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Top 16 Customer Experience Analysts to Follow


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Social media is an amazing way to follow the real-time thoughts from some of the best CX leaders. Here are 16 great influences you should start following!

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Top 16 Customer Experience Analysts to Follow

  1. 1. Top Analysts Covering the Customer Experience for 2018 Sponsored by: Call-Back Solutions for the Call Center Learn More at
  2. 2. “These analysts are able to find and evaluate customer experience solutions for every industry, and deliver them to businesses in ways that actually make sense. SHAI BERGER Co-Founder & CEO, Fonolo
  3. 3. CONGRATULATIONS! 1. Bruce Temkin 2. Ed Thompson 3. Elizabeth Herrell 4. Esteban Kolsky 5. Harley Manning 6. Jim Davies 7. Kate Leggett 8. Megan Burns 9. Natalie Petouhoff 10. Omer Minkara 11. Paul Hagen 12. Peter Ryan 13. Richard Snow 14. Sheryl Kingstone 15. Steve Blood 16. Sumair Dutta * Listed in alphabetical order
  4. 4. BRUCE TEMKIN “Don’t waste customers’ time asking them questions unless you are prepared to act on what they say. Managing Partner, Temkin Group Focus: Customer Experience Web:
  5. 5. ED THOMPSON “A superior customer experience is one of the few remaining means of sustainable competitive differentiation as the effects of globalization take their toll. VP and Distinguished Analyst, Gartner Focus: CRM strategy & CX management Web: Thompson
  6. 6. ELIZABETH HERRELL “Despite the growing complexity of channels, customers demand simplicity in their experiences. This customer-centric cohesion requires a new paradigm in user experience. Get ready to make the shift as the front office comes to the back office to form a new engagement strategy. President, Communication Initiatives Focus: Unified and social communications, contact centers, customer experience. Web:
  7. 7. 9 Critical Contact Center Trends for 2018 Download Your Copy
  8. 8. ESTEBAN KOLSKY “The bottom line is most people cannot make customers happy because they’re not really trying to make them happy. You have to get to the point where you have balance. It’s got to be a win-win situation. Customer’s need to get what they want. But you also need to keep your business sustainable. Principal & Founder, ThinkJar LLC Focus: Customer experience and customer strategies Web:
  9. 9. HARLEY MANNING “Superior CX drives superior revenue growth in industries where customers are free to switch business and competitors deliver a differentiated customer experience. VP, Research Director, Forrester Research Focus: Customer experience practice Web:
  10. 10. JIM DAVIES “VoC is now being viewed as a must-have strategy… the focus on understanding customers by listening to them and using that understanding to market differently, sell differently, support differently… a lot of companies are now realizing they can’t really differentiate by traditional means, but really understanding the customer can help them to do that. Research Director, Gartner Focus: CRM Web: Davies
  12. 12. KATE LEGGETT “Customer service leaders know that the right knowledge, right answers, delivered at the right time is critical to a successful interaction. When done correctly, knowledge- curated or tribal – can be used to personalize an interaction, reduce handle time, increase customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, customer engagement, and ultimately drive conversion and revenue. VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research Focus: Customer service research Web:
  13. 13. MEGAN BURNS “I think of CX as the 'eat healthy and exercise' of the business world. Everyone buys-in to the idea of treating customers well, at least in public. What they don’t do is change their behavior or encourage change in the people who work for them. Customer & Employee Experience Expert Focus: Customer experience and human behavior Web:
  14. 14. NATALIE PETOUHOFF “Brands must recognize that the hardwiring of customers’ brains and their neurological desire for flow and ease of use are part of their expectations. Companies must come to terms with the economic imperative of the customer experience or risk losing customers to the competition. Vice President and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research, Inc. Focus: Customer service, CRM, contact centers Web:
  15. 15. Say companies need to put more work into providing a seamless experience. Source: Zendesk 87%
  16. 16. OMER MINKARA “Messaging in customer service has evolved from a nice-to-have into a must-have capability. When incorporated seamlessly within omni-channel programs messaging helps firms retain more consumers and grow client spend. Vice President & Principal Analyst at Aberdeen Group Focus: Customer experience across multiple channels Web: Minkara/165/bio.aspx
  17. 17. PAUL HAGEN “An effective way to ensure that experiences meet customers' needs is to bring customers and frontline employees into the design process through co-creation. When they are face-to-face with a design team, customers can provide … firsthand accounts of what they want and seeds of ideas to build upon... Senior Principal; Head of Customer Experience & Innovation Strategy, West Monroe Partners Focus: Customer experience strategy Web:
  18. 18. PETER RYAN “Contact center outsourcers interested in targeting laggard e- commerce markets such as Canada should look at the evolution of countries in which online shopping and associated multichannel consumer support are more common (such as the UK or the US). Principal at Ryan Strategic Advisory Focus: Business process outsourcing and CRM technology Web:
  20. 20. RICHARD SNOW “Organizations must consider systems that help them build smart mobile apps that can automatically connect to a contact center agent at the click of a button without losing the context of what the customers was doing in the app. VP and Research Director, Ventana Research Focus: Business process outsourcing and CRM technology Web:
  21. 21. SHERYL KINGSTONE “It's about the interaction, not just the next best offer. With technologies like Bluetooth Smart, entire shopping lists can be delivered on-demand based on a particular grocery store and lists can be dynamically organized based on in-store location. Director, 451 Research Focus: Customer experience strategies, cross-channel communications, mobile experiences Web:
  22. 22. SUMAIR DUTTA “The traditional driver for self-service investments was cost elimination and the reduction of the burden on the service organization. Now, there is the realization that customers often resort to self-service channels as a first attempt. Research Analyst Covering Customer Service and Customer Experience, The Service Council Focus: WFM, contact centers, multi-channel support Web:
  23. 23. STEVE BLOOD “The UC market continues to consolidate as digital workplace employees look for new and different ways of working. Research VP at Gartner Unified communications, collaboration, contact center Web: