Reg for future 10th 2013#2


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Reg for future 10th 2013#2

  1. 1. Foothill Technology High School 2013-2014Sophmore Registration March 2013
  2. 2. Foothill Technology High School Today we are going to talk about: Registration timeline for next year High School Graduation Requirements UC and CSU Entrance Requirements Summer school Summer enrichment opportunities
  3. 3. Foothill Technology High School Do you have health insurance? California Healthy Families offers: Medical + Dental + Vision insurance coverage at little or no cost.Health Insurance helps kids stay Information is healthy with available in theregular medical Counseling office!and dental visits!
  4. 4. Foothill Technology High SchoolRegistration Timeline and Other Information Forms must be returned to your counselor by Wednesday, March 13th. (write alt classes on form) Registration forms must be complete with all necessary signatures or your courses will not be guaranteed.  Must obtain teacher’s signature for math and science class  Online registration must also be complete by Wednesday March 13th
  5. 5. F Foothill Technology High SchoolTEnglish: 40 credits REQUIRED•English 9P/ 9H•English 10P/ 10H•English 11P/ 11AP•English 12P/ 12AP
  6. 6. Foothill Technology High SchoolMathematics: 30 credits REQUIRED MUST complete Algebra 1 4 years of Math are strongly recommended
  7. 7. Foothill Technology High SchoolSCIENCE: 20 credits REQUIRED 10 credits of a LIFE science (Biology) 10 credits of a PHYSICAL science (Chemistry, Conceptual Physics, or Chemistry H) 3 to 4 years of science are Strongly recommended
  8. 8. Foothill Technology High SchoolSocial Studies: 35 credits REQUIRED 5 credits of Geography (Gr.9) 10 credits of World History (Gr.10) 10 credits of US History (Gr.11) 5 credits of Government (Gr.12) 5 credits of Economics (Gr. 12)
  9. 9. Foothill Technology High School Physical Education: 20 credits REQUIRED IF YOU ARE PLAYING SPORTS, You MUST complete a “Multi-Site Enrollment Request” form and another Emergency card.More than one sport? Submit one form Sign up for Sports Dismissal: 8981 and/or 8982 for the semester you are playing sports.
  10. 10. Foothill Technology High SchoolHealth Education:5 credits REQUIRED (usually taken in 9th Grade)
  11. 11. F Foothill Technology High SchoolTFine Arts: 10 credits REQUIRED Foreign Language, Art, Drama, Music, Filmmaking, Digital Photography
  12. 12. F Foothill Technology High SchoolT Applied Arts – 10credits REQUIRED EDA fulfills this Requirement! Web Design, Digital Animation, Yearbook, and any ROP offerings
  13. 13. Foothill Technology High SchoolElectives: 60 credits required! An elective class is any class that you choose above and beyond the core requirements.
  14. 14. Foothill Technology High SchoolCommunity Service – 75 hours required 20 hours in the 9th grade year recommended 20 hours in the 10th grade year recommended 20 hours in the 11th grade year recommended 15 hours in the 12th grade year recommended  Two different organizations  DUE September 20th,2013 (Summer)
  15. 15. Foothill Technology High School UC/CSU A – G RequirementsA. History/Social Science: 2 years requiredB. English: 4 years requiredC. Mathematics: 3 years required/4 recommendedD. Laboratory Science: 2 years required/3 recommendedE. Language Other Than English: 2 years required/3 recommendedF. Visual & Performing Arts: 1 FULL year requiredG. College Preparatory Electives: 1 year required All Classes must be passed with an A, B, or C for college eligibility! D = FAIL!!!
  16. 16. Foothill Technology High School Summer School If you have earned an F in a class required for graduation, you need to go to summer school. If you earned a D grade and you need to “make it up” for college, see your counselor in April about going to summer school Summer school will be held at Ventura High, Buena High, and El Camino and sign-ups will be in April
  17. 17. Foothill Technology High School Summer Enrichment Programs UC Summer Programs offer slice of campus life, academic challenges, chance to have a college experience Look in the Media Center and/or the Scholarship Updates for more summer programs.
  18. 18. Foothill Technology High School All registration material is due on Wednesday, MARCH 13th. Return the form with all required signatures to your Counselor Online registration must also be completed by Wednesday, March 13th!Talk with your parents, teachers and counselors to choose classes. These will be the classes you have all year next year!