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Critical analysis of music video ‘the killers – mr bightside’


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Critical analysis of music video ‘the killers – mr bightside’

  1. 1. Critical Analysis of Music Video ‘The Killers – Mr Bightside’ By James Forbes
  2. 2. Key facts about ‘The Killers’ Background Information Origins: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States Genres: Indie rock, garage rock revival, New Wave Years active: 2002–present Record Labels: Island, Vertigo, Marrakesh Records Members • Brandon Flowers • Dave Keuning • Mark Stoermer • Ronnie Vannucci Jr. Track: The killers - Mr Brightside URL:
  3. 3. Duration: 0:00-0:03 Long shot of band Shows everyone is wearing a suit. The typical instruments are being played, bass, drums, guitar and vocals. Vibrant red, gold colours maybe because they are more established and so can afford to look more glamorous then more other indie bands. Duration: 0:04-0:06 Long shot of actors Shows everyone is wearing wealthy clothes connoting there all rich upper class. There all just sitting around doing nothing connotes there bored.
  4. 4. Duration: 0:06-0:07 Close up of actress looking bored, these shots set the mood of the music video to very dull. Duration: 0:08-0:09 Close up shot of actor, he is smiling so he must be amused by something. Duration: 0:10-0:15 Long shot of band then slow zoom on main singer, music starts
  5. 5. 0:16 – 0:47 Very quick shots between long shots of the band (mainly of Brandon Flowers) and the actors performing. The ladies and gentlemen are flirting with each other. 0:48 – 0:50 Med shot of Mark Stoermer playing the bass. His poker dotted tie connotes he’s more childish and then serious. 0:54 – 0:55 Medium shot of Ronnie Vannucci Jr., playing the drums , gold colours in the background makes them look more glamourous.
  6. 6. 1:04 - 1:29 The next few shot switch from shots of the band to just of the actors dancing to the band in the background. Even though band appear in the background they aren't a part of the narrative. It looks as though Band are performing live. 1:00 – 1:01 med shot of Dave Keuning, it’s low angle making him look more dominant. 0:56 – 1:00 Med shot of man hiding behind curtain. Man is spying connotes he is jealous and doesn't trust her.
  7. 7. 1:38 – 1:59 The next few shot switch between shows of shots the actress with the actor buy looking back at Brandon Flower while he watches her. This connotes a love interest between the girl and Brandon Flowers. The man is also looking over looking jealousies 2:00 – 2:25 Long shots the Brandon Flowers and actress dancing together. Spotlight is on them connoting love interest. 1:30 – 1:37 Two shot of Brandon Flowers and actress together with romantic night and fireworks in background, done simply to connote there passion between them.
  8. 8. 2:28 – 2:30 Another two shot of Brandon Flowers and actress together with romantic background which looks like sun rise. 2:29 – 2:57 Long shots of provocative dancing from actresses, shots of the band performing and long shot of men just sitting around watching, as it they are in a strip club. 2:58 – Men just sitting around watch as if they were in a strip club, connotes the men are mesmerised by the women.
  9. 9. 3:04 - 3:05 The image denotes a close up of Brandon Flowers eyes to connote confrontation like they do in western film shoot outs. 2:58 – 3:03 In the image Brandon Flowers and actor are paying checkers, and an image of actress shown in the centre. The checkers game represents the clash of the two men fighting for the girl. 3:06 – 3:17 girl is dancing alone, the smoke is used to good effect making the stage and her look more thrilling, connoting she is the prize both men are fighting for.
  10. 10. 3:39 – 3: 45 Surprisingly final shot is of main singer walking away and not of the whole band. 3:18 – 3:20 Images denotes a two shot that starts off blurred. The images is blurred so the audience don't know who the girl is with. 3:29 – 3:30 The next few shots are of the two together this connote that they will be together in the future.
  11. 11. Narrative • Plot man falls in love with a women who is already with another man. Brandon and actress are seen dancing together which could represents they are having relations. • Actor spies on Brandon and actress and so finds out about the affair. • Brandon and actor battle it out over the girl. Brandon loses but doesn't stop seeing her. • The plot is based around more grown up matter like love, cheating, battle etc but by using childish games like checkers to represent the battle by Brandon Flowers and that guy, they can show it to a younger audience.