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Folga presentation (english)

  1. 1. Hi! We are the agency, that has rooted from digital! To understand everybody one has to learn how to understandone person. Learn to speak with a Spaniard - and you will find out thatyou are able to chat with the whole of Spain. To become an efficient advertising agency one should startwith digital. By learning how to do face-to-face sales you will make thewhole world listen to your brand ideas. Advertising must turn into a virusthat spreads via communication channels. A 30 sec video can growinto a popular YouTube entry; a poster - into a billboard advertising amass event. And an event can grow into an action that the media willeagerly talk about – free of charge. We work to help brands talk the same language with people!
  2. 2. STRUCTURE OF THE AGENCY cllient service digital communications division general manager media division research division strategic division creative division design studio production
  5. 5. OUR STRENGTHSСИЛЬНЫЕ СТОРОНЫ client service innovations creativity communication 360 quality
  7. 7. rybnyi svit positioning promotion strategy creative concept development graphic style media placement web
  8. 8. Background TaskMarket launch of a new To create a brand andbrand in the fish super- develop awareness of thestore segment. Rybnyi Svit as the only place to buy really fresh fish.SolutionThe opinion of Kyivites that fresh fish is almost nowhere to befound laid the basis for the teaser campaign. The campaign ideawas to escalate the problem and bring it into focus. The communi-cation was divided into two phases. The teaser “There’s no fishhere” became the opening message in the communication. Thedecision to place outdoor advertisements beside competitors’sales outlets can be considered the key media catch of the teasercampaign. The second phase was the problem-solving message,“All the fish in the Rybnyi Svit”. Owing to topicality of the problem,the well-developed creative solution and the out-of-the-box mediaapproach the campaign allowed the shop to sell all of its stockwithin the first month of operation. Graphic design of the logoand carefully selected colour gamut provided for enhancedperception of the key message.
  9. 9. gorilla positioning promotion strategy graphic style web
  10. 10. BackgroundThe Godzilla Restaurant had an issue: itsexpected target audience had nothing incommon with the real one. That really hit itsbusiness performance indicators andprompted the need to alter the restaurant’sconcept.TaskTo re-brand the restaurant.SolutionTo protect the outlet from unwanted target audiences. For that purpose anew brand with a philosophy unacceptable for the given unwanted targetaudience was designed. At the same time that philosophy was to beperceived as attractive by those who are desirable audience, those whoare ‘young in heart’. The idea of plunging into effervescent atmosphere of a‘wild’ feast found its real implementation in the slogan: “Wildly tasty anddreadfully hilarious!” thus merging approaches towards the cuisine and theformat of amusements in the restaurant. The changes covered everythingfrom the naming to business processes. The new brand style suggested tothe restaurant is reflecting the new philosophy behind it. Adopted recom-mendations on interior design allowed to further enhance the effect of theoutlet format change. All the recommendations were also included in thebrand book. The expected outcome was achieved within two months andshowed an increase in business performance indicators.
  11. 11. foxtrot promotion strategycreative concept development web smm
  12. 12. Background SolutionNon-systemic approach to the use of the Internet as To adapt the brand platform for communication in social networks so as to exposedistribution and communication channel affected image image-related brand components on the Internet and turn social media into anand business performance indicators of the brand. efficient distribution channel. Specially developed techniques meant exclusively for participants of household appliances distribution communities allowed for tracking of the conversion. Thanks to implementation of these innovative techniques and well- weighed communication strategy it took Foxtrot only four months to get into the TopTask 5 electronic and household appliances retail trading communities on Facebook andTo make social networks an efficient distribution chan- Vkontakte social networks.nel for the brand simultaneously aggregating the data-base of brand’s loyal customers.
  13. 13. kyivstar business promotion strategy creative concept development web smm ceo
  14. 14. BackgroundKyivstar Business was in need for an efficient channel of commu-nication with specific audience, the top managers and businessowners who are ‘new wave’ managers, not ‘red directors’.TaskTo design and implement an interactive channel of communicationwith business audience over the Internet.SolutionOne specifics of the TA is that, on the one hand, they, havingachieved high positions while still young, long for their share ofacclaim and a role of someone with authority; on the other hand,they continue deep in the permanent process of training andsearches for new sources of information to support their owncompetitive status. That resulted in a unique project, the KyivstarBusiness Digest, a resource to unite theory of business knowledgeand practical experience gained by young elites. The portalprovides possibilities to learn from the experience of those whohave already secured for themselves honorable mention in thehistory of business (like authors of business publications) and atthe same time gives young top managers a chance to share theirsecrets of success.The efficiency of the online resource has beenconfirmed by a number of awards.the Innovation of 2010 Grand Prix Awardthe Grand Prix Award in the Corporate Book categorythe Diploma to the Best 2011 Corporate Media Outlet in Ukraine(the For the Making of a New Standard of Communication Qualityin Business, Professionalism and Maximum Compliance with TAInterests nomination).
  15. 15. Kiev7, Vladimirskaya St. Office 14+38067 537