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DHHS substantiation email


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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DHHS substantiation email

  1. 1. From: Smith, Christina []Sent: Tuesday, March 06, 2012 11:52 AMTo: Lori HandrahanSubject: RE:March 05, 2012Notice of Substantiation or Indication and Your Right to Appeal.Lori Handrahan52 Waukeag AveSorrento, ME 04677Assessment Number: 1499298Dear Lori Handrahan:The Department of Health and Human Services has looked into reports that you have abused orneglected a child. This assessment has resulted in the decision that you did abuse or neglect a child. Itmay be difficult to see in writing very specific information about the facts that led to this decision. Werecognize that families have important strengths that they can call upon to help create a safe home fortheir children. We have made the following decisions about those reports and are explaining how theywere supported:The Department is substantiating a finding that you have inflicted high severity emotional abuse to yourdaughter, Mila Malenko.This decision is reached after interviewing you, your daughter Mila, Igor, Liljana (Lily) and after speakingwith the referent and owner of the Maiden Cove Daycare, interviewing and/or reviewing witnessstatements made to the Cape Elizabeth Police Department following the incident that occurred at MaidenCove Day Care on January 27, 2012.With regard to the incident on 1-27-2012 that resulted in our recent assessment, Mila reported that youwere screaming at her and that you ran toward her and Lily while they attempted to run to safety behindthe gate at the daycare. Mila stated they were unable to make it to the gate before you caught up to themand managed to wrestle Mila from the safety she felt with Lily. She reported that you were screamingloudly and that she felt scared because she didnt know what you would do. Mila was really scared whenyou hit and slapped Lily’s hand away as she (Lily) was attempting to soothe and comfort Mila during thisunexpected and violent interaction. Mila stated, "Since Friday Ive been worried that momma would takeme away" and then went on to describe another time you unexpectedly came to the home and they hadto park far away and sneak into the house, locking doors and drawing window covers behind them.Although Mila likes and wants to return to school, she stated, "Im not going to school anymore on Fridaysbecause mom might show up." Given your recent absence from Milas life over many months, yourdecision to approach Mila at her daycare in an unexpected and violent manner was nothing short ofterrifying for her and all who had to witness the scene you created.It is the Departments belief that your recent actions were emotionally abusive and are likely to havenegative long-term psychological consequences. During our telephone conversation on 2-21-2012 youwere very upset and unable to focus on the impact upon Mila of your actions on January 27th. Yourextensive raging demonstrated an inability to acknowledge your role in Milas distress and to hear ourperspective on the incident. Your recent behaviors lead the Department to believe that Mila would not besafe in your care without appropriate supervision as you are very likely to continue the behaviors such aswhat occurred on 1-27-2012 at the cost of Milas emotional and psychological well being.