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The Caffeine Facts

Caffeine is naturally found in many foods and beverages; along with coffee and tea, it’s also found in cocoa, kola nuts, guarana, yerba mate, and over sixty other leaves, seeds, and/or fruits. While there are many sources of caffeine, the source doesn’t matter, it’s the amount that does. Healthy adults can consume between 300-400 mg of caffeine a day, which equates to a little more than 4 8-ounces cups of coffee.

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The Caffeine Facts

  1. 1. C O M M O N S O U R C E S O F C A F F E I N E CAFFEINETHE FACTS Coffee Cocoa Tea Kola Nut Guarana Yerba Mate 300-400 MILLIGRAMS 4 CUPS OF COFFEE. H E A L T H Y A D U L T S C A N C O N S U M E O F C A F F E I N E E V E R Y D A Y . T H A T ' S A B O U T HOW MUCH DOES IT TAKE TO REACH 300-400 MG A DAY? Y O U ' L L N E E D T O D R I N K 1 1 8 C U P S O F C O F F E E I N O N E S I T T I N G T O R E A C H A L E T H A L D O S E . TEA SODA ESPRESSO ENERGYDRINK DARKCHOCOLATE 158-OZCUPS 1312-OZCUPS 6 1-OZ CUPS 312-OZCUPS 331-OZ PIECES AND * * *Basedontypicalmilligramsofcaffeine.Caffeinecontentcanvaryduetobrewmethod,plantvariety,formulation,etc. Sources: International Food and Information Council International Coffee Organization Food and Agriculture Organizations of the UN United States Department of Agriculture LEARN MORE AT WWW.FOODINSIGHT.ORG Caffeine HealthBENEFITSTOP EXPORTERS TOP IMPORTERS COFFEE @FoodInsight FoodInsight@FoodInsight COCOA T E A COFFEE COCOA T E A BR CI CN US NL RU May reduce risk of Type 2 Diabetes and high blood pressure Improves alertness, such as memory and reasoning May protect against cognitive decline and risk of Parkinson's Disase Some evidence shows caffeine can improve physical performance May prevent against some cancers, including colorectal, liver, and breast cancers Caffeinated foods and drinks contain healthful components such as antioxidants and polyphenols T E A F A C T S : T r u e t e a c o m e s f r o m t h e C a m e l l i a S i n e n s i s p l a n t . E v e r y t h i n g e l s e , s u c h a s c h a m o m i l e , g i n g e r , a n d h i b i s c u s , a r e c a l l e d t i s a n e s , o r h e r b a l t e a .