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3 Ways to Make Your Call Center the Star of Your Brand


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In this one hour webinar you’ll learn how to better manage customer interactions to improve perception, sales, and loyalty.

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3 Ways to Make Your Call Center the Star of Your Brand

  1. 1. 3 Ways to Make Your Call Center3 Ways to Make Your Call Centerthethe StarStar of Your Brandof Your BrandApr. 25, 2013Apr. 25, 20132:00 PM EDT2:00 PM EDTShai BergerShai BergerCo-Founder & CEO,Co-Founder & CEO,FonoloFonoloNathanael SidmoreNathanael SidmoreWeb Analyst,Web Analyst,World Travel HoldingsWorld Travel Holdings
  2. 2. 2•Q: What does that mean for live agentconversations?•A: They are moreimportant than ever!It’s a Multi-channel World
  3. 3. Simple InquiryWhat’s my balance?Where is my shipment?Complex InquiryI want to return a product.I need product assistance.Difficult InquiryI have a complaint.I have a charge to dispute.Live AgentFace-to-faceWeb / EmailOnline ChatAutomatedVoiceSocial MediaText MessageLive AgentFace-to-FaceWeb / EmailOnline ChatAutomatedVoiceSocial MediaText MessageLive AgentFace-to-FaceWeb / EmailOnline ChatAutomatedVoiceSocial MediaText MessageWebstronglypreferredPhonestronglypreferredThe Full Picture16%38%46%
  4. 4. 4Customers prefer the phone fornon-simple inquiries, but dread thecall center experience.The BIG Problem
  5. 5. Waiting on Hold (17%)Phone Menus (12%)Repeating Information (42%)What Frustrates People Most?Source: Clickfox survey, 2011
  6. 6. Waiting on HoldPhone MenusRepeating InformationThesearefixable!Source: Clickfox survey, 2011
  7. 7. 7Call-back software that enhances the callerexperience by eliminating the most commoncall center complaints.1. Waiting on hold2. Phone menus3. Repeating information
  8. 8. 8•The Ultimate Call Center ExperienceRemove the pain…Waiting onholdRepeatingInformationPhoneMenuson all channels…Web Inbound call Mobilewith any call center…Premise Cloud Outsourced
  9. 9. 9Works with the callcenter you have today.(and the one you’ll have tomorrow)
  10. 10. • Worlds leadingcruise agency• Over 30 brands,including• Call center handles2M calls/yrCase StudyCase Study
  11. 11. • Cruise bookings are acomplex sale• Many transactions starton the web, but finishwith a live agent• Adapt to preferences ofchanging demographicsChallengesChallenges
  12. 12. RequirementsRequirements• Offer a smooth transitionfrom web to agent, whilemaintaining context• Minimal effort inimplementation• Low cost
  13. 13. • Visual IVR maps toexisting phonemenu options• Matches look-and-feel of the site• No changes to thecall centerVisual InterfaceVisual Interface
  14. 14. Adding Fonolo to the WebsiteAdding Fonolo to the WebsiteA few lines of HTML is all it takes toembed the widget.
  15. 15. Amazing ResultsAmazing ResultsTo see the rest…Register for this FREE webinar.Apr 25, 20132:00 PM EDT