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People in America need cash flow to: Pay for their lifestyles, and; Invest to build cash flow producing assets which will provide income during their retirement years, and provide an inheritance to their heirs.

Changes in Corporate America have millions of people desiring to increase their income and build retirement assets outside the traditional corporate structure. myEcon provides a simple, powerful, cost effective solution. Our 5 step solution has helped thousands of people increase their cash flow and assets through business income, tax savings, debt elimination, investments and financial strategies.

Learn how to live a debt free lifestyle
Payoff debts including mortgage in less than 10 years
Start earning interest instead of paying interest

Use the system to Finacial Success for yourself and make residual income by assisting others.


Weekly webinars are held on Tues , Thurs & Sunday.

This webinar is held every Tues & Thurs
from 10:05 PM - 10:45 PM EDT

CONFERENCE CALL NUMBER = 1.712.432.0600 PIN 1097019#

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This Webinar is held every week on Sunday, from: 9:00 PM - 9:45 PM EDT

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Financial Success Presentation

  1. 1. The Personal Financial Success Company Rev: 12/2008 ~1
  2. 2. Company • myEcon is a fast growing multi-million dollar company based in Atlanta, GA. • The company was founded by a core group of successful business owners with experience in personal finance and marketing. • Our mission is to help families attain Personal Financial Success. ~2
  3. 3. Personal Financial Success Financial Success is simply having enough cashflow to support one’s chosen lifestyle. The cashflow must come from two unique sources: A Our career during our working years and B Assets or Investments during our retirement years The concept is straightforward: We must generate enough cashflow during our working years to support our lifestyle and simultaneously invest enough cashflow to build adequate retirement assets. We will need Assets equal to approximately 10 times our annual desired retirement income. ~3
  4. 4. Obstacles Millions of people are not attaining personal financial success because of the following obstacles: • Less than Ideal Financial Education • Limited Income and Inflation - most people’s income does not grow as fast as inflation, which causes millions of people to lose real income (buying power) annually • Taxes - Americans lose approximately 33% of their income to taxes • Debt - the typical American household spends 30%-50% of their income on debt ~4
  5. 5. Our Solution myEcon’s innovative approach to personal finances has helped thousands of people from every walk of life overcome the aforementioned obstacles and attain financial success. Our Associates improve their personal finances by: • Using our Cashflow to Wealth System to reposition their current cashflow • Earning business income marketing our Cashflow to Wealth System and other high demand products and services ~5
  6. 6. Cashflow to Wealth System • myEcon’s Cashflow to Wealth System is a powerful financial software system which empowers Associates to improve their finances. The system provides Associates information and strategies which enable them to lower their taxes, minimize their expenses, eliminate their debt and build assets. Associates put their data into the system and the system provides customized Personal Financial Success plans and strategies. • Google’s software makes finding information simple. myEcon’s Cashflow to Wealth System makes cashflow management and financial success simple. • The system is delivered to each Associate via a personalized website and is supported by local and online training classes. The system is in an easy to follow five step format. Steps one through four free up cashflow and step five helps Associates turn some of that cashflow into investments. ~6
  7. 7. STEP 1 Maximize Cashflow by Correcting Tax Withholding Over 100 million Americans have their W-4 filled out incorrectly, causing their employer to withhold too much cashflow from each check. Over withholding can cause employees to have a cashflow shortfall. Solution: Correct the W-4 and use the extra cashflow to pay off debt or invest. ~7
  8. 8. STEP 2 Maximize Cashflow by Minimizing Taxes Business owners have access to hundreds of tax deductions which employees do not. More deductions equal less taxes and more cashflow for lifestyle and investments. Solution: As a myEcon Associate you automatically have a web-based virtual business. Work your business to earn income and use the myEcon tax training and record keeping system to maximize tax deductions. Simply input your information into the software and your records are recorded and organized by the system. Some common deductions for our industry: • Car and Truck Expenses • Travel • Communications Expenses • Wages • Meals and Entertainment • Interest ~8
  9. 9. STEP 3 Maximize Cashflow by Minimizing Expenses Managing and minimizing expenses is essential to financial success. Solution: Use the myEcon financial software and discount buying membership to minimize expenses, which frees up cashflow for lifestyle and investments. ~9
  10. 10. STEP 4 Maximize Cashflow by Debt Elimination Millions of Americans lose thousands of dollars annually and millions of dollars of wealth over their lifetime to debt. Example: A family spending $1,000 monthly on interest payments as they pay their debt, would spend $12,000 annually and $480,000 in 40 years. If they did not have the debt and invested the $1,000 monthly for the same period of time at 9.5% annual rate of return, they would have accumulated over $5,000,000* Solution: Use some of the extra cashflow acquired using our Cashflow to Wealth System to eliminate debt quickly. This frees up cashflow for lifestyle and investments. *Tax consequences have not been considered. ~ 10
  11. 11. STEP 5 Maximize Cashflow and Wealth by Investing Americans are among the poorest savers in the world. The average American invests less than 2% of their income. myEcon’s Cashflow to Wealth System has enabled thousands of Associates to significantly increase their investing by leveraging cashflow formerly lost to taxes, expenses and debt. • How much cashflow can you free-up with less taxes, expenses and debt? • How much wealth can you build by leveraging that money into investments? • Is acquiring cashflow for lifestyle and investing important to you? CAS h FloW To W E A lTh MonThly InvESTMEnT 10 yEArS 20 yEArS 30 yEArS $500 $99,540 $355,962 $1,016,518 $1,500 $298,620 $1,067,886 $3,049,554 $3,000 $597,240 $2,135,772 $6,099,108 *The numbers on this chart represent an example for illustrative purposes only. Tax consequences have not been considered and individual results will vary. The rate of return used for the chart is 9.5% annually. The average rate of return for the S&P 500 index is 9.22% annually since its inception in 1926. ~ 11
  12. 12. Earn Business Income Two major keys to business success are: • Marketing high demand products and services • Leveraged Income myEcon positions it’s Associates for success by providing each Associate with a World Class Business System anchored by both keys. ~ 12
  13. 13. High Demand Product #1 Cashflow to Wealth Financial Software System • Millions of Americans desire to reposition themselves financially. They want less taxes, less debt, more investments and more spendable cashflow. • Our Cashflow to Wealth System is the answer. • The system has a proven track record of helping people reposition their cashflow by minimizing their taxes, eliminating their debt and building income producing assets. The system also helps Associates with credit score improvement and budgeting. • Each time a prospect enrolls into the Cashflow to Wealth System they also receive a personalized myEcon website and our World Class eCommerce Business System. ~ 13
  14. 14. High Demand Product #2 Travel • Travel is the largest industry in the world and currently generates over 7 trillion dollars in annual sales. Travel is also a high demand product for myEcon’s primary target market of money motivated people. • Each Associate’s website has a travel portal which enables customers to book travel with thousands of companies, including the biggest names in the travel industry. myEcon’s alliance with provides: 1 Each customer a Best Price Guarantee 2 Continuous national advertising 3 Maximum commissions to the Associate ~ 14
  15. 15. High Demand Product #3 nutrition Products • Experts predict by the year 2012, nutrition will become the next trillion dollar industry. Nutrition is a high demand product for myEcon’s primary target market of money motivated people. • Customers shop on the Associates personalized website and myEcon drop ships the product directly to customers. • Our leading nutrient product, Daily Ultimate is the most advanced liquid nutrient in the industry. It’s all inclusive formulation saves customers money and provides the body maximum nutrient support. • The formulation combines over 200 nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, fiber, digestive enzymes plus many more cutting edge nutrients. ~ 15
  16. 16. Leveraged Income • The key to BIG InCoME is leveraged income. Leveraged income is income earned on the time, money and effort of multiple people. • Who’s making money on your time, money and effort other than you? • Whose time, money and effort are you making money on other than your own? • myEcon’s compensation plan immediately positions each Associate to earn leveraged income. ~ 16
  17. 17. Retail Sales on Your Website • nutrition • Travel yoU • Discount Shopping • Financial Software Membership System 10% to 102% Commission Marketing Director (MD) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10% national Sales Director (nSD) . . . . . . . . . . . 65% Bonus Qualified (nSD) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 102% ~ 17
  18. 18. Team Building - Leveraged Income Marketing Director (MD) yoU Jill Mike 5% Matching Bonus $30 $30 Promotion to national Sales Director (nSD) ~ 18
  19. 19. Team Building - Leveraged Income national Sales Director (nSD) yoU Jill Mike Paige David Tony $195 $195 $195 5% Matching Bonus $ 306 $ 306 $ 306 To Infinity on Personal Sponsorships ~ 19
  20. 20. Team Building - Leveraged Income national Sales Director (nSD) yoU Mike Paige Jill David Tony 5% Matching Bonus Joe Sam Mary Sally Ivy Tara $165/$ 276 $165/$ 276 $165/$ 276 $165/$ 276 $165/$ 276 $165/$ 276 To Infinity on Each MD’s First Two Sponsorships ~ 20
  21. 21. Team Building - Leveraged Income • Team overrides through Six Generations of NSD’s • Up to $4.00 monthly residual income on Active Associates . . .plus more ~ 21
  22. 22. Financial Success Almost everyone desires Personal Financial Success… but most will never attain it, because they depend on institutions with opposing objectives. • Corporate America has no solution; it’s about stockholders and executives. • The government has no solution; it’s about taxing and spending. • The traditional financial services industry has no solution; they are still pushing debt products and low return investments with high fees. • you are the only answer for your Personal Financial Success. If you are ready, myEcon will empower you with the right system, information and coaching. ~ 22
  23. 23. Sign up Today and Receive: ✔ A Personalized website and financial resource center ✔ A Powerful life changing Personal Financial Success Training System ✔ A World Class Turn Key Business Development Training System ✔ Only $299.95 to get started and $19.95 monthly or $199.95 to get started and $29.95 monthly* *The $29.95 monthly fee converts to just $19.95 beginning the 16th payment. ~ 23