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  • Really cool stuff! One great guide for improving the websites ranking and getting the customers you wanted for your site.
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  • FMH Online Marketing Guide Power Point

    1. 1. How to Market Focus My Health Online 1
    2. 2. Introduction to Marketing Focus My Health Online The Focus My Health Business Opportunity is a unique opportunity because of the nature of the products. Focus My Health has blown the doors wide open in terms of scaling your business. The products are not only revolutionary but also digital downloads and can be sold to anyone, anywhere. This means that there is no limit to the amount of products you can sell and subsequently, the money you can make. And because the products are informational in nature, there is a unique opportunity in leveraging the power of the internet to implement social media marketing to reach your target market quickly and directly. This guide is designed to show you how. 2
    3. 3. Introduction to Marketing Focus My Health Online There are two main categories to your business. The first priority is to sell products. The second priority is to build your distributor downlines. The Internet can help you do both. In short, the guide will teach you how to build a lead capture page or website. And it will teach you how to bring web traffic (aka people, eye balls) to your website and turn them into buying customers or interested distributors. 3
    4. 4. 6 Essential Web Marketing Principles 1. Take Action- Great ideas will NOT make you money.You must take MASSIVE action to succeed in Internet Marketing. Decide NOW to commit to your online marketing efforts and you will be successful. 2. Test & Track- With Internet Marketing it is crucial to know what is working and what is not working. Tracking all of your marketing efforts will help you determine what to do more of and what to stop doing. 3. Always Ask Why?- Be inquisitive. The world of Internet Marketing is ALWAYS changing. So stay up-to-date on the latest marketing techniques. Find out why something is effective and do more of that! 4. Unique Selling Proposition (USP)- Focus My Health has done this for you by creating incredible, one of a kind products. However, in your capture pages you must understand why your products are so great as well as why the business opportunity is like non-other. 4
    5. 5. 6 Essential Web Marketing Principles cont... 5. Demand/Competition- When you create your capture pages you will find a demand in a specific niche market. However, where you find demand you will also find competition. This guide will help you find untapped niche markets.Yet just like with any business you will need to perform a competitive analysis. 6. 95/5 Rule- The reason why 95% of all Internet Marketers fail is because they quit before they start seeing results. Realize that it takes time for the search engines to pick up your site, for other sites to create back links (explained later), and for people to start talking. Be in the 5% that succeed.Yes it takes effort. But the rewards are worth it. 5
    6. 6. Internet Marketing Overview Set Your Bait Cast Your Net Eat Your Fish Leads Articles Potential Distributors Your They Contact YOU! Podcasts Lead Capture Pot PowerPoints Page e ntia l Cu stom ers Videos Sell loads of Products! Forums ads Le Other 6
    7. 7. Finding Your Potential Niche Now it is true that you already have the products to sell and you do know the general target markets to sell to. Yet to succeed at Internet Marketing you must find a niche within the general categories of “Weight-loss”, “Diabetes”, “Stress”, or “Smoking Cessation”. This guide will lead you through the category of “Weight-loss”. Once you know the process you will be able to duplicate it and find niches in every category. YOU MUST RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH! 7
    8. 8. Finding Your Potential Niche cont... Keyword Search Susie wants to sell the Slim U Weight-loss Program online. She first however has to find her target market. She knows that the general category of “Weight-loss” is way too large for her to compete in so she tries to find a specific niche within the category of “Weight-loss”. The first step is to use a powerful tool created by Google. It is found at To find her keywords she clicks on “or see top keywords across all categories”. 8
    9. 9. Finding Your Potential Niche cont... Keyword Search cont... On the left hand side of the page Susie finds a list of categories of terms searched for on Google. This is important because she can see exactly what people are searching for and purchasing. Since Susie wants to sell the “SLIM U Weight-loss” program she clicks on “health” and then “nutrition & dieting”. On the right, she now sees a list of her keywords that are in this category. These keywords received large amounts of search queries each month. Susie also notices that she can see the amount people are paying to advertise for these keywords. The higher the bid, the higher the competition. 9
    10. 10. Research Now that Susie has an idea of her potential niche market for her site she can start her research. Step 1- Search Volume Research Search Volume Research will tell her how many people are searching for “Biggest Loser Weight Loss”. She has to find out if there is a substantial market. SVR will tell her how many monthly queries there are for her keywords. A great tool to use is is the Google Keyword Tool found at: Susie types in Biggest Loser Weight Loss and can see her keyword and the monthly searches along with a list of related keywords. *Important note about Search Volume Research-Make sure that there are at least 5,000 monthly searches for the keyword or niche you want to market. 10
    11. 11. Research cont... Step 2- Competition Research In any business you get into it is critical that you understand your competition. Unless you have a few million dollars to spare, competing against the large companies like SlimFast, Nutrisystem, and Jenny Craig is going to be quite difficult. A better strategy (and less costly) is to carve out a specific niche, then dominate it! 11
    12. 12. Research cont... Step 3- Traffic Research After gaining an understanding of who your competition is, now it is time to analyze the amount of traffic that they get. Three great services for doing this are,, and Once you have information on their traffic like average visitors per month this will help you understand that amount of visitors you may receive per month if you claimed one of the top spots on the search engine. 12
    13. 13. Research cont... Step 4- SEO Research Now that we understand who our competitors and how much traffic they are getting we should also analyze their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts.You will do more in-depth SEO later but for now it is important to do a quick superficial scan. You should understand if your competitors are high on the search engines because of their own SEO tactics or by some fluke. -Title Tags- This simply means the title of your website. Ie “BiggestLoser-Weightloss” is the Title Tag for the website. When you are choosing your domain for your website try your best to create a name that has your keywords in it. This will help you rank higher. For example if had a Lithuanian Soup Recipe site I would try to get Also feel free to use dashes “-” in your domain name. The search engines see them as spaces so use them if you can’t get the title out right. In order to see the amount of competitor sites that have your keyword in their title go to Then in the search box type in allintitle:”yourkeyword”. We would type: allintitle:”BiggestLoser-Weightloss”. The results show you the number of sites that have a particular keyword in the title tag. If there are less than 5,000 results than that is definitely good. Although more than 5,000 doesn’t mean you should not use that keyword. -Backlinks- Backlinks are incredibly important to optimize your search engine ranking. Backlinks are links that point to your site. For example, we own If NBC corporate site ( put a link to our site on their’s that would be considered a backlink. A great tool to check your competitor back links is found at ______. If the website already has thousands of backlinks, it will be hard to beat it. But if it only has 40 then you can duplicate their efforts by approaching the same sites and asking for a link as well as exceed their number of backlinks. 13
    14. 14. Research cont... Step 4- SEO Research cont... -PageRank- It is important to not only look at the number of backlinks but also their pagerank (PR). Every page (not website) on the internet is ranked on a scale from 1-10 (10 being the best). We will not go in depth here but it is important to know the PR of a site. The more backlinks from highly ranked PR websites the higher you will be ranked in the search engines. Use this tool, to find the PR for any competitor site or any site you are want to get a backlink. 14
    15. 15. Keyword Research Low Hanging Fruit- When choosing your keywords (in your title tag or metatags) you should focus on very specific keywords or phrases. Do not try to compete in the bloody ocean of “Weight-loss”. Instead try combining keywords that narrow in on a very specific niche market. Try including your city or state. For example: may be a good keyword. Low hanging fruit is fruit you can grab and eat. Internet Marketing is about dominating specific niche markets. Again go to: and type in your term. Then click the “Get Keyword Ideas” button.You may also click on a button further down on the page called “Additional keywords to consider”. This will help even more. *Take Action!- Yes, research is important before you get started but realize that the industry of Internet Marketing will always be changing.You can do research until you are blue in the face but at some point you must take action. Once you have done your initial research go buy your domain name for your site and get started! We have used for domain name purchasing because it is typically the cheapest but there are many great services out there. 15
    16. 16. Building Your Capture Page Don’t know how to build a website? No problem! The best Internet Marketers are not web programmers. They know the right tools to use and then take action. There are thousands of services out there to help you build your website. Don’t bother with them. Just use It is by far the best.You can easily create any type of website.You can also integrate video, articles, forums, email list management and many other features. Here is how to build your site in 9 Steps: 1. Domain Name 2. Web Hosting 3. Install & Setup 4. Get your WordPress theme and Install It 5. Custom Tailor Your Site 6. Set Up Your Content Categories and Pages 7. Connecting to Social Networks 8. Install Plugins 9. Monetization 16
    17. 17. Building Your Capture Page cont... Step 1- Domain Name If you haven’t done so already purchase your domain name from a company like TOP 4 RULES IN PURCHASING A DOMAIN NAME: 1. Make sure it contains the keywords that you want to rank on. 2. Make it a “.com”. Don’t go with “.net” or “.biz”. 3. Don’t waste a lot of money buying one. There are services out there that will sell you domains for over $100. Don’t bother.Your domain name should be somewhere around $10. 4. Make it easy to say and spell.You want word of mouth traffic too so make sure that people can remember it. Forget about being clever. Just be simple. Say what you are. Step 2- Web Hosting You will need a place to host your site. Think about your house for a moment.You have a house that sits on a plot of land.You website or capture page is like your house. But you also need your house to sit someplace.Your web host is the plot of land where your website sits. If you have chosen to purchase your domain name they can also be your web host and have great reliability. Step 3- Install & Setup Follow these simple, easy to understand instructions to install and set up your WordPress site: http:// 17
    18. 18. Building Your Capture Page cont... Step 4- Get Your WordPress Them & Install It A WordPress theme changes the way your site looks and feels. The themes are very customizable and can make your site look like a blog or an entire full site including social network and forum. Some are free and some you have to pay for. Start at the free ones then purchase one down the road if you wish. The free themes can be found here: 6 Keys to Choosing a Good Theme: 1. Age Group: If you site is more for college age students choose a them that is a little more hip. If you are targeting people that are older you may want a larger font size. 2. Color Scheme: Choose calmer colors that someone could look at for a long period of time. Harsh, rigid colors can turn people off. You don’t want to lose potential customers or distributors because you thought having a bright red site was cool. 3. Theme Testing: With some themes for example, the name of your site may not fit in the header that is provided. So make sure to test the theme you want. 4. Try Many Themes: Download a few themes and try them out to see which is the best for readability and navigation. 5. Navigation Menus: Use a theme that has navigation menus on the top or the left. People’s eyes flow in a certain way when they reach a website. Don’t reinvent the wheel by having crazy navigation bars. Do what works. 6. Start Simple: Start with a simple theme. The themes are not locked in stone and can be swapped in and out later. Choose a them and get started! Install It- Once you download a certain theme that you like you will need to upload the theme to your web server’s FTP. Then once you have it uploaded and unzipped, go back to the WordPress adminstration, click on the “Appearance” icon, and you should see your new them ready to be activated. Click the “Activate Them” button and you should be ready to customize your site! 18
    19. 19. Building Your Capture Page cont... Step 5- Customer Tailor Your Site Play around with the WordPress tools to custom tailor your site to your liking. Step 6- Set Up Your Content Categories and Pages Make sure that you have pages for the top 5 keywords you are trying to rank on. Set Up Pages- Pages can be used for blogs, articles, case studies that you find, etc. Set Up Categories- Click on the “Add New Category” link and you can create new categories on the fly. Don’t create too many categories because it can get confusing. Remember to Setup the Google Webmaster Tool! Visit _____ and create an account. It will ask for some type of authorization to show that you own the site. Simply copy and paste the html file that they give you onto your server and you’ll be all set. This tool is critical in the long run in understanding organic search results once the search engines start crawling your site. Step 7- Connecting to Social Networks It is very important to integrate your Facebook profile and Twitter account with your website. You can do this via the “RSS” feed. Basically every time you update your site with new information, your Facebook profile, Twitter account, or other social networking site will also be updated. New content is important to help keep visitors happy and the more places you can quickly and easily place your content the better. More tools will be provided for you later in the marketing strategy to help you do this even more effectively and efficiently. 19
    20. 20. Building Your Capture Page cont... Step 8- Install Plugins Plugins are important tools to help optimize your Internet Marketing efforts. 7 Essential Plugins: 1. Facebook Connect- This plugin connects your site to Facebook and allows Facebook users to interact with your site like posting comments and sharing items. 2. Google Analytics- Go to ______ and create a Google Analytics account. This tool is essential for tracking your marketing efforts so that you can do more of the things that are working and stop doing the things that aren’t. 3. Akismet- This tool is an anti-spam tool that filters out spam comments. Make sure you create a account so you can get your “API Key” for Akismet. 4. Google XML Sitemaps- This tool creates a sitemap that is readable by Google and other search engines, as well as your site visitors. 5. MailPress- This allows you to follow up with users and commenters which will help get return visits. 6. Platinum SEO- Use this tool to make sure that all of your pages, blog posts, etc. have the correct descriptions to be optimized for SEO. 7. Twitter for WordPress- This tool will make sure that your site and Twitter stay in sync and makes it more convenient for you. *Congratulations! Your site is now up and running!!! Take a breather and pat yourself on the back! 20
    21. 21. Adding Content to Your Capture Page Now that I have a site, what do I put on it? In short, your site should be about your niche market. However, the first thing you will want to do is to capture your visitors name and email. There are several strategies to do this. Here, we will teach the most effective. People are interested in getting something FREE. The word “FREE” has an effect on the subconscious mind. So this strategy is about giving them some type of FREE Report or FREE Video. The content must be valuable and pertinent to your niche market. For example, “Enter your name and email to get your FREE Video on the 7 Weight-loss Secrets taught to the Biggest Losers on the Ranch”. The target market is people that 1. Follow NBC’s The Biggest Loser and 2. Want to lose weight. Your FREE report doesn’t have to be a video. It can be a 1,000 word article. Click here for examples of good titles.You may even outsource your article to an effective, experienced, and inexpensive article writing service like_____. The front page of your site should be tailored to getting people to insert their name and email address to get your FREE report. Once they insert their information lead them to another page on the site that has the FREE report. However, it is very important to have easily seen links on this page that lead them to your FMH corporate website so they may purchase your products. If your site is tailored to “Diabetes”, then you will want the “Winning with Diabetes” program easily displayed so people can purchase it. What else to I put on my site? Your site should also contain a “Business Opportunity” page. This email follows the same above strategy of giving them a FREE report if they insert their information. For being on our team we will help you with this by giving your this report. FMH Celebrities Pete Thomas and Neil Tejwani have created ______ video to be used as a tool for Distributors implementing this Internet Guide to capture other distributors their their web efforts. You may use this tool or create your own. *Staying current with your niche and posting articles or tips will help drive traffic back to your site too. 21
    22. 22. Marketing Strategy On the following slides you will find a complete marketing strategy including MASTER Resource Guide to help you become successful. It is important to realize that the Focus My Health Business Opportunity is just that! It is a BUSINESS. The following is the guide to help you become successful with the online marketing piece of your business. 22
    23. 23. Online Marketing Strategy Stage 1 Write or have someone else write a 1,000 word article on your Step 1 Write 1,000 Word Article particular niche market. click below for Article Templates and Ideas Step 2 Convert to PDF Convert this article to a pdf. Use your computer software or ________. Submit to: Step 3 -Scribd Two great sites to submit your article to drive traffic back to your site. -Docstoc Locate Affiliate sites that would like to give away your pdf as Step 4 Give to Affiliates as Brand-able PDF a marketing promotion. On your own site you can give away this article as a free report. Step 5 Give away as Free Report on Blog Make sure to capture their name and email address. From the initial 1,000 Word Article create pages on, Step 6 Create pages on Squidoo, Hubpages, Knol, Wetpaint, and Step 7 Turn Article into Podcast Use XYZ site to record your article and turn it into an mp3 podcast. Step 8 Post on authority blog or Podcast automatically sent to iTunes, Podcast Directories, and 23 podcast specific site. Subscriber’s computers.
    24. 24. Online Marketing Strategy Stage 2 Take your 1st article you wrote and write 3 articles based on the Step 1 Rework your initial 1,000 word Article from same topic. Use the same information just present it differently. Step 1-Stage 1 into 3 X 500 word Articles. These will be shorter articles than your first one. About 500 word a piece. Step 2 Automated submission with Article Marketer, Article Post Distribute articles to Online Directories Robot, or Article Submitter Platform Ezine Articles, Go Articles, Easy Articles, Article Alley, A1 Step 3 Hand Submit Article to Directories Articles, Article Snatch, Article Base, Article Dashboard, Article 99. Also see your “MASTER Resource Submission Guide” for 50 of the top Article Directories online. Step 4 Post On/Link To Social Networking Sites Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Friendster, LinkedIn, Orkut, Plurk, Flixya, Jaiku, HiS, Bebo,,, Step 5 Give to Affiliates Affiliates Post on their Blogs,,,, Step 6 Post on Free Blog Sites,,,,,, Windows Live Spaces, 24
    25. 25. Online Marketing Strategy Stage 3 Step 1 Turn your 3 X 500 Articles into 3 Using MicroSoft PowerPoint turn your articles into PowerPoint Presentations Power Point Presentations Submit all PPT slides to,,, Step 2 Submit PPT to Slide Sharing Sites Convert this article to a pdf. Use your computer software or ________. Step 3 Convert all 3 Articles to PDFs Two great sites to submit your article to drive traffic back to your site. Step 4 Submit to Scribd & Docstoc 25
    26. 26. Online Marketing Strategy Stage 4 Create Screen Capture Video of PPT or use Rapid Step 1 Turn your 3 Power Point Video Creation Process Presentations into 3 Separate Videos Step 2 These 3 videos you can post anywhere on your own blog or other blogging Post on blogs as a Video Podcast sites that allow video. Step 3 Use or Traffic Goynes to post your videos to Video Sharing Post Videos on Video Sharing Sites sites throughout the Internet. Make sure to remember to give the embed code for your videos to your Step 4 Give embed code of videos to Affiliates affiliates. Remember, they want quality content so remember to do this. 26
    27. 27. Article Template Ideas Alternatives- 12 Alternatives to Senseless Price Competition Benefit- 8 Benefits to Interval Training Commandments- 10 Commandments to Building Muscle Cures- 12 Cures to the Common Cold Frustration- 10 Frustrations Bosses Face During Performance Reviews Boost- 8 Ways to Boost your Email Click-through-Rate Challenges- 7 Challenges for Dieters on Atkins Concerns- 9 Concerns You Must Address Before Your Prospect will Accept Your Proposal 27
    28. 28. 28