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Force One Incentive Tours, Events & Venues


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a short introduction to some of Force One Incentive Tours, Events, Special Meeting & Event venues in and around Vilnius and other locations in Lithuania. Force One is a leading Incentive & Meeting - Team building & Events professional provider with more than 10 years of successful experience and satisfied clients. Force One provides the the widest and largest choice in Lithuania of Meeting & Incentive Tours, Teambuilding & Events for every budget and group size. Please contact us for individual tailor-made tours and meetings and to view our online catalogues for Cultural Experiences, Indoor & Outdoor, Winter & Summer. Some photos are copyrights of Vilnius Convention Bureau and others.

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Force One Incentive Tours, Events & Venues

  1. 1. Meetings & Conferences a team of very experienced professionals provides Incentive & Corporate Tours Teambuilding & Events Successful , Innovative, Unique Experiences Provided all over Lithuania
  2. 2. Force One History • More than 10 years of experience • The founder Evald Roos have more than 15 years of experience mainly from Scandinavia and Lithuania • Extensive network of professional partners • ...hundreds of Successful Events...• ...hundreds of Successful Events... • ...thousands of participants from companies like... Western Union Worldwide, Swedbank Nordic Baltic, RSA Nordic Baltic, Mölnlycke Health Care, Ernst & Young Baltic, Statoil Nordic Baltic, Sanofi-Aventis, Ramada Hotel & Suites, Le Meridien Vilnius, International Corporate Tour Operators and many more...
  3. 3. Meeting & Conference Conference & Meeting basic packages (4 days/3 nights) Force One provides Meeting, Event & Tours for many group sizes, all from a board meeting to conferences & events for hundreds of participants. The duration and content depends on clients needs and requirements and with the many interesting after meeting activities & fun experiences to choose from - there is something for all budgets and needs. Example Itinerary 1 Day • Arrival to Vilnius. Transfer to your hotel. • Tour of Historical Old Town of Vilnius by bus and on foot: Vilnius Cathedral and its square, Gediminas Castle, the University campus, Pilies street with the 16-18th century historical and architectural monuments, Gothic corner of Vilnius with St Anne's and Bernardine churches, the former Town Hall square, the Gates of Dawn with a miraculous icon of Virgin Mary, the 17th century Baroque church of St Peter and Paul. • Options to be selected according to time schedule, wishes and needs: - Lunch & Dining Experience - Incentive Activities, tours and events 2 +3 Day • All day you have for your planned conference and meeting including two coffee breaks and lunch in hotel. • Options to be selected according to time schedule, wishes and needs: - Incentive Activities, tours and events - Gala Dining Experience 4 Day • Options to be selected according to time schedule, wishes and needs: - Shopping, free time, SPA, Activities - Lunch. Departure to airport
  4. 4. Meetings & Event Venues Where & What • Vilnius - the Capital , Old town UNESCO heritage • Countryside & Forest • Baltic Seaside• Baltic Seaside • Golf & Hunting • SPA & Wellness • Nomadic: pulsing, historical city & peaceful nature • Conference Centres & Hotels
  5. 5. Meetings & Event Venues Meetings & Events in non-Traditional Venues Besides excellent conference centres & hotels we also provide more special venues • Art Galleries, City Halls & Museums • Work on a spot where previous ruler’s throne stood • Serious and complex conferences can be more attractive• Serious and complex conferences can be more attractive when they take place in unusual and unique places • Several Castles, Palaces & Monumental buildings are customized for meetings and events where unique architecture, beautiful parks and natural landscapes promotes creativity for delegates.
  6. 6. Monumental Venues Lithuanian National Philharmonic Unique for events & meetings Town Hall The oldest City Hall, mentioned in 1432, stood at the same place where it is standing now. Gala & Welcome Dinning Experiences, Events... Unique for events & meetings
  7. 7. Monumental Venues Vilnius University One of the oldest universities in Eastern and Central Europe. Established in 1579 it is one of the few universities in Europe which has preserved its original purpose of the old buildings.
  8. 8. Special Venues Verkiai Palace 14th century Palace, property of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania Europe Park The large grounds of the open air museum of the centre of Europe - the Europe Sculpture Park provides meetings in the nature close to Vilnius the Grand Dukes of Lithuania
  9. 9. Monumental Venues Norviliskes Castle Renaissance style castle. South-East corner of Lithuania, where you can take a walk along the border fence to Belarus – probably the closest you will get there without a visa ... Trakai Island Castle Gothic 14th Century. Grand Dukes Of Lithuania residence. East Europe’s largest castle on an island. Medieval Themed Events & Dinning Experiences.
  10. 10. Special Venues Vilnius University Botanical Garden 200 hectares, horse riding, gala dinners, meetings, outdoor picnic Vilnius TV Tower 360 degree panorama view of Vilnius at 170 meters height – Meeting rooms and restaurant.
  11. 11. Countryside Authentic Log house cabins Our homestead resorts provides relaxing and inspiring atmosphere for meetings and teambuilding. unique nature with plains, hills, forests, lakes and wetlands . where in ancient times, almost all of the territory was covered with forests and now forest covers nearly 1/3 of the country with plenty wild life to discover.
  12. 12. No boring Meetings - at Force One we focus on that meetings should be interesting and motivating - also in winter time... Force One – Winter Fun Meetings
  13. 13. Incentive & Corporate ToursForce One continuously design and develop unique & innovative concepts with the purpose to reward and inspire individuals and teams who contributes to their organizations. We provides tours for many group sizes , duration and content depends on clients needs and requirements and with the many interesting incentives & fun experiences to choose from there is something for all budgets and needs. Incentive & Corporate Tour packages 4 days/3 nights - Example Itinerary Day 1 • Examples of events and activities: • Medieval Knights Hotel Welcome - guess the password • Vilnius Team city Challenge – Vilnius Scavenger Treasure Hunt • Theatrical & Thematic Excursions - a theatrical Vilnius experience • National Arts & Crafts Workshop - try tasty local herb, liqueur and beer brews • National Evening - dances, local food traditions and interactive games Day 2 or 2+3 • Examples of events and activities: • Medieval Weapon Tournament or Medieval Warfare • Go Green - Active Teambuilding Event by beautiful lakeside Resort - unite and enjoy • Medieval Feast Event in Trakai Island Gothic Castle - shows, games, dances, music • Back to USSR & Soviet Bunker Experience with Red Army Road ambush • Hot Air Ballooning over Vilnius charming red roof historical old town or Trakai Gothic Castle • Cooking Challenge Event - team bonding - dinner - fun • Gala Dinner in Grand Dukes of Lithuania 14th century Palace - exclusive experience Day 3 or 4 • Free time, shopping, relaxation, SPA - enjoy, shop and a wonderful relaxing massage
  14. 14. a non-traditional way of discovering Vilnius Treasures; the sites, history, cultural experience and interact with local people... Force One – Vilnius Treasure Hunt
  15. 15. Force One – Vilnius Treasure Hunt - the friendly authorities - will help you to solve some challenges ! - and discover hidden secrets for a peaceful performance practise...
  16. 16. become a united team ! Force One – Vilnius Treasure Hunt
  17. 17. The famous Sakotis Cake Get involved in the baking process over real flames and learn all about the traditional 15th-century Šakotis – the unique tree cake... Kibinai Making & Tasting Discover The Karaite culture, their traditions and their very tasty pastry – the Kibinai Force One – National Traditions Lithuania’s rich and complicated history dates back a thousand years with influences from other cultures from East and West – try it all
  18. 18. The famous Cepelinai are a Lithuanian national dish. They are a type of dumpling made from potatoes and usually stuffed with minced meat. Local CraftsTraditions Try work with Baltic Gold – amber and all other national crafts traditions Force One – National Traditions
  19. 19. Traditional Log house Sauna Lithuanian Sauna experience with local herbs and honey scrubs and jump in the lake... Lithuanian Beer & Mead Traditions Lithuania have long traditions in brewing beer and mead - definitely try it yourself Force One – National Traditions
  20. 20. National Performances Welcome Dancers At the National Evenings guests are welcomed by folk musicians and evening includes interesting and atmospheric events such as traditional dances, exploring scenes from old Lithuania, singing, folk shows, old Force One – National Evening atmospheric events such as traditional dances, exploring scenes from old Lithuania, singing, folk shows, old games, stories and taste a wide range of Lithuanian national dishes and drinks...
  21. 21. Medieval Weapon Tournament Knight Show Force One – Medieval Experience ...get back in time with the Medieval Feast – an event in Trakai Castle - experience knight shows – Compete with colleagues in the honourable Medieval Weapon Tournament with crossbows, long bows and axe throwing
  22. 22. Medieval Feast Force One – Medieval Experience Watch the knights brutally fighting for the honour of the ladies, the dances, games, fire shows, canon shooting, and finally indulge yourself in the overwhelming Feast in the Grand Dukes Halls.
  23. 23. Back to USSR Forgotten how life was in USSR? Or maybe you have no idea what it was like? Forget films and books - and experience it all yourself with our Back to USSR events. On the way you will get ambushed by the Red Army, handcuffed and blindfolded and taken 5 meters below ground in the soviet bunker and for a few hours you will dive into the life as a Soviet citizen and feel all the tensions and scary moments such as using a gasmask ... Force One – Back in USSR
  24. 24. ..interrogation by Stalin or KGB officer and finally sink deep back into the Soviet spirit with a simple meal... and a shot of vodka Force One – Back in USSR
  25. 25. A team experience you will never forget Real Kalashnikov Shooting Force One – Russian Kalashnikov & 9mm Makarov pistol Women often are the best
  26. 26. Hot Air Ballooning over Vilnius For the more peaceful experience you can discover Lithuania from above with one of the most adventurous means of transportation and invite your business partners for an impressive activity with a hot air balloon flight! Force One – Hot Air Ballooning
  27. 27. Hot Air Ballooning over Trakai Force One – Hot Air Ballooning
  28. 28. Rally Driving Become a Rally Driver for a day. This is an impressive incentive for the best employees, loyal clients or a competitive group. Meet best rally masters in Lithuania, see rally sports technology and definitely use it yourself - when you will compete with the others in the real Parallel Racing Championship. Force One – Adventures
  29. 29. 4x4 Off Road Back to nature - you can explorer wild Lithuanian nature and urban surroundings with our 4x4 Off Road Safari, where on special prepared routes you drive through forest, overcome river crossings, deep mud tracks, climb steep slopes and have possibilities for self driving - if you dare Force One – Adventures
  30. 30. ATV – 4 wheeled motorcycle Safari For those who cannot get enough and wants even more mud and adrenaline then our comprehensive instructors prepares you for the ATV - the 4 wheeled motorcycle safari around some of the most beautiful countryside locations... Force One – Adventures
  31. 31. Force One Canoe Polo Enjoy an event at the beautiful lakeside resort hotel Margis near Vilnius or at any location where it is suitable. Force One Canoe Polo is optimized for non-experienced and with more protection of players, making our game unique. Force One – Canoe Polo
  32. 32. Force One Active Teambuilding & Team Events Does your team want to: Improve the team communication, Identify common goals, Develop your self- confidence skills, Define efficient solutions, Overcome obstacles, Solve conflict situations, Challenge Your Limits...and discover and use your new potentials? The goal of these events is to provide an environment where development of team spirit, encourage mutual understanding and having a great time is emphasized. Participants are faced with competitive individual & team challenges and vary from light to more advanced situations. If your expectations are to boost motivation and loyalty of the employees or clients then this is the solutions which meet your needs. Force One – Teambuilding & Events
  33. 33. Force One – Teambuilding & Events
  34. 34. Force One – Teambuilding & Events
  35. 35. Force One – Teambuilding & Events
  36. 36. Force One – Teambuilding & Events
  37. 37. Ice Sculpture Carving In Winter time, Lithuania is covered with snow and thick ice on the lakes. Try you skills in Carving a block of ice into a masterpiece with the help of processional artists. Force One – Ice Sculpture Carving
  38. 38. Force One – Ice Sculpture Carving
  39. 39. Force One – Gala Dinner Ice Sculpture
  40. 40. Force One – Fun afternoon – Beer Bike Back to Summer time – thirsty... Want to see the town, but feel to warm to walk around... then the Beer Bike is a must ! Just sit back, slowly ride the bike, have a cold beer and enjoy the city
  41. 41. Cooking Challenge Get fired up with your colleagues at this intense, fast-paced interactive and higly engaging competitive and teambonding cooking experience, brimming with culinary adventure and fun. Your team becomes star chefs, service staff and „customers“ as they create their own „menu and restaurant”. Another unique Force One Event. Force One – Cooking Challenge
  42. 42. Force One – Cooking Challenge
  43. 43. Force One – Cooking Challenge
  44. 44. Force One – Cooking Challenge
  45. 45. Thank you for your attention Force One Provides everything needed for successful Meetings, Events & Tours Force One Team +370 5 233 98 07 - 5 233 98 07 - Connect with us: - Note: some photos copyrights of Vilnius Convention Bureau and others