The state of academic e-books in South Africa : Wesley Lynch


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The state of academic e-books in South Africa : Wesley Lynch

  1. 1. The state of Academic eBooks in South Africa
  2. 2. @Snapplify | Hi I’m Wesley Stalk me: @WesleyLynch
  3. 3. @Snapplify | Is South Africa ready for eBooks?
  4. 4. @Snapplify |
  5. 5. @Snapplify | Parklands College Norman Henshilwood CoZa Cares Adoption
  6. 6. @Snapplify | Challenges
  7. 7. @Snapplify | Hardware Cheapest tablet around R3500
  8. 8. @Snapplify | Connectivity Project Isizwe Telkom Project Athena
  9. 9. @Snapplify | This is Tom and Sarah. Their school does not have enough eReaders so they are forced to share. Shared devices
  10. 10. @Snapplify | What do schools need?
  11. 11. @Snapplify | With the Snapplify eReader, Tom and Sarah can create unique profiles for themselves online. They can individually interact with their eTextbooks on a single device.
  12. 12. @Snapplify | All their notes and highlights are then safely secured on cloud servers allowing Tom and Sarah access to it from any device or desktop at any time.
  13. 13. @Snapplify | eReader Platforms A feature-rich and robust eReading platform for iOS and Android mobile devices, all web browsers and desktops
  14. 14. @Snapplify | eReader Formats Supports PDF, ePUB2 & 3 including fixed Layout and foreign languages.
  15. 15. @Snapplify | eReader Foreign Language Foreign language content capability
  16. 16. @Snapplify | Academic Features • Ideal for school books for note-taking, highlighting & bookmarking • Supports multi-user environments, like libraries, where devices are school- owned • Safe and secure access via unique username and password logins Easily highlight and add notes Bookmark pages for easier revision Annotations are safely stored in the cloud
  17. 17. @Snapplify | eCommerce Web Store New users register and make purchases via credit card
  18. 18. @Snapplify | A free, simple way for schools to buy and read eBooks They purchase eBooks directly from your eBook Store Sign up and get your free branded eBook Store populated with eBooks from leading publishers Students register on your eBook Store Using unique voucher codes they redeem eBooks bought by the school Students download your Mobile App to their mobile devices and sign in to access their eBooks They enjoy reading their eTextbooks on a built-in, feature-rich Academic Reader Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse ultricies lorem orci, a venenatis lacus porta ac. Fusce ac felis aliquet, vehicula neque imperdiet, interdum leo. Nam sed elit vel justo vulputate pellentesque vitae in orci. Donec imperdiet fringilla nulla, at auctor nisi luctus at. Sed eu turpis nisl. Donec iaculis velit id lectus faucibus cursus. Integer rhoncus luctus tortor in varius. Donec tincidunt leo nibh, ac iaculis urna tempor ut. Suspendisse varius sapien sit amet dictum adipiscing. In ante lorem, ultricies id varius sodales, blandit sit amet leo. Cras non feugiat diam, id mollis neque. Vestibulum volutpat arcu ac nibh ultricies, nec pulvinar nulla mollis. Donec porta nulla id libero pellentesque, ac auctor nibh bibendum. Quisque ac dapibus justo, scelerisque dictum nisl. Nullam rutrum, erat vitae imperdiet consequat, dolor turpis luctus erat, varius consectetur odio justo eget quam. Sed ullamcorper tempor sodales. Ut nulla massa, vestibulum id porta at, venenatis sit amet sapien. Proin eget nisi lacus. Suspendisse at imperdiet leo. Mauris quis commodo erat. Mauris et arcu eu leo euismod convallis non at libero. Aenean vehicula vel felis sed luctus. Aliquam id augue volutpat. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse ultricies lorem orci. com OR 59482
  19. 19. @Snapplify | Email: | Web: | Twitter: @Snapplify London Cape TownNew York Thank you. Any questions?