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4 Steps to Build Healthy Eating Habits


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Here are four tips to get you started on the basics of a responsive feeding approach, which can help infants and toddlers build healthy eating patterns for life.

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4 Steps to Build Healthy Eating Habits

  1. 1. 4 Steps to Build  Healthy Eating Habits Help your baby or toddler learn to love a variety of new foods, and build lifelong healthy eating habits. Mix It Up Model healthy eating for your child. Sit down together to make mealtime an experience for the whole family. If you’re feeding your child bananas, try some too. Kids are more likely to try a food when they see an adult eating it too. learn more at @foodinsight Food Insight @foodinsight New textures are also important when building healthy eating habits. Around 6 months most babies are ready to begin soft foods like pureed vegetables and whole-milk yogurt. Gradually introduce new textures of complementary foods. Around 8 -10 months, babies may be ready for soft, finger foods. By two, most toddlers eat a variety of different textures and can eat most table foods. Monkey See, Monkey Do Remain patient and be consistent. It may take many tries to get your child on board with new tastes. Slow and  Steady Wins the Race Start Early Mom’s diet during pregnancy is crucial for priming taste preferences for healthy foods. Studies show that moms who consume more fruits and vegetables during pregnancy and lactation had babies that were more willing to accept these foods.