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Semiconductor Workflow and Process Modernization


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Legacy Modernization for Semiconductor Industry - Solve common semiconductor business challenges with cloud and DevOps. Navigating cloud-based licensing, HPC computing architectures that meet fiscal and performance requirements

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Semiconductor Workflow and Process Modernization

  1. 1. Flux7 - CUSTOMER CONFIDENTIAL Copyright 2018 Flux7 | 2019 All Rights Reserved 1 Optimizing SemiConductor Workflows through Automation and DevOps
  2. 2. Flux7 | 2019 All Rights Reserved 2 2 Gain the Full Potential of IaaS and Advanced Cloud Services Design and implement infrastructure and processes that leverage IaaS and ISV technology to support advanced services and efficiencies at scale. Combat Competitive Threats Achieve Compliance Gain resources and direction to meet deadlines Scale to Meet Customer Demand Remove bottlenecks
  3. 3. Flux7 | 2019 All Rights Reserved Manufacturing and Process Control Design Simulations and Regressions Design Environments Batch processing: LSF, PBS, etc Big Data/Hadoop IoT, Data Ingestion Data Lakes Cycle- accurate simulators VCS Primetime Calibre SemiConductor Workflow & IT System Specification Architectural Design Functional Design, Logic Layout Circuit Design Physical Design Physical Verification and Sign Off Fabrication Packaging and Testing Chip
  4. 4. Customer Confidential Copyright 2019 Speed Development, Increase Performance and Quality 1. Faster project starts a. Reduce time spent on capacity planning cycles for new projects 1. Faster turnaround for regressions and simulations a. Reduce queue latencies near tapeout via Cloud bursting 1. Easier collaboration chambers a. Quickly onboard consultants and remote teams through cloud-based workflows Cut Waste in Design Cycles
  5. 5. Customer Confidential Copyright 2019 Support data-driven decisions and process controls 1. IoT a. Measure and record more data 1. Data Lakes a. Ingest and consolidate large amounts of data at high speeds in single Data Lake in AWS S3; make it readily available to data scientists for analysis 1. Data Analysis and Machine Learning: a. Variety of tools in AWS to process the data from real-time analytics, to structure analysis, to Big data analysis using Hadoop Cut Waste in Manufacturing
  6. 6. Customer Confidential Copyright 2019 Enable data-driven decisions 1. BI and Big Data processing a. Measure more, analyze faster, react quicker 1. Easier collaboration chambers: a. Quickly onboard consultants and remote teams through cloud-based workflows Cut Waste in Sales and Marketing
  7. 7. Flux7 | 2019 All Rights Reserved 7 7 7 7 Vestibulum congue tempus Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor. Schedule a Demonstration or Technical Discussion