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Pl euro2012workshop


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Pl euro2012workshop

  1. 1. Emergency service needed?!?
  2. 2. Polish fan scene
  3. 3. Since 90’s the polish fan scene started to be more formal and organised. Fans of almost each football team in Poland formed a legal and registered Fans Association. Main goals for each Supporters Group are to improve the safety on the football stadiums and change the negative image of polish football fans.
  4. 6. Fans Associations in Poland are not only focused on supporting their local team. They’re arranging charity actions, taking part in social and educational projects, actively incorporate in the live of their local community.
  5. 7. EURO 2012 will be placed in four host cities in Poland: Gdansk, Poznan, Warsaw and Wroclaw. In each of this cities there’s an active local Fans Association: Gdansk – Lwy Polnocy – supporters of Lechia Gdansk; Poznan – Wiara Lecha – supporters of Lech Poznan; Warsaw – Stowarzyszenie Kibicow Legii Warszawa – supporters of Legia Warszawa; Wroclaw – Wielki Slask – supporters of WKS Slask Wroclaw.
  6. 9. Part 1: Expectations
  7. 10. Chance to change the negative image of football fans
  8. 11. Cooperation with local authorities and national government Thanks to EURO 2012 we have a chance to take part in whole range of projects that are more or less concentrated on football fans. We are happy that local authorities and our government noticed that there’s no way to organize EURO 2012 in Poland without involving polish fans in it, because we have the knowledge and experience that they need to make this event magnificent and unforgettable for all European fans.
  9. 12. Improvement of infrastructure New stadiums, training sport fields are essential for polish football and that’s the most important advantage of EURO 2012 for polish fans . Of course it’s not only about the sport infrastructure that will be refined before EURO 2012, also the transport, travelling and tourist services are subjects that we are looking for to be improved thanks preparations of our country to be the host of EURO2012.
  10. 14. The other advantage is that polish government started an project called ORLIK, which is a plan of building new, modern, safe and free of charge recreational and sport complexes for teenagers and children.
  11. 16. Promotion of physical education
  12. 17. Part 2: Fears
  13. 18. Increase of repressions directed in polish football fans Polish government took EURO 2012 as an excuse to pass a bill about mass events that is in many places unfair for polish football fans. Although the government invited fans representatives, their argumentation wasn’t really listened.
  14. 21. Increase of commercialization The more popular football is, the more we see that for club owners it’s more about business than about love for this game. Club managers responsible for marketing are trying to increase the income of the club by making the tickets more expensive, sell as much expensive souvenirs and other services. The problem is that they seem to forget that football fans are homogeneous as it comes to wealth. A lot of fans comes from poor and simple families, lot of fans doesn’t have a job or high earnings.
  15. 23. We are concern that because all of those EURO 2012 preparations and laws we might lose something unique, something that other countries might be jealous for – our vivid and spontaneous atmosphere.
  16. 24. Increase of the ticket prices That is really simple aspect. As we’ve said before we are afraid that because of EURO 2012 and club owners aspiration for having bigger income, the ticket prices might drastically go up.
  17. 25. What after EURO 2012?