Uppsala age management (AMaP) conference press release


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Uppsala age management (AMaP) conference press release

  1. 1. Department for International Cooperation Folkuniversitetet, Uppsala Address: Bergsbrunnagatan 1 75323 Uppsala, Sweden Phone: 018-68 00 60 Email: ali.rashidi@folkuniversitetet.se NEWS RELEASE 18.10.13 EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ON AGE MANAGEMENT WAS HELD ON OCTOBER 17-18, 2013 IN UPPSALA, SWEDEN The ‘Enhancing Employability in Later Life: Developing strategies to improve access to CVET for older workers’ conference offered an overview oftheresults of the Age Management in Practice (AMaP) European project.Participants discussed major age management issues for 2 days in the city centre of Uppsala at Norrlands Nation Fest &Konferens. Participants started to arrive at 10:00 am on October 17. Among them there were guests from Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Sweden and the UK. Peter Egardt, the Governor of Uppsala County, opened the meeting. The reports started with Graham Smith, AMaP Project Co‐ordinator, followed by Matteo Bonifacio and Donald Ropes. The after-lunch part included presentations introducing the actual AMaP Products from German, Polish, Portuguese and Swedish speakers. The ‘Talking Heads’ DVD, containing visual and highly informative AMaP project presentation finalized the day. AliRashidi, the director of Department for International Cooperation of Folkuniversitetet, pronounced the closing remarks.Afterwards the guest were suggested to make a tour of the city to see its main sights, such as Carolina Rediviva (Uppsala University Library), The Castle, Uppsala Cathedral and more. On the second day of the conference guests had an opportunity to participate in 3 workshops by Susana Oliveira, Bjorn Engsten, and Graham Smith, followed by a plenary and feedback session. “We were very happy to welcome our dear partners here in Uppsala. Thanks to the conference we all could see and appreciate the whole picture of what the AMaP project has achieved. The 2nd day workshops also brought up many interesting ideas. We hope our guests left feeling contented and inspired”, - says Ali Rashidi, the director of Department for International Cooperation of Folkuniversitetet. AMaP is a project of the European Union coordinated by the University of Strathclyde (UK) in cooperation with GEB Berlin (Germany), Lifelong Learning Research Institute (Greece), Semper Avanti (Poland), Kerigma (Portugal) and Folkuniversitetet (Sweden). It was established to explore ways of improving access to continuing vocational education for older adults as well the challenges faced by employers as a result of an ageing workforce. Funded by the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Porgramme. ###
  2. 2. Contact: Ali Rashidi Phone: 018-68 00 60, email: ali.rashidi@folkuniversitetet.se Join us on -Facebook: www.facebook.com/FolkuniversitetetUppsalaInternational - LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/3252881