The TeaPartyCat Guide to the 2012 Election


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The TeaPartyCat Guide to the 2012 Election

  1. The TeaPartyCatGuide to the 2012 Election
  2. Todd Akin: "I misspoke when Isaid a woman cant get pregnant from legitimate rape.What I meant was Idont give two shits if she does."
  3. U.S. Budget Federal Budget PBS FundingMitt Romney: "Ill balance the federal budget and cut taxes by cutting Big Bird. PBS accounts for .000000000000001% of our budget!"
  4. GOP billionairesoutspent Dems 7-to-1in Wisconsin, so Walkerhad better win. Id hatefor this election to bestolen by voters.
  5. Mitt Romneys website also callsfor 16,000 more horses and 24,000more bayonets.
  6. That awkwardmoment whenRepublican menrealize thatgetting rid ofabortion andcontraceptionmeans paying alot more childsupport.
  7. The Romney campaign app lets yousee what his positions are. And itrefreshes every 5 minutes so youcan see the changes!Error 404Position Not FoundTues Nov 6 2012 3:13:30 PM EDT111.111.111.1 tried to Agent = AOLError: We don’t know what position you are looking for butit’s not here!Please click refresh to try again!
  8. On the 5th Day Mitt RestedFirst Week in Office:Day 1: Repeal everything Obama.Day 2: Invade Iran.Day 3: Invade Russia.Day 4: Give haircuts to local highschool students.
  9. I feel bad for Tagg Romney. Hes sucha loyal son he wants to punch peopleevery time they call his father a liar.Must be exhausting. Percent of People to Punch6050403020 Percent of People to10 Punch 0 People Tagg People Tagg Undecided Wants To Punch Doesnt Want Punchees to Punch
  10. "Next up on Fox News:Are gays or climatechange responsible forthese horrible storms?Well ask 3 Bibleexperts what theythink."
  11. Mitt Romneys Debate Strategy • 1. Throw out a few numbers. 2. Say "leadership" in every sentence. 3. Give no detail. 4. Repeat #2.
  12. Sure, Paul Ryan pretended tovolunteer at a soup kitchen forphotos, but I think Ayn Rand Deficit Reduction Planwould be proud he didntactually help the poor. Cut Taxes For the RichThat awkward moment whenMitt Romney says his tax plan Cut Supportwont cut taxes for the rich or for thecost $5 trillion and his web site Poorsays the opposite.
  13. Mitt Romney is right. Governmentdoesnt create jobs. Except forteachers, soldiers, firemen, policemen,park rangers--
  14. Fox News headline: "Bill Clinton borescountry for 45 minutes with fact-checking and arithmetic"
  15. Weather models were accurate about Sandy. Itsgood to see climate scientists do some good instead of making up stuff about global warming.
  16. That awkward moment when Scott Walker is trying torid Wisconsin of unions and then watches replacementrefs ruin a Green Bay Packers game.
  17. That awkward moment when MittRomney says airplane windows shouldroll down and none of his base thinkstheres anything wrong with that.
  18. GOP unveiled a new Voter ID law that requires voters show any of these forms of ID: state photo ID, NRAVote More Chikin! membership, or Chick-fil-A receipt.
  19. That awkward moment whena guy who made hundreds ofmillions laying people offrealizes all those fired workersare voters.
  20. Please Vote!All Tweets graciously provided by@TeaPartyCat – slides and selections provided by@FlyoverJoel –