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Top 16 Analysts Covering Customer Experience


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Top 16 Analysts Covering Customer Experience

  1. 1. Top 16 Analysts Covering Customer Experience
  2. 2. “The customer service industry is blessed with a large and engaged community. Just by following their blogs and tweets, you’ll get tremendous insight into the latest best practices, stats and trends! Shai Berger Co-Founder & CEO, Fonolo
  3. 3. Congratulations to the 16 who were selected! 1. Bruce Temkin 2. Ed Thompson 3. Elizabeth Herrell 4. Esteban Kolsky 5. Harley Manning 6. Jim Davies 7. Kate Leggett 8. Megan Burns 9. Natalie Petouhoff 10. Omer Minkara 11. Paul Haggen 12. Peter Ryan 13. Richard Snow 14. Sarah Reed 15. Sheryl Kingstone 16. Sumair Dutta * Listed in alphabetical order
  4. 4. Bruce Temkin “Driven by a shift in technology capabilities and consumer behavior, leading companies are refocusing the primary purpose of contact centers from handling individual calls to building customer loyalty. These changes will morph contact centers into what I’ve called Relationship Hubs. Managing Partner, Temkin Group Focus: Customer experience Recommended Reading: • Customer Experience = Success + Effort + Emotion • 14 Customer Experience Trends for 2014 Blog
  5. 5. Ed Thompson “Social media adoption can take several paths to CRM. However, more than 80% of organizations follow a common pattern.VP and Distinguished Analyst, Gartner Research Focus: CRM strategy and implementation, customer experience management Recommended Reading: • What’s New with CRM, Social CRM and CEM? • The CRM Team Perspective on Social in 2015 (Subscribers Only) Blog
  6. 6. Elizabeth Herrell “Despite the growing complexity of channels, customers demand simplicity in their experiences. This customer-centric cohesion requires a new paradigm in user experience. Get ready to make the shift as the front office comes to the back office to form a new engagement strategy. President, Communication Initiatives Focus: Unified and social communications, contact centers, customer experience. Recommended Reading: • Why Speech Analytics Improve Customer Care (Membership Required) • Social Communities Spur Innovative Customer Support Blog
  7. 7. Esteban Kolsky “Chat has had a love-hate relationship in the contact center since its early days in the late 1990s. Early on touted as the replacement for the telephone (with many advantages over it) due to the low-latency nature of its operations, chat has succeeded (few times) and failed along the myriad electronic channels we brought along to form a contact center. Independent Analyst Focus: Customer experience, CRM, social media Recommended Reading: • Fixing The Suckiness of Predictive Analytics • The Silent Rise Of Chat in Customer Service Adoption Blog
  8. 8. Replace hold-time with a call-back on all channels. In-Call Rescue Mobile Rescue Web Rescue Call-Back Software for the Call Center
  9. 9. Harley Manning “Ultimately, Forrester covers customer experience not because it’s a “feel good” topic but because it’s the best way we know to retain customers, get that next sale, and win new customers. VP, Research Director, Forrester Research Focus: Customer experience practice Recommended Reading: • What Customer Experience Professionals Need to Know About the Customer Life Cycle (Subscription Required) • The Path to Customer Experience Differentiation Blog
  10. 10. Jim Davies “VoC is now being viewed as a must-have strategy… the focus on understanding customers by listening to them and using that understanding to market differently, sell differently, support differently… a lot of companies are now realizing they can’t really differentiate by traditional means, but really understanding the customer can help them to do that. Research Director, Gartner Focus: CRM Recommended Reading: • VoC: Voice of the Customer? Very Often Confused! • The Impact of VoC on Digital Commerce (Subscribers Only) Blog
  11. 11. Kate Leggett “Customers are using more communication channels for customer service than ever before. They are also contacting customer service organizations more frequently. Companies are rising to this challenge as overall satisfaction with the quality of service over all communication channels is trending upwards VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research Focus: Customer Service: trends, research, and technology Recommended Reading: • Customer Service Channel Usage Highlights the Importance of Good Self-Service • Forrester's Top Trends for Customer Service in 2015 Blog
  12. 12. Megan Burns “I think of CX as the 'eat healthy and exercise' of the business world. Everyone buys-in to the idea of treating customers well, at least in public. What they don’t do is change their behavior or encourage change in the people who work for them. VP & Principal Analyst, Customer Experience, Forrester Research Focus: UC, call center, SIP, VoIP Recommended Reading: • Getting Executives Engaged in the CX Transformation • Want Better Customer Experiences? Adopt the Six Disciplines of CX Maturity Blog
  13. 13. Natalie Petouhoff “Traditional viewpoints of the customer via marketing, sales, service and support, and commerce are collapsing…. Customers expect an organization to act as one entity and their front office experiences to match other experiences regardless of touch point. Vice President and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research, Inc. Focus: Customer service, CRM, contact centers Recommended Reading: • What You Don’t Know About APIs Could Hurt Your Ability to Deliver Great Customer Experiences • The State of Customer Service and Support in 2015 Blog
  14. 14. Ring! A happy caller is connected. Customer dials in, hears option to “Press 1 for a call-back.” Customer relaxes while Fonolo waits on hold. Fonolo’s cloud-based solution easily hooks into your existing call center infrastructure, with minimal impact to your business processes. Adding Call-Backs the Easy Way
  15. 15. Omer Minkara “The average number of channels companies use to interact with customers has changed from five in 2012 to six in 2013 to nine in 2014. This validates that the value in emerging channels is not a myth, but a reality – one that contact centers must address. Research Director, Contact Center & Customer Experience Management, Aberdeen Group Focus: Customer experience across multiple interaction channels (e.g. social, mobile, web) Recommended Reading: • Engineering Continued Success in Omni-Channel Customer Care: Keep An Eye Out for Emerging Channels • Answering the ROI Question for Customer Experience Management Blog
  16. 16. Paul Haggen “An effective way to ensure that experiences meet customers' needs is to bring customers and frontline employees into the design process through co- creation. When they are face-to-face with a design team, customers can provide … firsthand accounts of what they want and seeds of ideas to build upon... Senior Principal; Head of Customer Experience & Innovation Strategy, Forrester Research Focus: Customer experience strategy, organizational culture, leadership structures Recommended Reading: • Why Behavioral Economics for Customer Experience? (Free Registration) • How Three B2B Firms Measure Customer Experience (Membership Required) Blog
  17. 17. Peter Ryan “Contact center outsourcers interested in targeting laggard e-commerce markets such as Canada should look at the evolution of countries in which online shopping and associated multichannel consumer support are more common (such as the UK or the US). Principal Analyst, Ovum Focus: Business process outsourcing, offshore contact center delivery, social media outsourcing Recommended Reading: • The Retail Sector Offers Opportunities for CRM Outsourcers • Canadian Multi-Channel Growth Spells an Opportunity for CRM Outsourcers Blog
  18. 18. Richard Snow “Organizations must consider systems that help them build smart mobile apps that can automatically connect to a contact center agent at the click of a button without losing the context of what the customers was doing in the app. Global VP & Research Director (Customer and Contact Center), Ventana Research Focus: Customer experience management, voice of the customer programs, experience design Recommended Reading: • Research Agenda: Customer Technology for 2015 • Technology Requirements for Providing an EPIC Customer Experience Blog
  19. 19. Fonolo Success Story “We were able to deploy Fonolo in just 15 days…we saw an immediate impact on our abandonment rate… on our busiest days it was down 33%.” Watch the video: Read the case study:
  20. 20. Sarah Reed “Customer service can be complicated! It doesn’t matter if you support two or ten channels, or have two or ten locations; the challenges facing most contact centers are considerable. And – the complexity intensifies as we expand the mix of customers, channels, and sites we support. Senior Manager, Deloitte Services LP Focus: Offshore outsourcing, customer experience, contact center management Recommended Reading: • The Drivers of Today's Customer Experience (Infographic) • The Mobile Customer Service Marathon
  21. 21. Sheryl Kingstone “It's about the interaction, not just the next best offer. With technologies like Bluetooth Smart, entire shopping lists can be delivered on-demand based on a particular grocery store and lists can be dynamically organized based on in-store location. Director, Yankee Group/451 Research Focus: Customer experience strategies, cross- channel communications, mobile experiences Recommended Reading: • Bluetooth Smart and New Technology for Immersive Customer Experiences • NICE Systems' Analytics Platform Visualizes the Customer 'Journey' (Registration Required) Blog
  22. 22. Sumair Dutta “The traditional driver for self-service investments was cost elimination and the reduction of the burden on the service organization. Now, there is the realization that customers often resort to self-service channels as a first attempt. Chief Customer Officer, The Service Council Focus: WFM, customer service contact centers, multi-channel support, social support, mobility Recommended Reading: • Getting More with Self-Service • The Service Leader’s Checklist When Leading a Business Transformation
  23. 23. 10 Growing Customer Service Trends for 2015 Download Your Copy