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Branding Made Easy

Hélène is going to explain how to transform your food blog into a powerful brand. Branding can seem like a very daunting process but with some clear guidelines/examples and cheat sheets it can be made easy. She will take you through key branding principles when developing, growing, running your blog and explain how clear branding is really helpful when developing logos, website design, social media presence, PR pack… and approaching other brands.

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Branding Made Easy

  1. 1. Branding made easy @CroqueMaman
  2. 2. About me Hélène Eberhardt AKA Croque-Maman @CroqueMaman
  3. 3. Branding made easy No need to take notes, Presentation available to download from:
  4. 4. “Why?” “What is your favourite brand?”
  5. 5. Why should you care about branding? • Adds substantial value to your work Brand value: $ 84 B / Market Cap: $ 180 B + Forbes May 2015 Brand value / Market Capitalisation 47% WPP and Millward Brown
  6. 6. Why should you care about branding? • A way to survive and flourish through difficult times and amid heightened competition
  7. 7. What is a brand?
  8. 8. What is a food blog brand? Lush scrumptious Meet the cook I’m Katie Bryson – freelance journalist, wife of a strapping vegetarian and mum of two boisterous boys – keeping them all fuelled and trying to stay sane is a daily challenge so I thought I’d share my experiences
  9. 9. A food blog brand can be analysed in the same way than any other brand A French mum’s kitchen secrets French playful
  10. 10. How to (re-)define your food blog brand and make it powerful? AUDIT STRATEGY EXECUTION
  11. 11. Do you already have a blog up and running? Are you about to launch a new blog?
  12. 12. Where am I now?AUDIT Inventory Name - Logo - Tagline - Tone of voice, personality - Positioning - Presence on social media - Partnerships… Consumer Research - Readers (target + actuals) - Insights Competitive assessment - Competitors blogs - Points of difference/ of parity
  13. 13. Where do I want to be/go? • Defining and structuring the key components of your brand STRATEGY
  14. 14. Example – Dove brand keySTRATEGY
  15. 15. Let’s create your brand key 2 3 1 4 5 6 7 8 9
  16. 16. Brand key Croque-Maman example
  17. 17. Where do I want to be/go? Brand positioning For (target audience), (brand/company) is the only/best (consumer frame of reference) that delivers (key benefit/point of difference) because/by (reason to believe, key credibility point). Example Dove: For women aged 35 to 50 years old, Dove is the only soap that makes my skin soft and smooth because it contains ¾ of moisturising cream. STRATEGY
  18. 18. Brand positioning For (target audience) _______________________, (blog name) ________________ is the only/best (consumer frame of reference) _________________that delivers (key benefit/point of difference) ________________ because/by(reason to believe, key credibility point) __________________________________. Let’s create your brand positioning
  19. 19. Brand positioning Croque-Maman example
  20. 20. Benefits of having a blog positioning statement • Keeps you focused and consistent • Easier to create content and find your angle and story • Target specific audience only and build loyalty • Pitching will be so much easier “elevator pitch Where do I want to be/go?STRATEGY
  21. 21. How do I make this happen?EXECUTION
  22. 22. How do I make this happen? Everything needs to be developed considering how well it supports the positioning statement • Brand elements: name, logo, tagline, colours, fonts… • Marketing & Communication: partnerships, social media presence, press kit… EXECUTION Powerful Branding = Consistency
  23. 23. Brand identity guidelines key components Example: Dos Don’t Logo High resolution versions of your logo (all versions) in 2 formats: EPS and JPG or PNG Fonts Usually up to 3 with their own purpose Arial  Headings Calibri  Subheading Cambria  Text Colours Usually up to 3 with all their colour codes (Colour Code Converter) EXECUTION
  24. 24. EXECUTION
  25. 25. Logo What makes a great logo? Memorable SIMPLE Timeless UNIQUE Appropriate VERSATILE EXECUTION
  26. 26. LogoEXECUTION
  27. 27. Graphic designersEXECUTION – Wilogo - – Fiverr – – People per hour -…
  28. 28. Moodboard example “Playful yet elegant” EXECUTION
  29. 29. Using your blog as your point of reference when developing Blog Press Kit EXECUTION
  30. 30. Top tips to keep a strong brand CONSISTENCY • Brand identity guidelines • Across all media/initiatives • No major rebranding EXECUTION