage students to see Georgia, meet other GRSP students, and share their culture. GRSP HOST FAMILIES: A SOUTHERN HOME FOR OUR STUDENT GUESTS ________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 44 – May 2, 2011 WHAT IS THE GRSP ENDOWMENT POLICY FOR RECOGNITION OF DONORS? Beginning July 1, 2002, a new Endowment Policy was adopted by GRSP. Monies donated to the GRSP Endowment Fund qualify for recognition levels. For those Rotarians who leave a Georgia 15
  16. 16. Rotary Club prior to becoming a Will Watt Fellow, monies in their accounts may be transferred for recognition level purposes to another Rotarian’s account if donated monies are matched. This policy affects Rotarians who are deceased and/or resign from their clubs as follows: • Any Rotarian who ceases to be a member and whose account balance is under $500.00, that amount will be placed in the club account to be used again by the Club for matching purposes; • Any Rotarian who ceases to be a member and whose balance is over $500.00 and under $999.99 and will not be joining another Rotary club in Georgia may sign a waiver for their balance to be placed in the club account. After the balance is removed from the resigning Rotarian, the account balance will be zero and will then be deleted with no history remaining in the club; and • If the Rotarian plans to join another club in Georgia, the balance will be placed in the Past Rotarian Account to remain part of the history of the club. ARE YOU A WILL WATT FELLOW? YOUR SUPPORT IS VITAL TO GRSP! ________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 45 – MAY 9, 2011 SOMETIMES WE HAVE GRSP SCHOLAR DISASTERS Last year, the officers and directors of GRSP withdrew the GRSP scholarship of a student as a result of his being arrested on two separate occasions for violation of the laws of the State of Georgia for illegal drug and alcohol use. He was dismissed from college. He was not invited to participate in any future GRSP activities or events. He was returned to his home country immediately and GRSP notified INS, his host club and his parents accordingly. GRSP – PROTECTING THE INTEGRITY OF ROTARY AND OUR PROGRAM. ________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 46 – MAY 16, 2011 GRSP ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT GRSP Class 1979-80 Scholar Alice Raebler of Germany writes that, “When I came back to Germany, I decided I wanted to keep in touch with this Georgia experience by enrolling in American Studies. Later, I strove to repeat the experience of a year abroad on the European scale by studying in Ireland. After completing my PhD, I started a career as a librarian. In the past few years I have put my energy into raising my children and developing professional know-how as a specialist for library buildings, so I was not involved in any impressive community work developing international understanding. But I attempt to spread the message in everyday life. I tend to adopt any Americans coming my way at home. With the Ford Motor Company in Cologne there are quite a few Americans stationed in my hometown, and I always try to be a good host to whoever I meet. In my job I take extra care in assisting the many foreign students coming to Bonn University. Most importantly, however, I try to mediate in discussions about the United States, try to work against prejudices, and try to make other people see America from the inside. And I strive to keep up a network of friends from different countries around the world – most of whom I met on the Georgia Rotary Student Program.” 16
  17. 17. GRSP – RESPONSIBLE FOR PROMOTING WORLD UNDERSTANDING AND PEACE AT HOME AND ABROAD! ________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 47 – MAY 23, 2011 THE GRSP ENDOWMENT The Endowment Fund of GRSP is overseen by an Investment Committee of GRSP Trustees. These Rotarians have the responsibility of providing a safe, conservative and predictable income each year to keep the cost of sponsoring a student from being prohibitive. The Fund is managed by a professional investment manager who is also a Rotarian and understands the program’s needs and goals. An annual audit is prepared by an independent Certified Public Accountant of all funds held by GRSP. Because of the need to provide a steady stream of income each year, the asset allocation in the Fund is established at 25% equities and 75% fixed income. Market conditions and interest rates affect the annual income. IT IS BECAUSE OF YOUR SUPPORT THAT G.R.S.P. EXISTS. THANK YOU! WEEK 48 – MAY 30, 2011 GRSP ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT Eugene Agoshkov of Moscow, Russia, GRSP Class of 1995-96, has a unique story. Eugene’s television career began almost 12 years ago when he was offered a job with the Russian news agency while completing an internship at CNN Atlanta as a GRSP Scholar while he attended Oglethorpe University. Eugene was featured in the spring 2005 edition of the Oglethorpe Alumni Magazine, The Carillon. The “Russian Matt Lauer” experiences the excitement of reporting breaking news on the air, traveling to far-flung locations, and covering important stories such as anti-terrorist operations in Chechnya. After a successful career as a news anchor, Eugene decided on a career change and now serves in the Russian diplomatic corps as the Minister of Cultural Affairs at the Russian Embassy in Washington, D.C. He lives in Bethesda, Maryland with his wife Maria (a former GRSP Scholar), and their two sons. Eugene is also now a fellow Rotarian! BRINGING NATIONS TOGETHER – THAT’S WHAT GRSP IS ALL ABOUT! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF THIS WONDERFUL PROGRAM. ______________________________________________________________________________ 17
  18. 18. WEEK 49 – June 6, 2011 GRSP ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT “I am part of a small team at MIT that has designed and is successfully developing an ultra light vaccine delivery system that uses aerosols instead of syringes. We came up with the device in response to a call by the World Health Organization for methods to deliver vaccines that can be inhaled. Inhalable vaccines eliminate needle distribution in places where they pose the greatest risk to public health where AIDS and TB transmission is a major concern. We call our system Aerovax and are excited about it’s prospects. Forbes has featured our team as part of a story on young innovators. We were selected as a semi-finalist in MIT’s 100K entrepreneurship competition from 120 entries. My involvement in the project was shaped in a large part by what I learned during by GRSP year in Georgia. The example Rotary set to uphold the ideal of Service Above Self has been a constant reminder of how helping others can be friendly and also innovative. Rotary has been a constant beacon of hope in my life and GRSP was the starting point.” Jose Gomez Marquez of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, GRSP Class of 1997-98. GRSP – THE BIRTH OF AN IDEA IN 1946 CONTINUES TO PRODUCE WORLD UNDERSTANDING AND PEACE FOR ALL PEOPLES IN MANY DIFFERENT WAYS! ________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 50 – JUNE 13, 2011 GRSP ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT “. . . I left Georgia heavy-hearted and went back to Denmark, applied to the University of Copenhagen to go to medical school, was admitted February 1991 and graduated in June 1998 with a medical degree. In April 2000, I started work on my PhD at the Ophthalmologic Department, Rigshospitalet, research on the microcirculation of the retina. I plan on becoming an Ophthalmologist, eventually specializing in the disease glaucoma. I consider the U.S.A. my other home country. I have learned to communicate with many different kinds of people and to appreciate the joys of life. I find that Americans are really good at doing that!” so says Daniella BachPedersen, GRSP Class of 1989-1990 Scholar from Denmark. BRINGING NATIONS TOGETHER – THAT’S WHAT GRSP IS ALL ABOUT! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF THIS WONDERFUL PROGRAM. ________________________________________________________________________ 18
  19. 19. WEEK 51 – JUNE 20, 2011 GRSP ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT “After returning to England, I completed my studies and became a teacher. In 1995, I left for Oslo, Norway to live close to my wife-to-be Siri Rodseth, who was also a fellow GRSP Scholar my year. She had returned home to Norway to begin undergraduate studies at the University of Oslo. I became a teacher and eventually Vice Principal of a public high school. Siri became a dentist in 1997. We married, and in February 2001, we moved to Malawi in Africa to work for a year. It is a very poor country, but the people are generous and friendly. I taught in two schools and Siri was responsible for training in several dental clinics. My year in Georgia gave me an unfettered opportunity to explore and develop ideas in a way that has influenced me personally and professionally.” David J.M. Dunlop of Middlesex, England, GRSP Class of 1989-90, and Siri Rodseth of Alesund, Norway, GRSP Class of 1989-90. LOVE – THE GRSP WAY – STILL BRINGING NATIONS TOGETHER! ______________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 52 – JUNE 27, 2011 THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF THE GEORGIA ROTARY STUDENT PROGRAM THIS PAST YEAR, AND PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THE NEED FOR THE GEORGIA ROTARY STUDENT PROGRAM NEVER ENDS AND THE NEED FOR YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT AND PARTICIPATION NEVER ENDS. THE MISSION OF THE GEORGIA ROTARY STUDENT PROGRAM OF “BRINGING NATIONS TOGETHER” WILL CONTINUE LONG INTO THE FUTURE! 19
  20. 20. “PEACE” Lyrics: Janis Comer Music: Bernard Wong GRSP Administrator GRSP Class of 1994-95 Piano and Flute Introduction Verse 1 Peace, oh what a lovely thought That angry wars no more be fought, Death and violence be wrought Peace, oh what a lovely thought! Verse 2 Peace, oh what a perfect way In which to live our lives each day In thought and deed; in work and play. Peace, oh what a perfect way! Chorus Peace, oh what a lovely thought. Peace, oh what a perfect way. Peace, oh what a glorious time. Yes, it’s possible! Peace, oh what a lovely thought. Peace, oh what a perfect way. Peace, oh what a glorious time. Peace, yes it is possible! Verse 3 Peace, oh what a glorious time When man on earth in perfect rhyme Will co-exist in harmony. Peace, oh what a glorious time! Chorus Peace, oh what a lovely thought. Peace, oh what a perfect way. Peace, oh what a glorious time. Yes, it’s possible! Peace, oh what a lovely thought. Peace, oh what a perfect way. Peace, oh what a glorious time. Peace, yes it is possible! Bridge-Sing Twice Peace, yes it is a possibility To make this world what it should be Through G-R-S-P!!! Piano & Flute Solo Chorus-Sing Twice Peace, oh what a lovely thought. Peace, oh what a perfect way. Peace, oh what a glorious time. Yes, it’s possible! Peace, oh what a lovely thought. Peace, oh what a perfect way. Peace, oh what a glorious time. 20
  21. 21. Peace, yes it is possible! 21