Mechanics of Food Writing Lab ' Indulge Your Senses ' with Monica Bhide #FBC14


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Mechanics of Food Writing Lab ' Indulge Your Senses ' with Monica Bhide #FBC14

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Mechanics of Food Writing Lab ' Indulge Your Senses ' with Monica Bhide #FBC14

  1. 1. Agenda Welcome Coming to our senses Taste – Not! When a sense is lost Channel your inner diva Wrap-up and Q&A time
  2. 2. What we write about.. •Developing recipes for different ways to cook a turkey •Rounding -up summer drinks in your local area •Conducting taste tests of vermouth in your home •Interviewing a chef/sommelier on spirited (!) cooking •Reviewing a hot-dog stand •Following a famous food critic around a major city! • Discussing six new uses for a potato peeler •Following a trail though Europe to document the history of clotted cream •Traveling with a group of motorcycling chefs through the Rocky Mountains •Reporting on the new bacteria found in tap water or the bacteria that lurks in kids' cafeterias •Debating the role of mayo in a sandwich •Documenting 76 finger foods for toddlers
  3. 3. Why MFK Fisher does it best “The first thing I remember tasting and then wanting to taste again is the grayish-pink fuzz my grandmother skimmed from a spitting kettle of strawberry jam. I suppose I was about four.”
  4. 4. Words to describe this?
  5. 5. Summer Serenity? Cheap Summer Thrill? Mellow Chill? Liquefied Summer? Size of a bird bath? Drink is crowned with lime? Punctuated with lime?
  6. 6. Don’t use Delicious Yummy Sinful Tasty Foodie Artisanal
  7. 7. Exercise - See, smell, hear, feel No taste
  8. 8. Just a few words you cannot use Alkaline cheesy burnt crispy vinegary buttery bland raw ripe sour spicy hearty hot tasty sweet bittersweet gingery overripe oily fruity fishy sugary salty luscious rotten sour spoiled peppery mellow bitter tangy greasy delicious biting burnt creamy flavorful fruity gingery grainy hearty hot juicy mild minty nutty oily peppery salty savory smooth spicy sugary sweet tangy tart tasteless Tasty
  9. 9. The magic of Tom Sietsema? • A bumper crop of interesting new restaurants • Crusty veal schnitzel oozes kaymak, similar to clotted cream, with every slice; the richness of the strapping dish, bedded on mashed potatoes, is cut with caper relish • Rosy rib-eye massaged with Old Bay rests on a pool of sweet corn and picks up delicate crunch from grilled okra • turnips …staged around a scarlet scoop of beet sorbet. • the artful gin and tonics
  10. 10. Blind Tasting
  11. 11. Can you do it? Tweet like Ruth?
  12. 12. “Magenta morning: cherry trees in bloom. Inhaling color. Blood orange juice. Warm biscuits. Sweet melting butter. Sliced berries.” “Huge gray clouds, moving fast. Sun shines on far mountains. Lawn bright. Gorgeous chiaroscuro. Black beans. White rice. Salsa. Inside echo.”
  13. 13. Homework – BE YOU Once a day– A new word Kill your darlings Pretend Once a week – A new story Once a month – A new ingredient Once a year – Total media silence Every minute: watch, listen, learn and observe. You are the storytellers of today.