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Friends and family

A letter sent to friends and family explaining that I wrote a letter to the SEC

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Friends and family

  1. 1. Dear Friends and Family, Yesterday I wrote a letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission asking them to let me publicly talk about raising money for my startup, so that I might be able to meet new people whom I don't know yet and ask them to consider investing with me when the new JOBS Act Rules go into effect in 2015. Right now I can legally talk only to friends and family. So, here I am talking to my friends and family. My husband and I have been working for years to be independently lucky and sometimes that means doing things that are hard. We have also been working hard to be able to have our freedom of speech, which has been very hard because in reality nobody wants other people to speak freely about things. Many people believe that freedom of speech only applies to the media's right to publish bad news, or to tell the truth about things that the government doesn't want anyone to know, such as the NSA spying that Edward Snowden revealed. Speaking publicly about what the NSA was doing was viewed by many people as treason, not as a protected form of free speech. William Randolph Hearst said “News is something somebody doesn't want printed; all else is advertising.” But freedom of speech is more than just freedom of the press. For the “freedom” part to exist at all, people must be tolerant and supportive of each other in ways that don't seem to exist today – thankfully, that is changing worldwide. Earlier this year my husband was sent a subpoena from the SEC saying that he had to give the federal government three years' worth of his correspondence with people. The SEC was investigating whether Jason committed a crime by publicly talking about raising money for his startup. They said if he didn't comply with their demand for copies of all of his communications that he would be sent to prison. Thankfully Jason isn't one to let people step on his rights as a human being. The SEC sent Jason a letter closing their investigation after they investigated for 8 months and found that Jason had done nothing wrong. If you are interested in reading the letter you can find it in the link below. to-jason-coombs-on-august-7-201487-closing-letter-to-j-coombs I am telling you we are honest people, with real and honest opportunities and skills that do help others. Jason has been in business for much longer. He is an expert in his field of work. He has over 25 years worth of experience in the computer and tech world. Jason also has 16 years of experience with global financial markets. He has been CEO of a publicly-traded company, he has testified repeatedly in court cases as an expert witness, his books have been published by the largest publishing companies such as John Wiley & Sons, and in 2010 he won an international trading competition from our home in New Zealand in which he produced nearly 2,000% profit in just a few months trading Forex and derivatives. So here is what I am asking: please read my letter to the SEC, if you are interested in either my startup or my husband's, please let me know. Call me, write me a letter, e-mail me or respond to this message. Here is my letter to the SEC: I understand if you can't help, but at least tell me that you believe in my right to speak about this and that you are tolerant of my decision to try to build a new business with the help of investors and capital. Thank you for reading my message. Best wishes to you and everyone you love. Yours Truly, Emily