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Top Analysts Covering the Contact Center Industry for 2016


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The contact center industry is blessed with a large and engaged community. Keep up with trends and best practices by following these top 20 analysts!

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Top Analysts Covering the Contact Center Industry for 2016

  1. 1. Top Analysts Covering the Contact Center Industry Sponsored by: Call-Back Solutions for the Call Center Learn More at
  2. 2. “The call center industry is blessed with a large and engaged analyst community. Just by following their blogs and tweets, you’ll get tremendous insight into the latest best practices, stats and trends! Shai Berger Co-Founder & CEO, Fonolo
  3. 3. Congratulations to the 20 who were selected! 1. Jon Arnold 2. Bruce Belfiore 3. Aphrodite Brinsmead 4. Keith Dawson 5. Lisa Durant 6. Donna Fluss 7. Paul Greenberg 8. Sandra Gustavsen 9. Ian Jacobs 10. Nancy Jamison 11. Irwin Lazar 12. Kate Leggett 13. Michael Maoz 14. Sheila McGee-Smith 15. Dave Michels 16. Dan Miller 17. Blair Pleasant 18. Art Rosenberg 19. Art Schoeller 20. Paul Stockford * Listed in alphabetical order
  4. 4. Jon Arnold “What customers really want is to communicate on their terms and come away feeling that the agent is on the same page. When agents have a full complement of UC tools to work with, they can put customers at ease right away, regardless of how they are getting in touch. Independent Industry Analyst Focus: UC, Call Center, SIP, & VoIP Web:
  5. 5. Bruce Belfiore “There are literally thousands of contact centers that are on (or over) the cusp of needing advanced workforce management systems. Continuing to spreadsheet your workforce needs as your center grows and becomes more complex may seem like a thrifty thing to do – but it isn’t. Some of the best returns on investment (ROIs) from contact center investments come from installing appropriate WFM systems. CEO, BenchmarkPortal Focus: Contact Center Benchmarking Web:
  6. 6. Aphrodite Brinsmead “The cloud as a deployment model has matured …Although contact centers face barriers with complexity, security of customer data, legacy investments and strict technology budgets, these concerns are gradually being pushed aside as providers focus on delivering reliable, scalable cloud contact center technologies. Principal Analyst, Customer Engagement, Ovum Focus: Customer Interactions, Technology, & Contact Center Web:
  7. 7. Keith Dawson “… the dark pool of customer interactions … is the tip of the iceberg. Understanding how customers are engaging requires a great deal more data gathering, analysis, and coordination between service, sales, and marketing departments. Principal Analyst, Customer Engagement, Ovum Focus: Contact Center Technologies & Customer Experience Web:
  8. 8. Replace hold-time with a call-back on all channels. In-Call Rescue Mobile Rescue Web Rescue Call-Back Solutions for the Call Center
  9. 9. Lisa Durant “With 52% of companies using IP Automatic Call Distributors (ACDs) and another 38% using mixed IP/TDM ACD platforms, it’s safe to say that IP ACDs are becoming commonplace. Research Analyst, Nemertes Research Focus: Contact Center & Unified Communications Web:
  10. 10. Donna Fluss “Customer service has to start at the top, but it has to involve ongoing conversations with customer-facing staff. Too often, contact center executives say ‘we did this for our reps because we know what they need,’ but in reality, they don’t. CEO, DMG Consulting LLC Focus: Contact Center, Back-Office, Analytics Web:
  11. 11. Paul Greenberg “Customer's voices, amplified by social media, now trump even the cleverest of marketing. Combine that with a massive surge towards subscription and freemium models, increasing saturation of digital marketing channels, increased competition and decreasing customer loyalty, and you have the recipe for an era where users, not brands, wield unprecedented power. President, The 56 Group, CRM and SCRM Author Focus: CRM, Social CRM, & Customer Service Web:
  12. 12. Sandra Gustavsen “There are obvious budgetary advantages to selecting a cloud solution – reduced capital expenses, fewer IT personnel and predictable per-user monthly fees, to name a few. But, there are also strategic advantages in terms of scale, consistency across a network and the ease of adding future innovations that are particularly appealing to organizations with multiple, geographically-dispersed offices and remotely-located employees such as contact center agents and supervisors. Industry Analyst, Technology Writer Focus: IP Phone Systems, Cloud & Unified Communications Web:
  13. 13. Ian Jacobs “Although the contact center was born and raised in the telephony world, it looks to be spending its dotage trying to handle consumers’ growing preferences for communication channels such as web chat, SMS, social media, email, and eventually video. For contact center pros, these digital channels present a particularly thorny problem because… marketing and strategy teams have staked their claim to ‘owning’ many of these emerging channels, despite the fact that customer service requests come in via these channels in ever-increasing volumes. Senior Analyst, Forrester Focus: Customer Experience Technologies Web:
  14. 14. Nancy Jamison “Customers are dictating the transformation of contact centers and companies are responding by stepping up from a multi-channel approach to omni-channel engagement, which is vital to seamlessly interact with customers from channel to channel without loss of interoperability or history. Principal Analyst, Frost and Sullivan Focus: Contact Center, Speech Tech, & Social Media Web:
  15. 15. Ring! A happy caller is connected. Customer dials in, hears option to “Press 1 for a call-back.” Customer relaxes while Fonolo waits on hold. Fonolo’s cloud-based solution easily hooks into your existing call center infrastructure, with minimal impact to your business processes. Adding Call-Backs the Easy Way
  16. 16. Irwin Lazar “Today we communicate with our merchants via a variety of means – Facebook, Twitter, chat, maybe even video, in addition to voice… Harmonization between these isolated customer engagement … as new platforms continue to emerge ….including Moxie, Oracle’s Right Now, and’s Service Cloud compet[ing] with the more traditional CRM vendors including Aspect, Avaya, Cisco, and Genesys. VP and Service Director, Nemertes Research Focus: Unified Communications & Contact Center Web:
  17. 17. Kate Leggett “In 2015, we found that web and mobile self-service interactions exceeded interactions over live-assist channels, which are increasingly used by customers as escalation paths to answer harder questions whose answers they can’t find online. In 2016, customer service organizations will make self-service easier for customers to use by shoring up its foundations and solidifying their knowledge-management strategy. VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research Focus: Customer Service: Trends, Research, & Technology Web:
  18. 18. Michael Maoz “The Customer Engagement Center is another way of saying a Customer Service and Support software suite. We had called it the CRM Customer Service Contact Center MQ for nearly 15 years, but then in 2012 our client requests were starting to move away from phone, chat, email and search and over to questions about the future of support across mobile devices, within peer-to-peer networks, on social media channels, via sensors in a world of IoT VP and Analyst, Gartner Focus: Cloud Apps, Social Media, & Mobility Web:
  19. 19. Sheila McGee-Smith “Creating a better customer experience is not just about providing context to an agent--heck, a screen-pop can do that. Better customer experience is about understanding what is going on with the customer and having a rules engine that can trigger different ways to resolve the customer concern. President and Principal Analyst, McGee-Smith Analytics Focus: Contact Center & Enterprise Communications Web:
  20. 20. Top 9 Call Center Trends for 2016 Download Your Copy
  21. 21. Dave Michels “Modern communications are much less about features, and much more about flexibility. Applications are, of course, still critically important, but they should be evaluated from a toolbox perspective because what you think you need today almost certainly is not what you will need tomorrow. President, TalkingPointz Focus: Cloud Services, SMB Voice, & Unified Communications Web:
  22. 22. Dan Miller “Customers equate ‘service quality’ with quick resolution of their problems by a live agent. If they are put on hold, confronted with confusing options or delivered to an individual who is not up-to- speed with their requirements, they think less of your company and its brand. Lead Analyst & Founder, Opus Research Focus: Conversational Commerce & Voice Biometrics Web:
  23. 23. Blair Pleasant “Social channels are by their nature public, and interactions over social media can be viewed by anyone and everyone. A poor customer service experience can be viewed by hundreds, or thousands of people. Finding the right agents with the right skills to interact with customers in this public forum is essential. Where possible, social customer care interactions should be handled by specialized social customer agents who are specially trained and skilled for social media. Principal Analyst, Commfusion Focus: Call Center, Unified Communications, & Collaboration Web:
  24. 24. Art Rosenberg “As much as business communications are still in a state of transition from legacy, location-based telephony just between people to new, mobile, multimodal interactions between people and self-service online apps, there is a need to accommodate both old and new forms of accessing live assistance. The key to customer satisfaction is not necessarily just to reduce the actual wait time, but also to let the customer do other things before it is time to interact with a live person, commonly known as “virtual queuing” with callbacks. Principal Analyst, The Unified-View Focus: Call Center, Voicemail, & Unified Communications Web:
  25. 25. Art Schoeller “[UC deployments] fail because users can ignore you and you lose the benefits … You have to establish and [invest] in a change- management program. Principal Analyst, Forrester Research Focus: Unified Communications & Call Center Technology Web:
  26. 26. Paul Stockford “Omnichannel customer engagement means the customer’s entire journey is tracked across channels in order to create a consistent, optimized experience... The net result is a comprehensive view of the customer journey from end-to-end…Given the evolution of customer preferences and expectations…omnichannel is no longer a contact center option, it’s a necessity. Owner, Saddletree Research Focus: Contact Center, CRM, & Social Media Web:
  27. 27. Fonolo Success Story “We were able to deploy Fonolo in just 15 days…we saw an immediate impact on our abandonment rate… on our busiest days it was down 33%.” Watch the video: Read the case study: