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Improving CSO-academic collaboration


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A presentation from Victoria Schoen, Research Fellow, FRC

Published in: Education
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Improving CSO-academic collaboration

  1. 1. Improving CSO-academic collaboration Victoria Schoen Research Fellow FRC
  2. 2. Achieving success • Involve CSOs at beginning and throughout project • Time input • Clear objectives • Choosing the research partner • Familiarity with each other’s work • Differences in academic/CSO output
  3. 3. Carnegie UK Trust recommendations • Allow open access to academic publications • Introduce service learning • Invest in an embedded gateway
  4. 4. For universities and researchers • Training in methods for collaboration • Consider funding knowledge brokers • Use Project Advisory Groups • Engage fully in the process of collaboration • Sustain relations with CSOs between research projects
  5. 5. For CSOs • Engage proactively with universities • Bring academics onto Boards and Groups • Offer secondment opportunities
  6. 6. For HEFCE and RCUK • Resource embedded gateways • Reward collaboration • Continue to encourage access to academic outputs
  7. 7. The FRC Triangle
  8. 8. References • Shucksmith, M., 2016. InterAction How can Academics and the Third Sector Work Together to Influence Policy and Practice?, Carnegie UK Trust, tion/ • Campbell, H., Vanderhoven, D. et al, 2016. Knowledge that Matters: Realising the Potential of Co-Production, N8 Research Partnership, Production-2016-01-20.pdf