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Terapia2 City Thermal Center Franchising


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This company has thirty years experience in a rather unique niche: bringing the advantages of natural thermal water healing to the city.It is not only good for your body, but it is also good for the environment, as you will reduce the amount of pills you may have to take, and will not have to travel to a thermal city.

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Terapia2 City Thermal Center Franchising

  1. 1. Terapia2 Thermalism The achronym SPA that every one uses now for wellness centers means ”Salus Per Aquam” (in Latin) or ”Health Through Water”... The Romans new about the advantages of thermal waters more than 2000 years ago... In our modern world, full of dusts and microparticles, thermal waters significantly help people cope in a natural and healthy way. w w w .tera pia
  2. 2. Terapia2 Benefits  Since 1946 Terapia2 (pronounced Terapehadoohey) enhances children and adults' quality of life with natural remedies.  Terapia2 has evolved in thirty years to become the largest Italian inhalatory center in a urban environment, bringing thermal waters to the clients, sparing them long travel, costs and time.  The use of thermal waters in dealing with nose, throat, ears ailments is widely recognized and approved by the Italian Ministry of Health.  Terapia2 uses homoeopathic methodologies to further enhance the effects of thermal waters. w w w .tera pia
  3. 3. Terapia2 A touch of History The company moved from its original location (see picture above) to its present headquarters in Torino, Italy, back in 1967. w w w .tera pia
  4. 4. Terapia 2 Thermalism From inception the Terapia2 concept was to bring the thermal waters to the city, what did constitute a first in the world! Of course the original concept has been refined and updated along the way ensuring Terapia2 leadership... Terapia2 offers a natural healthy way to cope with all the aggressions we endure from the environment, but it's also environmentally friendly, and has a very small carbon footprint because it avoids clients' travelling to a thermal city (where the thermal fountains are)... w w w .tera pia
  5. 5. Terapia2 Today w w w .tera pia
  6. 6. Terapia2 Your Thermal center in the city w w w .tera pia
  7. 7. Terapia2 enhances Quality of Life  On Dec 15th 1994 the Italian Ministery for Health gave a list of ailments that can be approached with thermal waters:  Ears, nose, throat ailments;  Bronchi and lungs,  Chronic Bronchities (simple and obstructive)  Rhinogenic deafness,  Mucus Otitis w w w .tera pia
  8. 8. Terapia2 for Quality of Life  Thermal approaches to the aforementioned ailments are efficient, natural and well tolerated.  They generally lead to a significative reduction of remedies your doctor will prescribe and are the preferred choice of individuals and parents looking to natural solutions to seasonal ailments, allergies etc.  Published clinical studies exist to demonstrate the beneficial effects of thermal waters inhalatory approaches. w w w .tera pia
  9. 9. Terapia2 Franchising Franchisees will be able to tap into Terapia2 thirty years experience in organizing, marketing, running and maintaining a very successful and satisfying, rewarding ”social” business. Terapia2 will provide all the services needed to get Franchisees started, follow-up the operation, in a space the Franchisee will select (to be compliant with local codes). As permitting conditions change widely internationally, each ”national first implementation” will be the object of a careful pre-feasibility study to be performed by the Franchisee, or by Terapia2. w w w .tera pia
  10. 10. Terapia2 being healthier from childhood to older age w w w .tera pia
  11. 11. Terapia2: starting early... Children have great advantages with Thermal treatments. Some get started at Terapia2, Torino, before they walk! Sometimes three generations of the same family are coming together. The center is a ”social hub” where people meet and become friends over the years. w w w .tera pia
  12. 12. Terapia2 Franchising To know more: w w w .tera pia