Fg fonality hud mobile feature guide jul-11


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Fg fonality hud mobile feature guide jul-11

  1. 1. Fonality Heads Up Display MobileFEATURES General Features Real-Time Rich Presence Connect with the right person based on the mode of communication that best suits you and your colleague with presence indicators of all company employees. Integrated Business Contacts HUD Mobile integrates with all of your business contacts, allowing you to have your company’s directory available to you anytime. Visual Voicemail View voicemail details including, caller’s name, phone number, date and time stamp, and message length with the ability to quickly return the call at the touch of a button. Email Integration Quickly send emails by selecting the recipient and the mail client that you wish to use. Message Notification Receive alert notifications directly on your mobile device about incoming or missed communications. Add Contacts on the Go Need to add a contact on the go? Now you don’t have to wait until you get back to the office. Have the freedom to add and delete contacts. To learn more, please visit fonality.com or call 877- FONALITY
  2. 2. Chat Features Instant Messaging Send messages in real-time allowing you to keep the same level of professional chat conversations away from the office. Custom Status Message Customize your chat status with HUD Mobile to inform others with details of what you are doing such as, “with a client”. Secure Chat Chat worry-free knowing that no data is stored locally on your mobile device, but is stored in a secure server. Google Chat Integration Have the ability to integrate Google Chat contacts to see presence information, share your status, as well as send and receive chats. Calling Features Location Settings Whether it’s your office phone, soft phone, or mobile phone, you can set your location, creating a single user identity and never miss a call. Soft Phone Integration Decide which type of network to run HUD Mobile on. Choose a 3G/4G for Toll Bypass network if you’re on the go or a Wi-Fi network if you’re in a hot spot. Simultaneous Ring Using FindMe, you can program HUD Mobile to twin your desk phone and ring both at the same time. Move Calls Between Devices Have the freedom to transfer your HUD Mobile call to a different device or vice versa. When you arrive at the office, quickly transfer the call to your desk phone and continue the conversation. Call Recording Whether you need to record calls for quality assurance or compliance, you can record any call on the fly. Centralized Call History Pull up the call history of both your mobile and desktop usage including type of call and duration. To learn more, please visit fonality.com or call 877- FONALITY
  3. 3. Contact Center Features Queue Status Maintain your status in the queue. Manage and be a part of queues even when you are not sitting at your desk. Agent Login/Logout Reasons Log in and out from anywhere with the ability to give reasons for logging out such as “in a meeting”. Monitor Agent Activity View call details to see who is speaking to who, the duration of the conversation, and the same color coding as HUD Desktop to distinguish call type including queue calls, internal, external and conferences. Barge Need to join a queue call? You can barge the call with HUD Mobile enabling all participants in the call to immediately be able to hear and converse with you, allowing you to further assist in the process of the call. Monitor Listen in on queue calls in action. The participants on the call will not be able to hear you, allowing you to silently monitor the process of the call. Whisper Have the ability to speak with only the agent on the call without the third party hearing the directions you are giving to the agent.Fonality is North America’s fastest growing business communications company and the only provider of cloud-based,open source VoIP, Unified Communications and contact center solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. With a uniquesoftware model approach, Fonality provides all the features of legacy providers without the cost or complexity. Founded in2004, Fonality has delivered more than two billion phone calls across the cloud while enabling more than one million usersof open-standards based communications software. Investors include Draper Fisher Jurveston, Intel Capital and AzureCapital Partners.Visit fonality.com for more information or call 877-FONALITY. To learn more, please visit fonality.com or call 877- FONALITY