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Fonality Resellers


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Fonality Resellers

  1. 1. Fonality ResellersAuthorized Reseller: The introductory level of the program, Authorized resellers generate leads from businessesand other organizations that are interested in Fonality’s business communications solution and are compensatedfor those leads that result in closed sales.Certified Reseller: Benefiting from additional sales tools, Certified resellers are expected to complete a salescertification program in order to take the sales and marketing lead with customers and prospect base.Premium Reseller: The highest level of partnership, Premium resellers are expected to complete an onlinesales certification training program for both product and technical installation training. This tier of resellers oftenperform customer on-boarding and product implementations with new customers, in addition are also expectedto provide level-one technical support. Fonality Premium Resellers have the unique opportunity to participate inour Partner Advisory Council which provides insight and direction to drive new features and functionality intoFonality’s product portfolio. Fonality Business Communication Solution Fonality is changing the face of IP telephony with an innovative best of breed business communication solution that provides a full suite Fortune 500 telephony and contact center features at an SMB price. Simple user friendly VoIP solution Seamless scalability to grow with your business Desktop management app to unify communication iPhone and Android mobility solution Unique software solution to bundle with or without hardware needs To learn more, please visit or call 888 -TRIXBOX