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Four Farming Fundamentals [INFOGRAPHIC]


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Farmers don’t just wear a straw hat, but they also must constantly wear their “thinking caps” too! Productive farming relies upon integrating efficient methods to feed, house and keep animals healthy. Also, farmers have to map out effective ways of seeding, harvesting and protecting crops. And don’t forget, while they are caring for the animals and crops, farmers are tech-savvy and environmental stewards. Sounds like a lot of work, right? Well, it is! Feeding over 7 million people is no small feat.

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Four Farming Fundamentals [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. 1. SUSTAINABILITY PRECISION AGRICULTURE ANIMAL WELFARE Both conventionalandorganicfarmers useEPA-regulated,safepesticidesto protectcropsfromweedsandpests.   CROP PROTECTION PrecisionAgincreasesefficacy in planting,harvesting andstoring offarmproducts. PrecisionAgreducesuseof naturalresources,fertilizer, pesticides andtilling. Farmerssustainablyproduce foodtofeedour growingpopulation. Responsible useofwater,land andenergyyieldareliablefood supplychain.  Checkoutthe"farmingfundamentals" thatgetfoodonyourplate!  FARMING FUNDAMENTALS @foodinsight FiveFreedomsofAnimal Welfare guidefarmers'feeding, caringandhousingof theiranimals.  FarmersadheretoUSDAandFDA Federal Regulationstoensure propercareofalltheanimalson thefarm.