Putting the Customer First on Every Call


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Putting the Customer First on Every Call

  1. 1. Putting The Customer First On Every CallWhite Paper • December 2011
  2. 2. Have you asked your customers lately what kind of service they get when dealing with yourbusiness? Is their perception the same as yours? Studies show that 80% of your peers thinkthey are offering great customer service, while only 20% of their customers believe that is true!The good news is that people are willing to spend more with companies that deliver great customerservice - a recent survey by Ovum says in fact 10% more! Some of this gain comes at the expenseof the competition, which itself isn’t standing still. In fact, the customer’s perception of whatconstitutes great customer service continues to go up: what was pretty good last year is likely notgood enough going forward.This paper will address how you can use an advanced communication solution to improve yourcustomer service, and consequently 1. improve customer retention; 2. expand to new customersegments; and 3. provide world-class customer support. First Call Resolution — The Key To Customer ServiceMost businesses interact with their customers over three distinct channels: face-to-face, over thephone and through the web. A decade ago, some predicted that the web would totally replaceface-to-face and phone interactions. But this is far from reality. With the explosion in mobility and IPtelephony, phone interactions at all stages of a product life cycles are as important as ever whetherto discuss a sale, query delivery or resolve problems.Think about it. You yourself hate being put on hold, succumbing you to music on hold, or shuffledfrom one agent to another, or having to place numerous calls, as you try to get your personal orbusiness needs addressed. Your customers are no different!The key is to provide fast, consistent, efficient responses to your customer requests. Your customersshould reach someone who can address his or her needs on the first try or solve a problem on thefirst call. This is called first call resolution. This is not an idle day dream, but a realistic opportunitywhich you can realize without major investments and accompanying risks. To learn more, please visit fonality.com or call 877- FONALITY
  3. 3. You may be under the mistaken impression that what you need to do is follow large corporations,who have deep pockets to implement sophisticated call centers with dedicated agents. But for asmall or medium business like yours, there is a better way to enhance customer service withoutemptying your wallets.With efficient skill-based routing and find-me/follow me services, the customer’s call is quickly andefficiently delivered to the employee, wherever he/she may be, who can best serve the customer.This might be the sales person, a help desk agent, someone in your accounting group or even anexecutive. Some of these employees may not always be at their desks next to their wired phones.Find-me/follow me services allow employees to be reachable with a single number, whether they areat their desks, or away from their desks with their laptops, tablets or smart phones.With software interfaces to customer relationship management applications (e.g. salesforce), youcan make sure that your employees have the customer’s service and buying history in front ofthem whenever the customer calls. Screen pops with the calling customer’s profile are provided topersonalize the customer’s experience, and allow you to quickly differentiate between high-valuerepeat customers and first-time potential customers.Advanced cloud-based business telephony solutions can deliver these capabilities in a highlyefficient fashion, without the need to invest in complex contact center technologies. These deliverthe flexibility you need to deliver on the promise of first call resolution, in a business world that ishighly mobile supported by a broad range of devices. These in turn decrease customer wait times,lower the abandoned call rates, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. To learn more, please visit fonality.com or call 877- FONALITY
  4. 4. Table: What features can my business benefit from?Feature Description BenefitsSkills-based Routing Direct the call to the agent whose Increase customer satisfaction by skills match the customer’s needs quickly engaging the agent who can serve them most effectivelyAutomated Call Distribution Seamlessly access customers’ Increase productivity and avoid wait historical information when they call times in, or be alerted through screen popsCRM Integration Allow the caller to self-direct to the Increase customer satisfaction with appropriate agent to meet their needs detailed customer information at your fingertipsMultiple Auto Attendants View graphical reports on every Customers can get to their detail of your call queues, such as destination faster, reducing wait time abandoned calls, completed calls, and frustration hold time, average call length, agent productivity, and morePowerful Call Metrics Monitor calls, join the call, or speak Learn more about your call to the agent during the call in whisper processes, so that you can be more mode knowledgeable about how to improve the effectiveness of your businessCall Monitor, Barge and Monitor calls, join the call, Monitor your agents in real-time andWhisper or speak to the agent during the call assist them to fulfill customer needs in whisper modeThe Bottom-Line Is Your Top-LineIf you have a cloud-based advanced business communications solution, enhanced customer serviceis at hand, with incremental investments. First call resolution will become a reality by putting thecustomer first on every call. You will be able to eliminate unnecessary delays in delivering products,services and support to your customers. You will also be able to accelerate exception handlingassociated with a customer problem, a shortfall in needed inventory, or a billing error. First callresolution recognizes that time is money. Realizing first call resolution solutions across your businesswill go a long way to delight your customers, therefore maximizing revenue opportunities. To learn more, please visit fonality.com or call 877- FONALITY
  5. 5. Fonality, Moving Your Business ForwardFonality is North America’s fastest growing business communications company anda leading provider of cloud-based VoIP and Unified Communications solutions for smalland mid-size businesses. With a unique software model approach, Fonality provides allthe features of legacy providers without the cost or complexity.Founded in 2004, Fonality has delivered more than two billion phone calls across the cloudwhile enabling more than one million users of open-standards based communicationssoftware. Investors include Intel Capital, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, and Azure CapitalPartners. Visit www.fonality.com for more information or call 877-FONALITY. 5601 Granite Parkway, Suite 500 • Plano TX 75024 1-877-FONALITY • fonality.com