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FutureEverything 2012: Social Media, Social Change


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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FutureEverything 2012: Social Media, Social Change

  1. 1. Social Media, Social Change‘Twitter brings you closer’: seeing the little data in the BigData up close Farida Vis University of Leicester @flygirltwo
  2. 2. Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina2005: Flickr
  3. 3. Fitna: The Video Battle2008: YouTube
  4. 4. Reading the Riots on Twitter2011: Twitter
  5. 5. READINGTHE RIOTSON TWITTER Rob Procter (University of Manchester) Farida Vis (University of Leicester)Alexander Voss (University of St Andrews) [Funded by JISC] #readingtheriots
  6. 6. data data unstructured
  7. 7. Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina2005 235 posts – 106 individuals (Flickr) Manual collection possible
  8. 8. Fitna: The Video Battle2008 1413 videos – 700 individuals (YouTube) + Computer Science
  9. 9. Reading the Riots on Twitter2011 2.6 million tweets – 700K individuals (Twitter) + Lots of Computer Science
  10. 10. Lots of people involved! Paul LewisREADING Jonathan Richards Alastair Dant Katie LowethTHE RIOTS Marta Cantijoch Yana Manyukhina Mike Thelwall Steven GrayON TWITTER Rachel Gibson Andy Hudson Smith Rob Procter (University of Manchester) Farida Vis (University of Leicester)Alexander Voss (University of St Andrews) LOTS OF [Funded by JISC] CODERS
  11. 11. READINGTHE RIOTSON TWITTER What role did social media play? 2.6 million riot tweets (donated by Twitter) 700,000 individual accounts Importance of empirical evidence Initially: o Role of Rumours (misinformation) o Did incitement take place? [no – #riotcleanup] o What is the role of different actors on Twitter?
  12. 12. READING Role of RumoursTHE RIOTSON TWITTER
  13. 13. voice of reason tweet@pigsonthewing: “May I remind clueless/hysterical #birminghamriots commentatorsthat children’s Hospital sits face-face withcity’s central police station”
  14. 14. Not ‘just’ pretty data visualisationsOn the ground application(crisis communication – lots ofinterest) + crisis mappingPotential of cross fertilisationData journalism + analytical insight ->Turbo charged #ddj +open tool access = important
  15. 15. Dick Costolo (Twitter CEO):‘He created this installation that was at the Tatemuseum in London a while back and the installationwas these hundreds of thousands of ceramic hand-painted sunflower seeds... And as you stood back fromthe room it looked like this sea of just stones that wereblack stones that were spread across the floor and ofcourse you couldn’t really tell what they were. But asyou got closer it looks like, you can start to tell ‘ooh itlooks like they’ve stamped out hundreds of thousandsof sunflower seeds and spread them across the floor’.But as you pick them up you started to realise that theywere all individually shaped and painted differently andunique and beautiful and distinct in their own right. Sothat’s what we want to bring to what we’re building: theability to shrink the world and allow everybody to seeeach other.’
  16. 16. So that’s what we want to bring towhat we’re building: the ability toshrink the world and alloweverybody to see each other.’
  17. 17. Twitter data as sunflower seeds?
  18. 18. Turing’s Sunflowers + BIG DATA
  19. 19. Role of algorithms and BIG DATA #littledata in the BIG DATACONTEXT CONTEXT CONTEXT!!!
  20. 20. The The ArtSpace Gallery Twitter
  21. 21. The monetary value of the seeds (£3.50)The monetary value of Twitter data DataSift GNIP Dataminr
  22. 22. Social Media ≠Social Change (causality)Political struggle People
  23. 23. Reading the Riotson Twitter tools Coming to you soon For free
  24. 24. @flygirltwo‘Twitter brings you closer’: seeing the little data in the BigData up close