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Fonality Phones


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Fonality Phones

  1. 1. Fonality Phones Fonality Softphone Enhance your employee’s productivity and extend mobility with a Fonality softphone bundle. Spanning from the desktop to your “on-the-go” road warrior phone, a Fonality softphone helps you stay connected and manage your calls efficiently. Polycom 331 Is a two-line SIP phone that delivers superb sound quality as well as a wide range of supported business telephony features. The 331, with its dual-port 10/100 Ethernet switch for LAN and PC connection, presents a cost-effective solution for cubicle workers as well as call center operators who use a desktop phone. Polycom 550 Is a four-line SIP phone that delivers calls of unprecedented richness and clarity and supports a comprehensive range of cutting-edge features. The 550 features Polycom’s revolutionary HD Voice™ technology, bringing life-like richness and clarity to every call, as well as Polycom’s patented Acoustic Clarity Technology for crystal- clear, noise and echo-free sound. Polycom 560 Is a four-line SIP phone that delivers calls of unprecedented richness and clarity and supports a comprehensive range of cutting-edge features to future-proof your investment in network infrastructure. In addition to featuring Polycom’s revolutionary HD Voice™ and Acoustic Clarity technologies, the 560 has a dual-port Gigabit Ethernet switch, allowing seamless, high-speed integration with a PC or server. The 560 is ideal for professionals and managers with demanding collaborative communication needs. Polycom 650 Is designed to appeal to attendant users who require advanced features, applications, and multiple line support. The 650 can support over six lines individually, and up to twelve lines with expansion modules. Polycom 6000 Is an advanced IP conference phone that delivers superior performance for small to midsize conference rooms. The 6000 features the latest echo cancellation advancements, and Automatic Gain Control to intelligently adjust the microphone sensitivity based on where participants are seated, making the conversations clearer for all participants. It also features technology that resists interference from mobile phones and other wireless devices, delivering clear communications without distractions. KIRK Wireless System The KIRK Wireless System can support up to 12 wireless users on Polycom 5020 wireless handsets using a SIP IP interface. The Polycom 5020 handset is an elegant yet robust handset with a large color display and intuitive menu structure. These features make it a valuable tool and preferred choice for mobile workers in administrative working environments. Employees will not only benefit from being mobile while constantly being accessible, they will also benefit from an increase in productivity and an optimization of the daily workflow as they will have easier and faster access to the information they need, and thus can better perform their tasks.To learn more, please visit or call 877- FONALITY