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FoodFight Fundraising Deck


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FoodFight is an educational nonprofit whose mission is to revolutionize the way we think about food. Using schools as a platform, we arm students, teachers and parents with the knowledge they need to make healthier eating and buying decisions. Join the fight!

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FoodFight Fundraising Deck

  1. 1. our vision food education taught “soup to nuts” in every school 60%  open  
  2. 2. 2   THE PROBLEM 2   1/3  of  children  in  the  U.S.  are  obese  or   overweight,  making  this  the  1st  generaAon  at  risk   of  having  a  shorter  lifespan  than  their  parents  (1)       The  fast  food  industry  spends  more  than  $5   million  every  day  markeAng  unhealthy  foods  to   children  (2)         1  “Overweight  in  Children”.  American  Heart  Associa.on.  January  3,  2013  from  hNp://   2  Kovacic,  W.e.  (2008).  food  to  children  and  adolescents:  A  review  of  industry  expenditures,,  and  self-­‐regula.on:  A  Federal  Trade  Commission  report  to  Congress.   Federal  Trade  Commission.   Teachers have 1,100+ hours of instructional time with students per year. 0-4 hours is spent on food education.
  3. 3. Schools are currently being underutilized as a platform for food education.   Students deserve to know how to navigate the 21st century food system – both for better health and academic success. Knowledge is power. 3   THE POTENTIAL 3   Schools  can  play  a  criAcal  role  in  promoAng  the  health   and  safety  of  young  people  and  helping  them  establish   lifelong  healthy  behaviors.  (1)     1  “School  Health  Reform:  InvesAgaAng  the  Role  of  Teachers”  study,  Journal  of  Child  NutriAon  &  Management,  Spring  2012  
  4. 4. Who  is  FoodFight?   We  educate  and  empower  students,   teachers  and  parents  to  make  healthier   eaAng  choices.   4   4  
  5. 5. Our Unique Angle: Teachers 5   Founded  by  two  former  public  school   teachers,  FoodFight  believes  that  the   success  of  our  food  educaAon  programs  in   schools  hinges  on  first  educaAng  and  gaining   the  buy-­‐in  of  the  key  influencers  –  teachers   and  school  staff.     Training  teachers  to  take  ownership  over   their  food  choices  enables  them  to  act  as   beNer  role  models  for  their  students.  
  6. 6. Carolyn  Cohen   Co-­‐Founder   Founding  Team,   InsAtute  for   CollaboraAve  EducaAon   Masters  in  EducaAon,   New  School  for  Social   Research   Experienced Team Transforming Food Education in Schools Deborah  Lewison  Grant   Co-­‐Founder   15+  years  experience  as   NYC  public  school  teacher   Doctorate  in  Curriculum   and  Teaching,  Columbia   University   Dr.  Robert  Lus?g   Advisory  Board   Professor  of  Pediatrics  at   UCSF   Presented   Sugar:  The  BiDer  Truth     4  million+  views  on  YouTube   Dr.  David  Katz   Advisory  Board   Founding  Director  of  Yale   University’s  PrevenAon   Research  Center   Editor-­‐in-­‐Chief  of  the   journal  Childhood  Obesity   Visit­‐us/people   for  full  list  of  staff  and  Board   6  
  7. 7. Creating a Food Education Model that Delivers Results 7  
  8. 8. v   Independent  research  from  both   Columbia  and  Yale  Universi?es  shows:     •  90%  of  teachers  ranked  FoodFight’s   Teacher  Wellness  Program©  as  one   of  the  top  three  among  all  teacher-­‐ training  programs     •  95%  said  they  would  recommend  it  to   another  teacher   8   90%  of  teachers  and   students  say  FoodFight   programs  have  changed   their  ea?ng  habits   8  
  9. 9. Pre-­‐  and  post-­‐interven?on  results   tracked  by  Columbia  and  Yale   Universi?es  shows:     •  Three  Ames  as  many  parAcipants   intend  to  eat  5+  fruits  and  vegetables   per  day         •  ParAcipants  are  36%  more  likely  to   eliminate  all  sugary  drinks  from  their   diets   9   Par?cipants  are  71%   more  likely  to  read   ingredient  labels     9  
  10. 10. 10   NEW  PROGRAMS  IN  2014   Grow  Tower,   Love  Your  Lunch  series,   And  healthy  school  toolkit   TEACHER  WELLNESS  PROGRAM   Arming  school  staff  with  tools  to   transform  their  own  health  and  serve  as   role  models  for  their  students   HEALTHY  FAMILIES  PROGRAM   Providing  parents  with  pracAcal  Aps   and  strategies  for  making  healthier   eaAng  and  buying  decisions  on  a   budget   FOODFIGHT  IN  THE  CLASSROOM   Teachers  implement  FoodFight  curriculum   over  a  semester,  supported  by  team  of   doctors,  nutriAonists  and  chefs   Food Education Programs for the School Community 10  
  11. 11. 11   READING  LABELS   Curriculum Part I: Shifting Individual Behavior NUTRITION   AVOIDING  PROCESSED  FOODS   11  
  12. 12. Curriculum Part II: Decoding Our Food System FOOD  POLITICS   MEDIA  &  ADVERTISING   SUSTAINABLILITY   12  
  13. 13. 13   Empowering  students,  teachers  and  parents  to:     ü  Make  smart,  independent  eaAng  choices   ü  Act  as  role  models  and  agents  of  change   ü  Build  a  school  culture  that  promotes  nutriAon  and   sustainability   ü  Advocate  for  access  to  healthier  opAons  in  their   communiAes   Our Stakeholders and Goals 13  
  14. 14.       14    “When  the  class  was  over,  I  realized  that  I  had  accumulated  so  much   more  knowledge  on  what's  actually  behind  the  food  I  eat.  In  my  home   we've  changed  the  way  we  eat  based  on  what  I've  learned.  Say  there's   20  kids  in  my  class,  so  that's  20  more  homes  that  are  changed.   FoodFight  is  a  really  big  change  in  my  life.”     –  Student,  West  Side  High  School   How Students Benefit from Food Education 14  
  15. 15.       15   “Since  FoodFight’s  Teacher  Wellness  workshop,  I  have  completely   given  up  soda,  now  look  carefully  at  the  sugar  content  of  my  cereal   and  yogurt  (did  you  know  that  a  liNle  tub  of  low  fat  has  4   teaspoons?)  and  I  will  never  eat  instant  ramen  again!  I  share  what  I     learned  with  my  students  and  set  a  far  beNer  example.”   –    Teacher,  Edward  R.  Murrow  High  School,  NYC     Inspiring Teachers to be Healthy Role Models 15  
  16. 16. Ø    We  focus  our  work  in  low-­‐income  schools  across  the  five  boroughs.   Serving Communities Most in Need Ø    They  are  also  heavily  targeted  by  fast  and  processed  food  companies.   Ø    These  populaAons  are  dispropor?onately  affected  by  diet  related  disease.   16    FoodFight  has  worked  in  46  schools  and  transformed  the  lives  of   nearly  5,000  teachers,  students  and  parents.  
  17. 17. 17   Invest in a Healthier Future Close  by  31st  May  $250k  Target   30%  raised   70%  open   17   Bring food education to 20 NYC schools
  18. 18.     Food  Educators  &  Presenters   Research  &  EvaluaAon   Curriculum  Development   Equipment  &  Supplies    Grow  Tower    Cooking  Demos    Resource  Guides  &  Toolkits   MarkeAng  &  Outreach   Strategic  Development   Student  Project  Support   Travel   Total   Annual Investment of $250,000 $250   AdministraAve  Support    $35   $66   $40   $30   $28         $18   $15   $10   $8   Program Expenses for 20 Schools ($ in thousands) 18  
  19. 19.       19   (of  Whole  Foods)   12 WEST CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LP       Key Funders 19  
  20. 20. 20   Contact:   Neema  Bollampally   Development  Director   (646)  568-­‐1275   You Can Help Raise a Healthier Generation 20  
  21. 21. 21   T H A N K YO U